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Aiya and Tasha open up to each other.

"What's wrong with what you're wearing right now?" Missy asked Erin. Erin wanted to look down at the sloppy, comfortable clothes she was wearing: sweatpants and an old, baggy t-shirt.

"They're not really good for jogging..." Erin said quietly, "... and I don't have on a bra."

"So what!" Missy replied with a laugh; Erin started to laugh too, though she wasn't entirely sure why... she just followed Missy's lead. "When did a bra ever stop you from having a good time? You used to love the attention that you got when we'd go out without it, remember? You're fine to go like you are."

A part of Erin's mind rejected this, knowing full well that she shouldn't go out like she was... that following the directions of this other woman wasn't right. She opened her mouth to protest, but as she stared into those penetrating eyes of Missy she just found herself nodding in agreement. "Sure, let's go."

This seemed to please Missy quite a bit, as she grinned and held open the door for Erin.


The two women returned to Erin's dorm about an hour later, exhausted and sweaty from their workout. Erin had spent the entire jog trying to hide the blush rising to her cheeks; without her sports bra, or any bra, her large breasts had bounced rather obscenely the entire time. Erin couldn't help but notice the stares that she was getting the entire time, too. Normally she would have been mortified, never having left the dorm without a bra in the first place... but after what Missy said to her? She felt foggy memories floating back to the surface, and the normal horror at other people seeing her behave so lewdly did, in fact, seem to turn into a strange sense of satisfaction. By the time the two of them walked back in her door, she was feeling a strange mix of embarrassment and arousal.

"Good one, huh?" Missy asked, bending over to put her hands on her knees and pant for breath. Erin nodded silently as she headed for the bed, sitting down. Idly she placed her hand over her chest, rubbing the now-sore flesh of her breasts; all of that free bouncing had left her more than a little tender. Missy noticed this and grinned. "You looked pretty hot out there, you know. Did you notice all of the guys staring at your tits? I bet they wished they could see them bouncing like that back at their place!" The blonde woman laughed, pulling out a chair and sitting down.

Erin flushed a deep crimson and instinctively covered her chest with her hands. "I really don't know what got into me today, Missy. I never used to do stuff like that. It's just... it's so weird." She looked over to Missy; she didn't intend on falling into her gaze again, but when she found those eyes waiting she was tapped. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she felt the pressure settle on her mind; the more she did it, the more comfortable it was becoming.

"What are you talking about, babe?" Missy replied as a mischievous grin spread over her lips. "You used to be a lot more daring than that. The Erin I knew was totally a sexy little exhibitionist. Don't you remember all of those parties you and I used to go to? I practically couldn't keep you in your clothes. Don't you remember that, Erin?"

Erin started to shake her head, but the memories did start to flood back to her, memories that she could swear she never experienced. Nights of parties at people's houses, her slipping off her top on dares, feeling great as her pussy grew soaked knowing people were watching her... of slipping her hand down into her panties and rubbing herself until she came so hard from all of the eyes watching her. Mutely, the woman nodded as her mind's eye began to plant new memories, overriding the old, modest past that she had. Missy watched this with barely contained glee.

"You were so much fun back then, Erin.

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