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Internet lovers continue their tryst in a hotel room.

My brother drew my head over him and took both my lips with his. He kissed them, first gently, as if I'd be hurt. But as moments passed, his kiss became more demanding. He took both my lips inside. I felt his teeth against my lips, which touched his gums, which felt very good against my receptive lips. With sloppy, swiveling movement of his boyish lips, my brother began to savor my juicy oral labia.

My brother's cock prodded onto my crotch, defying three barriers that separated us: his underwear and jeans and my panties. I had never been kissed like this as I had never kissed anybody with such passion.

I died for penetration into my pussy by his cock. With sheer willpower I stopped my beastly desire from tearing our clothes for a wild fuck. I decided against it, because I wanted Robert to kiss me with all the attention he could muster. He nibbled at my lips from both sides as if they were the sweetest candies in the town. I was so hot that my pussy lips opened and closed against my panties like the mouth of a fish out of water.

Robert's kissing was as much special to him as it was to mine, for the same reason: mine were the first pair of lips my brother was kissing. He did not seem to finish with them for next one hundred years. He was savoring their soft, moist texture, drawing sexual feel from all the art and poetry he had learned, nibbling, pushing, pulling, probing, wetting them with his tongue, suppressing whimpers and moans of appreciation of the feminine taste of my lips in his mouth. Every second he was infusing me with new excitement as he was devouring my soft, full lips. The joy of being kissed like this exposed me to some discreet humane feel and I wished for all the sexy sisters of the world such pleasure by their horny brothers.

"Will you be this demanding all your life, Robert?" I asked, disengaging my well-treated lips, in an attempt to express my love for him and my satisfaction to his adulation.

My brother stared at me adoringly, as if I was his goddess mother. The poet in him was searching for some suitable response but his whole being became dumbfounded with the beauty and charm of his sister's arousal which washed over my face, my whole body, with a red, constant blush. I fell in love with him at the sight of his two adorable, grateful eyes. At the same moment, I pledged to become the lifelong beloved of my sexy brother; my body, my sex, my breasts, my feminine heart all would belong to him. As a gesture of my pledge, I slid my crotch over his -- to give him another spell of taste of my soft, wet groin -- and attacked him with a wild, feminine kiss.

This time I gave him my tongue, steadily probing between his teeth into his receptive mouth. The first thing I tasted inside my brother's mouth was the mint of his banana-flavored chewing-gum. I snaked my agile tongue round his. His tongue was bigger, stronger; I found it extremely hot and sexy.
In a few minutes my brother lashed at the flat of my tongue with his, as if he needed the taste of my taste buds, which opened and released copious juices for my brother, who hungrily, sloppily drank my fluid like a thirsty dog. I kept humping on his crotch with appreciation. My brother reciprocated with sexy, suppressed moans, which took the degree of my arousal to the next level.

Inspired by my brother's languid exploration of my oral orifice, I invented a generous way of giving him my tongue for his enjoyment. I loosened my tongue inside his mouth, relaxed it, made my oral digit extremely soft -- despite the state of that ecstatic thrill -- and embraced his tongue with all my softness like a baby octopus. It was my brother's first taste of a girl's tongue, and I wanted him to find it sweet and sexy.

At every point, my brother proved that he was gentle, idyllic, and persistent in enjoying the taste of anything I offered from my feminine bounties; he would go for a piece of my feminine flesh forever, without expecting the next, while I had so much to give him.

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