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Vesper finds there is more to him than she bargained for.

She examined the skirt. It was black. Hmm, pretty simple looking. She flipped around and looked at from behind. A tad short but still wearable by her standards. Putting it down, she picked up the shirt: a button up white short sleeve blouse. Hmm, also not bad. Quite thin and pretty close to being see through but still very doable. This might not be too bad. Satisfied she place that down on the seat and began to undress in front of the mirror. First she pulled her tank over her head. As it hung it hung in her right hand she stared at the image in front of her: a girl clad in a denim skirt and a black bra. She peered almost mindlessly into it, running her hand down her exposed belly. Her body tingled as she grazed over the smooth, flat nature of her belly. Almost unconsciously, her hands moved down to her skirt, unhooking the button, then pulling down the zipper. As if on cue and like an elevator going down a shaft, the skirt slid down her legs and crumpling into a puddle of denim at her feet. Half way there. She bent down and slipped her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down as well. Slowly returning to an upright position she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra never taking her eyes off herself. She unhooked it and dropped it on the ground thus completing her nakedness. She looked herself over. Her slightly curled brown hair rested on her shoulders and breasts, which in themselves were pretty respectable at a C cup. Then she bypassed her already examined abs to her pussy. Nicely shaven into a little bush of brownness. It was already wet from the humidity of outside and the incident in the street car.

She began redressing in the thong first. Never being one for this kind of underwear she found it odd when she pulled them up to her hips. Her ass was being rid by the thin wire and the small piece of triangular fabric in the front that was hardly a suitable cover up for her private regions. She gasped. There is no way I can walk around with this! I guess I'll have to though. She lamented. Next she picked up her bra. She questioned its fitting as well as she pulled it in front of her chest. Is this even big enough? She reached back and brought the two pieces together. It was a feat in itself as she struggled to do so. Come on. Go in! Finally it went. Clarissa exhaled in exhaustion. Then she looked at her bust. Her breasts jutted outwards more than ever before. She felt like the bra was about to explode from the sheer inability to completely contain them.

She picked up the skirt. Something a little more familiar, thank you. She pulled it up her creamy thighs and buttoned it up. She pulled it down as far down it would go down her thigh. She threaded the red leather belt through it and fastened it up tight. The end result was a garment that reached about mid thigh. Not bad. Shorter than her denim skirt from before but still not bad. She then took the white blouse off the hanger and flung it over herself. She threaded her arms through the little sleeves. Immediately she noticed the broadness of the shoulders and that this was going to be somewhat of a tight fit. She buttoned it all the way to the top save one button.

Looking at her full look now, it wasn't half bad. Really tight in her "upper regions" but still ok. She emerged from the dressing room. She smoothed her skirt, pulled her shirt down and presented herself to Catherine. The girl stood there with one hand on her hip not saying anything. Clarissa puzzled at her inertness. She twirled around and threw her arms out. "Well?"

Slowly Catherine sauntered to her. She stood right in front of her and smiled. Then she looked at her from head to toe and back again. "You look hot...but I think you forgot something."

Clarissa looked back to the fitting room. "But-but, I wore everything you picked out for me." She pouted.

"Yeah you did.

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