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The maid punishes, Gordon succumbs.

"Just cleaning up a little. Everybody's leaving this afternoon. I think Kennedy's mom is coming to pick her up later. I might go stay with Mom for a couple days. She has a new boyfriend."

She winked at me. Sally always had a new boyfriend. My ex was, to put it mildly, a horny slut.

We'd had a great life for a long time. We'd been in love, and successful and had a large circle of friends. Our sex life was incredible. Sally was always horny, always looking to try something new and never shy behind closed doors.

In fact, we sometimes didn't bother to close our doors. Let's just say Charlotte had a constant education in sex. I'd only seen her a few times, but I'd suspected she'd seen us more than we'd seen her, which meant she'd seen us in every position imaginable. When I saw her at the top of the stairs the night before, well, let's just say it wasn't the first time I'd seen my daughter looking at me with her hand in her panties.

I dreaded her going back to college. I missed her when she wasn't around, and I missed the energy of her and her friends. Charlotte and I had grown closer since the divorce. I think she knew I was a little jealous when she brought guys home from college, and was even a little jealous of her spending time with her mom.

But she was 21 now, and I knew she wasn't the little second-baseman I'd coached in Little League. She was a grown woman with a life of her own and I imagined a lot of boys couldn't wait for her to get back to college.

I sat down on the bed, still in a towel, as she put the sheets away.

"You know Daddy, mom still loves you," Charlotte said. She knew I was thinking about Sally. I was always thinking about her. But mostly it was how it ended, how I walked up to her car late one night outside our old house and realized she was in it with someone else. Her head was bobbing up and down on our next-door neighbor's cock. I didn't let them know I was there, but I watched the entire scene in horror and, to be honest, in a strange excitement.

I didn't tell her about it until a few months later, after I'd figured out she'd been fucking him for a long time. She denied everything until I told her about watching her. She slapped me in the face.

Charlotte was a freshman in college at the time. When she came home for spring break, I was gone.

"Daddy," Charlotte said, snapping me out of my thoughts. She was on the bed behind me. "Daddy, I know Mom hurt you. And I know you lost something you can never get back. And I know what happened last night had something to do with that."

I tried to stop her but she was directly behind me now, her hands were on my shoulders, rubbing them with her fingers.

"It's OK, Daddy. I've seen you before," she said, giggling and slapping one of my shoulders. "I watched you and Mom for years. Didn't you know she left the door open on purpose?"

I turned to look at her and then the door. She was on her knees smiling, her hair down and another shirt on, a little longer than the one she'd slept in. The door was closed. Her white thong hung from the knob.

Charlotte leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. Her had touched my thigh where the towel was slightly open. She whispered into my ear.

"Your MY Daddy," she said. "And I'm your only daughter."

When I turned to look at her, she kissed me full on my lips and pushed me back onto the bed. Charlotte put her finger to her lips and said "Shhhhhhh."

"I love you Daddy," she whispered, straddling me as my towel came apart, my cock springing out of under it and touching Charlotte's ass crack. She reached down and pulled her shirt off from the bottom, revealing those perfect tits. She took my hands and pulled them to her chest as she leaned back and closed her eyes, massaging her tits with my hands, rocking back and forth with her ass sliding against my hardening cock.

She leaned hard against my hands, moaning as my hands pressed harder and harder on her perfect breasts.

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