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A short tale of veg lust.

They hugged and quickly kissed. Still hugging Jean thanked her mom for keeping Miguel company.

Her mom replied, "It was my pleasure. We had a nice chat."

Jean said, "You'll have to tell me about it later."

She promised, "I will."

She picked up her purse and walked by them.

Miguel and Jean both told her goodbye.

The second she closed the door Jean pressed her lips to Miguel. Her breath was hot. Miguel wondered as they frenched if she had been earlier doing the same thing with Leo. He found he didn't care. All that mattered was the present and what she was doing with him.

They embraced and stood there for a long time doing nothing but sharing deep, wet, probing kisses. Their arousal grew. Miguel had no idea if it would go any farther than kissing. Jean had other ideas.

"Miguel we have a couple of hours. Let's go to my bedroom."

In her bedroom she continued to take charge.

"Get a towel. Better make it two. I'm really aroused. I've been dreaming of our reunion all day. If we hear someone you go into the kitchen and get a drink. I'll get dressed while you stall them."

He got the towels. She watched as he placed them on the edge of the bed. She kicked her shoes off. She turned around and asked him to unzip her dress. She took it off.
Down to her bra and panties he took in her body. Her breasts strained the confines of her bra as her bush was clearly visible through her panties. He found himself hungering to have his face between her thighs.

She stood by the bed. They hugged, he completely clothed, she nearly naked. In between kisses she moaned for him to pull her panties down. She was breathing heavy. She moaned when he hooked his fingers in the waistband and dropped to his knees as he pulled them off of her. She lifted each foot as he finished removing them. She dropped to the bed and was flat on her back the heels of her feet resting on the bed railing and legs open wide a second later.

He was eye to eye with her vagina. It was wet and a deep pink. Its entrance looked larger reminding him of an open mouth with no teeth or tongue. Her labia looked swollen. He couldn't see cum but he smelled it.

He didn't dive in but began at her inner thighs and slowly kissed his way up stopping at her vulva. She was rotating her hips and panting, reminding him of a bitch in heat.

He placed his mouth mere millimeters away from her pink flesh. Nothing was going to stop him from eating her, but before he did he had to know, "Were you with Leo before you came home?"

She actually answered by rubbing her sex against his face. He didn't pull away. She rubbed against his lips hoping to draw his tongue out. He kept his mouth closed. He wanted to eat her, but he first wanted her to answer his question. He wasn't going to let her dodge the question no matter how badly he craved eating her.

They remained frozen for a minute. His lips and her labia were touching. He knew the truth as he could smell cum, but he needed to hear the truth. He wasn't repelled knowing she was full of another man's spunk, but drawn to it. The urge to taste him on her was strong. His penis throbbed.

Each time he inhaled he smelled Leo.

She was trying to figure Miguel out. He didn't seem mad just resolved. He also didn't seem turned off, but very turned on, like he was under her spell.

She caressed his scalp lightly touching it with her fingernails, "Does it matter? What's important is I'm with you and I desire you."

She rubbed her wet pink flesh against his face. "You know you want to, don't you?"

He didn't move. When he spoke she could feel the vibration of his lips as the sound traveled.

"Yes, I want to."

"Then what's stopping you?"

She looked at him. She could see the truth in his eyes. Deep down he feared she thought less of him, that he was a freak. She actually thought just the opposite. He was telling her he was one hundred percent on board. He was also asking for her to formally recognize his role.

"Yes, Miguel.

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