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Wife cheating with husband's friend.


He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at her as seriously as if he were about to announce a life altering secret. "That BETTER have been a cock piercing, Angel," he said.

She burst into laughter and shook her head, "Come on, you pussy."

He chuckled and opened the door for her to enter ahead of him.

"Hi, my name is Angel, we have an appointment with Toni," she told the large tattooed man behind the counter.

With a knowing smile, he looked from Angel to D.B. then back again. "Let me, umm, h-hang on for one second, I'll go get her," he replied.

D.B. looked down at her from his towering 6'4" frame. "Tony?" he asked. "I thought you said I was getting pierced by a chick."

"Toni with an 'I', babe," she answered, lifting herself up on her tiptoes and pressing her lips to his neck.

"Mmm, careful... you already gave me a semi," he smirked.

With a giggle she repeated her innocent kiss just before they heard footsteps. They turned to see Toni, her straight black hair flowing down her faded army-green tank top. The blue rhinestone stud in her nose caught the flourescent light above as she smiled.

"Angel and D.B.?" she asked. Seeing them nod, she continued, "I'm Toni. I know what we're going to do, but it's policy for me to verify which piercing you're getting today."

D.B. looked down as Angel looked up to meet his glance. "My tongue. It was all her idea!" he answered, placing his hands in a stick-up position and pointing down at his girl.

Toni and Angel laughed, then Toni said, "Just wait until you see what else she has in store for you."

A worried look rushed over his face. He gave her an "Oh shit, what's she done?" look just before she turned away and said, "Okay, you two, follow me."

D.B. hesitated for a split second before Angel grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her. They walked behind the counter and through the doorway that lead to the piercing rooms in the back of the shop, D.B. ducking his head as they went. They followed Toni to a brightly-lit, small, starch-white room. As they entered, Toni said, "Ok, Mr. D.B., have a seat," leaving the door open behind them.

He walked over to what resembled a cross between a barber's chair and a dentist's chair and sat down slowly. He cast a quick glance at Angel, and seeing her wicked little grin, noticed his heart rate quicken slightly.

Toni stood with her back to the couple, opened a cabinet door above the counter, and pulled out a silver tray covered with a sterile blue paper sheet. She turned and placed it on the small cart next to D.B.'s arm.

Noticing his attention was completely on Toni preparing his mouth for his piercing, Angel stepped out of the room. Just outside the door, she lifted her shirt above her head. Her nipples stiffened as the cold air brushed across them. With a shiver, she tossed her shirt to the floor. She pulled the clip out of her dark, shiny hair and shook her head, letting it cascade down her back before dropping the clip on top of her discarded shirt. She quickly slid her loose shorts down her hips and caught her panties, pulling them both down her long tanned legs in one swift motion. She stepped out of her sandals and bottoms, sliding them to the pile.

Standing naked outside the room, she took a deep breath. She was already beginning to feel moisture collecting between her legs. "This is too damned exciting!" she thought to herself just before hearing D.B. say "Where'd Angel go?"

Another deep breath filled her lungs as she stepped back into the small, bright room, closing the door behind her. She heard his sharp gasp as his eyes made contact with her naked flesh.

"Oh, my God," he said, his eyes scrolling up and down her body, taking her beauty in. "Oh, but she's the sexiest woman I've ever laid eyes upon," he thought to himself as he tried to remember to breath.

"Ready?" Toni asked, looking from one to the other.

"Hell yes," they replied in unison, both smiling.

Angel sat down on D.

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