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The unicorn. Daughters. A longed-for lover returns.

A moment later the knot on the other side offered futile resistance before its existence was also extinguished as Greg's deft hands slid the front of my bikini bottoms down between my thighs; the back of his wrist sliding sensuously down my slot as he did so. My heart leapt as it sunk in that for the first time in my life I had been undressed by a guy; was lying on my back totally naked in his presence.

The flesh of his fingers circled the rim of my already wet vagina; one entered it and pushed against its front wall. He was moving it up and down - increasing the pressure as he went. It was delightful, but nothing compared to what the thumb over my clit was doing to me. Now there was a second finger inside, I sensed this one was bent; the finger- tip stroking even more firmly on the front wall. It was certainly a nice feeling and as the pressure built, I felt some of the sensations I'd read about; but still it was that thumb on my clit that was bringing my climax closer. Pulling his fingers out of my vagina and sliding them sensuously up along my slot, he gave more attention to my clit. Inside me the pressure of my impending orgasm was building.

He'd brought his head next to mine and I heard him whisper "would you like me to make love to you?" I panicked. What's the answer? I should have known by now. "I think so", "I'm not sure" "YES". Instead I heard myself actually say "The only problem is I'm still a virgin". My brain screamed out at my "what do you mean by that?" Of course, what I meant was, "I'm nervous, uncertain, a little bit scared of being hurt; but I'm aroused as hell and ready to explode and want you in me". I sensed his hesitation, before he replied "why don't we just take it easy and see how things work out?"

What he couldn't have known was that it was too late for me to take it easy. The approaching orgasm had taken control; that's where my brain and body were totally focused. Perhaps what I really meant was "in theory yes, but there's not time now". It might have been more special to have him in me first, but things were already on automatic, like an atom bomb counting down to an explosion and there was no cut off switch.

My orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave. The pleasure was more intense than anything I had experienced in my life. I knew something of an involuntarily loud groan escaped as without even thinking about it, I found myself clamping his hand in to my crutch with mine, trying to maintain pressure on my genitals, while I thrust my hips skyward. I was trying to push myself hard against my lover; but that's not where he was. Mind numbingly pleasurable contraction followed contraction. At first I couldn't move from my hip arched position, but as the first waves passed, I threw myself over on to Greg, straddled his cock with my vulva and as the remaining contractions rolled through my groin, pushed our genitals together as hard as I could, pushing my tongue deeply in to his mouth for good measure. Finally a series of pleasurable shivers passed through my whole body. Then I was spent; draped over his body as limp as a blanket, my face buried in the towel next to his head. His hand was stroking my hair in the most lovely gentle fashion while his cock was still rock hard against my genitals. He had just given me the most wonderful introduction to sex and yet was not making any move to demand his turn. Maybe he would, but he was being incredibly patient.

I had already decided I had not finished my introduction to carnal pleasures today.

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