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After a night of temptation I finally get what I need.

Only now she ached to get closer. To show him how much he meant to her, but the fear of screwing things up with a bitch to contend with.

After class, Liz took a short break and grabbed some fresh coffee. It was still early in the day, so she sent Todd a text. "Doing alright?"

Her phone blinged a moment later. "No. Stretched to get comfortable and almost knocked myself out with pit stink."

She giggled and rolled her eyes. She was close enough to go back home, but then what? Sponge bath or help him into the shower? The idea of getting that close made her instantly flush with warmth. She groaned as her nipples hardened and her stomach quivered. "Damn thoughts of naked Todd." She muttered to herself.

Blowing out a breath, she wrote back, "No showering until someone is there to help!"


Todd shot Liz back. "Was that an offer?" then returned to the unexpected bonus of a giant reptile movie marathon. Cobra, Python, Dinocroc, Cobra vs. Komodo: Thank you SyFy channel. One thing he would really not miss was all this lack of independence. He knew it was necessary logically, but emotionally it bugged him. Plus, no one was available during the day, and that was irritating. He was used to being on the go. Finally, he was missing work, and those lost wages would catch up to them eventually. On the bright side, X-Mart did have health insurance, so the hospital stay was mostly covered.

Now, back to the mystery of the day. What the hell could Liz be practicing? She wasn't a sporty type by any means. He would have bought the aerobics class story, because she did like to dance once she let herself go, and she did keep in shape. But that couldn't have been a misspoken word.

Practice was something else entirely. Maybe she was trying out for a play or something. That was in the realm of possibility. Still, why would she hide it? They didn't keep secrets from each other. This was just odd. But, he didn't want to snoop. He trusted Liz implicitly. If she didn't want to tell him, he wouldn't pry. On the other hand, if he found out by accident, that wouldn't be so bad would it?


Liz's insides tightened up again. Grrrr...if only he knew what he was doing to her! But the banter was fun.

Glancing at her watch, she pondered the issue. Should she surprise him? Perhaps give him a bit of a taste of what he was doing to her? After all, she could tease and let him ponder things while she was gone later.

The idea actually sounded really good right about then. Perhaps Hollie and Mary were rubbing off on her after all. She grinned wickedly and took off for home. Now she would have something fun to share with the girls.

Todd kept staring at Liz's response to his text. Little Todd crawled out of his wintry hidey hole like it was Groundhog Day. The accompanying twinge of pain was a lot less that it had been earlier that week, but that wasn't good, right?

He had just been kidding, Surely she was just doing the same thing. Right? But what if she wasn't. He groaned. Hopefully he hadn't just ratcheted up the weirdness.

Well, he was just going to play it cool. If she was going to be a doctor, she'd have to see all kinds of nakedness, and he wouldn't be completely naked anyway. He could wear swim trunks. Hell, if it wouldn't hurt so damn much, he could have gone with the banana hammock. This was Liz anyway. Blushing at the slightest compliment, hiding her body, averting her eyes when he was in a towel Liz. Todd grinned. She may have been hanging with Mary and Hollie the last few days, but her personality couldn't have changed that much that soon. If she was feeling feisty, he could still call her bluff.


Liz entered the apartment, her nerves on high, but willing to have just a bit of fun. Just a little. Throwing her keys and bag to the side, she kicked off her shoes. "Home!!"

"Still here!" Todd barked from the bedroom and she smiled, walking in to see him still sprawled out in bed.

"Hey stinky.

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