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Breakfast with Jess. Movies with both sisters. Lucky Jack!

I lathered my ass and shaved between my cheeks and removed any trace of shaving gel. I was about to get out of the shower when I changed my mind and sat back down to shave my pussy bald.

I rinsed one last time and stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. I wrapped my hair in another towel and sat down to make a phone call. After two rings my friend Sita answered the phone. I explained what I wanted and asked her if she would. She said yes.

As I waited for Sita to arrive I rubbed lotion on my entire body. The cool lotion woke my skin and left a soft glow as it dried. I painted my toenails a shocking red and made another phone call. Just as I put the phone down I heard knocking at the door.

Sita had arrived video camera in hand. When I had called I explained how much Sean was missing me. I also explained my plans to make a video of me playing for him to watch whenever he was lonely. She thought it was an excellent idea and went to my lingerie drawer and chose a flirty teddy and matching garter while I put on some light make-up and fixed my hair. And then slid into the lace garments Sita was holding.

After a few minutes of technical talk with Sita I was fairly sure I had explained how I wanted the video to work. She knew just what to zoom in on and I decided to leave her to it.

I remade the bed and laid out a few of Sean's favorite sex toys. I positioned myself on the blanket and told Sita I was ready. As the red light came on I began.

I started by closing my eyes and thinking of Sean. I rubbed my breasts as I imagined Sean softly licking my nipples. My hand slid down to my matching panties and I gently let my fingers slide over the material. I was tweaking my nipples and imagining Sean's long fingers playing with my hard clit. My hand slid under the lace and I found my wet bald pussy waiting for play.

I was only vaguely aware of Sita still in the room. My mind was on Sean and his experienced tongue. Too soon I found myself creaming in my panties. They were wet and rubbing against my newly shaved pussy causing me great excitement. But I took them off.

I turned over and showed my ass to Sita. I lubed up my finger and slowly began circling my asshole. I gave an audible moan as my finger slid into my hot opening. I slowly moved my finger in and out of my ass and let the sensations take me. I added more lube and another finger and let myself go.

I used my other hand to rub my clit and added a third finger to my asshole. I was moving more quickly now. The pressure in my bowels was intense as I finger fucked myself. The second orgasm shot through me. The room felt two times hotter than it should have.

I slowly removed my fingers and flipped onto my back again. I then picked one of Sean's favorite dildos and began sucking it furiously thinking of his hot dick. Sita was closer now and filming my mouth and the crude plastic.

After I had thoroughly sucked and licked the faux cock I got up on my hands and knees. My ass was pointing toward Sita now and I lubed up the plastic and placed it at the rim on my red asshole. I began slowly pushing it into my rectum and I felt the head expand my sphincter muscles. I was sweating now. My ass was being invaded and I was determined to make this as hot as it could be.

I pulled the head of the dildo out and added more lube. My asshole was winking at the camera like a movie star. I replaced the dildo at the entrance of my ass. The head of the dildo was back in my ass fast. I was still sweating and moaning. I steadily pushed the dildo further and further and further inside of myself.

Once the dildo was fully impaling me I strapped a clit stimulator to myself and turned on the small vibrating orb. A high-pitched hum filled the space along with my moans of pleasure.

I began thinking of Sean again. He loved fucking my ass. He would kiss it and lick it and make me squirm with desire. Then he would fuck me without abandon and pound my ass until I came hard over and over again.

I moved the dildo faster and faster in and out of

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