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A story about a boy who meets a girl on the internet.

Her jet black hair fell to just below her ears, chopped into a raggy bob.

Finding a vacant spot at the edge of the dance floor Christian spun Amy around so her front was pressing up against his, he music pounding through them as they ground against each other.

Amy took the time to appreciate her boyfriend's appearance, the dark blue jeans, leather belt and black shirt that he left open at the neck. His sandy hair spiked up above his head while his pale blue eyes never once left hers.

Pressing tight against each other, mirroring the other's moves, bodies moving together in one fluid motion, neither of them really saying a word, it just wasn't necessary. Amy could feel him hard against her and exploited it, her hands wandering down his sides and to his lap. Dancing, rubbing.

Christian smiled and leaned into kiss Amy, their lips meeting and parting in a deep and passionate exchange as their hips ground together. He moaned softly as Amy's hands tripped and rubbed over his cock, almost painfully confined in his tight jeans.

Amy hesitated for a second, freezing against him.

"Christian..." She whispered, looking directly over his shoulder. "Look..."

Christian turned to follow Amy's gaze, through the crowds of people to the edge of the room where two girls were locked in a tight embrace against the wall. The slightly shorter red haired girl had her head tipped back against the wall, her hands cradling the blonde's head, holding it against her chest.

It took Christian a few moments to realise what he was seeing.

"Is she...?" He began. "Oh my... is that? That's Nina and Madison!"

Christian's jaw dropped as he watched their two friends, Nina pressed up against the wall, Madison's mouth locked around her nipples, alternating between them.

"Come on." He whispered, tugging on Amy's sleeve. "Let's get closer, they won't notice us."

Amy's breath caught in her throat as she realised what he was asking her to do, but her feet followed him closer, standing a few feet away from Nina and Madison, her heart beating faster and faster as she just heard Nina's soft moans over the music. She could feel her pussy growing damp at thrill of what they were doing. The two girls looked so perfect together, Nina's red hair tumbling into Madison's blonde as they shared their desire, oblivious to the people around them.

Christian's hands slide around her waist and up under her top to cup her breasts. She could feel him pressing insistently against her ass, two girls were obviously arousing him as much as her. She reached behind her and unsnapped his jeans, pushing his boxers down just enough to free his cock, letting it spring into her hand, still behind her, almost hidden from view. Certainly more subtle than Nina and Madison were being, she noted as she watched Madison push Nina's bra up and out the way.

"This is so hot." She whispered, turning her head to the side to kiss him, their tongues meeting as she circled the head of his cock with her thumb while his hands squeezed and caressed her breasts under her shirt. Their eyes never really leaving their friends.

She felt him twitch in her hand as Madison's hand disappeared under Nina's skirt, he was breathing hard and fast in her ear as she slid her hand up and down his shaft; his hands pushing under her bra, pinching her nipples between forefinger and thumb.

Spinning them around so they were facing each other but side on to the two girls so they could keep watching. Carefully, still pressed close against each other so they were both acting as a shield for each other, hiding their actions from the crowds.

He glided his hands down over her stomach, pushing his fingers under the waistband of her trousers to undo the button, pushing the tight material down low on her hips, just enough to allow him to slip his hand inside. Pleasantly surprised to find that she was wearing no underwear.

"That explains how you can wear such tight trousers." He teased as his fingers brushed over her. "But, doesn't wet leather chafe?"

She giggled, he

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