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I'm sorry."

"OK, well then what's the fine?" Kathy's mind simply could not see this as a serious offense of any sort.

"There's no fine, but let's just see what the Judge says. But whatever happens, you must remember. There is no appeal of his decision and disrespect will definitely cause him to increase your sentence. So I beg of you, no outbursts." Peter's fear was beginning to unnerve both Rick and Kathy.

The door opened and the officers stepped in. They were carrying a coarse blanket and handcuffs. Kathy was handcuffed while the other officer covered her with the blanket and motioned them to follow. The blanket hung down low enough to cover Kathy from the neck to the knees. Peter indicated that Rick should stay with him a little back from the officers and Kathy. They walked a few doors down the hall then turned into a courtroom. Word must have spread quickly about the American on trial because the room's visitor's area was completely filled. The officers marched Kathy to the front of the court and had her stand behind a small railing facing the Judge's bench. Peter and Rick were directed to a table to one side of the railing.

The Judge entered wearing a long dark robe entered and everyone stood up. He sat down and banged his gavel and everyone was seated quietly. He looked at the paper handed to him, then up to Kathy. He spoke very good English.

"Mrs. Richard Cunningham, Kathy?"

"Yes, your Honor."

"You have been charged with public indecency. How do you plead?" His manner was all business like.

"Not guilty, your Honor. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I didn't know." Kathy was on the verge of babbling. The judge cut her off with a motion of his hand, at which an officer removed her blanket. The spectators let out a collective combination of "ooohhs" and shocked sighs.

"Is this what you were wearing when you were arrested?"

"Yes, your Honor."

"You are hereby found guilty, and sentenced to 24 strokes of the cane." Then to the officer, "Is this her husband?" nodding to Rick at the table. "Was he with her?"

"He is her husband, and although not with her when arrested, they were seen together earlier."

"Very well, he may be included. Court adjourned." With a gavel strike he returned to his chamber.

Both Kathy and Rick were stunned to silence. That couldn't mean what they thought it did, could it? With Kathy once again covered by her blanket all three of them were moved to a small cell in a hallway behind the courtroom. The cell door was not closed but the guard standing by made it clear that escape would not be possible.

"Are they really going to cane her?" Rick asked while Kathy shivered in fear.

"Yes, I'm afraid so," Peter said. Trying to be reassuring he added, "You really are quite fortunate the Police arrested you."

"Are you kidding?" the statement seemed nonsense to Kathy. "How is that?"

"You might have been raped. There are young men who look for foreign women in just such attire."

"Well at least I might have had a chance to avoid them, or be on the other side of the law."

"Oh no, you don't understand. By violating public decency standards, they would be deemed unable to control themselves. Not only would they not be charged, but in addition to public indecency you would have been charged with inciting immoral conduct. The inciting immoral conduct charge alone would carry 24 lashes with a whip, in addition to your caning. And the rapists might have been allowed to participate in your whipping."

"This just isn't right," Kathy muttered, the whole unreality of the situation leaving her temporarily calm. Taking advantage of her calm and reasonable demeanor Peter decided now was the time to give her the rest of the advice she needed.

"Kathy, no matter what happens during your punishment, you must not swear or use curse words and say nothing abusive or critical of the punishers, court or our laws or anything.

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