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Tension in five parts. With closure.

She found she was having a difficult time concentrating, with each end of her body being skewered by these lusty men. Difficult, but wonderfully erotic. Her cunt was alive as Craig's cock rooted around in her depths. The taste of Jeffery's precum was briefly on her tongue with each of his strokes, but most of the time his fluids were being oozed into her throat. The men did not have the same rhythm, so Anna was buffeted back and forth between them, almost as if she was bucking her body forward and back voluntarily.

Mike called out, "Fuck that little slut good, guys! But save some for me!"

Anna's focus of concentration on the cocks was completely shattered when someone crawled beneath her torso to latch a greedy mouth onto one of her dangling nipples. The mouth sucked in not only her nipple, but claimed the entire areola, slapping it with a hot tongue. Her arousal intensified. She was trying to hold back her impending orgasm, perhaps to build it higher, or perhaps because she didn't want these guys to really learn what a horny piece of ass she was.

Someone smeared some sort of lubricant on her other tit and encircled its base with his large hand. He then slid that hand downward toward the mat beneath her, over and over in a milking action. Each time his fingers tugged her nipples downward before slipping off, sensations like electric shocks rippled from that breast right to her cunt! Unable to hold back any longer, Anna came unglued.

Jeffery noticed the change. He pulled his cock free from her mouth, and cried, "Oh fuck! I think she's cumming!" He moved aside so whoever was using a handheld camera could get a good shot of her face.

Anna gasped a deep breath of air, screwed her eyes shut, and then howled, "Don't stop! I'm... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Her body began uncontrollably shaking as her orgasm hit her hard.

Craig grasped her ponytail to pull her head back, and kept fucking her, commenting loudly, "Her cunt is trying to suck my dick right off my crotch!" Having her hair pulled made Anna back even harder onto the thrusting dick, Craig's balls slapping wetly against her puffy cunt lips. Her enthusiastic bucking proved too much for him. His contorted face and inarticulate yell informed everyone that he was unloading his balls into her rippling pussy.

Anna's orgasm heightened as she felt Craig filling her. The mouth and the hand at her tits continued their sucking and milking movements until Anna's breathing slowed as her orgasmic waves gradually subsided.

"Let's get her cunt and mouth used to all our dicks, guys. Next!" Craig directed. He pulled out of Anna, and moved to lie down sideways under her face, his cock, gleaming with their mixed cums, right under her mouth. She immediately took his cock into her mouth, tasting a mixture of fluids - the more familiar taste of her own cum, mixed with the new taste of his. As she was sucking him clean, someone else planted his cock into her cunt, and started fucking her vigorously.

The other men did not want to cum too soon. They wanted this session of fucking this lovely, compliant woman to last as long as possible. Each one fucked her cunt for a while, then did as Craig had done, placing himself on his back with his dick under her greedy mouth, letting her suck him clean of her juices. Occasionally, one of them swatted her ass lightly, enough to surprised her with a light sting. This usually made her suck harder and also buck back onto the cock fucking her rapidly.

Anna was not paying attention to who was fucking her. Her pupils widened and she whimpered when Gary entered her, though. There was no mistaking whose cock could stretch her cunt like that! But he was careful not to drive himself too deep, and he fucked her slowly, giving her time to get used to his size. When he plopped down in front of her, she had to resort to licking the sides of his massive shaft, because she couldn't take enough of it into her mouth to clean it very well.

After all five of them had used her pussy while she knelt doggy style, they changed her position.

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