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Sisters show their brother the love family members can give

And boy did she sure seem to have the worst luck at catching me coming out of the shower.

One of the things I like about Lilith is that she is a real straight shooter. Lilith will talk about anything with you. Religion, politics and yes, sex. And she is very candid. So, it was no surprise to me when one night she came home from clubbing early and wanted to talk.

She poured herself a glass of tea, looked up at me and said, "This clubbing thing is getting old Reggie. Every guy I meet is either an asshole, married or looks like he is about three doses away from finishing his treatment for the clap. If I don't get laid pretty soon I am going to bust!"

"Why don't you get a Real Doll?" I said jokingly after a second. OK, so call me naive for not realizing what was going on at the time.

She looked at me strangely for a second. Now that I think about it, I can't decide if she was looking for antlers growing out of my head or trying to figure out if I was the dumbest guy in the world. But finally she said, "What's a Real Doll?"

"I was just kidding!" I said to her, now embarrassed I had mentioned it.

She wasn't about to let me off the hook though because she said to me, "Oh no you don't! You brought it up, out with it! What's a Real Doll?"

"It's a live sized sex toy, I saw them on an episode of H.B.O.'s Real Sex. They're pretty expensive, about six and a half grand." I told her while hoping that would appease her.

Oh, no! She had me on the hook now and knew it. So she started reeling me in for the next thing she said was, "Why the hell would anyone pay over six thousand dollars for a blow up doll?"

"It's not a blow up doll. Their solid, made out of silicon, I think." I said as I wondered why I hadn't just kept my big mouth shut.

Her mouth opened in surprise for a second and then said, "Show me!"

Well, five minutes later there we were in front of my computer on Real Doll's website looking at the latest in silicon sex toys. I even found a site from which I could download the H.B.O. episode featuring the male Real Doll. After she watched the three hot babes demo the thing, she said out loud, "I want one!"

"Won't that drain your bank account? It will take you months to save up for an apartment again. Besides, aren't you getting tired of living here with me? " I asked her, not believing my ears.

Lilith didn't even hesitate as she said, "Of course not, I like you. The real question is can you put up with me for a few more months?"

"Sure, but you are going to put him in the closet when you are done with him. Doll or not, I'm not touching a naked guy with a hard-on." I said to her and we both laughed.

About three weeks later, at about 6:00 in the afternoon, "Studkins" as she called him arrived. I helped her uncrate him and we moved the empty crate to one of the storage containers the apartment complex rents. Then, we went back to the apartment and I went into my bedroom and left Lilith and "Studkins" to get acquainted. I learned two things that night; the first was the Lilith seemed please with "Studkins" and the second was that she is also quite vocal. I went to sleep with a massive erection and was never more envious of an inanimate object in my life.

Every night for over two months, Lilith and "Studkins" wore each other out. Also, every night for over two months, I lay in bed with a raging hard-on until I fell asleep. The strange thing is that we just seemed to keep accidentally running into each other either coming out of or getting into the shower. To make matters worse, despite my best effort I found myself more than once coming home to find her riding "Studkins" for all he was worth.

Then, one Friday afternoon, Lilith came to me and asked me if I wouldn't mind sleeping on the hide-a-bed as she was going clubbing and afterward hoped to get lucky with a real man.

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