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A Mistress puts a guy through his paces for the first time.

As our first beers came, she leveled her gaze and said, "I know I said I'm sorry a few times already, and I don't want to just keep repeating that. What I did was over the line by about a mile."

"I'll say," I replied.

"The first second I saw you, I was attracted to you. I seriously wanted to just grab you, drag you back to my room, and screw the hell out of you. And I could have sworn you had the same inkling too, so I..."

"That's not the point..."

"I know it's not. Let me finish. I'm sexually frustrated right now, I haven't had a steady boyfriend in three years, since my partner and I founded this company. I haven't even gotten laid in 10 months, because even finding a hookup takes time and energy I don't possess after working 80 plus hours a week. And seeing you here, for whatever reason, just the way you look at me makes me wet. Even when you're angry, it makes me horny. I'm not saying this is an excuse, I really didn't intend on attacking you the other night. But you in close proximity like that, with everything going on, me being that turned on from just cumming twice, it was like all my reason and control just went right out the window. So I did something I shouldn't have ever done."


"I don't want our relationship to take such a sour turn before we can even become friends. I'd like to start over, if we could, and just try to keep it as a friendship. If you ever get in a position where you can do more, I obviously would be interested. But in the meantime, especially with you dealing with all the bullshit with your marriage and everything else, can we just start over and pretend this didn't happen?"

"Yeah, I'm willing to do that."

"Thank you," she said sweetly, grabbing my hand. As she touched me, I again tried to order my penis to behave and not inflate yet again. Mercifully, she let go quickly, and steered the conversation to work. We began a discussion about application development, the rigors of building a business, and the joys of being the buzzkill in the room who explained to business-oriented folks why something couldn't be done. As we killed our beers, a couple of small plates, and another round, I relaxed for the first time, and realized perhaps this was just a case of mutual horniness and sexual frustration boiling over between two people. The truth was, I really liked this woman as a person, and was relieved the tension was finally cut.

After about an hour of chatting and bantering, I told her I wanted to put a lid on the evening and call it good. "Wait, before you go, do a shot with me for the road."

"You trying to get me drunk?"

"Please, three drinks? You don't strike me as a lightweight. Besides, I literally just want to do one shot. If I do it by myself, I look like an alky or some girl who's just looking to be a barslut tonight."

"Fair enough. What are we drinking?"

"I'll take care of that. Be right back." She got up and strode across the room, then chatted with the bartender for a few minutes. He asked her a few questions, then finally begin mixing something in a shaker. I realized I was watching her intently from across the bar and quickly busied myself with my phone. Finally, after a few minutes, she came back with a shaker and a couple of rocks glasses on a tray.

"What kind of shot is this? You look like you're prepared for a long night, there."

"It's a mixed drink. It's called a surfer on acid. Bartender didn't know how to make it, so I had to give him some guidance. You'd think in a surfing mecca it'd be a staple, but whatever."

"What is it?"

"Jagermeister, coconut rum, pineapple juice, etcetera."

"Ugh. I hate Jager."

"You won't even taste it, trust me."

"Okay, I'll trust you, but I reserve the right to complain."

"You won't, believe me," she said, grabbing the shaker and giving it a few more shakes before pouring a generous helping into each glass. "Down it quickly," she admonished, raising her glass.

"Um, okay."

"To not pissing off friends," she said, clinking my glass. I smiled and downed my shot.

"Not bad," I replied after downing it

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