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The story of my transformation with my wife.

My heart was beating so fast and loud it sounded like a drum to me. Then I began my drive home.

An hour later she was in my house bound, gagged and blindfolded on the floor at the foot of my bed. This was not how it was supposed to be, this was not my plan, I had moved too quickly and had made many mistakes I hoped they would not come back to haunt me. Her blood had stained my car seat of that there was no doubt. Not to mention her head wound. I had hit her hard to knock her out but she still had not awaken or even stirred. I began to fear I had given her a concussion, perhaps even brain damage, but it was too late to turn back now. This was not my plan at all but you know what they say about best laid plans. I lay on my bed and went to sleep.

I woke up with a hard dick, horny as hell and ready to fuck. How convenient I had a sweet little fuck toy at the foot of my bed just begging to be fucked. She lay at the foot of my bed hands bound behind her back, feet tied together and a rope connecting the two making it impossible for her to move. I roughly grabbed one of her arms and dragged her into the bathroom dumping her unceremoniously into the bathtub.

'Still a sleep sweetheart?'

I turned on the shower and doused her in cold water. It was not long before she awoke. Though the blindfold covered her eyes I knew there must be panic in them. She began to scream into her gag. What a sight she was in her school uniform soaking wet underneath my shower. I retreated to my kitchen to get a sharp knife. I commenced to cut the clothes off of her till her school uniform was nothing but shreds around her. All that was left were she undergarments and her shoes and socks. By now she had regained full consciousness and so I turned off the shower and took a second to gaze at my prize. If her was good looking the first time I saw her she was magnificent now. I had tied her in such a way that all her charms were on display for me. With her hands secured behind her back her chest was pushed out showing those two sweet succulents tits I had wanted for so long and with her ankles tied together connected to her wrists she was unable to close her legs. It seemed like her brassier was about to burst holding back those two sweet ebony breasts.What I had thought were small pert tits were not so small after all. I placed my knife in between them and traced it slowly up. I felt her grasp inwardly. Then slowly I made my way down to her panties and cut them off of her. By now I was sure that she knew what was coming.

I stripped naked before her and began to fondle her tits, and then suck on them. I heard a moan through the gag. Excellent this bitch is liking it. I began to slap my cock against her tits. First one then the other and across her face, now to the best part. For those who have never been to Jamaica there are many taboos oral sex is one of them. Not the worst of our taboos to be sure but still considered to be nasty. People who engage in it keep silent and those who think about it never voice their thoughts aloud. It was this I planned to do to her. I removed the gag but before she has a chance to scream I quickly wrapped my hands around her throat and started to choke her. She struggled weakly against me and then I released her so she could breath again. Then just as suddenly I choked her, I did this a few times each time longer than the one before Then for the cu-de-grace I shoved my cock inside her mouth all the way to her tonsils and then let her breathe. In the process of sucking in her much needed air she was also nicely swallowing my cock. I pressed in as hard and fast I could, fucking her face with gusto. I loved feeling my dick in her hot wet mouth and even better was feeling my balls hitting her chin. What a power trip this was for me. Then I placed my hands around her throat and then moved them to the top of her head to better enjoy face fucking her. That was when the bitch bit me.

I went nuts I growled in anger and like a mad dog I grabbed her throat and lifted her.

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