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Leah finds out...

It would be ensured that nothing happened to her as long as she was on her family's land.

Sighing, Yasmine took a deep breath and pushed her hoodie back.

"What's going on here?" she said walking in front of the men.

The men seemed knew to the gang as she didn't remember them and they seemed pretty confused seeing her to.

"Get the fuck out of here," one of the three men replied not even bothering to look at Yasmine. They were too focused on their prey now that she was so close.

"I am sure my brother won't be pleased at you talking to me like that." Yasmine replied mentally preparing herself for having to meet her brother in a couple of minutes.

"And who is your brother?" the shortest of the three asked.

"I am Yasmine Katrodia and if you don't let this girl go right now then you'll have to answer my brother on why you didn't listen to me."

"We'll let her go, if you promise to calmly come with us to your brother. He's put a $20, 000 reward on you, he was sure you'd be coming."

Rolling her eyes at his predictable answer, Yasmine replied "Fine I'll promise that if you three promise to leave her alone and never bother her again. Trust me if I find out you break that promise, Kabir will hear about it."

With the promises being exchanged, Yamine gave up her dreams forever.

The path to their family house was very similar to Yasmine, nothing had seemed to change. Thirty minutes later they were in front of the manion her family called home. The big gates seemed just as intimidating as they always did to Yasmine. She was not looking forward to this.


Kabir and Laila were patiently waiting for Yasmine to show up. They had received the call about her being caught and this was the best news they had. When three years ago, Yasmine left it was the saddest day for Kabir. He had seen her grow up to be the beautiful woman she was and had been waiting for her to turn legal. Kabir was three years older than Yasmine so he had to wait for three long torturous years to have her. But before he could, she ran. She was his! She had no right to escape him.

Though he was glad that she ran. Her running away led to him getting together with Laila. One stressful day him and Lalia had both gone to the bar, them both being dominants were looking for a girl to fuck. This time they both wanted the same girl so instead of fighting for her they both decided to share her and thus came the starting of their relationship. The two quickly fell in love and started preparing for the day Yasmine inevitably came back home. Turns out Lalia had always wanted Yasmine too, it was perfect. Both of them had even decided who gets to impregnate Yasmine first, obviously was Kabir.

Both of them sat there next to each other, dreaming of what they will do to her first when they heard the door open. Standing up, both of them exchanged a sly smile and waited to catch a glimpse of Yasmine. In came this very pissed off looking short girl with three men looking like they had won the lottery, which to be fair they had.

Kabir could not decide if he wanted to hug her first or spank her for leaving. Shaking away those thoughts he decided his first task was to get rid of the three idiots.

"You three, go home now and you'll get your reward tomorrow."

The three idiots all nodded and left.


"Hi, Kabir. Nice to see you, this trips been great, I'll see you later." With that Yasmine tried following the three men outside.

Looking at the two, they seemed like the power couple everyone wanted to be. Kabir was a 6"3' with a very athletic body and the perfect tan anyone could ask for. Yasmine had clearly missed the height gene. Lalia was almost as big as Kabir at her 6" stature, though she did not have as many muscles as her counterpart.

"Not so fast Yasmine. Won't you say hi to Lalia, she is afterall your sister-in-law."

"Hi, Lalia. Can I go now?"

"Not until you give me a hug." Laila said walking up to Yasmine.

Rolling her eyes, Yasmine leaned in to give her a hug and be done with it when she felt a sting on her left arm and e

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