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Erotic menage a trois between Internet friends.

The sounds were enormously erotic though, and all of a sudden I realized that I was fondling myself in my back yard through my pants. This went on for a couple of minutes - all I could think of was that I hoped they finished up before long, because the best thing I could imagine right now was for him to leave and for me to run upstairs and fuck my wife, hard, before I had to head back to the courthouse. Then it went silent for a couple of minutes, which left me wondering what was going on up there.

All of a sudden, the best possible thing happened - they must have shifted their positions and knocked into the blinds, because they fell right off! I now had a view straight into the bedroom, and it was more than I had hoped for. I could see the beautiful, pale body and black hair of my wife - she was upright, rhythmically riding his cock, her hands on her head, combing through her hair in ecstasy, throwing her head backwards. I could now see a silhouette of her face, and could match the moans to her facial expressions.

It was an amazing sight - she was stunning as always - incredibly beautiful and graceful, and clandestinely watching her climax was an absolutely incredible experience. I had been concerned about how I would feel - would I be jealous seeing this happen in real time? Would I be angry? For the first minute or two I was stunned - the imagery was more powerful than I could have foreseen. But it was incredibly hot - I could barely stand straight due to my raging hard-on, and I couldn't help but stroke it from my pocket.

Suddenly, they shifted positions - she jumped off of his cock and got up on all fours, pushing her amazing ass in the air, beckoning him to enter her glistening pussy from behind. As he took position behind her, she reached around and guided his cock into her. She let out a small scream when he entered her - this was by far her favorite position, and it never failed to bring her to a screaming orgasm. Luckily, the way her pussy gripped your cock in this position, it meant that the man never lasted more than a minute or two like this - she appeared to be maneuvering this encounter to an end.

I stood below and watched as her beautiful c-cup breasts hung from her chest and swayed back and forth as he forcefully pounded his cock into her from behind - every thrust brought out a loud moan from her, and it was only a matter of time before they were done. All of a sudden, I saw him tighten his grip on her fantastic ass, tilt his head up and let out a little yelp - he then collapsed on the bed with a smile on his face, leaving my wife on all fours, exposing her pussy and ass in the air.

It was over - I could tell that my wife wasn't quite done - she had the mannerisms of someone who was hungry for more. I stood below and watched as he got dressed, kissed her on the cheek and left. I chuckled a bit when she handed him the spent condom for him to take away - and I very much appreciated that I wouldn't stumble upon it when throwing something in the trash!

I waited until I heard him leave, and heard his car pull down the street. All the while I was watching my wife - I could still see her on the guest bed. Now she was lying flat on her back, legs spread, knees up, and I could see her moving rhythmically. I could only assume she was fingering herself, trying to quench the thirst for orgasms that she obviously didn't achieve, even though I'm sure she came at least twice.

I still had a full hour before I had to be back at the courthouse - and I still had a massive hard-on.

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