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Secrets are hard to keep on Mt Olympus.

It's all up to you. If you can make Lola here cum before you do, then I'll let you go back to being almost human. If not...well, let's just say you really can have too much of a good thing." Throughout her sinister speech, I pricked my pink pointed ears up and hung helplessly on every word.

Still, it was tough to focus Contessa out of sight and with Lola stripping naked before me. She peeled off her tight whorish halter top and unzipped her miniskirt letting it fall to the floor. Unsurprisingly, she was completely naked underneath, her tanned skin looking so appetizing pulled taut over her voluptuous curves. She was probably the only one in the Basement with fuller curves than me, but where mine were soft and yielding, one look would tell you that you could bounce a quarter off of her bubble butt, her thick thighs and broad hips looked like they could pop a watermelon, even as her hips curved in steeply, giving her the figure of a bronze Barbie doll or one of R Crumb's wet-dream-girls. Her cock was even more impressive, uncut, it really did look like a mouthwatering sausage, and a frighteningly filling one at that. It must have been a lucky seven inches long, and so thick my jaw hurt just staring at it. But by the time she finally pressed it to my lips, saying "Come on, puta, it's tu eat up...", I didn't so much open my mouth as I moaned around it...

It was only the fourth cock I had in my mouth, but even so, I was sure I'd never get tired of tasting a new treat. Just as Isabella's was milder than my step-brother Dale's cock and Contessa's had a more flowery smell and a bite to it, Lola's had its own unique taste, texture, and shape. For one, her foreskin gave it the delightful sensation of unwrapping a piece of candy with my tongue, only it was one of those Mexican candies, salty and a little spicy from the sweat trapped underneath its hood...but far from unpleasant. And her girth was making me swoon, and not just from the lack of oxygen. Feeling her stretch my throat to cartoonish proportions sent submissive shivers down my spine. I couldn't resist wiggling my little tail and clenching down on my pretty pink plug so that it would press against my pretty pink prostate and make my entire body throb with every surge of her hot tamale. I was beginning to wonder why anyone thought being a sissy's bitch was a bad thing. I couldn't imagine ever turning down Lola's fat clit, so why should I care if I didn't have a choice?

I soon found out when she began lovingly stroking my hair, softly at first whispering, "Mi amor, mi chiquita bonita, mi cochinto chinga" and all sorts of other romantic sounding serenading. But then she gripped my hair tightly, and as if she wasn't aware of what she was doing, started thrusting so fast, that my head was getting slammed against the hard wood...even as her hard wood reminded me of how bad something I loved could hurt me. She still was cooing at me, "You're such a good little so sexy when your snout mashes against mi stomach...I'm going to ask Contessa if she minds me tying a ribbon around your tail...cute...little...tail...and...cute...little...throat..." I guess the best thing about Lola was also the worst thing. She wasn't vindictive like Contessa or manipulative like Isabella...she was just passionate. But it was a passion that burned up everything it touched, and she was its first victim, lost in mindless hedonism and completely unaware of how brutal her love was.

My only consolation was in knowing that at this rate, she would fill my throat with her milk before she could even think about fucking me.

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