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He probably doesn't even have one."

"But, for crying out loud, he's your husband. Why would I want to have sex with him, even if it is rape?"

"Oh, possibly because he would be very remorseful afterwards, and I'd make him give you a generous donation to your car fund. And I'll probably score a few new dresses out of him as well."

"But if I was to agree to have sex with him, not that I am, mind you, but if I was, why does it have to be rape. Why don't we just ask him to take me to relieve his stress?"

"It wouldn't work," said Shirley. "He'd be shocked at the very idea. No. It has to be his own idea while he's in a bad mood."

Clarice chewed on her lip, considering. It was a bad idea, and yet. . .

What would it be like to have an angry man pull down your panties and just take you? She could feel herself getting excited at the thought of it. And on top of that, Shirley would be there, watching. She'd never had sex while someone watched before. That thought was also slightly exciting.

Clarice finally nodded. Why not? After all, he probably wouldn't actually do it, but it would be fun to tease him and see the reaction. Rather like baiting a bear.

"Just remember, smirk a little when you look at Jonas. And it wouldn't hurt to let out a small laugh while letting your eyes drift across his groin."

Shirley rose and when Jonas came back in she started chatting to him. Whatever she was saying seemed to irritate him and he looked towards Clarice, irritation on his face. Clarice smiled, suddenly wanting to appease him. He was looking big and cross.

Unfortunately, her smile seemed to make him even angrier, and he was now positively glaring at her. God, she thought. He might just try to take me after all. She gave a nervous titter.

She hadn't been laughing at him. Really she hadn't. It had just been her nerves playing up as she realised what she might have got herself into.

The knowledge didn't help much, as her laugh seemed to have lit Jonas's fuse. And a very short fuse it was.

What Clarice wasn't aware of, and Shirley had noticed, was that while sitting on the couch Clarice's skirt had ridden up. It was a reasonably tight skirt, not really designed for lounging around on a couch, and it had ridden up to a degree where Clarice was unconsciously flashing her panties. As far as Jonas was concerned it was a deliberate provocation.

Jonas didn't really seem to move but he was suddenly standing there, towering above her. Clarice felt her stomach churning as she realised what she'd got herself into. He was going to take. Right here, right now, and she wouldn't be able to stop him.

"You think this is all so funny, don't you?" snapped Jonas. "Let's see you laugh at this."

It gave Clarice a shock to find just how far up her skirt had ridden. Jonas didn't even need to push it any higher, his hands just darting under the edge and taking hold of Clarice's panties. He lifted and pulled and Clarice found herself tipping back to lie on the couch while her legs were hoisted into the air, panties sliding along them and off.

Jonas was now leaning over Clarice, her legs pushed wide and his trousers already sliding down. Clarice gave a horrified squeal as she finally saw Jonas's erection, its size seeming to dominate her imagination.

"No, wait," Clarice squealed. "You can't do this."

With Jonas's erection already pushing forcefully between her lips it became sickenly obvious to Clarice that he could and, as Clarice squealed again, had.

Clarice squealed and wriggled, hands pushing at Jonas as he calmly drove into her. She flailed her legs, protesting, but still felt Jonas sinking deeper into her. She gave a small wail and sagged back against the couch as she felt Jonas give one last push, filling her with his weapon.

"What's the matter," crooned Jonas. "You're no longer laughing. Maybe this will cheer you up again."

He pulled back and started a slow but steady rhythm, withdrawing almost his full length and the pushing firmly back into Clarice.

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