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Lexi's life changes completely after but a single spell.

"Looks like our trainer's found one she wants to keep," said Kathy. "The girl's background makes her a good candidate. No close relatives."

"Do you keep many?" asked Della Tiara.

"We always need more, and that's why you're here. I'll start by showing you the classrooms. They're this way."

"Cool," said Della Tiara. "Rubberboy, stay here and watch my luggage."

"No, bring him along," said Mistress Kathy. "He'll be assisting you with your lessons, so this orientation is for him, too. In fact, some of it will be especially for him."

Mistress Kathy reattached Adam's tether to his bound wrists and indicated that he was now to tow the luggage cart instead of following it. She led Della Tiara down a long corridor, and Adam trudged obediently behind them with the cart.

After negotiating a series of ramps leading between buildings, they found themselves in the domination school, the place Monica and other domination students went to be educated. Adam had wondered about these rooms but had never seen them. Unlike the rooms in the slave school which were mostly unfurnished, the rooms they now passed had desks and chalkboards like real classrooms, although some of them had specialized hardware for demonstrations.

Mistress Kathy stopped outside a locked door. The rhythmic sound of running footsteps could be heard from the other side as if someone were running on a treadmill.

"We've left the common area," explained Mistress Kathy, "so you may loosen your slave's restraints if you choose."

"You've earned a little mobility, my stoic Rubberboy," said the model graciously. She unbuckled his arms but reattached the tether to his collar so she could use it as a leash.

"As I explained to you earlier, Ms. Tiara, our techniques are far more advanced than mere bondage 'play.' Here, our power is absolute, and our techniques reflect that. I encourage our dominatrices to use their imaginations, and to share ideas with each other. In that spirit, I'm going to show you how I'm handling a particularly difficult case in the hope that you'll come to understand what I mean by discipline."

She unlocked the door and led them inside. "Mind you, this is an extreme discipline case. I'm showing you a method we don't teach to our students. It would frighten off our regulars."

This was a classroom like the others except for a demonstration area along the side of the room where a rapidly churning treadmill forced a nearly naked pony girl to run as fast as she could in high-heeled boots. Her arms were securely fastened behind her back so she would be unable to catch herself if she fell. The nearly exhausted girl was alone in the room, and the treadmill was set to automatic. Her steel collar was cruelly chained to the ceiling with little slack.

It was immediately apparent to Adam that a single misstep would snap her neck.

It was Eve.

Adam lurched toward the treadmill, but Della Tiara pulled back on his leash so violently he nearly fell backward.

"He tripped," said Mistress Della without emotion.

Kathy accepted this explanation without comment. "The Pony's been running unattended now for about an hour," she said. "It may have been more. My other duties have had me a little busy."

"Really?" said Della Tiara. "Aren't you afraid she'll break her neck?"

"No," said Kathy. "I'm not. What this slave has done warrants her death. She is well aware of that, and well aware that every step she takes without twisting her ankle is another moment of life she doesn't deserve."

Kathy approached the desk at the front of the classroom, sat on it, and crossed her smooth legs. "I don't know if she appreciates the depth of the mercy I'm showing her," she added, "but if she survives, I will make her appreciate any damn thing I please."

Adam had never witnessed such appalling ruthlessness from Kathy before. Now he realized that it had always been part of her nature, shaping her actions from the very start.

"This will be instructive for all of us," continued Mistress Kathy.

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