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Prom and after prom.

"You're saying... you fuck guys?"

"Yeah, of course." He answered so straight forward. His response was almost a question in and of itself, as if he were saying "what of it?" I tried to compose myself a little, but the booze didn't help.

"No, hey, I'm not judging. I'm just surprised is all."

"Why? I'm a sexual person. That's why I do porn. I have the dream job. I get to fuck for money and it's 100% legal." We both laughed. But then he leaned forward and became serious, though still warm and friendly.

"Look. I like to fuck. I don't care who I'm fucking, as long as it is pleasurable to the both of us. If it's a man, if it's a woman it's all the same to me. It's pleasure." I nodded, but he could tell I wasn't exactly understanding. "Look. Think about women. A woman can have sex with men and say that she's straight. And then, she can have a fling, or multiple sexual flings with other women, but no one calls her "gay"... they just accept that she is a woman who had sex with another woman. Right?"

I nodded, this time fully understanding. I had many female friends, even girlfriends who had sexual encounters with other women.

"So why are guys so hung up about having same sex encounters? It's just sex. You feel good for a short period of time, and then you move on with your life. Simple as that." He sat back and took the last sip of his scotch.

I finished mine as well, thinking about his words. He had a point. While I was, and still am not "gay", I would be lying if I said I never had a random thought, fantasy, or sexual dream about another man. Usually, they were met with immediate expulsion from my thoughts, but why?

"I see what you're saying. But, like you said guys are hung up about these things. And, there's a difference between fucking and being fucked. Guys aren't used to being fucked. Generally, we do the fucking." I replied. He smiled widely and nodded.

"True. Very true." Mike stood up. "Another?" He shook his empty glass in front of me while grabbing my also empty glass.

"Sure, I can sneak in some sleep during the seminars tomorrow." I laughed at my joke, Mike just poured the drinks.

"What you said is right. Giving up control is hard, sexually." He finished pouring, walked over and handed me my drink. I grabbed the glass but he didn't yield it right away. We locked eyes. "But when you do, you find a greater pleasure than you've ever experienced." He released the glass. I almost dropped it. The condensation on the glass, I told myself.

We sat in a silence for what felt like minutes, but truly it was maybe a few seconds. He leaned forward again.

"You've never been curious at all?" He asked frankly, looking me straight in the eye. For a moment I felt it: arousal. My cock moved in my pants suddenly. It wasn't erect, but it was getting ready.

"No," I tried to lie cooly. He tilted his head, considering my lie. "I mean, no. Not really." He nodded and sat back. "I mean, I'm not against that stuff. I've even done stuff with girls. You know. Fingers and stuff." I didn't know what I was trying to say or trying to justify. I once let a girlfriend peg me with her strapon, but that was a girl.

"I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." He replied. "Look, I'm gonna hop in the hot-tub." He stood as he spoke. "You can join me if you like, or you can head back to your room. No offense either way." He turned and began to walk toward the patio, toward the jacuzzi. I looked at the door. I should've left. That would've been the practical thing to do. But, instead I turned and looked at him as he approached the patio.

"I don't have any shorts." I called out. He turned, with a smile on his face.

"And?" He pulled his shirt over his head, kicked off his shoes, and dropped his pants, including his underwear, to his ankles.

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