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Loraine goes to college.

Now shivering and quivering I could tell an enormous orgasm was building deep inside Sam. With a gasp and a cry, her orgasm noisily exploded, flooding over her. Sam's body writhed and convulsed as the electricity from this incredible climax ravaged and ripped through her body. But, still there was no issue from Mark.

Now agitated, and beginning to show impatience, Sam instructed Mark to get back on the bed and to lie on his back. Again she straddled him, aiming his manhood at her sore vagina. His penis slid back in and he thrust his lower body up to meet hers. Dictating the pace, Sam slowly bobbed up and down taking the three quarters of his length that she could still only squeeze into her body.

I knew all through this, that she must have been applying the vice like grip on this monster cock in an effort to get Mark to ejaculate his semen deep inside her. But I think because of Mark's considerable size, her trick was failing to work. Stretched to the full, Sam's vagina was unable to contract and do it's trick.

Stimulating his arousal, Mark ran his hands all over Sam's body, tweaking her clitoris and lightly probing her anus with his fingers. Up and down, surely this must bring him to a head? I could not believe he was holding out sooo long. Sam orgasmed again, making it five times in all.

Then, at last I saw the end in sight as I witnessed Mark's incredibly tight testicles somehow tighten even further and the downy hairs covering them begin to quiver. His cock swelled further and began to twitch and pulsate. Sam screamed as he again engorged further inside her already over stretched love canal. He was about to orgasm, at long last.

There was a loud knock and Margit burst in through the unlocked door. Things were taking so long she had come up to make sure all was ok. Pushing past me in the narrow entrance to the hotel room, she brushed past my large protruding erection with the side of her body. Glaring at me, she saw Sam and Mark on the bed. Looking even angrier, she shouted at them,
"No, no, no. You must use missionary position, with your legs up to the air and penis must be fully inserted."

But, it was just too late. Mark, with his now completely unstoppable eruption rumbling deep in his large tighter than tight balls, totally exploded, flooding my wife's sopping body with his abundant fertile seed like a tsunami gushing in a torrent.

As his ejaculation slowly ebbed, Sam was able to contract her vaginal muscles, gripping his still pulsating, but shrinking penis to greedily squeeze and milk Mark completely of all his seed. Sam wanted to ensure every one of the sperm made its way through the assault course of her cervix, to hit their target, her uterus.

Seeing that it was too late, Margit barked her instructions,

"Stay as you are Mrs Williams. Mark, do not get off her. Let the sperm flow and penetrate as deeply as possible."

At this point the prolonged pumping and twitching of Mark's penis as his orgasm finally came to an end, pushed Sam once more over the top and she again orgasmed.

With his load now fully planted deep inside my wife, under the watchful eyes of Margit, Sam was instructed to roll completely over from on top of Mark, to lie on her back, with his penis still inside her.

"This way we ensure the sperm cannot leak when the penis is extracted."

With some careful diligence from Sam and with Mark somehow still remaining fairly rigid inside the maneuver was completed and the couple were now in the correct position, Sam underneath Mark.

"Now, Mrs Williams, put your legs in the air and Mark, take your penis out slowly".

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