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John gets a face wash and more.

He really enjoyed the demolition aspect. She revealed that she planned to make the Army a career. Their conversation deepened the attraction they felt for each other but that blasted Army regulation kept them from divulging anything about their true feelings.

After a couple of hours they headed to Kathy's tent. She was well aware of her wet underwear and he had to make room for his hard cock. "It's not five stars but its home." Then she laughed and added, "At my last exercise, I had nine other guys to room with."

"How lucky for them," he said with a smile.

They stood there looking into each other's eyes and after a few moments of silence, he bade her goodnight, snapped off a smart salute and walked on.

Kathy was breathing hard and her heart was racing when she sat down on her cot. "This can't be happening!" she said to the empty room. The lust she was feeling was affecting her judgement. A few more minutes with Bill and she would have pulled him into her tent and fucked him senseless. She quickly undressed and a few moments later, her fingers were busy deep in her cunt and rubbing her clit. She was so horny, she climaxed more than once. She masturbated a few more times before morning.

Bill didn't have the luxury of having his own tent and his hard-on begged for relief. Hoping against hope, he headed to the shower. Luck was with him as he found the place vacant and in less than a minute he was in the shower. He soaped up his tool and pumped it like he would love to do with Kathy.

He leaned against the wall, recovering from the intense relief, all the time wondering how he could be falling in love with Captain Kathy Miller. "Life can be so unfair," he mumbled.

Sleeping on an Army issue cot is not the most comfortable bed under any circumstance. For Kathy it was even more difficult because she was horny as hell. Despite the short night of sleep, she actually woke up feeling fairly good but more importantly, she had a plan. The obvious dawned on her. She and Bill are not assigned to the same camp and therefore, not co-workers and therefore, maybe they could meet on the side. The first order of business was to determine how he felt about her.

Bill had an equally difficult night trying to sleep. Unlike Kathy however, he didn't jerk off throughout the night even though his dick was hard most of the time. No woman had ever gotten to him like she had and he was beside himself with desire and lust. One more evening like they shared last night and it would take Herculean strength not to take her in his arms and kiss her. All through the night he had hopes of being very intimate with her. He pictured her naked and yearned to kiss her nipples, eat her pussy, and fill her cunt with his hard cock. He was actually happy to meet the new day just to focus his thoughts on work and not on Kathy.

The day was busy for them both. For Kathy, it was a morning of observing several companies and then an afternoon of classes to teach. Bill had his own challenges with some of the screw-ups in his company. Fortunately, his Lieutenant would be attending Kathy's class and out of his hair for at least part of the day. When Kathy came by for a spot inspection she was able to get Bill to herself long enough to say if he came by tonight, she would buy him a cup of coffee. He smiled and readily agreed. She was relieved and looked forward to the next part of her plan. Hopefully, tonight she will be in his arms.
Bill felt euphoric and suddenly the rest of the day seemed to go better. He had to keep reminding himself not to smile around the men every time he thought about spending the evening with her. How he wished he could let her know how he felt. It was too bad, he thought, that they only had a few more evenings (if he was lucky) to be with her. He decided that even if the remaining evenings ended with him jacking off in the shower, it will be worth it.

Kathy could hardly concentrate on the reports her clerk had prepared.

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