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The latest goings-on at Oliver House.

"Look Em I-I didn't mean ... I'm sorry" he stammered desperately.

Em didn't even turn around as he called after her, storming angrily into the house she had grown up in and slamming the heavy oak door behind her. The other pack members blurred around her as the tears trickled unheeded down her face. She rounded a corner and fled up a flight of stairs, into her room before sinking down in front of the fireplace with its merrily flickering blaze. Em always had a fire going in her room. She loved the warmth and light it gave her, but most of all she enjoyed the calming effect it seemed to have on her.

Lost in her thoughts she didn't here the soft click of her door open then shut again. "Ember darling whats wrong?" Juliana her mother gently sat down next to the fire as well. Em jumped at the soft voice, but quickly calmed realizing its source. "Oh! Geez ma you scared me... eh its nothing really just Dale being, well himself."

"Ah I see, what did he do this time?"

"Nothing that he hasn't done before its just..I-I'm not sure he just got to me today that's all I just don't understand why I'm not the others."

"You know I can't answer that honey"

Ember mumbled "I know no one can. Why me? How can I be as strong and fast as everyone else, yet I can't shift or project my thoughts like the rest of the pack? Why did you find me all those years ago in the woods, why did you take me in, why can't anybody tell me who or where I came from?" The last bit came out as a squeak. Her tears started to spill again as she leaned into her mothers lap. The older woman rubbed her daughters back gently trying to sooth her.

"The answers will come my darling"

"When though Mom how long will I be like this?"

Julian had no answer for this so instead just assured her the answers would come one day most likely when she least expected it.

8 Years Later

The forest was alive with feeling it was the first day of summer and with it came a grand festival for the Silver pack and for that matter any neighboring packs around. This was the time of year Ember Silver lived for. Warm sun, food being cooked outdoors, the laughter of children and adults like. Everywhere people where talking, laughing, eating, some in were form, some in human, some clothed some not. Nudity was not an issue with Weres, though some of the other attendees to the festival might not agree most just chose to ignore it.

"Madam Alpha a great turn out." A young male were commented. His name was Devin a member of a pride that bordered the Silver pack. He was tall and broad shouldered being a were-panther though made him sleek as well. Julianna smiled "Yes well I hoped the turn out would be pleasant." Ember stood next to her Mother watching the festival with a small grin across her face.

She turned to look to at a pack of males facing off. She saw a large golden blonde male with liquid eyes of azurite stone swerve and grin in a confident fashion in her direction. Logan saw Ember and his wolf howled inside his head, 'That one! She's the one!'

Ember smiled briefly then turned away. 'Why did I smile at him?' she wondered to herself. 'I don't smile to random guys'. She turned away feeling the heat in her cheeks rise.

Just then one of the males in the sparring group took that moment to lunge at Logan catching him off guard. Logan crashed to ground and looked up just in time to see the well formed female, blush then turn from him.

Shit!! Now I feel like a complete dumb ass. Get it together man! He reprimanded himself.

Logan jumped up from the blind side assault and retaliated with a swift bite and a long low growl. The offending male quickly realized his mistake by taunting the more experienced and much bigger wolf. Logan grinned and excused himself from the friendly match.

Julianna watched from her side view silently chuckling at her daughters obvious display of interest.

About time she thought to herself.

"So Em how are you enjoying the festival? Julianna stated in a knowing fashion.

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