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Greta put me in my place with all women--under their heels.

"More fingers," she pleaded. "And push faster and deeper," she insisted.

Slipping two fingers inside her burning heat, followed by a third and then a forth, fingers knuckle deep inside her inner sanctum, stretching her body with brutal force, moving her hips and thrusting forward, swallowing greedily, fucking his hand, moaning and groaning, puffing and panting, gasping and wheezing, the sloppy wet sound between her legs increasing her stimulus and bringing her body to life.

Sandra was hot. She was wet. She was ready for cock.

Discomfort giving way to necessity, the vinyl seat cool against his buttocks, the feint slithers of moonlight casting phallic shadows inside the car, her eyes drawn to his more than ample length and substantial girth, wondering if she would get it all inside.

She was going to find out.

Shuffling on the seat and straddling over his thighs, hovering precariously on both knees, opening her legs and adjusting her body for entry, lowering a hand and gripping the fleshy limb, a guiding hand easing him in inch-by-inch, lifting and lowering in a chorus of moans and groans and breathless pants, her inner walls opening, making way for the gruesome muscle to slide inside her warm entrance.

There wasn't a lot of flexibility in the back seat of the car, the confined space forcing them into unfamiliar territory, making the sexual act frustrating and sometimes a little clumsy.

The muscles of her vagina embraced the length and gripped the girth like a vice, her body moulding to accept the brutal entry, his overexcited cock slipping out occasionally, an eager hand quickly guiding him back.

Sucking in short gasps of air through tight lips, a body trembling in shock waves of blissful sensation, lifting and lowering over the perilous length, easing him in and easing him out, twisting and wriggling, up and down, joining and separating, growling through a throaty wheeze, the brutal force stretching and filling the vaginal vault, probing and penetrating the parameters, reaching the limits of her inner heat.

A mutual connection of coital intimacy, the persuasion of movement, bouncing up and down with increasing determination, lifting and lowering, easing him in, easing him out, all the way in and all the way out, thrusting her hips and wriggling her bottom, embracing the awesome length, rejoicing in the exceptional girth, her pendulous tits swinging recklessly from side to side, reaching out with his hands, cupping one and squeezing the other, kissing one and sucking the other, fingers teasing nipples, pulling and tugging, twisting and nipping, her painful cries of pleasure lost in the heat of passion.

Impaled on the fearsome object, sucking in air through her nose, her eyes watering, the rapture of euphoria flooding inside her body, moving her hips in a seductive rhythm of pleasure, snorting in curses and breathless gasps of encouragement, shifting her weight, making sure she was receiving everything he had to offer.

A frustrated sigh of discomfort, her legs unable to support her weight, an impulsive movement lifting up slowly and letting his penis slip from her body, no words just persuasive gestures motioning him to change position.

It was difficult at first but with a little adjustment she managed to kneel on the seat on all fours, with both hands gripping the car seat.

She turned her head and looked back, her watchful eyes following a trail down his chest and over his muscular abdomen, gazing in lustful admiration when she reached her playful toy. Opening her legs and gritting her teeth, shuffling on the seat and bracing herself for action, a chorus of verbal demands and filthy curses brushing away formality.

"Fuck me until I tell you to stop," she barked. "You don't have to be gentle. I want to be fucked fast and I want to be fucked hard."

One foot on the floor and a knee hovering precariously on the car seat, one hand gripping his cock and the other holding her waist to give him leverage, breathing in the musky smell of sex, easing the throbbing flesh between

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