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Randy shows an interest in Michael's wife.

I've never had sex with a strange male. But I had always harbored the fantasy. It was time to act.

I summoned up my courage and dialed the number and a male voice greeted me. "Hello, my name is Dorothy. You contacted me and asked me to call."

His voice turned stern, "Yes, it's about time you called. I understand you know the drill. We meet. We fuck and all is good. We don't meet. We don't fuck and all is bad. Your orgy fuck photos get spread to your husband and the world, right?" I agreed and he went on. "Meet me tonight at the corner of 4th and Irvine at eight o'clock. Dress up real nice in a dress not in pants or jeans. I like my women nice and feminine." I agreed in a meek voice and he hung up.

I went immediately to my closet and started trying on various outfits while humming a happy tune. When I looked at myself nude in the full-length mirror, I thought, "Now, there is a forty three year old fox with breasts that still have some lift and a slim, yoga-trained body that still gets the occasional wolf whistle from the construction workers."

I finally decided on a colorful summer dress with bare shoulders, held up with small strings over each shoulder with just the right amount of conservative cleavage showing. It was a bit modest rather than sexy but I thought these young men expect MILFs to be a bit reserved even though they would be shocked at how we're cougars down deep who want sex as much as they do. I also wanted a dress that won't cause my husband, Ralph too be suspicious when I went out 'with the girls.'
I wanted to wear sexy thong panties but decided on a more simple but still nice pink pair with flowers on the waistband and a sweet pink bow. My girlie parts had a surge of moisture when I envisioned the boy's hand dipping under the waistband and down to my cunny. I dipped my hand to my crotch and ran my palm over my pubic mound and down under to give myself a feel. It felt good to stroke my pussy. But I just knew a male hand would feel a whole lot better. Were you that turned on Dorothy when you went on your first blackmail date?

Then, I realized that I had forgotten to shave my pubes like you recommended. Seems all the young girls are cleanly shaven nowadays. I went to the bathroom and did a thorough job, using my husband's shaving cream and razor. I even did the crack of my ass around my anus. Hell I thought, I didn't even take this much care in dressing for my high school prom.

So, there I was later at the agreed time, standing on the corner when a four-door, older model car drove up with a young man driving and another in the back seat. The boy in the back leaned over and opened the door and looked up at me. "Hi Dorothy. Get in." I hesitated. I thought there was going to be only one not two. He repeated firmly, "Get the fuck in the car." I slid into the back seat and closed the door, accepting my fate. The car smelled of beer and grass. Both guys had open cans of beer in their hands and several empties were on the floor.

The young men were as I expected, about your son's age of twenty-one and better looking and athletic than I had hoped. They wore preppy Dockers khaki slacks and golf-style T-shirts. The one in the front was looking ahead but the boy beside me was brazenly eyeing me up and down as if I was his prey - which, I guess, I was.

He was the first to speak. "Very nice. Yes, very, very nice. Hey, Phil we have one sweet looking MILF back here. Yes, a very fuckable MILF. She looks a bit different than the orgy pics but I guess these older ladies like to change their hair color and such."

This is certainly not a shy guy. He seemed to know what he wants. I instinctively squeezed my knees together and I felt my face blush hotly. What have I gotten myself into?

Wasting no time, he slid over with a shit-ass grin on his face and put an arm over my shoulder.

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