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The new year is off to an outstanding start.

The other guys crowd around Jackie's face and she switches back and forth between them; licking and sucking their big, black cocks as she gets fucked hard by Leroy.

Leroy fucks faster and faster until he suddenly withdraws. The next dick enters her pussy. It is not as thick, but very long and instantly goes deeper than Jackie has ever felt before. As she acclimatises to the shock, Leroy moves round and leans over her, stuffing his dick in her mouth. Leroy fucks Jackie's mouth until he floods it with cum. He pulls out and sits down on the floor as his huge cock starts to droop over.

Jackie licks her cummy lips, then swallows it all down, looking over at Leroy. "Mmmmm. You'd better not think you're finished, you fucking pervert. I've got more work for you today."

"Oh, yeah? You think you'll still be ready for more when my boys have finished with you?"

"Oh yeah I will! You like it when I suck it?"

"Damn, baby!"

"You like to fuck my tight, white pussy?"

"You know I do, girl!"

"You like it when I swallow?"

"Hehe! Yeah! I hope you like it too, because you're gonna be doing a whole lot of swallowing today!"

"Mmmm, yeah, I do. Today though, I want every load of cum on my face. I want you all to cover me in it."

"Fuck yeah, Jackie. You got it. You know what else I like to do?"

The guy in Jackie's pussy withdraws and moves round to put his dick in Jackie's mouth. His place is taken by the guy with the real thick cock. Jackie gasps at how this big dick stretches her out.

"I like to fuck that sexy white ass of yours. I think I'm going to do it too. You think you could handle three guys inside you at once?"

"Oh, fuck! Oh, yeah I want you all to fuck my ass. I want you all to fuck me at once. But I want you to be the first in my ass, Leroy. So fucking hurry up and get back in the game."

The thick cocked guy moves from Jackie's pussy to her mouth. She can barely fit her lips around it as the next guy slides inside her pussy. He fucks her hard for a while, then withdraws.

Jackie gets up on to her knees and sucks the four guys off in turn as they crowd round her. Leroy is still sitting with his half limp cock in his hand, watching proceedings with amusement.

The only guy who hasn't fucked Jackie yet is also the biggest. He takes Jackie's hand and stands her up. He grabs her ass and lifts her up. She jumps into his arms and wraps her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist, then eases herself onto his massive member.

Jackie bucks up and down on his dick. She feels as filled as she ever has before and comes to a crashing orgasm. Just then she feels something hard pressing against her ass. She turns her head to to see Leroy has readied himself again.

"You prepared for this? Because it's going to happen right now."

"Ooooh, yes. I want you both inside me. Fuck my white ass with your big black cock!"

Leroy eases the tip of his dick inside her ass hole. It isn't the first time he's fucked Jackie's ass, but it's the first time he's ever been inside it while she's got a full pussy. He gets into position and neither him nor Julius (the massively hung guy fucking her pussy) need to move as Jackie eagerly bounces herself down onto both dicks.

Leroy whispers in her ear "You like that? You like our big black dicks inside you?"

Jackie is almost too insensible with pleasure to answer. Just repeating "Ummm. Uh-hum." in between gasps and pants to answer his questions.

"You like my big dick in your ass? You want us all to fuck your ass? We're all gonna fuck your ass baby. You're gonna get fucked by us all. Right up your ass. When we're done with you, we're gonna cum all over your face. Is that what you like? You show my bro some loving here."

With that he moves his dick out of her ass where it is replaced by another.

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