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Sister in law stops over for Christmas.


Pretty Boy smiles at Peggy and his eyes are locked onto hers, "glad you made an exception today, it was worth the trip."

Pretty Boy arranges to pick up Peggy at her house and when he shows up in his new BMW he can see her peeking out the window along with a young girl that is obviously her daughter.

Pretty Boy is taking her to the new restaurant in town that everyone is talking about. She can't believe he got a reservation so easily and it seems like everyone there knows him. They sit at a large table in the corner with views of the river and the sunset.

The attention they are getting is amazing and they have their own personal waitress, a lovely woman named Lisa. She is fussing over both of them and even though Nate is so handsome Lisa is giving Peggy the same attention and it makes Peggy relax. Still, she can't believe she is having supper with the most beautiful man in the world.

Nate is taking care of ordering for the both of them, a fine wine, steak and lobster with a decadent chocolate dessert worthy of an award.

A giant of a man comes over and shakes Nate's hand, his name is Tom and he is the owner of the new restaurant. While Tom and Nate are talking Peggy marvels at the difference between the two men. Her first thought is night and day. Peggy has never met a scarier man in her life and when he looks at her he doesn't smile, it is more of a sneer. She is so glad when he leaves as he actually made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

"Peggy, I have really enjoyed our conversation tonight and from all you have told me you are a strong, independent woman. I still can't believe you have a 18 year old daughter," said Nate, "and I love your dress, especially the low cut front."

Once more Nate stares at her perky breasts, not in a shy way but brazenly like he owns her. Peggy draws in a deep breath, it now seems almost normal for Nate to admire her breasts and she subconsciously pulls her shoulders back pushing them out even more.

If only Nate had seen her earlier and the anxiety of changing more than a dozen times trying to find the perfect dress for him. In the end she decides on the simple black dress with the plunging neck-line, a black lacy bra and matching panties. Right now her panties are getting wet and she is sure Nate can smell her arousal.

"Nate, you are more than kind, but it is you that looks fantastic," she said. She wants to add she could eat him up but doesn't want to seem too forward.

"Peggy, I want to thank you again for having supper with me tonight, you have turned a bad day into a great one." Leaning forward Nate takes Peggy's hand into his. "Peggy, I don't normally do this but would you like to have a night cap at my place?"

Peggy's heart is racing, she knows he wants more than just a drink with her. She is yearning so bad to have Nate make love to her; Plain Peggy. That would show her asshole of a husband that she still had it.

"Nate, I would love to have a night cap with you," said Peggy.

As they leave the restaurant Peggy is so enthralled with the anticipation of making love to Nate that she doesn't even notice they never receive a bill.

Tom and Lisa watch as Pretty Boy escorts Peggy out of the fancy restaurant. Tom pulls out his phone and sends a text message to Wee Willy and Magpie, "the game is on, be at Pretty Boy's in an hour."

The drive to Pretty Boy's place is short, actually only a few minutes away, they enter the underground parking of the premier residential tower in the city. Pretty Boy parks his BMW in the reserved parking next to two of his other cars, a Ferrari and Land Rover. He always drives the appropriate car to impress his victim.

They approach the elevators and Pretty Boy takes out his keys to activate the private elevator that is for his use only. Such is the privilege of owning the penthouse suite and purchasing it in the pre-build stage. The elevator alone cost him $500,000, but is worth every penny.

Peggy is impressed she is now entering a world she doesn't even know exists.

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