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A man's mission is jeopardized by a strange creature.

"Try saying yes sir with that little bitch mouth."

"Yes sir."

I could see him blush in the dark, see by the way he leaned into the wall his knees were weak, see by the pleading look he gave her he was gone. The fight had left him, and she wasn't giving him any help. For once she wasn't bailing him out. I grabbed his t-shirt by its collar, and ripped it off in one motion. He had on the collar, leash and the cuffs behind his back.

I pressed up against him my jacket still on, my boots next to his bear feet, my jeans against his legs-I put my forearm against his throat.

"I am clothed and you are naked. I am strong and you are weak. You are bound and I am free. Can you feel that?"

"Yes sir." His knees were literally shaking.

"What are you?" His eyes panicked he looked over my shoulder at her. "Say you are my bitch, and don't look at her, she can't help you."

"I'm your bitch--owww!" I had twisted both nipples, hard.

"I'm your bitch, sir. Say it right."

"I'm sorry, I'm your bitch sir." I threw the leash over my shoulder and slowly walked over to the couch-bed, and sat on it.

He had followed me, already eager to please.

"Crawl to me bitches".

They both did, she with a lustful smile and an eager little canter, he with fear all over his face and a puppy like awkwardness. They scooted over to me, and I pulled him by the leash and her by the hair until one was over each boot. She remembered my hand in her hair, all the times before. It relaxed her, I could tell.

I cuffed her hands behind her back. "Boot laces-teeth. Last one done gets ...punished."

She threw herself on my right boot, stopping to kiss it, then letting her tongue and teeth gently carefully grab the laces, as she had done in her mind a million times before. The taste of the laces hadn't been part of her fantasy, and she made a face, which I let slide, and sat back done with a smile before he had even brought himself to put his teeth on the left bootlace.

I stopped him before he made a mess of the knot.

I grabbed him. Threw him onto the sofa bed, and hooked his leash to it. I took the left boot and untied it myself. She smirked at him, as he lay on his stomach on the sofa, legs sprawled and ass undefended. I kicked my boots off, and was unbuttoning my shirt.

"Bring me the wooden spoon in your teeth like the animal you are, girl." I ordered her as I undressed.

By the time she got to me I was naked, and she knelt with her ass on her feet, hands behind her, cuffed, spoon in her mouth, waiting in front of me. I pointed to a spot on the floor and she set it down. She looked at her man, naked on his belly.

"I told you about the spoon, it hurts like a bitch, and you are gonna feel it, he has a heavy hand." She grinned as he said it.

I grabbed her by her hair again, and threw her next to him, so that they both lay on the couch, but she was not as far up on it, her knees on the carpet.

"What happens to smart asses?" I asked. She lost all her smirk. She knew better. Or she knew exactly, and wanted the attention.

"They get punished. Sir."

"Thank me for each one, and count." I gave her ten on each cheek in sets of five, bringing the start of the rosy glow with my hand. She counted, and he jumped every time I hit her. She made a plaintive little sound, and wriggled her ass, and without thinking I rubbed the sting out of each cheek. I let my hand wander down her cunt, she was dripping wet. She tried to move back into my hand, to get the pleasure she burned for.

Then I picked up the spoon. I rubbed it on her ass so she knew what was coming. "Wait wait wait! He was supposed to be punished..." she had a little bit of panic she really hated the spoon.

"That was going to be ten with the spoon for you, and now it's twenty. Want to try for more?"

She was silent, but I could tell she was trying to find an answer. Something that would make me laugh, make me forgive her, but I knew her, too. I knelt next to her, my arm around her, and kissed her cheek.

"It doesn't matter what you say.

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