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What do you do when the wife says no?


'Ahh such a nice boy,' I said, "Thank you Tas, would you like to have a bit of fun?"

I knew he would not say no to an offer like that from me. He was certainly not going to say no to fuck a body like mine that was for sure. The other thing I was certain of was that he'd probably wanted to do that for a long time.

I was overcome with a hot, incredibly hot sensation all over my body; it tingled. I was going to be Tas's first. I was going to have Tas's virginity. I was going to have that big cock in my pussy and I was going to love it. Every inch of that boy's fucking rod. And if it all goes right, I'll not need that dildo ever again. No, hold on, let's not be too hasty; I'll keep the dildo.

I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs. I was not surprised that his cock was still up and hard, even though he had just blown a load. He was a virgin, he was young, he was full of vitality and he was full of vigour and hopeful full of more cum.

As we entered my bedroom, I took off my knickers and threw them to one side and sat on the bed. I saw a change in Tas; his usual big headed confidence seemed to have returned. Some of that was him knowing that I was willing to take his cock. He proudly walked up to me and stuck his cock right into my face. I grabbed his long hard cock, I mustered up a lot of saliva in my mouth; I had to lick and cover a big fucking cock.

I started at the base and licked along its length to the top, it took a while. I could grab Tas's cock with both hands and still stick his big nob into my mouth. I stroked gently at first. I didn't want a repeat of earlier, with him shooting off too quickly.

I looked him in the eye as I blew him off. After a while I started to tighten my grip and increased my sucking. Tas seemed to appreciate that; he grabbed my head and ran his fingers through my still wet hair.

Tas said, "No one's ever even attempted to suck my cock before. Its feels so nice, you do it so well."

Tas lasted longer that time, much longer. It must have been seven or eight minutes when he grabbed my head and started to thrust his hips. I thought he was close to blowing again. I let go of one hand and cupped his balls, I played and squeezed his balls. I further increased my grip and stroked at a faster rate. I sucked and swirled my tongue around his big nob, he released pre-cum like it was on tap. He tasted oh so fucking like a virgin.

He seemed to get his ego back and was big headed again; he said, "You suck a nice cock Lou, suck it harder."

I was really surprised that it had been at least fifteen minutes and he had still not cum. But then he grabbed my head and held it still while he thrust his hips hard into my willing mouth.

He shouted out, "Here it comes Lou, take another load."

He shot a load straight down the back of my throat; I swallowed. I opened my mouth and stroked him hard, I milked that cock as he blew load after load into my mouth. I managed to swallow the fucking lot. I thought I had done well, let alone him.

He said, "That was great Lou, you're so fuckin' hot."

I let his cock go and he stepped back; his cock still hard, cum still oozed out and he kept complimenting me and said, "That was incredible Lou, thanks."

I was just as turned on as he was. I reached out and grabbed his cock and licked off the dripped remnants of his cum, I said, "It's unbelievable that you've cum twice now and you're still fuckin' hard. How do you do it?"

I threw myself backwards onto the bed and called him over; I still could not believe his cock was hard. Okay, it had lost a bit of stiffness, but he wasn't soft and limp like most cocks get after cumming, and he had cum twice. Oh god I'm going to love fucking Tas. The thought of fucking Tas released juices in my pussy.

Tas sat on his knees besides me and I grabbed his cock; I squeezed it to assess how hard he was. I looked at Tas and weighed up in my head that I could not lay on top of him, I may squash him to death; so I said, "Let me lay down Tas, get on top."

I grabbed his cock and asked, "Would you like to kiss my pussy?"

Again what ma

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