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Prologue: A Thief in the Night

"The lawyer might be able to negotiate that based on this being your first major arrest ever, but then they might not be able to because you have such a lengthy history of drunk driving. I guess we will have to see what happens."

Luna glares at her husband. "Not that you care."

Charleston nods his agreement. "You're right." he confirms with another nod, but he doesn't look at her as he continues his pacing back and forth. "I don't care. Not anymore. You made sure of that when you ruined your daughter's eighteenth birthday by nearly killing an entire neighborhood full of people and don't think that I didn't hear the hateful shit you spewed at her before they sedated you." he growls, his angry eyes glaring at her from across the room. "You have been a toxic thorn in our sides for more years than I should have allowed, but I thought I could save you and that was my fault. I should have left with her a long time ago."

I tense when he looks at me, my eyes wide as I hold my breath.

"I'm sorry about that, Sunshine..." he whispers to me and reaches up to caress my face.

I immediately relax and smile. "It's okay, Daddy. I understand why you did it."

"It's always about her with you!" Luna practically shrieks and her gaze is glaring at me. "From the instant she was born, I could see how much more than me you loved her. You always stared at her with such wonder, such amazement. You never looked at me with love, anymore. You always stared at me like I was the biggest piece of shit to ever come into your life. Why do you think I had so many abortions before and after her? I didn't want to share you! Now look. You're dumping me off to prison so that you can run off with her and live happily ever after."

My jaw drops at her admission, my eyes wide with shock.

"Speaking of which..." Charleston says and he turns back to his wife. "After the trial is over and you are sentenced, you are going to grant me a divorce." he commands and glares at her when she would have spoken. "You will not contest it, Luna, or I will make sure that your commissary ends up empty. You will give me a divorce and you will sign over your rights as Shayenne's mother. It's not like you care about her, anyway." he snorts in disgust.

"Before you speak, Luna..." he cuts her off when her mouth opens and he turns to face her. His eyes narrow when they lock with hers. "Try to remember that I, alone, am the difference between a pleasant incarceration and abject misery. Make no mistake about that." he warns her, his voice an emotionless monotone. "Your father passed away last year and your mother has been MIA ever since, not that she inherited a penny from him to be able to help you. I also know that you squandered away your entire inheritance, so you're just as broke as you were when we first got married. If you want me to take care of you while you're locked up, those are my terms. You choose to take them or leave them."

He turns to me. "Let's go, Sunshine."

"So that's it, Charleston?" Luna asks with a scoff as she glares at his back. She glances at me because I'm still staring at her in shock. "Daddy's precious little girl is all surprised by just how shitty her mother actually is?" she inquires with almost maniacal laughter following it. She shakes her head as she laughs, again. "My biggest regret is having you."

I try not to react, but I can't help it. I flinch as if slapped.

"That's enough, Luna." Charleston warns as he locks hands with me to pull me away. "This isn't part of the deal. I told you: behave from this moment forward or I withdraw all support effective immediately. Hurting the only person who loved you no matter how terribly you have always treated her won't endear either of us to you."

"You think I care if she hates me? You're choosing her over me! AGAIN!" Luna cries out.

"I don't hate you, Mom.

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