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Giving all for the children, but giving has its rewards.

What is the matter this time?"

"She said she knows her job to be fruitful, but Adam is spending many hours away in the field. She cannot lay with him is he is not there."

"Is that all?" God chuckled. "I will send the Metatron to teach her patience. All things shall come in time."

Lucifer bowed and started to turn away. But the girl's face danced in his mind's eye. He turned back.

"Could I do it, Lord?"

"That is not your title, Helel. You are to serve and worship, it is for the Metatron to deliver my will to the mortals."

"Of course, My Lord." Lucifer bowed again, and took his place upon his throne, seated next to the much larger one of the Son, which in turn was overshadowed by the Father.

The Metatron was called forth, and Lucifer watched as he removed a quill feather from him wing, and hastily scratched something upon a cream colored scroll, rolling it back up and tucking it safely within his robes. The to-do-list. Lucifer couldn't help but notice the task was a bit farther from the top than it could have been, and that was all the prompt he needed.

Standing again from the throne, Lucifer strolled back to where he'd descended before. The Creator was busy conversing with one of the many choirs, and the Son was, as usual, planning out the life he was preparing to live upon the newly minted Earth. Now was his chance.

The fluff parted, revealing the Eden below, just as before, only the sun was setting now, casting an orange glow upon everything. It somehow made it seem even more magical. He drifted down and flew above the treetops, scanning the expansive garden for the object of his affection.

Eve was sitting in a small clearing, rolling out dough and humming to herself, a pretty tune that Lucifer would remember for the rest of his days. He stood behind a tree and listened for a while, watching as her skin glistened with perspiration as she worked, the firelight reflected upon her perfect form. He was about to go to her when he saw another mortal come into the clearing, a dark haired mortal much resembling the image of the Creator himself. He knew it to be Adam, Eve's husband.

She smiled at him, and stopped her working, kissing him upon the cheek in greeting. Adam turned his back to Lucifer, and said something to Eve that he could not hear. She pouted a moment, then returned to her kneading. He took a few small loaves of her freshly made bread, then left again.

A single tear slid down her fair cheek when Lucifer emerged from the shadow.

"What is wrong, Eve?"

She started at his sudden appearance, then wiped at her cheek with a flour-covered hand, leaving a smudge.

"Adam will not lay with me tonight, he is in the pasture tending to the flock. One of the ewes are birthing."

Lucifer did not know what a birthing ewe was, but he clearly knew an opportunity when one was presented to him.

"Pretty Eve, don't cry," he said, gently bringing his hand to her face and wiping away the tear-dampened flour. "I can stay with you."

"But, is that not wrong? "

"I do not know. The Lord God told me His message to you was that all good things shall come in time. Perhaps I am your good thing," he stepped in a little closer, his hand still upon her cheek.

Eve sniffled, still hesitant. It only made him yearn for her more.

"Let me be with you," he pleaded. "I am so much more, can give you more than you have ever dreamed. There is so much more to life than fields and work, I can truly love you like no one else can."

He'd stepped so close now their bodies were nearly touching, and as he took that last little step, and her flesh met his, they both inhaled in wonder.

She was warm, and soft, and naked, and he wanted nothing more to explore every inch of her. His hand went from her cheek to her chin, bringing her head up so their eyes could meet. He seemed to get lost in her gaze, until finally her eyes closed, and those plump lips met his.

Lucifer's head spun, dizzy with emotion as Eve slid the silky fabric from his shoulders.

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