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Betty has 1st sex with others on work trip with husband.

You are completely alone and exposed, the patch of sunlight still bathing you in its warmth and the gentle breeze from the open window moving the tiny hairs on your skin. Your senses are heightened by the situation, cheeks coloured by the first flush of arousal and just a hint of embarrassment if anyone were to see you like this. You can feel the cooler air flowing over you, making your body react.

By the time you hear my footsteps coming back into the room, your nipples are hard and the first hint of moisture makes your bald pussy lips shimmer in the sunlight. Every nerve in your body has come alive, the anticipation of what is to come sending shivers up and down your spine and goose bumps stand out on your skin despite the heat. You feel the mattress sag under my weight beside you and realise you've had your eyes closed, concentrating on the feel of sunlight on your skin and the images in your head. I don't give you a chance to open them. Using the last piece of soft black silk I blindfold you, knowing how much more sensitive your skin is when you don't know where my next touch or kiss will fall.

The anticipation is now almost too much to bear. Your skin is desperate for my touch, eager for something more substantial than the suns rays to stimulate your heightened senses. You can smell my clean skin close to you, hear me breathing so close that you could reach out and touch me if only you weren't tied down. You can even feel the heat radiating from my body and the mattress moving under you as I position myself at your side.

The next sensation almost makes you jump, an icy cold touch on your stomach. You feel it move across your body slowly, the contrast with the warm air making your flesh tingle. You can feel a slick line drying on your skin to mark its passage and every nerve screaming at you in pleasure at this unknown touch. It moves so slowly across your stomach, tracing patterns you'll never see around your belly button, following the line of your ribs, down your sides and gliding over your thighs. You can feel it melting faster on your legs, and large drips roll down their sides towards the bed, tickling you skin as they go like tiny kisses on the insides of your thighs. My cold fingers brush your skin now as the ice cube gets too small to hold and then disappears completely.

You feel my weight shift away and then back again and the cold touch returns to your skin. This time I brush the ice gently over your lips where your tongue slips out to touch it, enjoying the cold water dripping into your hot mouth. It moves away across your chin and down your slender neck, the cold rolling drops sending shivers through your body before it reaches your chest. Circling your nipples, making them almost painfully hard and melting quickly with the heat of your body so that streams of cold water run down into your cleavage and on across your stomach to pool in your belly button. Again you feel the brush of my cold fingers as the ice cube disappears before they withdraw and you feel my hot breath on you. I blow gently on your nipples, warming them slowly making them harder still.

Again you feel me move through the sagging of the mattress, but this time I come to rest between your legs.

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