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Faith's first BDSM party.

She knew it wasn't hr first and she stood and watched the two of them.

A hint of jealousy and anger filled her for a few minutes and then she remembered Lee and her and how they had rutted together as Tommy sat in the other room. She had no reason to try and stop this and didn't. she stood there nude and dripping Lee's cum slower now . Her inner legs were lined with wetness from it and as she watched she saw her husband open his slacks and pull out his cock.

She saw him hard as he could get and she immediately compared him to Lee. There was no comparison Lee was almost twice as big. She watched as Tom moved closer and closer and Mary waited for him to push it into her. As she kept her legs over the arms of the chair, Tommy was able to guide his cock all the way into her with one push, in fact it was hardly a push. But Mary was still in a sexual daze from Tommy's great tongue and she told him to fuck her now and to cum in her so he could get his sexual relief.

Liza wondered what she saw in him. Certainly a woman like Mary could have any man she wanted. Why did she let Tommy fuck her. She knew Mary loved Tom's mouth, hell she did too. Liza smiled thinking Tommy should eat their pussies and Lee should fuck them. That would be the best of both worlds. But Mary seemed to enjoy Toms hard little cock and she slowly let her legs slid off the arms of the chair and wrapped them around Tom's stomach. She slid down further and let her ass hang off the chair now. She lay back and Tommy moved over her. He lifted her legs high and held them over her head. He pumped and pumped and pumped his cock into her now harder and faster. Liza knew he wouldn't last much longer and that was another problem with Tommy's fucking. She had hardly started and Tommy was just about finished. She hated that! Hated it! Then she saw Tommy arching his back and Liza knew he was cumming. Mary didn't seem to care she encouraged him telling him, "yes baby! That's it cum in my pussy! Oh yes Tommy I knew it feel so good doesn't baby! Yes Tommy cum in me and ;let me please you like you did me."

Tommy was the one moaning now as he buried his small cock and Liza could actually see his small nuts rise and fall as they pumped his cum into her friend's beautiful body. She knew Tommy was done and as he fell on top of Mary, Liza walked into the room. "My that looks inviting", she said and both of them looked over at her.

Tommy began to pull out but Mary held him to her body. She said, " Oh Liza! You're awake, You were sleeping and we didn't want to disturb you. Tommy told me you had another good night fucking Lee again."

Liza smiled and said, "I had a spectacular night with him. You remember how big his cock is don't you Mary?"

Mary just smiled and decided not to play her game of humiliating Tommy. She said, "Oh yes, and I remember the pain associated with it too. With lee Liza it will be more pain then pleasure. He's a self-center SOB as far as I'm concerned. Look Tommy and I have to talk with you about all of this. Give is a minute to get ourselves together and we'll meet in the kitchen and have coffee OK?".

As she finished saying it she let Tom go and as he stood up, Liza saw his 2-inch cock all wet and deflated completely. She smiled at both of them and walked out of the room. She waited downstairs and saw the bag of drugs sitting on the table. She took it and put it in her robe pocket. She made coffee and about a minute later Mary and Tommy walked into the room. Tommy looked around and didn't se the baggie. He said, "Liza did you see a bag plastic bag on the table?"

Liza smiled and said, "This?" She showed him the bag as she pulled it __ way out of her pocket. Tommy said, "Yes. Please give it to me." Liza said, "It's Lee's not yours Tommy. I'll return it to him when I see him next tie."

Tommy looked at Mary and said, "What next time? There's not going to be any more of this Liza. I can't take it and I don't want you having sex with men or taking drugs. Mary tells me this stuff is highly addictive and can kill you."

Mary said, "Liza listen to me.

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