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A naked delivery girl tells her story.

I had never heard do that before they gave me a black ring.

The door opened but I did not bother to look; I knew it was Melisa. She walked around the drawer set and leaned on the bed by my hip. She looked at the covered Doris Alex and raised an eyebrow.

"Couldn't do it?" she asked her quietly.

"Hmm!" was the sound out of Doris Alex in response. She pulled the blanket away from my groin.

Melisa leaned forward with her tongue extended and licked the head of my dick.

"Rose," she said in a surprised voice.

My cock jumped in reaction as she leaned down and took another taste of Doris Alex from my body.

"How does she do it?" Melisa asked looking up at me.

"I'm pretty sure it's rose oil in her bathwater," I said seriously. I wanted to get the question out of the way so that Melisa would go back to what she started.

"Did you please my man, bitch?" Melisa asked Doris Alex loudly.

It was not what I wanted to hear. I was more in the mood for the lovely sounds Melisa made when she was vacuuming my dick clean with her mouth.

"Last night, I got him good," Doris Alex said sitting up on the bed. Melisa hopped up on the bed and straddled my leg. She was wearing those deliciously tight white shorts and a top that could have been the stunt double for a sports bra.

"He couldn't even wait to get on the bed. He just fucked me against the door."

"Awesome!" Melisa exclaimed clapping her hands happily, looking like a teenager congratulating her best friend about a first tongue kiss.

"This morning, OH MY GOD! It felt like his cock was going to come out my throat. My pussy is still tingling."

Doris might have been shy about non-members of the Brotherhood seeing her naked, but she was not as censored with her mouth.

They continued talking between each other, but I was being distracted by Melisa's hand. She was pushing the side of her shorts down exposing the muscle line on the inside of her hip. To me, it looked like a highway to her center. She pushed the shorts down, let them go, hiding the line, and then pushed them down again.

I tried to fight the temptation but gave up when she started doing it on both sides.

"Melisa," I interrupted with.

They turned to look at me.

"Take your shorts off!" I demanded. She smiled, getting up on her knees. She stared into my eyes as she pushed the shorts down her thighs. She sat down on the bed and got them off her body.

"Anything else, sir?" she asked insouciantly.

Doris Alex reached down and grabbed my dick. She stroked me slowly, making me harden in her hand.

"Oooh!" Melisa said and bent down. She took me into her mouth and sucked hard.

I wanted to watch, but Doris Alex covered my view with her face. I looked into her green eyes, and she smiled. She dived tongue first into my mouth and I pushed up with my hips. Melisa's mouth pulled away and the air of the room felt cool against my moistened hard-on. Doris Alex deepened the kiss as Melisa put her mouth and tongue to work collecting all of the rose presence on or around my dick.

Doris Alex overwhelmed my topmost senses, but Melisa's actions cut through anyway. I felt her suck each of my testicles clean and then lick them for a couple of minutes. She licked the inside of my thighs and hips with long strokes of her tongue. She took my dick in her mouth and moved up and down my length. Doris Alex induced me to fuck her mouth with my tongue to the same beat.

I could not have held out long under the onslaught but Melisa's trigger was quicker than mine.

"God, FUCK!" she panted and Doris Alex moved away. I watched as Melisa nearly ripped her top off and straddled my hips. She grabbed my dick at the base and straightened me. She pulled her hips up and touched me to her core. She tried to fuck herself with me but was too tiny for a quick joining.

I knew she was not in the mood for slow so I reached my hands behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks. I spread them as wide as I could and held my First in place. I stroked up into her with my hips and pulled her down at the same time.

I took her fully in one stroke.

Her head dropped back,

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