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The thrill of fantasy becoming for real.

He just need some more attention and pleasure. Plus experience."

"No! It must be you who started this first!"

But she was doubting all her words. His bf smiled with love to Wayne. She struggled again, but they took her to the sofa. They tied her like a hunting prey and gagged her mouth.

"Let's make sure she didn't say any word to anyone."

These two naked men starring lustfully. It didn't matter for her knowing it was Jonathan. But her brother? Jade never even stood naked in front of him.

They unbuttoned her shirt and caressed her white skin. Her 36C boobs were covered by a lace bra. Her skirt was lifted by her bro and showing her black thong.

"You nasty bitch. You must be seducing your boss. No wonder you're so damn success."

She tried all her best to shake her head, denying Wayne's words. Her boss was a like monk. Had no more lust in woman and he's too old to get his sense back.

"Sis, I gotta confess. I came to your room every night when you still at mom's place and starred at you and masturbated at your place. I licked your pussy too. So you gotta thank me for giving you such pleasure." so it wasn't dream. Indeed she felt good and found her pussy was wet at the morning.

Jonathan unhooked her bra and Wayne took off her panty. A wet tongue licked her nipples softly. And another wet tongue was around her legs. She felt good, yet she felt ashamed. She felt like a nasty whore and disgust By this feeling.

"Open her legs, hun. You should see that your sis had an awesome pussy."

Wayne spread her legs. Her pussy was bald like a little girl's and it was red with a hard clit and fluid flooding it. She felt her cheeks blushing and shame for exposing her private area to her baby bro. Jade tried so hard never seduced her brother while they still live together. But her beauty and body however still seduced Wayne and made him doing this incest thing.

"Mmm...sis. You're pussy still as good as it was." he started to lick her labia minor and sucked her clit. His tongue filled her hole.

"Look what your lover does to me." said her brother. He was giving Wayne oral sex. His hand grab that long and big penis while the other played with his ball. Seeing this, her pussy was even wetter. It turned her on to see Jonathan with her brother. Jade never realized, gay could be this entertaining. Years ago she had proclaimed herself as a homophobic. And right now Jade saw how wrong she was.

Wayne kept on stroking Jo's shaft while he finger fucked her. A scream had gathered on the tip of her tongue, forcing the gag ball to let them free. She never seen Jo this crazy and lustful before, even it's not completely because of her. It' Wayne who made him this passionate but still Jade felt great about this. He stroke her pussy harder as Wayne licked his precum on his dickhead.

"Wayne, honey. Let me cum in your mouth." More tears ran down when Jade heard her own boyfriend called somebody else beside her as honey. And he said he never wanted to cum except inside her pussy, even when they doing oral sex, and he never masturbated. Wayne, put that 10 inches cock inside his mouth, deep throat until his tongue could reach Jo's balls. Jo's skin turned red once again, and he grabbed Jade's arms.

"Suck my cum, Wayne." Jo came so hard. His semen dropped in Wayne's mouth until he couldn't hold it and creamed his face. Jo spilled another last drop of semen on Wayne's chest. They kissed and their tongues met. Jo's tongue was used to be Jade's only, but her brother stole it from her.

"Sorry, sis." Wayne took the ball gag of her mouth, but before she could say a word, Wayne forced a kiss to her and laid above her. His hard fat penis stood proudly pushing her pussy. They kept kissing while Jo laid tired and his eyes wondering full of ecstasy while seeing his girlfriend and boyfriend French kissing, and Wayne's hands playing with her nipples and caressing her already hard and wet clit.

"Come on, put you big cock inside your sis."

Wayne grabbed his cock and played it in her pussy until he pushed it inside her.

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