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A plan of sorts was forming in my head but I wanted a bit more time to work out the various permutations before putting it to Helen. Something Helen had said earlier about getting Melissa to condemn John, I wondered if more of her own words could be turned back against her. I suggested we head back to the netball or I would miss the first game. Back out at the Range Rover Giles again opened the door for Helen while I got in the other side. Once we were on the road I filled Helen in on my possible solution.

"You want the inside dirt on John." She nodded, "if I get it for you I want something from you."

"Giles already told you we will double whatever she is giving you."

"I'm not talking about the money here, although if Melissa withdraws from her obligation I will expect you to stump up for the school fees. I want three additional things, firstly I don't want David to know that I'm...I could be the father."

"Well, of.." Helen tried to interrupt but I stopped her.

"Wait till you hear all three, condition two, Melissa's child is bought up as a Beaufort, no matter what. Number three, I want something on Melissa that means she leaves [Sal and I] (Sal and me) alone."

"Can I speak now?" Helen wasn't used to being ordered around. I nodded.

"The first two are no problem, the third one? I have no idea how I can help you."

"Well, it will most probably be Giles that helps you get it. Melissa is all sweetness and light around Sal but privately she has said some things about Sally to me that show what I think are her true feelings. I want a recording of Melissa's true thoughts about her country friend, and I'll get you what you want."

Helen was quiet, then she leant forward and tapped Giles on the shoulder.

"Can we do that Giles?" She asked the driver.

"We can only try Mrs. Beaufort but it shouldn't be too hard."

She turned back to me holding out her hand. "Looks like we have a deal."

The Range Rover stopped back in the car park at the netball centre. Giles reached over and opened the glove box. He pulled out a small box that he passed to me. I opened it and lifted out what looked like a mobile phone.

"I realized that you may not be able to secrete recording equipment on your person with no clothes on. So this is a hide in plain sight device, place it on a table close by and it will pick up any conversation in the room. Instructions are underneath, it will record for three hours so don't take too long."

"I'll let you know when I have something." I jumped out and rushed over to the courts. I missed the first half but my girls were on the sideline for the first quarter of it so I didn't miss too much.

When I got to the house Melissa's car was nowhere to be seen, so I thought we'd gotten there before her. The girls rushed inside because they knew we were having a visitor. Inside Sal was busy in the kitchen but I could hear my daughters talking excitedly in the lounge room. A quick peak in the doorway and I saw Melissa sitting on the lounge with the girls showing off their new school uniforms, bags and books.

I went back to the kitchen, walking up behind Sal I slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her back against me. Nuzzling into her neck I whispered a greeting.

"How was your day?" Sal asked, momentarily she stopped stirring the pot on the stove top, to lean back against me.

"Boring, they lost more than they won. Have I got time for a shower before dinner?"

"If you're quick." Sal untangled herself from me and returned to work on dinner.

"How did Melissa get here?" I asked innocently before I left.

"Her father dropped her off. We thought we might have a few wines so I told her you could drop her home."

At least I wouldn't have to worry about Melissa ambushing me in my home, she would have plenty of time in the car later.

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