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Have some fun in the car with him.

"I would love to play with this water toy." With a groan passing Cody's lips, she slipped to her knees in the water and engulfed his thick cock into her mouth. Red lips parted and pulled him inside her.

The warmth of her mouth, the tongue stroking along the underside of his dick, Cody moved his hips, in and out, fucking his girls face. Balling up their swimsuits he threw them up the beach landing them near their picnic gear. Cody's hands pressed to her head pushing her back and forth over his cock, he felt his balls twitch as she used her thumb to stroke from his ass to his balls. He went wild at that, with the added sensation of the water lapping at his hips it was mind blowing.

Precum began oozing out of the end of his cock as Angel worked her mouth over the cock. Pulling the foreskin forward as she sucked. Her fingers stroking and playing with his balls. Cody knew he was about to cum, his dick twitched as he felt himself explode into Angel's mouth. She stared up at him, lapping cum from his cock, swallowing the strings of milky cum in her mouth. She stood and took his hand and pulled it towards her pussy, shaved smooth Cody ran a finger over the smooth skin. Angel sighed in pleasure and inched forward edging his fingers inside her. He slipped his fingers into her pussy, two digits all the way in. His thumb gathered at her nub and began rolling it in circles. His other hand he used to support her and moved deeper into the water. As a strong swimmer he pushed himself out to where he was treading water with his legs while teasing Angel's clit. Thrusting his fingers in her, her warm juices coating them. Clenching around his fingers tightly as he teased her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and used her arms to help support them. His cock hardening as she rubbed her pussy against it. Cody held out his fingers for her to lick, tasting her sweet pussy juice and the saltiness of the water, Angel sighed and lifted her hips to allow Cody to push his dick inside her.

Mickey watched as James moved off slightly to study something else, she moved behind him, her hand ran up the inside of his leg up to his thigh, tugging his shorts down she held his cock in her hand. She knew he was smiling behind the regulator as she began to stroke his thick member, inspiration struck her as she removed her reg and suctioned her mouth around his cock.

Sucking on his dick as they floated in the water. Pulling off him, Mickey breathed quickly and looked up at Jimmy, noticing movement above him she looked further up to see a naked couple wrapped around each other about ten metres to their left. Mickey nodded up to the couple and pulled Jimmy over to position themselves beneath them. The two of them swam underneath and watched as their air bubbles moved up and around the naked couple. Jimmy and Mickey teased each other through their suits and watched the couple above them.

Angel gasped as she felt the diver's bubbles; Cody also was startled and about to withdraw. "Noooo." Cried Angel. "Feels too good." Sliding her pussy over his cock and clenching her muscles tightly. Bubbles began to explode around them; Cody had to admit it was like nothing else.

The pleasure of having his cock deep inside Angel and the bubbles tickled every part of his body. His dick felt amazing as he slid out and the air bubbles rose around it. He could tell that Angel loved it as they climbed inside her wet cunt. Moaning she pulled him hard and fast to her. Her orgasm complete as she came over his dick. Angel was a squirter and her cum surrounded him sending Cody over the edge. Streams of cum shot inside her pussy adding to the sensation.

Cody began to move towards the shore, Angel just spent against him, as he did so, and he could see to his right the two divers also emerging from the sea. One male and one very much a female walked out of the ocean. Shrugging their dive gear off Cody could make them out clearer. At hip height he stopped, waves lapping at him.

"Hey, could you toss me a towel please." He asked politely.

"Why?" smiled the

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