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"No shit!" I replied.

I knew you might not believe me, so I got out my camera and snapped a photo of her like this at university, in case doubting readers emailed me wanting to see evidence.

Tao came in class late as usual that day. I was not happy when she disturbed the other girls trying to pay attention and learn as she scrambled over them, flashing her slender legs, to reach her place and open her book at the same time. Ninety percent of Thai students are hot sexy young women, but Tao well she is a cut above the rest. With her flowing black hair, her tight slender body with wonderful curves in all the right places and eyes to die for, she is one stunning Thai porno dream.

"I'm sorry, 'Jaan," she said, flashing me a smile that sent a tingling feeling down my spine. I grunted something. I was not happy, but then all Thai people have time management issues.

Attempting to straighten her small skirt, she sat down. I saw her quickly speak to her friend, trying to catch up with the lesson so far and find her place. The students began giving me their answers: I have a cough, what can I take...or I have a toothache, where is the nearest dentist...

Picking on Tao, I said:

"Well Tao, speak up."

She looked at me and then flashed her lovely innocent smile. I immediately felt calmer.

"My problem is I am so excited," she said.

My heart stopped.

"Explain yourself, please," I said, instantly regretting my words the moment I spoke them.

"Well..." she said, licking her lips nervously while opening and closing her legs. My God! Was that a flash of bare pussy I saw there?

"My pussy is all wet. What can I do? Help me Teacher, please?"

My cock lurched forward in my pants, suddenly inflated out of semi hardness. Another fucking English lesson in Thailand... How was I supposed to teach these kids when all those slutty girls wanted to do was to fuck? As for Tao, I wanted to say:

"I have an instant 8 inch cure for you right here between my legs. Would you like me to give your tiny tight Thai pussy a doggie-treat?"

Instead, I just swallowed hard and looked at the class for help.

"I could come over and lick it for you in the break?" Volunteered Cindy, the Ladyboy, helpfully. Cindy's English was very good. She had had a lot of oral practice with Western tourists when she was not studying.

I thought my dick would break out of its pants. I could hear a couple of the girls whisper: "Sausage King"...

"No," replied Tao firmly, then staring me directly in the eyes, added: "I need a Teacher."

Her legs opened as far as the tight mini-skirt would allow, which was a couple of inches only, confirming her pantiless status and revealing Thai exotic fruit deliciously available for the eating. It was a shocking and provocative gesture that left my heart racing. There were a few giggles and a couple of the girls gave Tao mixed angry and envious stares depending on whether I had had sex with them or not yet.

"I have an itch too," ventured a second girl, scratching between her legs. She was a really cute with brown-hair.

"Your boyfriend likes boom-boom with bar girls," snapped the lesbian of the class, derisively.

This reminded me of last week's class. That one too had degenerated when I asked students what they had in their wallets and purses. This is usually a harmless way to learn new vocabulary associated with wallets and purses. One of the students, an attractive girl named Om, held out a little amulet of a girl and boy having sex. As I peered at it with dawning horror and embarrassment, realizing that I had once again been ambushed, she blurted out loudly for everyone to hear:

"Teacher, this is Teacher and Om having sex!"

She continued to hold it up high for one whole proud minute to make sure everyone in the class knew that she had been engaged in extra-curriculum activity with her teacher.

Things went downhill from there, but then that is how I ended up having sex with Tao.

Thailand was simply teaming with pussy desperate to be caught and eaten by Western men of all shapes, ages and sizes.

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