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Awaken from an amazing dream to a better reality.

The bar tender remembered a killer blond and told me the redhead was taking different guys out to the parking lot every time your friends were in there and they were getting lucky. The rest of your crew had all been to the lot at least once.

My wife said, you're kidding? I'm not going to fuck some guy just for dancing partners! I get all the loving I want right here in our bed.

I said look, I Want you to have fun. Just because you go to the parking lot doesn't mean you have to fuck anyone. Just go out there and neck with him, maybe let him feel you up. When he comes back in he will never let his buddies know he didn't get lucky. Then they will dance your socks off for another three or four weeks or just don't go out with your friends any more.

You would let me do that?

I just want you to be happy and whatever you do that makes you happy makes me happy. It's just a not so, good clean fun night right?

If you feel you still want to go it's all right with me. I do however want you to take my Ford Edge and park it in the lot. I don't want you getting in some guys car. The next Wednesday I bought a box of condoms took them out of the box and put them in the front seat back pocket. Before she went to work on Thursday I told her they were there and if she couldn't keep him off her to use our condoms not the ones that have been in some guy's wallet for months that would probably fail. I know it won't happen but, better safe then sorry. Babe you know whatever you do is ok with me. I know you love me and I, know you will always come home to me. So, have fun it's just a game. But, be safe.

I noticed she had the shot skirt on when she left and her underwear drawer told me her fanciest panties also. I went to work thinking this will be interesting. I can see the parking lot from my fourth floor loft. I saw her car when she pulled in at nine two of her friends were with her they worked in the same building she worked in.

We rented the room on the first floor for a leather and leather working supplies business. Their offices are on the second floor the third floor is vacant we sometimes hold parties there. We live on the fourth floor. We bought it before the street became trendy. We are surrounded by restaurants and clubs now. I am constantly bothered by people trying to buy it from me.

I watched television while watching the lot. The restaurant is only one story so I can see almost all of the lot. She came out with some guy and got in the car. They moved around in the front seat for about twenty minutes and went back inside. I had seen both heads until they went in so I figured he didn't get lucky.

At about two the rumble of the freight elevator woke me and told me she was home. She went right to the shower.

She woke me again when she got into bed. Baby I need you to fuck me and take the feel of him out of me. You mean he got lucky. No but, he got his finger in me and I want the feel of him out of me.

I did my duty and in four different positions. I knew I wouldn't get any thing done tomorrow. It was four AM before I got to sleep.

The next three weeks she never came out of the building and she came home happy. The fourth week she wasn't smiling. She said," they got wise to me again".

The next week she wore the short skirt again. Predictably she came out about eleven-thirty with some guy. I had bought a telescope during the week in anticipation of her response to last week's partner shortfall. It almost put me in the car with them.

This guy was very aggressive Somehow he had gotten her blouse undone and bra loosened in no time at all. He had taken her nipple in his mouth and she was trying to push his head away. Suddenly her hands dropped below the dashboard I think to stop his hand between her legs.


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