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Nick experiences some hot family lovemaking on the backseat.

It peaked at the center of her forehead and cascaded down in waves behind her back. The solid black hair reappeared on eyebrows above forest green eyes that burned and sparkled in the light of the fire. Her nose was a thin pointed affair that aligned perfectly with the point of her hair line. The center line continued down into full red lips that curved into a smile at Aaron's obvious reaction to the removal of the fur. Perhaps this is what spurred her to shake the fur from her shoulders and reveal the rest of her body.

The fur fell away from supple shoulders that formed the strong frame supporting two spectacular breasts. The fullness of which belied the perkiness of the orbs. They almost seemed to float in front of her chest rather than being attached to it. Her body was thick and soft in all of Aaron's favorite places and it made for folds at all of the joints and bends that were just aching for a touch from Aaron's tongue. This was a woman. Not the girls he'd been used to sweet talking into a haystack or barn. Her eyes spoke of years of experience and delight the likes of which couldn't be none in the short span of his years. He might actually have licked his lips.

"Are you...", she took a moment to look down at the growing disturbance between his legs then penetrated him by staring right into his eyes, "...hungry young man?"

Aaron stood and removed his shirt as he said, "Starving." A huge smile bloomed on his face as stood and stepped around the fire. She pulled the furs from around her waist and stretched out into them. Luxuriating into the furs she stared up at Aaron as he continued to remove his clothing. Her smile deepened and her gaze became more penetrating.

"Come and have your fill."

Aaron was now naked and kneeling before his new goddess. Her hands were gliding up from her hips and then stretched out above her head. Her face was a mask of expected pleasure and Aaron did not intend to fail her. He started at her feet. He took them into his hands and began to massage and stroke them. She closed her eyes at his touch and pushed her feet into his naked chest feeling at the curly thick hair of his chest. As Aaron's hands wandered down her legs he marveled at the smoothness of her skin. She had no hair or stubble to speak of; only the milky smooth skin that spread through the rest of her flesh. As his hands reached her knees his mouth had begun kissing at her toes and the soles of her feet. He began to lick instead of kiss and the purring noise from her chest made him move faster.

Soon his hands met the tiny fold in her flesh where leg meets hip. He pressed there into the joints and she cooed as her legs stretched up his body and rested one on each side of his head. The motion brought Aaron's cock to peek from between her thighs. He kissed the inside of her thighs as she reached forward and stroked at his cock. Her soft fingers felt at the shaft she could reach. Her nails then lightly scratched at the joining of head and shaft. The sensation was electrifying and Aaron almost relented and ravished her immediately, but he was having too much fun with his teasing.

'Now now my lady. I've not had my fill of your bounty yet."

He dived down between her legs and buried his mouth into her waiting moist slit.

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