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You share a lovers dream.

y? Do you know that your husband pays for sex?"

I felt two small hands cover my eyes. "Guess who?" A voice said. She was standing on the first stair, above me, her arms resting on my shoulders. I felt her breath on the back of my head.

I took a chance, "I know it isn't Huley because Petri said she doesn't live here."

Rosita laughed and Huley removed her hands from my eyes. I turned and looked up to see her dressed in a black jumpsuit showing bare shoulders and bare knees. She saw that I was looking at her hair.

"He's always tucking my hair in place so I wore this," she said to her mother while adjusting the black springy headband at the top of her head.

I looked behind me to see Rosita smile and nod. I shrugged.

"This way," Huley said, taking my hand and leading me down a hall, past the dining room on the left, past the kitchen to the rear of the house, to what was obviously their family room. Couches lined two of the walls and large swivel chairs faced the television which monopolized one wall. The rear wall of the house was glass, covered by dark draperies that were partially open to the small back yard.

"You only brought the history?" Huley said, guiding me to one of the couches. I plunked down the text and notebook on the table in front of the couch and took a seat.

"This is the only one I need help on," I said. After spending Wednesday afternoon in the library I was really caught up but I wasn't ready to admit that to Huley.

"Didn't you hear me say science was my best grade?" she seemed disappointed that I had not wanted help with the science course as she plopped down next to me. She was so damned cute. I couldn't keep my eyes off her bare shoulders and long thin arms.

"You said science and history. This is the one I brought," I said, holding up the history text.

Obviously perturbed, Huley pursed her lips in a pout and rested her arm on the back of the couch. "Where are you?"

Taking her question to mean how far we had gotten in the history course I thumbed through my notebook. "We have to do a paper on the fall of Rome," I said.

"I've got just the thing," she said, bouncing off the couch and racing toward the door where she turned to me, "take off the silly coat," she ordered and was gone.

I stood up and took off the sport coat I had worn along with slacks and a white shirt with an open neck. Having worked that day with Jimmy I was doing some stretching exercises when she returned.

"This is the best thing I found," she said, handing me a small soft-covered booklet entitled, The Fall of Rome.

Huley leaned on my arm as I thumbed through the book. There were highlighted passages and notes in the margins.

"Looks like just the thing," I said, smelling her close to me, feeling her next to me, making me senseless. Why? Why was I letting this woman affect me like this?

"You can take it, just bring it back," she said. With her left hand she opened the cover to the book and looked up at me.

"Is that your phone number?" I asked, turning my head back to her eyes. Next to her name at the upper corner of the inside cover a phone number appeared.

She nodded.

"Shall we get it out of the way?" I asked.

"Get what out of the way?"

"Our first kiss," I said, thinking how cleaver the question had seemed, to me.

There was a hint of a smile on her lips. Was she amused at my blunt question? Or its absurdity?

It became apparent the she was not going answer but she was still watching me, her head tilted, facing me and her eyes on mine.

I leaned down and kissed her right shoulder, the smooth tight skin felt warm against my lips. Huley pulled away and laughed. "Is that our first kiss?" she said. She was sitting a foot away from me now, facing me. The laugh had turned to a wide grin, disbelieving what she had witnessed.

I placed my arm on the back of the couch, above her head. "I've wanted to do that ever since I saw what you were wearing," I disclosed, searching her eyes for understanding.

"Don't do that," she barely whispered.

I did not move my hand.

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