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He arrives unexpectedly to find her with another.

"I just wanna see what you've been hiding from me all these years!" She said, with a warm smile that only made Willow even more confused.

With that, she pulled the towel off, and let it drop to the floor. Now red in the face, Willow looked down, somewhat ashamed.

"Wow," Rosie breathed. "I have genuinely never seen a nicer set of tits than those before. Please tell me they're real!"

"They're real..." Willow muttered.

"Seriously, how could you keep them hidden away for so long? No, really? Why do you wear those stupid sweaters that just cover them up?"

"I... uh... I..."

"Can't speak?" Rosie finished, teasingly.

"Look... Rosie..." Willow was desperately trying to find the right words. "I'm flattered. But why are you doing this?"

Rosie almost burst out laughing.

"You seriously haven't worked it out, yet? I know you Aspies can't really pick up on things like subtle hints and clues, but I don't really know how much clearer I could've spelled it out for you!"

And, with little warning, Rosie pulled Willow close and kissed her. It was a long, lingering kiss with only a little tongue, far more tender than any of the aggressive snogs she had had previously with guys. And she followed it up by kissing and nuzzling at her neck, her arms wrapped tightly around her.

Then, just as suddenly, she released her from her grasp, and stepped back.

Willow just stared at her, her hand subconsciously going up to touch her lips. "You... you... kissed me?" She said.



"Because I like you."

"You like me? As in, you LIKE me?"


"But I thought you liked boys!"

Rosie smiled. "Oh, I do. I certainly don't mind a nice cock every now and again. But truth be told, I much prefer girls!"

"But... me?"

"For the love of God, yes!" There was a hint of impatience in her voice. But it quickly softened by the bashful expression on Willow's face. She looked overwhelmed by this disclosure. So she reached into her duffel bag and rummaged around for a minute or so, eventually finding what she had been looking for.

Willow's clothes.

"You get dressed," she said. "If my watch is correct, you've already missed your bus home. So you'll just have to catch a ride with me."

Despite her relief at seeing her clothes again, Willow still couldn't help but feel somewhat apprehensive.

"You... You'll take me home?" She asked.

"Yes," Rosie said. Then she took Willow by the shoulders and looked deeply into her eyes, ignoring the obvious discomfort this caused her (since she HATED eye contact). "Listen, you have a choice. If this has completely freaked you out, or you don't feel the same way, I'm really sorry. I'll take you home right now. And I promise I'll make sure no-one ever hurts you at this school again..." Her voice began to break. "Or... you could come home with me. My Mum's away on business, so the house will be empty. You can give me your answer when you're dressed."

With that, she turned, opened the stall, and stepped out.

Shaking, Willow began to dress. As she did so, her mind was racing. This was all very new for her. The mere fact that someone would develop feelings for her was alien enough a thought, but the fact that it was the bully who had made her life hell for so long was something else. And she just couldn't shake the feeling that this was another prank. An attempt to lead her into a trap.

But not just that, she was also finding it hard to work through her reaction to it on a sexual level.

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