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Winter Camping Part 1.


She smiled at Dr. Ward and said, "Yes it is very good, I will have to be sure not to drink too much of it, or you two may take advantage of me." She turned and smiled knowingly at Dr. Dulcet.

Dr. Dulcet gently tugged on CJ's thigh, hinting for her to open her legs. As her legs parted, she felt his hand casually slid higher onto her bare thigh. Her knee brushed against Dr. Ward's leg. She quickly pulled her leg away, but felt Dr. Ward's hand as he laid it on her leg and lightly pulled as his hand slide slowly up as he casually caressed her thigh. She felt his hand move above her stockings and her legs opened slightly as she felt his hand on her bare thigh.

CJ closed her eyes and quietly moaned as they pulled her legs open and lightly caressed her thighs. Slowly their hands moved up her legs, her skirt pushed higher exposing her black lace panties.

CJ lightly gasped as she felt Dr. Dulcet's hand slide over her panties and his fingers slipped between her legs. CJ sipped her wine and looked around to see if anyone noticed the men as they fondled her, the table clothe hung low and hid their hands as they caressed her.

The men casually chatted as Dr. Dulcet hooked a finger in CJ's panties and pulled them aside, her breathing quickened and she softly whimpered as she felt Dr. Ward's finger as they slid through the short trimmed hair covering her pussy, her whimper barely heard as Dr. Ward started to slide his finger between her wet lips.

CJ grabbed his hand and gently held it as she looked into Dr. Dulcet's eyes. Dr. Dulcet togged on her thigh and as her legs slowly opened, she bit her lip and she quietly moaned as Dr. Ward's finger slowly slipped inside her aroused pussy and started to move slowly in and out.

She felt Dr. Ward slip another finger inside her and she closed her eyes and leaned back in the booth, her hips gently rocked as she felt her orgasm build. She held his hand and lightly rocked her hips, panting through her lips as she tried to be quiet, and then she closed her eyes and gently bit her lip as she experienced an unexpected orgasm, her hips raised and Dr. Ward slide his fingers deeper and slowly fucked her with his fingers. She quietly moaned and shivered as her orgasm gently shook her and then finally slowly subsided, and she softly moaned her approval as she felt Dr. Ward's finger slip from her.

The waiter startled CJ as he said, "Perfect timing." She opened her eyes just as he set her plate in front of her. CJ blushed and tried to pull her skirt down as the waiter smiled knowingly at her.

Dr. Ward dipped his fingers in his water and dried them on his clothe napkin; the waiter picked up the water and told Dr Ward, "I will bring you some fresh water", and knowingly smiled at Dr. Ward as he turned to walk away. CJ was embarrassed the waiter had witnessed her orgasm and tried not to make eye contact when he returned with fresh water.

The incident was not mentioned for the rest of the dinner and nothing further happened as they finished their meal. CJ ate quietly as the two doctors talked about business as if nothing had happened.

Dr. Dulcet had made reservations at the Taboo Lounge in the hotel for an after dinner drink. The Lounge was dark with videos of couples provocatively dancing played on wide screens along the walls, a DJ played music as people danced on a small dance floor surrounded by tall tables.
They were seated at a high top table and CJ's skirt slid up showing her stocking tops. The two doctors stood on either side of her as they sipped their wine. It was hard to talk with the loud music and the doctors stood closer to CJ.

Dr. Ward asked CJ to dance and he smiled as he watched her skirt slide up as she slid off the high stool revealing her black panties narrowing to a tiny string as they disappeared between her white thighs,. The music was loud with a fast beat. As they danced he leaned forward and asked how she liked her dinner.

She smiled and blushed as she answered, "The food was very good."

He knowingly smiled and

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