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Mavis fills up a gap in her life.

His daughter's anus was a muskily fragrant fruit. Then she came! Oozing her thick juices all over her his face.

Tom Crafton came with her, his seed pumping wetly into his underwear. As reason replaced lust in his mind, he stumbled back. He could not believe what he just did. He licked and ate his daughter's ass to orgasm.

He watched bug eyed as she turned, smiling, and sat on the stairs just above him. Her dripping wet pussy was at eye level. Like a snake reacting to the flute of the charmer, he wove slightly. He leaned back against the railing to support himself. The room swam in front of him. How much of that damn ice tea have I drank?

He was dimly aware that Caitlin's smiling face was getting lower as she moved down the stairs. He weakly tried to stop her when she unzipped his pants. He tried to grab her hand when she reached in his jockeys.

He watched as she pulled her cum covered hand from his shorts. Her fingers shone with the wetness of his jizz. She held her hand up between them. She turned her back and forth, inspecting her prize. Then she licked her fingers, her tongue flicking out like a cat lapping a saucer of milk.

Tom's cock grew rigid again. He obediently opened his mouth as she pressed her fingers against it. He sucked his juices from her finger.

Except for Tom's heavy breathing and Caitlin's soft cooing, they had not made a sound. Then she retrieved his cock. He could only moan as she inhaled his cock and began to bob back and forth.

"Aww fuck! FUUUUCCCKKK! Suck it, baby! Suck daddy's cock!"

Tom gripped her head, pumping his cock in and out of his daughter's mouth. She was incredible. The way her tongue caressed his cock rivaled anything Allen ever did. Lust quickly overcame guilt.

Caitlin could feel the large vein under her father's cock begin to swell as his orgasm again approached. She knew he was too excited to last long but there would be other times. She knew that! The first spurt filled her mouth. She swallowed, waiting for the next. Two more times her father squirted his seed into her mouth before he released her head and grabbed the railing.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Caitlin I'm so sorry! I don't know what happened!"

Caitlin exaggerated wiping his come from her mouth. She smiled innocently up at her father. She decided to misinterpret intentionally what he said.

"Don't worry daddy! You'll last longer next time!"

"No, no, no! That's not what I meant!" Tom began backing down the stairs. "I'd better go!"

"By the way, daddy. The reason I asked you by was to tell you I'm divorcing Johnny."

Tom Crafton was fumbling with his zipper, trying to close his pants. He looked at his smiling daughter and opened his mouth to protest. Then thought better of it, nodded his head and beat a hasty retreat.

Chapter 4

Wanda Prendergast lay awake in her bed staring at the ceiling. Next to her, her husband snored loudly. Her cotton nightgown was soaked in sweat, despite the relatively cool of the evening. All night, she had been having erotic dreams about Christian. It was a week since she first saw him playing with little Gabby.

She threw the light blanket off her. Her gown was bunched under her and barely covered her neatly trimmed bush. She used one hand to ruffle her matted thatch. She squirmed as one finger brushed her engorged clit. She let that finger slide lightly over that sensitive nub. A tremor shook her body. That finger slide down through her moist slit. Her index finger slipped between her swelling folds. Involuntarily, she took a sharp breath. Her eyes quickly shot to her sleeping husband.

Even her fingers no longer gave her that temporary surcease that they used to give her.

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