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He goes in search of a person of title.

"Not here.... let's go up stairs..."

She pulled away but took his large hand in hers and led him up the wooden stairs. As he followed her lead up the stairs, he admired the beauty before him and thoughts of Adam and the police were miles away.

She started to lead him into her bedroom, which was really their bedroom, so she stopped and closed that door and led him down the hall to the other bedroom. The bed was a bit smaller but at least she wouldn't be reminded. Charlie kicked off his shoes, Edith began slowly unbuttoning his shirt. She told herself that she wasn't going to let Joe deny her the passions that he selfishly took with him nine months ago. With his buttons undone and the tail out she pushed the white linen shirt off his wide shoulders.

There was a fine thin layer of baby hair in the center of his chest trailing all the way down into his pants. He held her head as she gently kissed his nipple and then he shuddered as she gently bit into that small tight nub.

While her mouth and lips made love to his nipples, her hands slid down and pulled open his belt and then opened his pants. Her hand reached inside and she gasped loudly as her fingers discovered just how unequal Charlie was. With her fingers not nearly long enough to reach around what was now sticking out of his boxers, she looked up at him with just a bit of fear in her wide, but lust filled eyes.

It wasn't the first time Charlie's ten inches of throbbing passion had scared a woman. Sometimes part of him wished he was more like other men, but he had learned that while they may be initially frightened, they all want to at least try it on for size.

"Its ok baby.... we'll go slow...", he cooed in her ear, " just gotta trust me on this one baby. It may look too big, but I promise to go real slow and easy".

She took a deep breath and looked down as she and pushed his boxers and then and his pants off his hips and into a pile around his ankles. She couldn't believe her eyes. Men just weren't supposed to be this big. Her brother wasn't and neither was Joe. But what wasn't supposed to be possible, was now hard and throbbing in her hand.

Slowly she sank to her knees and gave Charlie's inequality one last look before she leaned in and began kissing it. She marveled how soft the skin was but how hard the rest of it was in her hand. The top of the crown was sticking out of its hood and she ran her tongue around the fat bulbous knob before pulling the skin back revealing his fat, almost purple head. Her tongue darted out and licked it wet. It wasn't quite as hard as the rest of it and she couldn't resist the temptation to very very gently and teasingly bite into his fat juicy plumb.

Charlie inhaled very sharply at the sharp intrusion into his sensitive knob, "AHHH...easy baby!"

Edith giggled softly and resumed licking his fat crown. She had never had a cock besides Joe's in her mouth, but being attached to a man, she was pretty sure it would respond similarly, so she began running her tongue around and around the edge of his crown while her eight fingers and two thumbs were now wrapped, as best they could anyway, around the long hard shaft stroking him.

Charlie stood there, mesmerized by the site below him watching her lips and tongue make love to his hard cock. Damn, she really was very pretty ,with soft brown hair, big brown soulful eyes. As he watched her, he soon realized that if you took away those fancy dresses and makeup...those showgirls really didn't hold a candle.

After licking and kissing every square inch of his cock she looked up into Charlie's lust glazed eyes as she opened her mouth wide...very wide, and took him inside. Just the head seemed to fill her mouth. It was hot too. Hotter than her own tongue which she curled up to massage the sensitive underside of his plum. His moans gave her confidence in her skills of delivering pleasure.

She knew she could never get all of him in, but she

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