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Jane and Charlie take the next step.

I could then get the key from the night stand and unlock the padlock, remove the wrist cuffs, and sit up.

The next problem was how to turn the stallion and vibrator on. In my fantasy I was helpless like the girls on the slave girl site when they were activated, a half hour apart. I bought a couple of power strips, the kind with switches. Again some experimentation: I could plug both into an outlet behind the bed then lay them on the mattress near the top, where I could reach them with my bound hands.

I tried this using a couple of lamps plugged into the strips. I bound my hands, again using the turnbuckle and unsnapped lock. If I was careful I could turn the strips on one at a time, and then push each off the mattress. They'd fall to the floor behind the bed where I couldn't reach them if my hands were bound.

I finally worked up the nerve to do a "dry run". I arranged a Saturday lunch and shopping date with a girlfriend; we agreed she'd pick me up at my house at noon.

That morning I showered and brushed my teeth, then had my usual yogurt cup breakfast, then puttered around for a bit. Finally tired of stalling I wrote, "Door open, come on in" on a post-it note and stuck it to the outside of my front door. I made certain the door was unlocked.

Heart pounding I took my robe off. Dressed only in bra and panties I removed my new toys from the nightstand drawer and began to set everything up.

I attached the ropes for the thigh and ankle cuffs to the sides of the bed. I'd finally given in and drilled small holes in the wooden rail around the bottom of the bed just for this. The holes weren't noticeable; they were normally covered by the sham anyway. I carefully threaded the rope ends through the holes and tied them, leaving the free ends on the bed. Pushing the draws with my thumb I let the ropes out to their full length one at a time.

Next I rigged up the lamps and the power strips, placing the strips at the head of the bed on the mattress where I could reach them. I strapped the thigh, ankle, and wrist cuffs to myself. Checked the turnbuckle; it was fully compressed, one end still locked to the eyebolt behind the headboard.
I clipped the ankle and thigh ropes in place. I drew the thigh ropes first, hard - as hard as I could, pulling my legs obscenely wide apart. I repeated with the ankle cuffs. A bit of wriggling to test it - yep, I could move about an inch in any direction, no more.

I then hooked my wrist cuffs together. Checking the nightstand I retrieved the brass padlock, unlocked it, and laid the key on the nightstand. I grabbed the ball gag from the nightstand, opened my mouth wide, put it in, and placed the retaining strap behind my head. I lay back quickly, lined the ring on the wrist cuffs with the turnbuckle ring, and then threaded the padlock through it.

Only one step left. My heart was pounding so hard now I imagined it was raising me off the mattress! If I couldn't free myself I reasoned my girlfriend would be here in an hour and a half; she'd see the note on the door, come in, and find me bound and gagged. She could then release me using the key on the nightstand. I'd have some explaining to do - I'd already decided to confess to her if I had to, tell her about my fantasy.

But hopefully that wouldn't be necessary.

I fingered the lock for a minute; its cold metal felt hard, unyielding. I took a deep breath, then closed the hasp. It snapped in place; the loud "click" seemed to seal my fate.

First some exploration: lets see if I can get loose without unscrewing the turnbuckle. I glanced over at the clock: 11:05 AM. Less than an hour before Beth would be here. Should be time enough. I flipped the switches on the power strips; both lights came on. I slid them off the mattress onto the floor. Sure enough I couldn't reach them.

I pulled and wriggled and strained with all my might against the restraints, trying to pull free.

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