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She spanks her son's bottom in a 1984 fantasy world.

I went through another door that opened into a wide hallway; a bright, plush red rug ran the length, deep walnut paneling reached up to an immaculately decorated ceiling, old artwork hung on the walls and various antiques dotted the length. From there, it was easy to follow Lily's path-there was blood splattered everywhere, brain matter on the walls and still smoldering piles of ash which I could only guess were once vampires.

I tried to breathe slow, keeping myself calm. She said that younger vampires weren't much faster than wolves-though I doubted that I saw the true speed of a wolf, they seemed to move marginally faster than humans which meant that if I saw them first and had the element of surprise, I might have one shot. One shot before I died.

I peeked around a corner, checking to see if there was any movement before I eased around and quickly followed her path of destruction. I repeated this several times, knowing that I would never be able to find my way back if someone cleaned away the ashen trail of bread crumbs. Finally, I saw a large door open at the end of whatever numbered hallway I was in. I heard shouting and as quietly as I could, rushed forward, barely peeking to see what was happening.

Lily was on her knees, her hands in the air near her shoulders. There was a gun pressed to the back of her head. She looked pissed. I didn't hesitate; I stepped out and fired two quick shots, aiming at the last second for the head of the man holding the gun. I knew instantly that I had killed him; the gun fell from his hand and before it hit the ground his body burst into flames.

She moved faster than I could even comprehend, lunging forward. I barely saw the man standing in front of her, it never occurring to me that there was another one. Their bodies were a blur as they rolled around on the floor, growling and hissing like two stray cats fighting to the death. I stepped further in, keeping my back to the wall so that no one could surprise me from behind. I was able to distinguish Lily for a brief second when she was sliding back from the blur, her body crashed into mine and knocked me to the ground. As her assailant stalked forward towards us, she instinctively shielded my body with hers. His form became clear when he stopped a yard away. He was dressed immaculately, a mash of centuries of fashion-dark grey trousers, a lighter grey waist coat, a crisp white shirt under a cream colored vest adorned with a red cravat to match his red shoes. Only when I glanced up at his face-his pale white skin, haunting red eyes, his black hair was slicked back on the sides with the ample curls on top pouring forwards to cover his left eyebrow-did his freakishly familiar appearance resonate: he was Lily's twin.

There was a slightly amused smirk on his lush red lips, "Really, Lily? I'll admit, though characteristically foolish of you to come at me alone, bringing a human along as back up-well, it is a pleasant twist, even if it was futile." His charming, offhanded, thick British accent was even reminiscent of Lily's. He looked me over, his expression never wavering, instead he slipped his hands in his pants pockets, casually standing over us, "Let's call it a draw. Again. Maybe we do it in another hundred years?"

My heart was racing; I was scared shitless but I managed to peel my eyes off of Lucas and down to Lily. She had been completely disarmed, either using all her weapons before she arrived or losing them shortly after. I glanced at her right thigh; the impossibly black gun was still there, its sheen so matted it seemed to blend right into her pants. They had missed one.

In a flash, she was gone; all I felt was the wind ripping forward from her displacement. When I blinked, she had Lucas pinned to the ground on his stomach, wrinkling his expensive suit. The gun was in her hand, the barrel pressed into his back where he couldn't reach if they struggled.

He made an effort to sigh and looked bored, "You will not believe how much I paid for this suit, sister.

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