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A married couple with a mildly surprising friend.

I was defeated. She had crushed my spirit one more time.

She quickly added, "You have nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, dear...all I want is for you to be happy...I am praying you find a partner who knows what a boy like you needs and wants."

The sound of a car horn woke me from my nightmare. In the rearview mirror I saw Danny's ten-year old Lincoln Town Car come to a stop behind me.

I climbed out of my car then locked it, and walked back to Danny's passenger door. I didn't know what to expect from him. I thanked him the moment I opened the door.

When I was buckled-in, I looked and saw a slight smile on his face. It wasn't the usual smug smile or smirk; he appeared genuinely concerned he could help.

"I've already called my friend Jack-he owns an auto repair business...a tow truck is on the way and he'll take the car and when Jack finds out what's wrong he'll give me a call."

I thanked him again and the ride home was spent in pleasant conversation. Danny put me at ease and even had me laughing by the time we arrived at the apartment building.

The next day after work, Danny invited me to his place for dinner. I was still leery and skeptical of him, but again, we engaged in spirited conversation. We drank three glasses of wine before we ate and I became relaxed.

He told me that Jack said my alternator went out, and suggested I buy a new battery, as well. Knowing nothing about cars, I nodded my head in agreement and smiled with appreciation.

I described to him my journeys to and from work on the city bus. I called it "my bus rides from hell."

What used to be a 26-minute drive, was now an hour-and-half. A harrowing ordeal on a packed city bus thru the worst section of town with people who frightened the heck out of me.

I tried to keep my story light-hearted and humorous, and I did get him to laugh a couple times, but I knew he sensed my anxiety.

During dinner he told me stories of his youth. I'd never really known how old he was, I guessed he was in his forties, but the references he made of the past caused me to think him being closer to fifty than forty.

I began seeing Danny in a new light. He made me feel relaxed; his sarcasm and caustic remarks were gone. He was actually funny, and intelligent. He could also be quite charming. I really liked the 'new' Danny.

Close to the end of the meal there was a lull in the conversation and I suddenly blurted out, "Did Jack say how much the repairs were going to cost?"

After Danny swallowed a mouthful of food he said matter-of-factly, "A little over six-hundred dollars...there are some belts and hoses he thinks should be replaced, too."

The hair on the back of my neck stood straight and in my mind I shouted HOLY CRAP!!

I'm sure he saw the shock in my eyes because he immediately asked, "Is that going to be a problem for your bank account?"

I was working as a stockboy at Dullard's Department Store and was earning pennies more than minimum wage and by the time I paid the monthly bills, I had little money left over for anything else.

"Uh, I-uh...I don't have a bank account-I'm kinda living from paycheck-to-paycheck," I mumbled.

"Well," he said, slowly shaking his head. "Jack is one helluva mechanic, but he's a total asshole when it comes time for him to get paid for his work...he won't release a vehicle to the owner until he gets the money for it."

A cloudy mist settled in my eyes. I turned my head so Danny wouldn't notice. There was no way I could pay six-hundred dollars in cash to get my car back.

He immediately understood my dilemma.

"Johnny, how does this sound to you?" he said. "I will pay for the repairs and you and I will work-out a payment plan!"

"That would be great!" I almost shouted. "What kind of payment plan do you have in mind?"

A smile crossed his lips as he rose from the table and said, "Why don't you do the dinner dishes and clean-up the kitchen first...then we'll discuss it."

I didn't think anything of it.

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