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The cork pops off the champagne and the party begins.

or a statement?"



Deina whipped her little beetle bug into a parking space, cut off the car, and got out, grabbing her stuff on the way. She made no eye contact with him didn't even wait for him to get out of her car, while waking toward school. He knew Deina well enough to know that she was pissed; she always avoided eye contact when she was pissed off. Once, when they were twelve, she looked him in the eye when they were having a fight and he had ended up with a broken arm and several bruises to the mid-section. But they were older now and he easily out weighed and was much stronger, besides he loved ruffling her feathers. She was cute when she got mad. Her cheeks got rosy, her already dark brown eyes got darker, and she bit her very full plump bottom lip.


"I don't want to go on a date with you. Now if you would like to help my little sister and I bake cookies for her school on Thursday you are welcome to come by."

"I'll take what I can get." He stated with a smirk.

"I don't know what you're up to David but I am not going to be some pawn in your little game."

"Don't worry Deina." You're no pawn sweetheart you are the prize.


Deina was pissed, not angry but utterly pissed off at one David Corella. All day long he was touching her in slight subtle ways. Not blatantly sexual touches but slow delicate touches that made her jumpy all day long. She was very attracted to David they had been friends for years and she watched him go from cute to sexy throughout the years. She knew the attraction wasn't shared because David dated more girls then a Macy's one day sale could attract. It was never a really big deal because as long as the temptation wasn't reciprocated then she felt she was safe in denying her interest. But now with his forward behavior it was driving her insane.

While she was talking with a group of their mutual friends he had come up behind her without warning and wrapped his arm around her waist. Everyone acted as if it were normal, while the contact his hand was making with her body was burning her through her clothes. It was the beginning of November, cold as hell yet she felt like a furnace from his simple touch but yet she craved that he would touch her even more. When he started to move his hand up and down her back that's when she almost jumped out of her skin. Chills were running up and down her body, from head to toe. Everyone looked at her as if she was out of her mind. David knew though, he had Deina acting like a scared kitten. Making up some excuse about being late she ran away from her friends and David, hoping she could dodge David for the rest of the day. He watched with a grin at heer retreating form.

For most of the day dodging David was successful.

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