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A transvestite's date turns rough.

The warm sun felt good and it was so peaceful there alone.

But as he said all good things end too soon. We could see and hear a jacked up four wheeler headed our way down the entrance road. I grabbed my blouse but Denny told me it's most likely a couple of young boys who will just drive by to go down one of those trails. I thought It will be fun to give them a quick look. I did pull my skirt down at least to my crotch, which was as far as it would go. I was sitting on the table mostly on my bare butt.

Denny has been wrong before. The truck pulled up next to our truck and a guy in his 60's got out. He said he just had to stop to get a better look at those big titties. I like it when men say things like that so I didn't bother to put my top on.

We found out he was 61 and sex crazy like most old guys around here. Compared to many he is clean and medium built. We talked about boobs and nature. He offered to take us down the trail in his truck to see a nice view of the Gulf. We explained that we couldn't get into that tall truck because of our weak legs.

Fred, Denny call him, moved his truck right next to the table where we sat. Fred helped me to stand on the table and just step into his truck. I don't think it was by accident. Fred put his arms around my waist to steady me but his hands ended up on the lower part of boobs. He apologized while I just smiled, saying that's okay.

Denny grabbed my blouse but Fred told us we don't need it. Denny tossed it in our truck and locked it up then climbed in beside me. I'm sure by then Fred could tell I wasn't wearing panties. It didn't help that as I slid across the bench seat so Denny could get in that my skirt slipped up above my butt.

The truck had a floor shifter so I kept my feet and legs on the right side of it near Denny's. With those big tires and rough ride along that bumpy sand lane my boobs were bouncing all over and Fred was watching me more than the road.

I didn't plan on getting out of Fred's truck but he insisted after he parked. He told me I couldn't get any sun on my tits while in the truck. Him and Denny helped me down. I remember only one step part way down the side of the truck and a long way to the ground.

Even Denny had trouble getting out. I wasn't very graceful or ladylike. First I tried to just slip down front ward but was afraid when I put my foot on the step I'd fall.

Fred was staring. Denny made sure he mentioned my pussy was in full view and spread wide, juicy, and showing pink. Remember, it was freshly fucked by three young boys. I'm sure it still had cum in it even though I'd tried to clean up at the motel. Fred told us he was enjoying this view and tried to guide me down.

I turned and backed out as Fred put my foot on the step. Denny later told me Fred's face was within inches of my spread bare pussy as he also helped hold me and helped me down. At the time all I was worried about was falling.

Several times Fred made it clear that he noticed I wasn't wearing panties. I'm not sure what he said but he told me he likes a nice smooth shaved pussy. By then he had his hands all over my boobs and butt. His excuse was he was trying to keep me from falling on my butt. I was still worried about falling, not even thinking about being felt up.

Denny and I both thanked Fred for the help. I guess Fred took this as an okay to fondle me because he kept playing with my boob as we slowly walked closer to the water.

I have no idea how far my skirt was up then but felt Fred's hand slip up under the back of it and begin rubbing my butt cheeks. I guess I let out a moan or jumped because he asked if he should stop. I was climaxing repeatedly again so I told Fred it was fine with me and Denny if he played around.

About then I spotted a very large alligator near the edge of the water and stepped back. I quickly went back closer to Fred's truck. Denny and Fred stood next to me as Denny started playing with one of my tits.

Fred asked Denny if it was okay to still be messing w

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