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Azizah and Azman draw another into their play.


"What? Are you suggesting one of us should have sex with you?" demanded Kat.

"Hey, come on, let's be realistic here," I said. "You know perfectly well that Marie is Jimmy's sister. I wouldn't dream of suggesting that she have sex with me. At least, not while I'm in his house."

Marie had an odd look, satisfied that I wasn't coming on to her right then and irritated for the same reason. I winked at her and looked at Kat, smiling benignly.

"You're saying you want me to have sex with you?" Kat said, sounding offended.

"Think of it as deep research," I suggested.

"You have to be kidding."


"OK? That's all you're saying? You're not going to try to insist?"

"Well, I'd love to insist but there's Marie standing right there. She'd probably object if I just pushed you to the floor and hoisted your feet into the air. Um, wouldn't you?" I asked, turning to Marie.

"Ah, probably," she agreed. "There again, it might be an interesting experience. I've never seen someone get screwed before."

Kat now gave both of us nasty looks.

"Still, I can't help wondering what Jimmy's reaction will be when I tell him you whipped down Marie's panties and showed all."

"What? You wouldn't," Marie said in a half shriek.

"Well, you have to admit that the pair of you have been teasing me," I pointed out. "Still are," I said, looking pointedly at a couple of pussies still on display. Do girls forget things like that when more than one of them are flashing or were they doing it deliberately?

It appeared that Marie had forgotten. Looking down she gave another half shriek and hastily started straightening her clothes. Kat, on the other hand, was too busy glaring at me to worry about what she was showing.

"Do you mean that you'll deliberately try to get me in trouble with Jimmy?" she demanded.

"Not me," I said easily. "My lips are sealed. Not a word on this subject will pass them. Tear my fingernails out with red-hot pliers and still I will refuse to speak."

"Don't tempt me," snarked Kat, relaxing a little.

"Besides, why would I want to get you into trouble when you've decided you will have sex with me after you've made me sweat a bit longer?"

"I've done no such thing," Kat flatly stated. "What on earth gives you the impression that I'd want to have sex with you."

The denigration she built into that last word was magnificent. I was left in no doubt that I wasn't even in the last man in the world scenario. I smiled and took a step closer to her.

"Um, possibly because you're continuing to flaunt yourself," I murmured, my hand closing over her mound again. Skin to skin on her mound this time, with no silly clothes in the way.

I'm sure Kat would have hastily backed away again but found herself constrained, notably by the fact that the coffee table was behind her, bumping against her legs. It's hard to back away through a solid object. She was reduced to spluttering and telling me to get my hands off.

I did, backing away a little to give her room. To be honest, I knew damn well that Kat had had no intentions of having sex with me. I was also fairly certain that Kat knew that I knew it. Marie? She was probably confused, not knowing if Kat had intended to succumb to my charms or not. (Marie also had no intentions of succumbing herself. At least, not at home with a witness. Taking her out might prove interesting.)

Given the above, Kat was now wondering what it would be like to have sex with me. Marie standing there watching was an added incentive to her. She was definitely a bit of a grand-stander. The big question was how to push her over the edge.

"Um, Kat, you wouldn't really have sex with Brandon, would you? I mean, not right now, with me here?" Marie sounded a little concerned. Or was that a little excited.

"I will if I want to," was Kat's defiant answer.

"Ah, do I get a say in this?" I asked. "I mean, seeing we're talking about my body and all."

Both girls looked at and then their eyes drifted down to my erection. They both started sniggering.

"Um, Brandon, we know what your vote is going

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