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Natalya and Nikki get it on.

Candice's heart lifted ever so slightly at the thought of being admired.

"Just give me my jacket back Bill. I'm leaving."

"Not so fast. You came here in this get-up for a reason didn't you?" She nodded. "You're trying to put the spice back in our relationship right?" he scoffed. Her face turned red.

"I'm trying." She muttered under her breath.

"If you really wanna' show me how wild you can be you'll take off your bra and show my friends your tits." Candice looked up at him with contempt.

"Are you serious?"

"Either do it or leave."

Candice hesitantly took off her bra revealing her voluminous breasts. The three men on the couch began to holler flattering obscenities. Unexpectedly she noticed herself being turned-on by this attention. Bill snatched her bra from her hand and tossed it on the floor.

"Now turn around and pick it up." He ordered.

She did so, arousing the men even more. When she handed the garment back to Bill he repeated the action making her bend over again. "This time stay that way." She remained in a fully bent position while everyone stared. "Pull your panties aside and show us your cunt." She did as she was told. "Play with it." She followed instructions and found herself to be soaking wet. This was the most excited she'd ever been.

"Bill, be a good pal and make her sit on my lap." said Frank.

"You heard him. Get over there."

She pranced across the room and sat down on Frank's lap. "Feel free to help yourselves." Jim graciously offered. She got a pit in her stomach and a lump in her throat. She felt conflicted. On one hand the fact that her boyfriend was willing to share her with these perverts was deeply hurtful and offensive; on the other hand... this was hot. Frank wasted no time taking Bill up on his invitation. He began fondling between her legs. On either side of Frank sat Jim and Eric. Each took a nipple into his mouth and began sucking so hard she imagined a breast pump would have nothing on them. Jim sat in the recliner and started stroking his cock while he watched his buddies toy with his girlfriend. "Somebody eat her out."

"Dibs!" called Eric. He got on his knees in front of her. Frank forced her legs open and Eric buried his face in her pussy. She moaned with delight. Frank licked her neck and sucked her earlobe. Jim pulled out his dick and put her hand on it. She squeezed and stroked it fast. He let out a grunt.

"Baby, get on your knees and let Eric fuck you while you suck Frank's dick." Without a word she got into position and did as she was told. Eric slipped his cock into Candice's shaved wet pussy. She hummed with enjoyment while she deep-throated Frank. Jim placed her hand around his member and motioned for her to jerk him off. She did.

"Fuck this, there's room for me in her mouth too." Jim said.

"Hell no, I don't want your dick touching mine." protested Frank.

"Stop being a bitch and share." Bill demanded.

"Alright, alright!" Both men rose and pushed their cocks into her mouth. She gagged and drooled at first but she quickly adjusted and liked having her mouth bombarded by two men. Eric continued fucking her until he pulled out and came all over her ass. The warm wetness titillated Candice.

"Wipe that shit off. It's my turn." Frank got behind her and waited for Eric to clean up his mess. He wiped the cum off with his hand, and then wiped his hand on her hair. He plopped back down on the couch and resumed his video game.

Being the biggest of all the men, Frank's penis did the most damage when he shoved it in. She squealed and pulled away from him. "Get back here slut." He pulled her back onto his dick and pounded her cunt relentlessly. She could feel her flesh stretching around his thick cock. It started to burn and ache. Although the pain was erotic she couldn't wait for him to finish. She focused on giving Jim head without dragging her teeth. Eventually Frank finally stroked himself off on her clit. Her pussy was bright red and tender.

Shoving Frank aside Jim entered Candice.

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