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How I am I supposed to breath with no air?

Everywhere. Even on the washing machine.

The phone rings and my mind comes back to work. But work isn't where I want to be today.

I take a message. I click onto Literotica and read a couple of stories. As I'm reading I answer a couple of calls.

Reading and thinking about the things we did on the weekend makes my pussie tingle. I pull up my skirt and pull my panties aside. My fingers go to work with the sweet juices already forming on my lips.

But, I'm not thinking of her anymore. I'm thinking of my boyfriend who's been away for a month.

He'll be returning to my apartment today while I'm at work.

As my fingers play with my clit, I'm imagining how his tongue will feel on this very spot tonight. I moan softly thinking that tonight, I'll be able to make the fantasy that's been in my head for weeks come to life.

I moan again thinking how he'll make me cum with his tongue. Mmmm, for sure, better than I'm about to cum now.

Just then, the phone rings again. It's my boss. I'm panting a little. He asks if I'm ok. Says I sound funny. I tell him everything is fine and no, we are not busy at all. He thanks me for coming in and tells me to turn on the answering machine and take the rest of the day off.

I hang up, turn on the answering machine, flick the switch so the lift won't open on this floor and totally make myself cum. Just as I'm pulling myself together and catching my breath, the other two people that were in come out and say the boss called them and said they could go home.

I go to the bathroom, remove my panties and put them in my bag.

My pussie, shaved by my girlfriend, feels so smooth and alive today and I want to be able to touch and taste her as I drive home.

I call my apartment and he answers. Oh goody, he's home already.

I hear the jets of the spa in the background as he drawls about it being a long flight and needing to relax and unwind. Hmmm....the spa. Perfect. That's exactly where my fantasy begins.

Please, let me share my fantasy with you as I drive home to fulfil it.

I've fantasized about this moment for so long.....of stripping off slowly as you watch me, raising my leg and stepping into the tub, giving you a stunning view of my totally bare pussie.

Of sitting on your lap and kissing you deeply, hungrily, passionately as you fondle my breasts and tug at my nipples.

Of fondling your hard cock. Of getting him to rock hard.

Of you sitting on the edge of the tub with me on my knees in that hot, bubbly water.

Of my hand being wrapped around your hard cock, while the other fondles your balls, as I lean forward and take my first lick.

Of licking you up and down, just like a lollipop.

Licking around your smooth head, down along the full, thick length of your cock right down to your balls. Hot, heavy with fullness of that tasty creamy stuff I can't wait to taste and back up along that sexy shaft.

Right now this dream feels so real.I'm so excited. Feeling my pussie, and let me tell you, she's tingling at the thought of taking your cock into my mouth.

My tongue swirls around the head and I suck you in.

I hear you moan and I suck a little harder.

I hear you moaning again, whispering my name.

I feel your hands on my head, your fingers in my hair. Your hips buck up pushing your cock further into my mouth as I suckle on him. I look down at my body, my nipples hard with excitement.

My hand slides from your balls, moving towards my smooth mound down to my tingling clit.

Mmmmm, I slide a finger inside my pussie as my tongue swirls around your cock, all while I'm looking up into your eyes.

How does it feel now that you've got me, a sexy naked woman tucked in between your thighs, your fingers tucked into my hair, your cock buried in my mouth as I look up into your eyes and grin before we both let loose and lose control?

Me making love to that cock I adore with my mouth and tongue, just waiting to feel you spurt your creamy passion into my mouth.

You bucking your hips, caressing my head as you fuck my sexy, wild mouth.

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