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Don is suspended; Peter Gordon's trial commences.


His eyes grew wide. Did I say something wrong?

"You're the little girl my brother used to tell me about. You're the one that followed him around and wrote him little love notes." He raised his eyebrows and he stood there smirking at me. I just stood there. I couldn't believe a stupid crush from childhood would catch up with me. I knew I needed to say something but my lips weren't moving. Then I found my composure.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, come on. I remember my brother telling me about a little girl named Roxanne who had a crush on him. He said you made him a bracelet with his name in it. I remember seeing it. It had 'GREG' in red letters on it. You're pretty, he never mentioned that." He was looking at me with warmth in his eyes. If I wasn't incredibly embarrassed I would have melted.

"I didn't know he has a brother. Besides I was just a kid." It came out a bit more defensive then I intended. He was looking at me up and down. I felt self conscious again. I folded my arms over my stomach. "Well you've definitely grown up," He was looking at my chest. "so I guess we can leave that in the past." He smiled at me. I don't think he wanted to embarrass me. I started to think he wanted something else from me. He was looking at me like he was about to make a move.

"Thanks." I tried to sound sarcastic but it sounded more childish. He moved closer to me again. I could smell him. He smelled like fresh cut grass. Maybe it was just me but he smelled sweet. His face got really close to mine.

"Anytime." He wasn't being sarcastic. It seemed like he was about to kiss me. I couldn't help but notice how much I wanted him to. I had to say something so I said the first thing that came to mind.

"I don't know your name."


"Your age?"


"Your..." He cut me off.

"How about I ask you a question. Have you ever done anything wild? I mean the kind of wild where you heart races and you can't catch your breath?" He was so close our noses almost touched.

"I can't say that I have." I didn't know what to do. What if he actually kisses me? I wouldn't know how to respond. "I have to go." I turned around to leave but he stopped me.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He pushed me up against a near by tree. It didn't hurt but he was aggressive. I held my breath as he looked deep into my eyes like he was looking for something. He leaned in and tasted my lips. His body was pressed up against mine. I wasn't sure what to think but I knew that it felt good. He broke our kiss and he searched my face. I could have sworn he looked hungry. He kissed me again. This time it was a small kiss but he slowly started to go toward my neck. His hot kisses felt good on my neck. I felt myself get wet just from his kisses.

He sensed my body tense up at the sensation. He stopped and started to undo my shirt. He look at my eyes as he unbuttoned every single button going down. It was then that I realized what was happening. I tried pushing his hands away but he wouldn't stop.

"No we can't do this. Not here, not now."

He grabbed my hands and pushed them up against the tree. The look he gave me could have made me freeze in place. I couldn't have moved because he was holding me down but I stopped trying to. I became speechless.

"Listen. You're not allowed down this path. It's dangerous." I could hear the malice in his voice.

"If you get caught, Jim might not be to happy about that. In fact, he might feel the need to suspend you from the program. I suggest you do everything in your power to keep that a secret. Mommy and Daddy might be angry if they hear their little girl got on her knees in the middle of the woods for some boy." Before I could even register the information he pushed me down on my knees. He still had my arms in one hand and he bent down on his knee. He used the other hand to untie both his boots and use them to bind my hands behind the tree. The tree was small enough so he could get my hands around it but big enough not to be able to bend. One terrifying thought came to mind.

He ha

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