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Handyman helps out.

Now I could see nothing for to open my eyes was painful. The only redeeming principle was that the apparent industrial-strength spotlight did emit quite a bit of heat. In addition, I could just make out the shadow of my captor through my eyelids.
"Were you able to satisfy your clients with that tiny little nub this last week?" the woman asked, as she strutted around me.

"I'm cold," I answered matter-of-factly. I should have known better.

My snide response was meant with a swift, hard slap to the balls, and as a reflex, I pulled my arms down and legs up to protect myself. This had the counter effect of pulling hard on the rope and impaling the hook in my ass even further. I winced in pain and tried to straighten up as quickly as possible despite my agony.

"That is not what I asked you," she snapped.

I stood there silently trying to remember the question. Concentrating was beyond difficult right now.

"Were you able to satisfy your clients with that tiny dick last week?" she repeated unsympathetically.

"Yes," I gasped in response.

"I find that truly hard to believe," she sneered, and then took her thumb and forefinger and began to pull on the head of my flaccid member. She pulled hard and away as if it were something she were trying to rip off, rather than something that was actually a part of me. It took everything I had in me to remain still and composed.

After a few hard tugs it began to come to life. This apparently pleased her by the sounds of her giggling. Once it got to the point of being semi-erect she switched from tugging to slapping. Due to some of the experiences I had lately, I actually enjoyed this and felt myself becoming aroused. After what I would guess to be thirty to forty well-placed slaps, pre-cum was accumulating at the end of my cock and my balls began to rise. She gave me a few more slaps after I reached this point and then stopped abruptly.

By now I was up on my toes in anticipation and my arms had become very tired from holding them up over my head. I grunted my disapproval at her stopping short of my climax, but it was obvious that was her plan all along.

"Please," I whispered desperately.

"You didn't really think I was going to let you come, did you?" she inquired teasingly, as she reached out and twisted my left nipple roughly.

"Yes," I responded hopefully.

"Then you are dumber than I thought," she shot back, and stepped behind me to inspect the hook in my ass. "How does that feel?" she asked as she pulled up on it.

"Fine," I grunted quietly.

"Good," she replied, "because you could be hanging there for a while. You never know how long those test results will take."

"Test results?" I inquired.

"Yes, test results. What do you think we wanted the blood and urine samples for? We can't send you back to your wife all disease-infested," she said bluntly.

"I thought these women had been tested," I said, trembling as a cold sweat began to roll down my body and my member began to go soft.

"They were," she responded, "but you can never be too careful."

Sensing my mental anguish over the conversation, she stepped back in front and took my drooping member in hand. "I am sure you have nothing to worry about," she commented, as she slowly slid her hand up and down my shaft. "It's just a silly formality."

"Maybe I can help you out by giving you something else to think about," she said with a smile in her voice, and after just a few, nice, long strokes she had my attention redirected and my cock jerking in anticipation. In a matter of moments she had me as hard as a rock and at the brink of orgasm.

Suddenly she squeezed my member tightly, flicked my balls, and then stopped addressing my unit altogether.

I exhaled my displeasure.

"I told you that we could be here a while," she laughed. "If I let you come now, what fun would that be?" With that she slapped my ass and disappeared behind me.

I stood there as patiently as I could trying not to think to hard about the tests and concentrate on something more calming.

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