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Male Slave pushed to his limits.

"Maria, Maria I beg you forgive me what am I to do?" came his whispered heart-stricken pleas. So consumed by his thoughts he barely registered the fact that his son stood before him cheeks flushed, hair slightly damp with moisture staring at his feet until he nervously cleared his throat in an attempt to gain his attention.

"Come here to me" came the gruff barely audible voice of the king as he moved to embrace his son. "No one will ever be able to replace your mother remember that. When I become preoccupied with other matters, when I have to divide my time between you and Jasmine remember that you are the most important thing in the world to me. Promise me you'll remember what I've said. Promise me" Saul begged his son as he clutched his shoulders and looked into familiar emerald eyes that gleamed with unshed tears. "I promise" came the reply thick with emotion "I promise father".

Father and son embraced as the world outside turned into a winter wonderland.


"You Fools" screeched Jasmine her beautiful face distorting horridly with the force of her rage "Remind me why I even bother to put up with your idiocy? We should have been at the palace already, but now thanks to you buffoons we are going to get caught in the storm and we probably wont make it till night fall IF we are lucky" she bellowed as her carriage made slow progress through the snow.

Today of all days punctuality would prove to be a necessity, she had to ensure that her hold on that fool was as strong as ever. Not that she doubted her abilities to get and seduce a man it was that boy that would prove troublesome. It was the boy that constantly watched her with a weariness in his eyes that spoke of his utter distrust of her. THAT damned boy saw too much and quite frankly eyes that saw to much needed to be put out. Jasmine's cheeks flushed slightly a product not caused by the frigid temperatures but at the prospect of having those pretty green eyes in a jar. It was the prospect of seeing that pretty boy sightless and in pain that aroused a burning passion in the pit of her stomach and dampened the sex between her legs.

Careful planning was necessary where that brat was concerned, to just get rid of that insufferable thorn in her side would no doubt lead to suspicion and she doubted the King would disown the boy. No this would require finesse, she would have to wait for the opportune moment, she had to secure herself as queen and then the birth of an heir, a male child and then well there wasn't any real need to have two potential Kings now was there. Perhaps a tragic fall, consumption could take hold, a sickness could ravage the body. Yes the pretty green eyed one would be gotten rid of and it was more a question of when and how.

She turned her head towards the sky as the snow continued to fall and cursed. "Enough you idiot" she shrieked "Clearly since I am surrounded by such mindless fools who are incapable of doing even the simplest of tasks I will have to deal with the situation myself!"

The carriage came to a halt and Jasmine threw open the doors, the wind whipped up her red hair causing it to rise and flow against the wind. Her copper her looked more like flames that danced against the air as the witch raised her arms braced them against the wind as though pushing against an unseen wall. She chanted in a language so ancient its origins were older than time itself, it was the language of the earth and of the seas and winds.

The witches voice carried across the wind, rising in pitch. The winds became violent causing a constant barrage of hail to rain down from the skies. The wind roared and pounded against the carriage threatening to destroy it and turn it into a thousand matchsticks. The carriage driver and the two personal guards too scared to remain in the carriage and yet to terrified to face the unseen beast, that had been angered, by their Queen looked on in horror as she fought to tame such a formidable foe.


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