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A man of the cloth faces temptation.

She made sure to place her legs passed his sides to give her more room.

"W-why are you doing this?" he asked. His face flushed in surprise.

She leaned in and planted her lips against his, wrapping her arms around his body in further embrace.

Giving him a leering look, she stated with a lustful smile, "don't think about it. Just relax and enjoy the show." She grabbed his hands and placed them against her breasts, feeling him gently groping them as she moaned softly.

He couldn't believe this was happening. To him, the feeling of her breasts were amazing and was astounded by how soft they were in his palms. During this time, his mind began to race once more. What the hell's happening?! The sweet, soft-spoken, polite space elf girl that I just met almost an hour ago wants to have sex with me! We've only known each other a short period of time and she wants to move that fast in our relationship!

However, his body started to act on its' own. He leaned up and presented his sex to the young alfar girl who, at first, was taken aback by the sight of it, but preceded to engulf the rod with her mouth straight passed the shaft as it touched her throat. In and out, she moved her head in fellatio. Her tongue trailed against the shaft before moaning. Zachery sighed and tilted his head back, feeling his breathing increased as body became nearly jelly.

She removed her mouth and placed her breasts onto his cock. She moved them up and down in a ginger manner. She smiled at the sight of the man was he winced in delight.

She asked seductively, "how do you like my breasts, Zachery? Are they to your liking?"

He nodded his head and smiled. This was the first time in his life to be treated this way and he loved it. Altairea noticed how his rod twitched between her breasts. So, she pulled away and turned around, exposing her rear in front of him. She then placed both hands on her cheeks and pulled them open, which excited the young man even more so.

"Come on. Don't hold back. Make me feel good." The enticement was enough for Zachery to grab hold and penetrate her womanhood.

Biting his lips in exuberance, he thrust his hips as he felt the sense of pleasure surging through his system. She gasped and thought: Oh, by Alfar, it feels so good! So, this is what a humans' sex organ feels like! It's so hard and hot, almost like an alfar males'! It feels like...I'm melting inside...can't think...straight...!

"Altairea! I'm gonna cum!" Zachery warned her.

With one last thrust he climaxed straight into her womb, hearing her wailed while feeling her walls crushing his member tightly.

She breathed heavily as she turned around and rubbed her lower lips. She sighed with a satisfying smirk, "That was incredible! I never imagined mating with a human would be this intense!"

However, it didn't stop there. Grabbing the alfar girl, Zachery lifted her up and entered her once more after he became erect again, feeling her legs wrapping around his waist as he proceeded in moving her up and down.

"W-wait! I already came! I-I need time before I'm ready, again!" she pleaded, but gasped and pursed her lip in pure ecstasy. Her nails clawed against the man's back as they caressed to the sides.

Zachery then climbed out of the tub and trotted through the door while sucking on her breast and ramming her in and out. He laid her down on her back against the fabric of the hammock. Altairea pushed her body up on the ground to give it more support while feeling the human's speed increased as he held her legs up.

With one last push, he came once more into the alfar girl and the two laid on top of each other, inhaling and exhaling as they cuddled together.

They remained in such a euphoric state for 30 minutes. Right when Zachery was about to move, Altairea told him to stop. She said as blushed, "Umm...can we stay connected a little longer. I w-want to remember the feeling of you inside me."

He smiled. He couldn't refuse such a cute face like hers'. He replied, "Sure. Just for a little longer, Altairea."

They changed their position a little with

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