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Trying to reconnect.

Even more embarrassed, but comfortably at ease with you, she shakes her head no and moves your hand inward and downward several inches, until you can feel the heat rolling off the apex of her thighs, then presses your fingertips to her and huskily murmurs "right here."

Feeling yourself throb inside those jeans of yours, you barely resist caressing her, but instead pull your hand back and wag your finger in her face, mockingly telling her that would have been a very naughty thing to do...what would her husband have thought? At this she laughs, and says that all happened before her husband - that in fact, before she got married, she had been fairly wild at times. At your disparaging look, she hastens on, telling you that yes, in fact she did go through quite the wild stage. The stories she tells you amidst the blushes are certainly not what you would have expected from the creature before you.

Laughing, you both talk about other experiences in your lives, ones that seemed mortifying at the time, but are really rather funny when you look back on them now. She tells about being a virgin, giving blow jobs to five guys in a car one night, because she had wanted to keep her virginity. When you ask if she was able to keep it, she informs you that yes, she was - even though the way they were caressing her made her hotter than hell, they never got under her clothes - which would have done it. With a mock evil leer, you tell her that if you had been in the car that night, there's no way she would have gotten out of it that easy... you would have taken her virginity, and made her beg for more. With that she just closes her eyes, and moans, then tells you that if that's the case, she wishes there was a way to turn back time!

Smiling, you ask her when she finally lost her cherry, and are astonished when she tells you that she was almost nineteen. It was her first boyfriend - because the guys in the car didn't count, they were strangers - and they even ended up engaged, which luckily didn't work out. When you ask why it was so lucky to have ended, she flushes again, and tells you that he was pretty small. When you kid her, telling her that he couldn't be but so small, she informs you that yes, he could - he was barely four inches, even when aroused. Amazed, you just look at her, then burst out laughing. She smiles, and says there was a good side to it though - at least it didn't hurt so much when she lost her virginity! You just smile to yourself, thinking it's a damn good thing you hadn't taken her cherry, 'cuz it definitely would have hurt!

When you both finally stop laughing, you ask what other wild and crazy things she's done. All the while you've been talking, your hands have been busy, and time has just flown by. You are by now coloring in the outline, something you normally wouldn't do in a first session on something of this size, but she seems to be handling it all very well, and truth be told, you don't want this to end. When she doesn't answer you right away, you look up, and notice she is once again watching your hands in the overhead mirror - and you can see that hot, burning light in her eyes again, telling you what your touch does to her.

With a deep breath, she tears her eyes away from the mirror, and looks back into yours.

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