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Lori and her brother's girlfriend have sex.

"That's it. Remember you're putting on a show for me. You can at least pretend you're enjoying it for me" I add seeing her bland expression.

I beam my biggest and brightest smile at you and look directly into your eyes, batting my eye lashes a couple times before parting my lips as if I have something to say.

I softly moan watching her become so much more sexual. "Shirt off now" I snap testing her reaction.

With one hand, I gently and slowly take the hem of my shirt and pull it up. Realizing I'll need both hands I take the other to assist as I pull my shirt over my head. The cool air sends a brief shiver through my body. My nervous face returns as I sit feeling more exposed now.

"You have matching bra and nice tits that fill it out. I bet you're popular with the guys on campus." I stated getting a much better view of her ample chest. "Continue rubbing those panties are looking dry" I remind her of my original order. I moan squeezing my bulge as it strains against my pants.

As I continue to rub my panties I decide to comment "I wouldn't know if I'm popular. Well, I guess that means I'm not." Then shifting it back to him I say "you appear to be enjoying yourself."

"That's a shame. I am enjoying myself thank you" I say modestly. I stand up and walk over to her and say "Let's see how wet you are." Without hesitation I move her hand out of the way and starts rubbing her pussy and feel her moist panties.

I let out a soft moan as your hands, much bigger and stronger than mine, command control of my feelings.

"I see that you like it when I touch you" I state hearing her moaning. I then slide my hand inside her panties and feel her hot wet lips and slide up and down the length of the slit feeling every inch of that tight pussy.

I let out a moan, then softly ask "What are you doing sir? Mr. Thomas?"

"Seeing how much you're enjoying this." I answer and then remove my hand and smell your delicious aroma. "Hop down and remove your bra and panties.. sexily" I instruct my obeient student.

"I shouldn't be..." I trail off as I get up slowly and I swivel my hips and drop my panties to the floor before taking a deep breath and looking up at you as I slowly undo my bra and let it fall. First one cup then the other.

"Very nice. I'm starting to believe you are not a cheater afterall"

"Now pull out my cock and suck on it. Make it as wet as that young pussy is" I command with my hands on my waist.

As I pull his cock out, I hold it very gently in one hand as I cautiously wrap my lips around the tip. It was hard...and standing erect. I slowly slide my lips down releasing as much saliva as I can onto his shaft.

My head rolls back as her mouth goes over my cock* "oohhh... yeah. Suck on that dick. Look at me so I can see much you like it in your mouth."

I look up as I take the whole dick in my mouth and move up and down it.

"You like it dont you? You like suck my dick dont you little cheater?" I taunt as she smoothly goes up and down.

I nod as I continue to suck his dick, the words stinging, but remind me why I am here doing this. So I continue to try to make Mr. Thomas happy.

I grab the back of her head push her deeper on to my shaft. "Get fucking dirty.. Suck my fucking cock" I groan.

Allowing his hand to control me I wrap my lips tighter around that thick cock and feel it hitting the back of my throat. I try not to gag but I can't completely control my reflexes.

I pull her off as she gags I ask "Like it deep huh?"

"You have a very big...err...your penis is big... Sorry."

"Well let's see if something else can handle my big cock" I say slightly disdained. I pull that little blonde up by her hair and push her towards my deck. "Put one leg up on top of the desk" I bark.

I obediently put one leg up on the desk.

I came behind Jennifer's slim body and push my shaft all the way in down that tight pink hole.

"Oh...oh my....oh my god" I gasp as I let out a moan of pleasure and pain.

Groaning as I feel her walls expand, "oh.

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