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I played a prank on my dickhead sister and it went too far.

We have always communicated very openly, and she admitted that she would be lying if she said that she didn't miss the intensity of our sex life from years ago. But she always reassured me that she "is ok" with what we have. It isn't hard to read between the lines and see that she was willing to make the sacrifice, but with significant regrets.

Then, once while we were playfully talking about sex, I asked her again if she would like to have sex with another man. I told her that I would feel better knowing that she was being satisfied, even if it was by someone else. Her response was that as long as we can have sex, we will. If and when I become completely unable, then she might consider looking elsewhere, with my permission. That is when I surprised her by telling her that I would be hurt more if she waited to have another lover until I was totally unable. She seemed puzzled. I explained, "If I am still able to have sex with you, then the other man is HELPING me to satisfy you. But if I am unable, then he is REPLACING me."

I was able to help her understand that it was not a now or never ultimatum, but if she ever wanted to have extramarital sex the best time would be before it becomes the only option. Of course, that is unless she wanted to screw around without my knowledge, which would hurt me even more if I found out.

She was understanding, and confessed that she had thought about trying sex with another man. But would not discuss how this would happen, with whom or when.

Then, last summer we went to her family reunion. It was a big deal because her mother's parents were both having their 90th birthdays, grandma in May and grandpa in July. We met cousins and aunts and uncles that Donna hardly even knew.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. I watched while Donna played softball. One of the guys on her team was the husband of a cousin that died in a car crash, leaving him to raise their children. His name was Tim, and he was chosen to be a team manager. When choosing sides, he picked Donna because she was very close to his late wife. Tim was very personable and he made Donna laugh. After the 2nd inning, she talked her team into letting me coach 3rd base. I liked being part of the team. We had fun, but our team lost. Tim brought us all over by the refreshments and loudly proclaimed that he was buying the team a round of drinks. The beer and soda were free, but the gesture was well received.

The party went on, with a lot of food and drinks and games. Music was playing, so Donna asked Tim if he would like to dance. They looked happy, two-stepping around. When they stopped, Donna came back and asked if I minded. I said, "No, not if you have fun."

She smiled and thanked me.

As it got later, she started to get a little tipsy from the beer that she had been drinking all day. Donna frequently disappeared to mingle and exchange stories. During one of these excursions, Donna was gone for over an hour. When she returned, she looked a little shaken. I asked if everything was ok. Donna at first said, "Yea." but a moment later asked if I would be mad at her if she told me something.

I said, "Try me."

Donna nervously told me about going for a walk with Tim. They were talking and before they realized it, they were on the other side of the park, about six blocks away. They decided to sit on a bench, to rest for a while, and continue talking. Donna admitted feeling a closeness to Tim. Then they kissed. She was surprised that it was happening, but she wanted more. Their embrace became more passionate and Donna liked it. This went on for about 5 minutes before Tim said they should be getting back.

Donna told me it was probably because they had been drinking beer all day. I said, "Maybe it was because both of you wanted it, and that's ok. In fact, I think that you needed to kiss Tim."

"That's nonsense!"

"Fine, but I dare you to invite him over tomorrow night to play cards with us."

"I can do that.

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