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"And Lastly, physical proximity should allow ample of opportunities."

"They live in Denver," I immediately retorted.

"You could move there," she countered.

"It should be a good career move," she said referring to an open offer of starting up an office in the Denver area. I was concerned about the sudden U-Turn in our lifestyle with Shrini locating to India but this offered a glimmer of hope. Mayuri wasn't enamored by him. While she admitted that she found Shrini attractive and Vinil handsome, Pratik was never in her good books. However, she did entertain the thought of becoming Pratik's mistress earlier.

"Would she like it?" I asked.

"Move to Denver. And let Nature take its course."

"Rest assured, Mayuri would chose his penis over yours when her periods start again."

Rohini's assurance on all three fronts was promising. My concern always had been around pregnancy from these illicit matings. While I enjoyed the excitement, the practical implications troubled me. However, keeping in mind my indiscretion with Dolly, I certainly couldn't take moral high ground.

"What if she doesn't like him?" I asked.

"Explore with her. Suggest his name," she urged.

"She shouldn't think this is the end."

Surprisingly, we didn't talk about what next after Shrini. It just didn't seemed appropriate, although I had been mulling over it for past several weeks. The sheer excitement and the immense pleasure Mayuri derived from her solo sex life with Shrini, made me contemplate. Her last gift to me was quite eventful.

The next couple of weeks as expected Mayuri was distant. She was disinterested in sex and was generally broody. My sexual life with Dolly during the weeks continued to be radiant. It wasn't until the third weekend - a good eighteen days later - she showed interest in sex. After our dinner and our TV dosage, in the bed she quickly rolled onto me and kissed me passionately. She rubbed her crotch against mine as her tongue probed my mouth. Mayuri's aggression surprised me; usually I took initiative and even then her response was mellow. Our french-kiss continued for long time, all the while she tried relieving herself by grinding her crotch against mine.

After a little while, she took of her panties and I thought it was time for our intercourse but instead of her laying on her back, she simply straddled my face. While Mayuri had done this a few times, this was a little rare. She usually preferred to lay down while I licked her honey pot. For the next twenty minutes she practically humped my mouth with her pussy. The intoxicating sex that she had been accustomed to was only possible with the aid of my tongue now. She seemed to have had two orgasms in the process but her desire remained unfulfilled. Encouraging me to mount her, she tried yet another unconventional thing by lodging her right hand index finger deep into my anus as my penis plowed her vagina. Her lips glued to mine. Even in that sexually excited state, it took me a good ten minutes of humping to climax. Mayuri didn't seem to complain and I was quite certainly happy with my performance, which must have been a side-effect of my sessions with Dolly.

Next morning, I woke up to the pleasant sensations of Mayuri's mouth engulfing my tiny penis.

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