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Did a husband make a horrible mistake?

Time to settle the score, bitch.

* * * * *

Colette Harding was sound asleep when the gloved hand clapped over her mouth and a ball gag pushed past her lips. Her wrists were firmly tied behind her back and her ankles were tied to each of the bottom posts. A heavy man sat on her, straddling her waist as he secured the gag then sat back to admire his handiwork.

"Hello, bitch."

She struggled against the bonds but could find no give in the ropes. She was stuck and stuck fast.

"How do you like being under someone else's control? Not very nice, is it?"

Colette moaned, closing her eyes and playing the overwhelmed girl role while desperately trying to think. Who the hell was this? How could she get free? She opened her eyes, trying to meet his and convey childlike fear. The brutal slap he delivered jarred her teeth and she moaned anew.

"Don't try to pretend that you're some innocent, bitch. I know your true nature and you're not fooling me."

He yanked off his ski mask and her eyes shot wide open. Joe Henderson, recently removed from her supervision. Now she understood. His hands rapidly unzipped his black corduroys and his prick snapped out, thin and hard.

"You fired me without asking for my side of the story so tonight, I'm gonna fuck you without asking." The head of his sweat-slimed cock smacked her nose and cheeks and he moved backwards, whipping the head against her nipples and making her writhe in pain. "Let's take that gag off." He held the syringe up, priming it within her eyesight. "If you bite me, I'll stick you with this. And then, who knows what could happen to you while you're unconscious?"

Colette nodded in understanding and took great gulps of breath once the gag was removed. Just play along. Her mind kicked into overdrive. Play along and stay alive. He shimmied forward and stuffed his rod into her mouth, gleefully feeding it to her and giggling like a child. She choked, then swallowed, then choked again, trying to pull her head back. He laughed every time she gagged but finally allowed her a modicum of relief, sitting back a few inches and rocking against her face. She wrapped her mouth around his cock, sucking and licking while trying not to vomit. He oohed and aahed over her performance, then pulled out.

"Time to let my trouser snake taste your pussy." Joe backed up, letting his prick drag across her landscape, leaving a slimy slug path in the valley between her breasts, then across her abdomen and down to her hairy snatch. "Need to prune this hedge, bitch." He cackled, letting his finger part her thick folds, then slide mercilessly inside her. She moaned at the rough intrusion but her sweet juices came down to meet him. He laughed at the lubrication. "I knew you would be a ripe bitch."

She pulled at her legs but her ankles remained fastened. He leaned down and licked one, laughing again as she tried to pull away from his tongue and couldn't. Her knees were jerked up and he moved between, plunging deeply into her and drawing her cry of anguish. He pumped again and again, relishing the look of fear and disgust on her face and her hot, wet tunnel. He felt the urge to spurt almost immediately but bit his tongue until he tasted blood in an effort to stave it off, then he had an idea.

He pulled his cock from her pussy and rubbed the head against her asshole. Terror filled her features and he laughed, pushing into her ass and grunting as his release instantly overtook him. Her eyes closed, tears leaking from the sides as she felt his hot sperm bathe her bowels. It was over ... for now. She acted as if she'd achieved an orgasm and smiled at him, licking her lips suggestively.

"Fuck, you were good, Joe!"

He lifted his head and stared at her, not quite sure if he should believe her but hypnotized by the pink tip of her tongue as it traversed the edges of her lips. "Think so?"

"Fuck, yeah! If you'd have fucked me at the office, you would've still had a job.

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