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Wealthy farmer fends off all gold diggers except one.

I picked through the piles until I was pretty certain I had what I needed.

One of the gags came in a package - a "security bundle." Jamison had strongly suggested I get something like the wrist/forearm "jackets" as he called them. Although the gag wasn't useful in this circumstance, the jackets were. I wrapped them around her wrists up to her elbow, snapping them into place. They were pretty well made, with multiple rows of snaps to accommodate a variety of arm thicknesses, and by leaving the last few snaps undone, I could leave her elbow unbound. I didn't want them immobilized so I could position her forearms where I needed them, but I could see how the jackets could be used in a number of diabolical ways.

I fastened her wrists to the bar looping a couple of leather straps through rings on the cuffs and the bar, and now she couldn't move her legs or her arms. She could still arch her back and her head could swivel, but I was about to make fast work of that.

I moved the rest of the hardware next to her shoulder. Loren stared at it, wondering what I had in mind.

"You still okay, cunteater?" I knelt over her and grabbed the ropes. She nodded, staring at both of us. "This is what you want, right?" She nodded again, closing her eyes and trying to calm her breathing. I ran the ropes beneath her shoulders, lifting her ass and then down to the closest-in rings on the spreader bar. Pulling them tight, she was forced to bend her chin down just slightly as the gag pulled against her jaw. I tied a slip knot and gave each rope a solid pull. They were taut against the floor, her head practically locked in place. She could still arch her back, but I wasn't too concerned - she wouldn't be able to move very far and it would give her the faintest sense of control.

"So, before we begin in earnest, let's just review the game plan, okay? You can blink your eyes once for 'yes' and twice for 'no,' got it?"

She blinked once.

"Going forward, you are a plaything for our pleasure. You obviously need to be humiliated and secured and made open so that you can have a hope of achieving an orgasm, isn't that right?"

One blink, tears beginning to form.

"In a moment, you will be working your hardest to make Loren cum. The way you're going to do that, is by shoving and pushing and driving that dildo sticking out of your mouth into her wide open pussy, right?"

One blink, tears sliding out of her eyes.

"If you're very obedient, and successfully make Loren cum, I might reward you by fucking you in your ass."

Two blinks and a terrified look, along with grunting.

I smiled into her face, sliding my hands across her tear-streaked temples, nodding. "You know how to stop it. 'No,' is really a meaningless gesture, you should understand that. As I was saying, I may reward you by fucking you in your sweet, tight, lonely ass, or Loren may decide to reward you in some other way.

"Of course, if you're not obedient and fail to do as we've asked, we will punish you further. Whatever we decide on that account, you can be certain it will be unpleasant. Do you understand?"

One blink and a flood of tears.

"Are you crying because you are in pain?"

Two blinks.

"Are you crying because you are happy?"

Two blinks.

"Are you crying from the sheer intensity of what we're doing to you?"

One blink and a flow of tears.

"You are such a sweet, sweet, girl," Loren cooed into her ear. "It is going to be such a fucking pleasure to have you fuck me with your mouth." She kissed her forehead and straddled her, facing her head and looking down into her eyes. Turning her head over her shoulder, she looked me in the eye, her lust as strong as I'd ever seen it. She was going to explode, and that was just the thing I was hoping for. "Oh. My. God." She leaned back to kiss me deeply. "This is so fucking fantastic," she whispered so Shelly couldn't hear. "I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe we're doing this. Is this what you want?"

I directed her attention to my cock, saluting the

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