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after dinner comes dessert.

Involuntarily he reached down and took hold of his stiffness and squeezed his cock rhythmically. Mother continued to chatter away in her one way conversation while she stepped into her dress. Pulling it up over her ass, she slid each arm through the arm holes, then smoothed the dress down over her wide hips and protruding bosom. Help zipper me would you, hon? She was looking at his reflection in the mirror as she spoke but he made no move towards her. Can you zip me please, baby? She asked again. Slowly he moved toward her and came to a stop behind her wide frame.

He knew that she was saying something but he could not make out what it was, his focus completely absorbed by the sight of her smooth fleshy back. All he could hear was the pounding, pounding, pounding of his heart. As if in a trance, he took hold of the zipper and paused a moment to inhale her intoxicating scent - the smell of her freshly washed skin, the scent of her hair, the elixir of her cologne. He could feel the warmth of her body radiating around her and enveloping him. He moved his face as close to her as he could without touching her, desperately wanting to press his lips against her pale plump shoulder. He was transfixed, aroused, and lost in his erotic dream world.

Feeling his hot breath on her back, her body tensed at the sensation. She looked toward the mirror to get a glimpse of him, but could not discern what he was doing. What are you doing back there? She asked irritatedly. I'm going to be late, just zip me will you? Reaching back her hand, she swatted at him to create some space between them.

At that moment, something inexplicably wicked snapped inside him. All his youthful emotion spoke to him at once, commanded him, and took control of his mind and his actions. In a flash of movements too quick to countermand he grabbed her dress at the shoulders and violently yanked it down, trapping her arms at the waist.

With his left hand he reached around her torso and grasped at her breasts, tearing at the lacy fabric of her bra, attempting to take hold of her cradled tit flesh. With his other hand he dove deeply inside the elastic of her half-slip, panties, and hose and began to probe between her ass cheeks in search of her juicy organs. Caught completely off guard, it took her several seconds to understand what was happening to her. Stop! She called nervously. Wha-what are you doing? Stop it! She demanded as she squirmed, desperately trying to free her arms.

But he paid no heed to her demands and it became abruptly apparent to her that he was not being playfully precocious. Like a wild animal who has caught wind of the rutting scent, he clawed at her tits with his left hand and simultaneously drove his right hand deeper inside her panties while he kept himself tightly pressed against her body, limiting her movements and preventing her from turning around or getting free.

Frantically, she twisted and turned in an attempt to free her arms from the confinement of her dress, and once having accomplished her freedom, she began to fend off his attack. As quickly as she was able to remove his hand from her breasts, he was back again with renewed vigor and purpose, but she was hard-pressed to defend herself against his two-pronged attack. In spite of her squirming, he managed to get his right hand deep into the crack of her ass. Finding the pucker of her anus, he fingered the spongy orifice roughly for a moment before driving his hand further down in search of her vaginal slit. Stop it! She screamed. What are you doing! You bastard! Stop it! Don't! Don't do this!

They struggled for several minutes until finally, with all of her strength she took hold of the groping hand at her breast, muscled it away from her, and spun herself around to face him, his other hand coming free from her panties at the same time.

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