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Stephanie teases her coworker Mark to his breaking point.

Never pushing, even when she arches, present like a breath. His lips come to hers and send her flying into other worlds. Other times.

"It's not like he grabs me in the door, ties me up and whips me at the post before taking me down and fucking me until I beg for mercy, you know."

"He ties you up?" Her voice holds interest and something else. Something undefinable. More than curiosity. Desire maybe?

"I signed up for this, you know." She might as well tell it all. "I ran an ad looking for something like this. I'd been spanked before and there's this website..." Her words trail off in a wellspring of memories.

His lips tug at hers. His kisses drive her into a form of unconsciousness that she can only feel and never describe. Without thought and form, sparks eating her flesh from the inside out, legs to forehead. She can't move, she can't talk. She can only feel.

His teeth scrape across her soft mouth and his tongue outlines the insides of her lips. She breathes in gasps and pants and writhes in sinuous design. The cuffs that bind her to the head and foot boards clank and jangle in rhythmic distractions, but she has only enough mind to know where his lips are.

From her mouth, he slips silently and steadily to her breasts. As he plucks at each nipple, making stand out, he follows with a gentle twist and pinch. It only serves to heighten the sensation for her. Inexorably growing in intensity, he sucks at the aching nubs as they harden and wordlessly beg for more.

Suddenly, too soon, he leaves them and moves to her hips. Side to side, pulling at the skin he swings his head. When there is nowhere else that hasn't felt his breath, he taps at her clit with his tongue. Just the tip in a feathering touch. It drives her mad with need. She twists and pulls at the cuffs.

"Please." She isn't near orgasm or trying to stave it off, but she is quickly becoming desperate for a firmer touch. Something she can feel and move to.

Just when she can take no more, the tail of his belt snaps down onto her mons. The very top end of her clit and she flares in agony. He follows this with that firm licking she was writhing for. Aching to feel. Just as she slips into a guiding circle with her hips, he smacks down upon her once more in a sharp sting that brings tears into her eyes and a scream choking off in her throat. She is stunned.

"So he trolls these sites looking for women like you?"

"Actually, no. I don't think so. I think it was one of those happy circumstances that had us both on there at the same time."

"That doesn't look happy." A dry response.

"You know what I mean. I had no real idea what this was all about." A slight pause. "I had ideas. Fantasies, he calls them. But I didn't really know."
An intake of breath is all she hears.

"Although I think he is quite different from most practitioners." She thinks back to their times together and scenes stand out. She feels her sex opening up and leaking fluids as though he were standing before her.

Her friend gives her an odd look as though she can sense the arousal. Hear the unspoken thoughts rolling around the room.

"He is so confident that he doesn't do a lot of the things you might read about. He's never asked me to call him master or make me do things I don't want." There is a long pause. "He makes me want things I never believed I could even think of doing."

"Like that?" Her friend's voice is skeptical.

"This is nothing..."

His hands move to the back of her head and send tremors through her with the way they squeeze and dig into the bared nerves. He fists handfuls of her hair, prods at her skull. She is lost to the feeling and when he pulls her mouth over his hard smooth shaft, she swallows it eagerly. Greedily.

The moans and groans her greatest reward, she works at it with her every fiber. She loves the idea of giving him the kind of pleasure she gets. She only ever dreamed of before him. He pulls her hair, flattens his hand to the back of her head and pushes. She swallows and shoves her head further on his pole. She wants all of it.

She feels the thro

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