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Sometimes the pursuers become the pursued.

She is so horny that I have to take a washcloth and wipe her wet cunt. She then reaches out and slips a cock cage over my cock. She has be bend over and she inserts a huge Butt plug in my very hungry ass. It has a device in it that every time the phone rings a vibe rater goes off and it massages my prostate.

The sensation is so great that if I'm standing up, it will buckle my knees. Pam experimented on me with it when she first bought it. She found out that after four rings of the phone. My cock would start producing pre-cum.

It's real humiliating when she keeps calling while she's out on a date fucking and sucking some dude. While she makes my cock jump around in my cock cage, not knowing how many times she's going to let it ring. I am forbidden to answer the phone if she lets it ring after four rings the answering machine will pick it up.

She knows that I just produced some pre-cum. She will talk nasty to me knowing I will not pick up the phone. Most of the time she will let me listen in while she's sucking and slobbering all over her lovers cock. Of course I can't jack off or get some relief till she comes home.

Knowing that when she came back home all her holes will be leaking with cum. Makes me horny thinking about it. I just got back in the door when the phone went off, it rang twice my cock jumped and I almost hit the floor.

My wife having a little fun with me. Around 1AM I hear her car pull up followed closely by two other cars. I go to the bedroom and strip off my clothes and lay down on the bed with my ass in the air. This is what she has trained me to do, so when she comes in she will reach around and insert her key to unlock my cock cage.

She will then slap my cock around a little and tug on my balls. I heard her come in and knew she had company with her. You never can tell what Pam will drag home. But I can tell you one thing I'm going to enjoy what ever happens.

Pam has brought home women, men, shemales, lesbians, Bisexuals, faggots with her you never know. Tonight she had brought home a young man about 25 and a pretty girl about 21. Pam released my cock cage and instructed me to lay down on my back as she spread her legs over my head and started rubbing her big swollen cunt lips over my face.

As she was telling me about all the cum she had been filled with she introduced me to her two friends Bob & Lilly. I could just barely hear her from all the cum leaking out of her pussy and ass.

As I tried to lick her clean. Pam pulled her pussy off my face and ask me if I would like to fuck Lilly? I said yes. Pam told me I would have to eat Lilly's pussy first. As I pulled Lilly's dress up a big, thick cock came spurting out of her little G-string.

Lilly had a set of balls that looked like tennis balls. I was surprised and confused, right in front of my face was a huge cock and balls, but when I look at her in the face I see a beautiful young lady. I grabbed her she-male cock at the base and started slowly licking up around the head of the beast.

As my lips sank over the head of it I could feel her balls pulsating, producing cum. I slipped that big member all the way down my throat. I have sucked many big cocks but I can't remember one bigger than this one. I had all I could stuff in my mouth and they were still four inches hanging out.

I fucked my mouth up and down trying to suck it all but there was no way I was going to do that. Lilly told me later that I had sucked more of her she-male cock down my throat than anybody else. That was a compliment, I was proud of.

I looked over at Pam and she was stroking Bob's big cock. She motioned for me to come over to where she was, I let loose of Lilly's she-male cock. Pam told me to try to swallow Bob's cock. I bent over and started sucking on it as Pam got up and pulled the butt plug out of my ass and started stroking her fingers in and out of my asshole.

She has been stretching my asshole for years.

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