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My friends son and I share a night.

Meanwhile, Lacey burst into an opening in the woods and found her brother sitting on a log, his back hunched as he dug into the soft earth underneath with his toes. She sneaked up to him, then slipped placating arms around his waist. He stiffened for some moments, then relaxed. She laid her head against his bare, broad back. "I'm sorry, Max! I didn't know you'd get so mad. I was just joking. I'm not a slut."

"I know you aren't," he said quietly, trying to distract himself from the delicious feel of her cushiony breasts pressing against his back in what he knew was an innocent, sisterly embrace. "I just -- I hate it when you talk like that."

"It's okay," she assured him, and pecked his cheek fondly. He was so handsome, even with that dark, brooding frown on his face. His adorable yet manly features, well-defined and somewhat aristocratic, softened at the touch of her lips on his firm jaw.

"Let's go enjoy that picnic," she told him, rubbing his well-toned pecs, her hands grazing his tiny brown nipples. He drew in air at her affectionate caress, deeply shamed when his dick prodded straight out in his trunks. His face went hot as he felt sure she noticed what her nearness, her touch, was doing to him. He jumped to his feet hastily, keeping his back to her as he pretended to be dusting off dirt from the log off his thighs.
"You go lay out the food with Mae. She'd be wondering where we've got to." His voice was gruff to his own ears, and he almost heaved a sigh of relief when she said lightly, "Okay." And her steps receded away from the clearing. Soon he heard her calling out to Mae, and only then did he relax, looking down at his discomforting erection, pressing it down furiously.

"Fuck!" he swore, hating the whole situation. For how long was he going to keep his unholy feelings from his sister, from his whole family? It wasn't going to be easy....

When he joined the two girls some time later, he found them in a light, giggling mood, laying out the food on the blanket they'd brought. He decided to make an extreme effort to act normal around Lacey from now on, no matter what. She must never, ever, suspect how much he wanted her.

The next hour passed without incident, as they sunbathed after the meal. Max pretended to doze off on his side of the blanket as his sister lay some inches away, with Mae on the other end. The latter seemed to getting more at ease in her swimsuit, though Max was sure she'd never been so exposed in public before - even though it was just them. He'd have been more floored by her own impressive nudity if he wasn't already so smitten with his gorgeous sexy sister.

Speaking of whom, he looked through the corner of his half-closed lids as she suddenly turned on her stomach and with a sigh, undid the knot of her bikini top, baring her back to the gentle sun's glare. Max gulped, wondering what she was up to now. The two girls were talking about some stupid soap opera on TV, and they thought he was asleep. Lacey was gushing about one of the male lead actors and how gorgeous he was. As she spoke, she casually moved again so that she lay on her back, shrugging the loose strips of her top off. Max almost choked on his next breath, still watching her from underneath his lashes. Her breasts, bare and proud, were just as beautiful as he remembered. He itched so much to reach out, just stretch out his hand and cup their full, firm mounds. But he daren't, of course.

He heard Mae gasp when she looked sideways and saw her cousin without her top half. "Gosh, Lacey, what on earth!"

Lacey was shrugging. "I think my boobs have got a little pale. Besides, they hardly get to see any sun."

"You're such an exhibitionist!" Mae was saying with a half-disgusted flush.

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