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Trupti turned out to be even more depraved than I thought.

I said that I wanted to be one of the pair of hands.

She studied the pictures and read what each one had said carefully, all the while saying that it was just a fantasy and that was good enough.

I kept a little pressure on and she finally decided on one. He was 27 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, 6'2" tall, athletic build and was 7 inches long. He was in the Navy, stationed near where we lived. In his 'bio' he told us that he wasn't overly sexual active and would love to help fill this fantasy if he could. There seemed to be something almost shy about him and that caught my wife's attention.

After finally making her choice, she said, "There, happy now?"

I smiled, kissed her deeply and told her that I was.

I emailed her choice and set up a meeting the day before her birthday. I also made a reservation at a very nice hotel downtown and arranged to have a massage table, oils, strawberries and chocolate, and two bottles of her favorite wine positioned in the room. The massage table and oils were to be in a closet.

I met Jeff at a restaurant not far from the base and we talked about the massage. I showed him a couple of pictures of my wife so he would know what she looked like. I let him know that he would be able to massage her entire body without restriction as far as I knew but that my wife would have the final say. I told him that I could not guarantee that he would have sex with her or even get a hand job and wanted to know if that was understood and accepted.

He told me that it was fine and he understood completely and wanted to help me make her fantasy a reality.

I gave him the hotel and room number and told him to be there at 9:30 the next evening.

I went home and told my wife that for her birthday we were going out to dinner and I gave her a box with a new dress that I wanted her to wear. She opened the box and removed the dress and held it up against her body to get an idea of what it would look like. It was a tight black dress that came down to just above the knee with a scoop neck and black lace sleeves. I also got her some new black strappy heels to wear with it.

She smiled, kissed me and said, "This is absolutely beautiful!"

"Go try it on." I said, and she giggled and took the dress and shoes to the bedroom. I got a drink and sat down to catch the latest news while I was waiting and a few minutes later she came out and twirled around showing me the dress from every angle and asked how I liked it.

She was stunning! The dress was absolutely perfect for her, sexy yet so classy! It fit her perfectly, accentuating her gorgeous figure, highlighted of course by her sexy legs and the great cleavage!

"OH MY, That dress was made for you!" I told her and wrapped her in my arms and kissed her deeply.

Her beautiful green eyes sparkled and her smile melted my heart as it had so many times before. We kissed again and she went to take the dress off.

We had dinner and talked about the events of the day and a little about her birthday. I just told her that we were going to a very nice restaurant that she would love and since it was Friday, we would stay downtown and come home tomorrow.

Friday just crawled by at work, but finally it was time to leave and I hurried home to find my wife in the midst of getting ready for the evening. She had showered and was standing naked in front of the mirror applying her makeup. When I came into the bedroom I stopped in my tracks when I saw her and just stared at her. I was taking mental pictures, shaking my head.

She saw me, jumped a little and turned to me saying, "You startled me! Try making some noise when you get home!"

I couldn't take my eyes off of her! She was 5'4" tall with short blonde hair. Her body showed the results of her hours of working out both at the gym and in water aerobics. Although she was actually 64 today, she looked no older than early 40's. She has always caught the attention of men and I have loved having her on my arm.

"I'm sorry.

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