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The ups and Downs of a young woman's life.

Sherry, finally, let the plug slide out. She replaced it, with her, freshly, greased up, dildo. Ellen was not expecting, the fresh intrusion.

Ellen was, in full heat. Every nerve, tingled.

"Get yourself off. It excites me, so."

Sherry placed one of Ellen's hands, on the dildo, and the other hand on her cunt. Ellen looked at her mistress, with lust, as she began, her own violation.

Ellen, now, knew, her mistress had been right, about the pain, becoming lust. Ellen was soon screaming profanities, as she thrashed about, with the intensity of her orgasm.

Ellen experienced her deepest, strongest, orgasm ever. Ellen's orgasm, was for her mistress's, pleasure, in her mistress's, view. Performing for her mistress, brought Ellen as much pleasure, as the orgasm itself.

Sherry and Ellen, bathed together, in a, light, playful, air. Ellen served her mistress, as a personal maid. Sherry held her brief panties in place, while Ellen tied the panties together, high on Sherry's hips. Ellen laced Sherry, into a very brief, short purple corset, which cinched her waist, and supported her breasts. The tight corset, pushed Sherry's breasts up, forming a deep cleavage

Sherry slipped on, a thigh high, simple white sheath, that zipped down the front, to below her navel. The sheath was cut low, displaying her, ample, cleavage. The dress was tight enough, to show her prominent ass. The dress was split, up one side, allowing her to walk, and to spread her knees, when she knelt.

Sherry handed Ellen, her clothes. She handed her, each article of clothing, one at a time. The panties, once Ellen figured out, how to put them on, only covered her pubic triangle. The thin strap, that went up the crack of her ass, reminded Ellen, of Sherry's intent, for her, tonight.

Underneath her skirt, and blouse, she was, otherwise, naked. Ellen's white blouse, buttoned, up the front. Ellen's white skirt, was full, and short.

The fullness of the skirt, brought attention, from her ass, to her tits. Ellen's tits, were brought into prominence, with the addition, of a wide lavender belt, around her, trim, waist. The belt, tightened her blouse, to her chest. Her pointed nipples, were clearly visible, through the, thin, cotton, material.

Sherry unbuttoned, the two top buttons.

"A perfect picture of innocence. Mr Smith, will be pleased."

Ellen was, now used to her mistress, creating fantasy scenes, and playing them out. Sherry brushed Ellen's hair, as she spoke.

"Mr. Smith, has been so good to us, since your father died. Your father owed, a lot of money, to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith, holds the mortgage, to our house. We'll be homeless, if we don't please him. He has become, insistent. My services for him, and his customers, are no longer enough. He wants, an interest payment. You, are the interest payment, that he demands."

"No. I can't, do it. I won't, do it.

Sherry was furious, as she screamed.

"You'll do it. You have no choice. He's on his way. He is, so, demanding. Your protests, will only excite him. They won't stop him. He will have you, tonight. You will entertain him, and his clients, from now on. I've kept us off of the streets, since your father died. Now it's your turn."

Ellen was defiant.

"No, you can't make me do it."

Sherry pushed Ellen, off the chair, onto the ground. Sherry lifted up, Ellen's dress. She began to spank Ellen, with a belt.

"I can, make you, greet him, at the door. He'll do the rest."

Ellen was crying, as Sherry pulled her back up, and fixed her hair.

Sherry led Ellen, into the den. She sat her down, on the couch. Sherry poured Ellen, a sweet, smooth, potent, alcohol drink.

"Drink this. It'll help."

Ellen drank the drink. It went down, so, smooth. It went to her head, so, fast. When Jim arrived, awhile later, Sherry met him, at the door. She held Ellen, pouting, next to her. Jim was, also, used, to Sherry's role playing games. He took his cue, from her.

"Jim it's so good, to see you.

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