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A glimpse of adultery.

The man was kneeling nude in front of the woman whose body seemed partially hidden in this picture as well, although her curvy hips and thighs seemed to draw the observer's eye, especially since his well-built arms were circled around her waist just above them, hugging her standing and slightly bent form close to his body. The man seemed to be leaning on her a little, his face resting on her roundish belly as he looked up at her. Even though his eyes remained closed in both pictures, his face carried a softness that spoke of adoration, gratitude and happiness in such a warm way that it made Bella's heart ache with a longing desire. While the woman's face was completely hidden as she bent down, whispering something in his ear, she noticed her long hair was pulled into a messy bun, her arms holding him safe and close in a loving and caring embrace.

The young woman sighed, feeling a rush of emptiness overwhelm her heart as she looked back and forth between the two paintings. Standing between the depictions of flaming lust and glowing love she felt suddenly very cold and started to back out of the room, her gaze still alternating between the two pictures. No, this wasn't her room anymore ... nor her home, she had to admit sadly.

With tears welling up in her eyes she suddenly turned to flee the room, flee the pictures that had burnt themselves into her mind, flee the loneliness that seemed to overwhelm her heart. She just wanted to run and cry and forget about her aunt's death, that damn company, her empty and meaningless life back in Rosemount, her heart and mind crying out simultaneously, pleading with life to leave her alone and let her forget about everything!

Her vision was too blurry to see what she had run into that threw her off balance and sent her stumbling right back into the room. Her confusion only grew as she found herself starring into a pair of shimmering gray eyes, tinged with ever so tiny flecks of green. Her mouth hanging open her mind barely registered that she wasn't about to fall anymore, but was rather held in a firm grip by strong arms. Yet the realization didn't tear her from the spell of the moment she had been under.

Yes, that must have been it: bewitched! That was the only logical explanation her mind could conjure up. Why else would she be held in the arms of a ravishingly handsome naked man wondering if his impossibly long lashes would tickle her lips when she kissed his eyes awake in the morning. His lips looked sensually full and inviting, a dark rosy shade contrasting with the lightly tanned skin she still could feel to be slightly moist as her fingertips caressed the soft and sparse hair on his chest.

Besides looking tempting enough to send her tongue tracing absentmindedly along the contour of her own lips, his lips did also move. The sensual way they parted and curved finally into a bemused smile, which she could even see to be reflected in his eyes, made her almost miss that he was actually talking to her. The man from the paintings had come alive and was now holding her in his arms and talking to her, smiling and whispering sweet nothings to her about his never ceasing love, just before he would scoop her up in his arms, lay her gently down on the bed and make love to her till the morning light...

Bella smiled back at him lazily through the veil of her surreal and overly vivid imagination.

"Miss? Can you understand me? Do you speak English?" she heard the words echo from afar and needed a moment before she could associate them with the impatient frown of the piece of art brought to life in front of her.

She blinked a few times, waking from her reverie and reflected his confused expression with her cheeks turning bright red and the blush creeping down the pale skin of her neck, accented even more by the white shirt she was wearing. She cleared her throat a few times and ended up coughing, most likely from nerves as she stepped back mortified and tried to look anywhere but at him.

"I .

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