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Alex gets an offer he literally can't refuse.

She tied a towel around her eyes as a blindfold. "Now I want you to reach around and touch my nipples with the cold cans. Just for a second, then off. Try to do it so I can't tell which nipple is next. Or when the cold is coming. Okay?"

"What's this supposed to do? I mean, besides freeze your nipples?"

"I've heard it turns some women on. I want to see. Can you do it?"

The beer had made me mellow. "Sure. I hope you don't scream too much."

Dianne's body jerked and she gasped the first few times I touched the cans to her nipples. I paused for several seconds, and when I touched her again she jerked again. But rather than gasp, she moaned in obvious pleasure. I became more interested in what I was doing.

After another few minutes Dianne was getting really aroused. She no longer jerked when I touched her nipples. Instead she trembled. Her moans got louder and longer. Between touches she wiggled on my lap.

Dianne suddenly screamed "Yes!" and she reached between her legs. I felt her take hold of my erect penis. I'd been so interested in her responses that I hadn't even been aware I'd gotten hard.

Dianne lifted herself off my lap, then sat down slowly so that my penis slipped into her. In this position half of my penis didn't go in. But it still felt wonderful."The cans! Touch me again!"

I remained hard as Dianne got more and more excited. Several minutes later when I pressed the cans against both of her nipples at the same time she threw her head back and screamed. I could feel her vagina squeezing my penis. I put the beers down and cupped her breasts. She slowly calmed down.

"Wow! That was really different! You just fucked me, didn't you? You even got me to climax."

"Well, I guess. But I didn't . . . I didn't ejaculate, so it really . . . wasn't the same, was it?"

Dianne smiled. "Maybe not, but it's a start!" She dropped to her knees and began to fellate me. "Yum! I love tasting myself on your penis! It would be even better with cream!" It took her a long, long time. I don't know where she found the stamina, but I finally ejaculated into her mouth. So much cum came out that she choked on it.

Dianne kissed me with streaks of my cum running from the sides of her mouth to her breasts. She was giggling. "I should have known you'd do that! I've never blown you when you've been saving it up. I can usually swallow it all. But not that much!"

That Thursday night I was much more aware of Dianne's nakedness as she slept against me. In the morning I had another erection. It disappeared after I urinated in the bathroom, but Dianne didn't mind. "Almost back!" she said. "I can wait."

I wasn't able to get it up that night. It had been one week since I had come home early and seen Jenn fucking that freak of nature. But the following night I managed to make love to Dianne. I was barely adequate, but Dianne treated me as if I were the world's best lover. It didn't fool me, but I felt better than I had for a long time.

My roommate came back the next afternoon, and spending every waking hour naked with Dianne had to end. But when Jenn didn't move back in that day, Dianne invited me to her room for the night. I did a better job that time.

Several days passed and Jenn failed to appear, so I slept with Dianne every night. When Jenn failed to appear for the class she was supposed to teach, the department started looking for her. She had moved all of her belongings out of the professor's apartment and disappeared. They assigned another graduate student to teach her class, and everyone forgot about her. There was nobody on the waiting list for the dorm, and Jenn's bed remained empty.

With Jenn gone, I began spending my days in my official dorm room, and my nights in Dianne's room. Within two weeks I felt almost normal again, and Dianne and I managed to pick up our relationship where we had left it, two days before Jenn had come back from her parents' home. In spite of both our fears about my experiencing a rebound, not real feelings, I knew I was once again falling in love with Dianne.


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