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In the future, sex is the vaccine for space madness.

My cock is so hard and I am so turned on by you that I will do anything you ask. You move up and put your warm damp pussy over my mouth, I can smell your sweetness and see the juices dripping from your lovely cave of comfort. You lower yourself onto my face and allow me the pleasure of tasting your sweetness. I can hardly lick fast enough to swallow the juices that are flowing from you. Then you start to play with yourself allowing even more of your precious nectar to flow over my face and over my waiting tongue.

I want to please you so badly I lick as fast and furiously as I can trying to squeeze every drop from your beautiful pussy. I am so close to cumming just from eating you, and then you take the pleasure away from me and its onto the next phase of your plan.

Denying me the satisfaction of cumming once more only makes me more excited. My ass starts to sweat and my balls feel like they are going to burst as I eagerly await what will happen next. You go to the toy chest and pull out the butt plug I bought for myself, lube it up and gently slide it into my waiting ass. Oh what a wonderful feeling my cock is throbbing from the pleasure you have already given me and now I have this wonderful torment you have added to heighten my senses. You turn the vibration on and I am no longer in control of my thoughts, my mind is racing, filled only with thoughts of what you will do next. My eyes are filled with the picture of your beautiful body in the pale light of our bedroom. You move back up to my face and smother me with your tits once again., whispering in my ear that you can hardly wait to don the strap on in our toy box and give me the best fucking of my life. I don't know how much more excitement I can take, my heart is pounding so hard and I can feel every beat as it continues to send blood down to my cock keeping it harder than I'm sure it has ever been before. You mount my face with your pussy one more time, smothering me with your juices, letting me lick them off your sweet lips, and rubbing your entire crotch against my face. My tongue is buried deep in your ass and my nose is rubbing against your clit. You are so wet and delicious, I can hardly control myself. My whole body is shaking like I am one big human vibrator. How can any man be so lucky.

You finger yourself letting a flood of hot cum poor all over my face and down my throat. You are so beautiful and delicious I could do this forever, but you move off my face and go back to the toy box.

I watch as you pull the purple strap on out of the box, my whole body shaking with anticipation. I don't know if it's the chill in the air making me quiver or the desire I have for your body. My mind is in a dreamlike state, I expect to wake up any moment and find this has all been a wonderful dream. Then I come back to reality as I watch you strap on the purple power cock and adjust the straps. You look so hot and I am going out of my mind waiting for you to mount me. I can hardly wait to feel your huge tits and hard nipples rubbing against my stomach and chest. I am delirious waiting for you to make love to me with your magnificent cock and I feel as if I could pass out at any moment. But I am far to turned on and excited for that to happen. Every nerve and every feeling in my body is awake and jumping with excitement.

Then you approach the foot of the bed and caress my calves, kissing the underside of my knees letting the wetness of your tongue slide down my thighs and licking the underside of my throbbing cock.

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