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Amanda goes for a high-up job.

I loved toying with her tongue as my hands roamed up and down her body.

Her hands were also busy. Being the one used to being in charge, I pulled back from her and started to unbotton her pants. She moved my hands away. Looked me right in the eyes and proceeded to take off her clothes. I watched mesmerized as she removed her shirt, her jeans. In broad day light, she was doing the most erotic strip tease for me. By the time she stood in her pale yellow silk bra, with her full heavy breasts straining against that silky material, and her matching French cut bikini panties, I was rock hard and in awe.

She continued on, unfastening her bra. Exposing beautiful full breasts. With large brown nipples. She licked her finger and circled her nipples for me. Making them erect and at attention. She stepped out of her panties revealing a beautiful shaved smooth pussy.

I wasted no time in grabbing my belt buckle. She once again stopped me. I looked at her with a questioning look. She answered by again taking the lead from me and unbuttoning my shirt, my belt, my pants. I followed her every request, although most things I just followed her lead and her encouraging looks.

It wasn't long before we stood naked with each other. She finally came close to me and our skin touched and our bodies were on fire. I knew I had to have this woman.

Before I could lead her to the bedroom. She had sat in a chair and had pulled me to stand next to her.

She began rubbing and kneading the inside of my thighs. Her kisses and soft licks followed her fingers wherever they went. As she cupped my balls, and began gently squeezing, a moan escaped my lips. My head was thrown back. I had totally put myself into her hands. Something I had never done in my life, sexually or Non.

Her warm tongue found its way to my balls. She lapped them like a kitten cleaning itself. She opened her mouth and took my swollen sacs into her warm wet mouth. That warm rush of feeling is like nothing I can put words to. She increased pressure and sucked gently on them, one at a time. My cock was jumping everywhere. As she was still sucking my balls, her other hand began to slowly stroke my long shaft. The rhythm she had started had my entire body rocking back and forth to be closer to her.

She let my balls escape her mouth, for her only to capture my now soaked head of my cock. In one motion, she engulfed my entire cock. I now know how rocket fuel was invented. I was going to the moon. Almost immediately, I felt my cumm rise from my balls. I was not going to last for 3 minutes of her delicious sucking. As she would suck my cock down her throat, her tongue would dance around my head and my sensitive hole. Her hands now massaging my balls, still wet from her sucking. I tried to pull away.

"Darling, if you keep that up this is going to be over before its started" I pleaded with her.

It only fueled her to suck even faster, with more pressure. There is no way, even trying to say my ABC's backward in my head, could I ignore this incredible feeling. The orgasm built from my toes. I knew I was seconds away from erupting. I could tell she did too, as her pace quickened even more. I could count the times on one hand that I have had the luxury of cumming in a womans mouth. My still sane portion of my brain managed to say "OH God, babe I am cumming"!

To my surprise, rather then her releasing my cock as it began spurting my cumm, she swallowed me even deeper into her throat. Sucking and swallowing as I pumped for what seemed like forever. My cock was so sensitive, it was almost painful as she kept sucking me down. I had long since stopped erupting and she kept my cock in her mouth. It wasn't long before I could feel it begin to take form again. Hell, I don't think it was ever really soft, just not AS hard.

She released my cock from her mouth and stood up.

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