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Petra's first virgin night in a prison cell with Wreford.

She massaged his hardness in full view, not caring if anyone could see. Mark slid Karen's panties down, his fingers caressing her sex, probing her, as she in turn stroked him faster. Both were now breathing hard, their breath steaming in the cold hair, swirling like an erotic fog around their bodies as they excited one another.

"I'm going to come!" He moaned. She leaned back against the bole of a tree her hips pushing against his fingers inside her, his thumb on her clit. She watched as he thrust against the tight grip of her fingers, as his seed shot from him, falling in a long arc onto the brown, damp leaves on the ground. As he came it sent her over the edge of her own climax and she gripped his cock firmly, his semen still ejaculating, now hanging from the head of his maleness like a gossamer strand.


They were women so they talked. They were women who were close friends, so they talked about everything. Karen wanted to explore the new feelings she was having so she confided in Charlotte over a drink. No, she didn't think Karen was a perv. No there were lots of people who enjoyed watching. After a few more drinks they were very relaxed about it all and several hints had been dropped as to how far Karen had taken her new experience with Mark.

"Mark? In the park?" Charlotte giggled and then there was no stopping them.

In a way that had the remarkable clarity that only comes of drink, Karen said, "you know what?" Charlotte raised an eyebrow. "You know I bet Mark would love to show off to more than just me. I mean he's a real exinibition - exhebishunest." She coughed to cover the slurring and caught Charlotte's crooked grin. "Well count me in," she giggled then said, "ooo, what about what's her face - Angela? Isn't she off to some new job out of town? Why don't we get her along and then we can all watch him - kind of a going away present for her."

Again, they laughed - but they phoned Angela and got her to join them at the pub to make the offer. Angela, at 19 was a lot younger than the other two and blushed and sipped her drink - but didn't say no.

It was the cold light of the following day that Charlotte brought up the topic again at work. "So do you really think he would do it?"

Karen at first wanted to say they had been drunk, that he was her boyfriend - but she didn't. Instead she wondered what he would think of the idea and she wondered what it would feel like to have her boyfriend on display for her friends. "I'll ask him," she said in a low voice with a grin. Charlotte went away to find Angela.

It had become almost the norm for Mark to be naked around Karen and that evening was no exception. Karen remained clothed but began to flirt with him, caress him, keeping him hard. It took a couple of glasses of wine before she felt ready to begin to talk with him about his fantasies of being nude as they sat on the sofa together. He told her how much being able to do it for her meant.

She grinned. "What about a fantasy though? Would you like to do it for more than just me?"

"You mean - you and...others?"

She slid closer putting an arm round his waist and a hand on his thigh, watching his cock twitch. She kissed him, encouragingly, whispering, "tell me your fantasy." Her hand slid to his inner thigh, to his balls. As they touched he moaned about being on display for her friends. She stroked his hard cock lightly while he pawed her breasts through her top.

"What if it could come true?" She murmured. She heard him gasp, felt his erection twitch in her fingers. He moved back a little, his gaze searching her face. He sat back, wondering what she meant. Steadily she stroked him. "What if they could all see you like this? You'd like it?" He nodded slowly.

"Can it? Come true?" he asked.

She smiled and lowered her lips to the head of his cock. "Maybe." She whispered as she surrounded his glans and suckled him.

The rest of the evening she slowly told him more and between them they decided it was her gift to him; she knew what he was like and that there was no point trying t

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