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A son finds his mother is being dominated by her sister...

"Get over her and get out of those clothes and into this bed."

I walked over to the bed and pulled my shirt up over my head. When it cleared my head she was there pushing her lips up against mine in a deep kiss. Her hands were up against my chest with her nails lightly scratching my chest. As we continued to kiss she ran her hands down to my belt and unfastened it. I reach around behind her and grabbed each of her ass checks in a hand and squeezed.

She moaned into my mouth and unbuttoned my pants and started shoving them down. As they fell off my hips she grabbed my underwear on both sides of my body and jerked them down, freeing my cock.

My cock sprang to attention and she grabbed it with both hands. "Oh my god!" She exclaimed. "It's absolutely huge. I knew it was big when I was grinding on it but this is unbelieveable."

She shoved me back on the bed and swung her hips up and over my face putting her pussy right on top of my face. As I started to immediately eat her juicy pussy she grabbed my cock and put her lips right down on the head of it and kissed it. She opened her mouth and put her lips around the head of it and ran her tongue all the way around the head of my cock.

As I was licking her deep in her pussy she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. She was moaning around my cock and the feeling of that combined with her tongue and sucking action had my cock getting harder than it ever had. All of a sudden she started going up and down on my cock then stopped and began moaning like crazy.

I could tell she was getting close to orgasming and went wild on her pussy I licked down and found her clit and took it into my mouth, sucking on it hard making blood rush to it, causing it to swell and get super sensitive. I then attacked her clit with my tongue. She jerked her head up off my cock and screamed out as she exploded into my mouth.

She lowered her head back down on my cock and tried to deep throat it. She got about eight inches of it in and started to gag a little. I reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart that enabled me to see her perfect little rosebud asshole.

I reached up with my tongue and licked her asshole. When I did she initially jerked up and away from my face but then immediately slammed her ass back down on my face. She raised up bringing her head up off my cock and putting more weight on my face.

"Oh my god,yes. Eat my ass." She shouted. "You are my kind of man."

I licked hard around and on her asshole then forced my tongue up in it pushing past her sphincter and causing a deep gutterall moan to come from deep within her belly.

As I was tongue fucking her ass she reached down and began rapidly fingering her clit. Bring herself to another orgasm. After orgasming she climbed off me and laid on her back telling me "get over her and put that cock in me, NOW!"

I got up and positioned myself between her legs and put the head of my cock up against her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and dug her six inch leather heels into my ass urging me to put my cock into her. I slowly eased forward and watched as the head of my cock started into her pussy.

"Oh yes put it in me, fuck my pussy" she said as she started working her heels in my ass like a cowgirl would use spurs on a horse.

I shoved about half my cock into her and as it stretched her pussy out to allow access for my cock, she threw her head back and screamed out. That slowed her heels digging into me. I then shoved the rest of my cock into her burying all ten and a half inches of my cock into her all the way to the very base and putting my balls against her ass.

When I buried it all the way in she arched her back up off the bed and grabbed both hands full of the sheets beside her. "OOOOOH God that feels so good" she moaned. "Don't move I want to feel it all in me for a minute."

She laid there with my cock in her pussy and her hands kept clenching and releasing beside her body.

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