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Divorcée discovers something new.

take it? What if I disappoint him?

Jake awakened. I didn't see his eyes open, but he immediately cuddled me tighter and pecked at my ear. "Morning sweetheart," he greeted.

"Hey, baby," I replied. I turned around and kissed him. His eyes were still small. He was cutely drowsy, but he still kissed me deeply, firmly, rubbing his warm hands on my shoulders, down my arms. I looked down at his chest, stroking his chest hair lightly with my fingers.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied sheepishly. "Last night was amazing"

"I hope I wasn't too rough or anything. Are you alright down there?"

"Yeah babe. It was just, just unexpected. Hard core," I answered.

Jake giggled a bit. "Alright."

"No babe I loved it. I really, really did! I was just kinda shocked at your strength," I reassured him.

"Uh huh," he dismissed.

"Sshh!" I quietened him and paused to get my words in a row. "Look, tough guy, your hard core gymnastics just makes me wonder what else you have up your sleeve. I wonder if I can handle it and still keep you interested."

Jake grinned. "Yeah I got a few more ideas hey. I was thinking maybe I'll tie you up sometime, use some handcuffs ya know...maybe I'll steal the guard's taser and give it a go..." He teased.

"Oh shut up," I replied cheekily.

He paused and stared deeply in my eyes, and brought my hand up and kissed my knuckles. "I have love up my sleeve for you. Nothing more. No matter what we do, or how, my priority is you. And I enjoy it, every time."

I bit my lip. I didn't know what to say. My eyes welled up and I felt that sharp strike in my heart, as if it didn't know how intensely it should beat, whether it should respond to my body or to my mind. I grabbed Jake's hand, kissed it and placed it on my heart. "Love me once more Jake, before sunrise"

Jake grabbed me and we kissed so long and deep, our tongues caressing each other fiercely, then gently. He held me tight around my back and I caressed his face. Our dicks gently rubbed at each other, his big hairy veiny one, against my smaller smooth soft one, his hairy sack against my clean one. He kissed my forehead, my cheeks, my ears and neck. I pulled him onto me.

The mattress in this room was thick and soft, unlike in regular cells. We sank into it as he got on top of me. I pulled him down, feeling his weight on top of me. I was so heavy, muscles firm, his body hair caressing and tickling my milky soft body.

He tried to go down on me. I held his head up, "No, just enter me. I can't wait my love. Be in me Jake"

He lubed himself with his saliva and pushed into me gently. I helped him and pulled him in deep.

"Ahh! Oh Jake! I love you!" I moaned.

"I love you Daniel" he muttered. He was tempted to move in me.

"Just take it slow baby. I want you in me as long as we can," I pleaded. We kissed deeply as he moved in me slowly, just enough for my lion to stay hard but not enough to make us explode. As we sank in bed, I was surrounded by his magnificent body. Wilfully trapped. I felt so safe. I felt protected and invincible.

My lovely beast began to sweat as he always does. His heat made me sweat too. Droplets trickled down our faces as we kissed. I loved tasting his sweaty, spicy body. I licked it up wherever I could, another way to satisfy my yearning for more of him to be inside me. I wrapped my legs around him and he thrusted slowly in me. He breathed heavily and I matched his breathing, taking in his air as he breathed out.

I teared as my man loved me. I was so happy. So madly in love. I didn't know I could be so happy. He gently whispered "Hey, are you alright?"

I nodded. "I'm madly in love with you."

Our moans matched each other. Soft, heavy breaths. No one must hear. It's just us. Just for us. No one else exists. He kissed me deeply under my ears, pecking my lobes, his head wet with sweat.

I could see him getting tired.

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