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"Do you think about her when you masturbate?" asked Lizzie.

"I haven't had a wank for a week, she used to do it for me, I want her hand on my cock, not mine."

"Oh you poor thing."

Perry looked at this eighteen year old sister and smiled. Lizzie looked at her nineteen year old brother and smiled back.

"You look a lot like her you know," Perry said to Lizzie, "if we kissed and I kept my eyes closed, I could pretend it was her kissing me."

"What a good idea," replied Lizzie, "a little kiss would do no harm."

Perry closed his eyes and Lizzie lent towards him and kissed him gently on the lips.

"Oh Laura," whispered Perry, "kiss me again."

Lizzie leaned in again and pursed her lips, she was taken aback when Perry's tongue tried to force it's way inside her mouth.

"Perry!" Lizzie cried, "what are you doing?"

"Sorry Lizzie," he said, "I got a bit carried away. It felt just as if I was kissing Laura. I did love french-kissing her, could we do it, please Lizzie?"

"Well, as long as you keep your eyes shut tight. I shall close my eyes and think of Peter pixie, just so it doesn't seem too weird."

Lizzie leaned in again, only this time she allowed her brother's tongue to invade her mouth. She pretended it was Peter pixie kissing her and she felt butterflies in her tummy.

Perry put his hand behind her head and pulled her to him tightly, she responded by rubbing her hand up and down his arm and then down onto his thigh. Lizzie felt Perry's other hand on her thigh, just where her little pixie dress ended and her soft pixie flesh started.

"Oh this is nice," she said as she broke away from the kiss, "but it is wrong."

"How can it be wrong if we like it so much?" Perry asked.

"Get on the floor and close your eyes," Lizzie told him, "and make sure you call me Laura."

Perry lay on the floor and closed his eyes. Lizzie could see that there was a bulge in his little pixie breeches. Lizzie knelt astride him and undid his breeches.

"Oh Laura," Perry whispered as his sister freed his stiff cock from the confines of his breeches.

"Oh Laura," Perry whispered as his sister took his stiff cock in her mouth and began to suck it.

"Oh Laura," Perry whispered as his sister took hold of his hand and put it to her breast.

Lizzie stopped sucking and stood up. She hurriedly took off her little dress and pulled down her little panties. She straddled her brother and lowered herself onto him, his stiff cock slipping inside her wet cunt in one movement.

"Oh Laura!" he cried as he felt his sister's hot, tight, wet cunt envelope him.

Lizzie began to wriggle her hips. She took hold of her brother's hands and held them to her boobs which were still encased in her little pixie bra.

"Oh Peter!" she cried as she became more and more aroused.

Just then Patrick pixie, their father, walked into his little house. He was greeted by the sight of his youngest daughter grinding herself on the cock of his youngest son.

"Goodness me!" he cried, "what do you two think you are doing?"

"Oh father!" said a surprised Lizzie, "it is not what it looks like."

"If you could stop fucking your brother for a moment and tell me what it is, I would be grateful," said Patrick.

"Perry has his eyes closed and is pretending I am Laura and when I close my eyes I pretend he is Peter, so it is alright really."

"Oh well in that case," said Patrick as he dropped his breeches, allowing his stiff cock to spring out in front of him, "I shall close my eyes and pretend that you are your mother when she was eighteen."

"And do what?" asked Lizzie.

"What I did to her when she was eighteen, of course," answered her father as he crouched behind her.

"Ooooh!" exclaimed Lizzie as she felt her father start to invade her back passage with his cock.

"Good girl," he said softly, "relax and let me in."

Lizzie was not an anal virgin and she relaxed her sphincter as best she could and let her father shove his meat up her.

Patrick did not have his eyes closed as he buggered his daughter, he was looking down at her back and remembering that her mother looked exactl

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