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The Aftermath.

This time she felt Rose pull her down, and they embraced in a kiss again.

Through the kiss, Alina tried to work on the several bottoms of the blouse, and she also felt Rose start to move her own hands to get her top off. She loved the feeling of her hands on her skin, and she tried to show in the kiss how excited it made her. Before she could get all the bottoms opened, she felt Rose getting close to pulling her top all the way off, and they had to break the kiss for a second as her top got pulled off, exposing her bra clad upper body.

It gave her time to look down on Rose's chest. It was the sexiest bra she had ever seen, showing of two beautiful breasts, hidden by white fabric, so beautiful, they made her cock jump in excitement.

"Did you wear this just for me?" Alina asked, gently touching the outline of the bra.

Rose just nodded, shyly.

"I love it, even if I can't wait to get it off," Alina said, smiling.

She leaned down to give Rose a quick kiss, that turned into three quick kisses because her lips felt so good, and then she stood up, helping Rose sit up on the bed. It made Rose come at eye level with her crotch, and she could see the older woman being transfixed with her cock, straining the fabric of her pants, while she started to pull Rose's blouse off, and unclasping the sexy bra, exposing the wonderful big breasts.

"Do all Swedish women have breasts like this?" Alina said, leaning down to put her face between the exposed globes.

"Does all Slovakian girls have massive cocks?" Rose countered, moving her foot up brushing Alina's hardness.

"No," Alina answered, remembering it had been as difficult being a young girl with a cock in Slovakia, as in the US. "You just have to settle with mine, and you can tell just how much it wants you, right?" She added, knowing that Rose must have noticed how hard it is.

She felt how Rose moved up one hand to trace her cock through the fabric, while the other started to pull at the bottoms of her jeans. It felt so good, but she wasn't ready for that yet, and instead she pushed Rose down on the bed again.

"I said I wanted you naked first, and then you are going to show me how much you love my cock," Alina said, confidently.

Rose giggled, making her chest heave, sending erotic shivers through Alina. She wanted her so much, and it was hard to take it this slow, but she knew it would make it feel even better when they got to the good part.

Instead she leaned down to give Rose a kiss on her sexy stomach, getting the last bottom of the blouse undone, and then started to look at how to get her skirt off. She found the zipper on the backside of the right hip, and she moved her slightly to the side, to be able to pull it down. She saw how Rose adjusted on the bed, putting her feet up on the edge of the bed, pressing her upper body down, as she lifted her hips high up.

Alina grabbed the skirt, pulling it down Rose's legs, watching her shift again, laying down on the bed, and with her legs high in the air. She pulled the skirt off, admiring her legs, dancing in the air.

"Your legs are amazing," Alina said, half stunned.

"Yes," Alina answered, taking a hold of one leg, giving the calf a kiss. "I can't wait to feel them around me," she confessed.

"Like this," Rose said, limberly moving them around Alina, pulling her close.

Alina half fell over Rose, and she felt their crotches being pressed against each other. She looked down to see a sexy pair of white underwear, matching the bra, being pressed against her hidden erection. She looked back into Rose's eyes, and the passionate twinkle made her wince. She pressed her lips against Rose's just in order to regain her composure, but the sweetness of her lips only made it worse. Her cock twitched against Rose's crotch, and she was glad she had jeans on, as the power of her growth would have ruined any other fabric.

The kiss only lasted for a few seconds, before she felt Rose unclasp her bra, and still kissing, she mo

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