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College Professor meets student.


"Yes Mistress."

Rachel walks in as Mistress beckons her to do so, then stops at the end of the bed awaiting instructions. She trails her eyes over the sleeping beauty, letting wanton images play deliciously in her head, making her neatherlips twitch and ache to be touched. A slow, feline smile curves her lips when Miaya shifts on the bed to her side, pushing her chest up higher in the air and exposing the graceful curve of her neck as she stretches then settles back into sleep. She looks over at her Mistress as she moves, attracting lustful attention.

"Put her on her back Rachel. Your going to spank her, and then she's going to be a good little slut and eat your sweet little cunt."

Rachel blushes slightly, because for as cruel as Maiya was as a Mistress, she never talked dirty. She feels a shock of pleasure flow through her viens at the thought of finally being on the other end of the leash. She grabs Miaya's shoulder and rolls her onto her back, barely restraining herself from kissing her. As cruel as she was, she was a great kisser. She looks over at Mistress, not sure what she is spanking, or what she is supposed to use to do it.

Mistress runs her palm slowly across Miaya's silky smooth cunt, then gives it a soft tap. Miaya wiggles a bit, but otherwise does not stir. Mistress nods at Rachel, letting her knows without words what she had been wondering. Mistress finds it is easy to know what questions the girls will have since she's been a slave with them for so long. She's spent many nights consoling and being consoled by them, as well as exploring each other's minds. A few years like that and you can get to know a person inside and out. Of course, it never hurt that Miaya prefered for them to play with each other rather than her. Mistress plans on changing that though, She's seen the lack of confidence in her and plans on remedying the fact as well as finding the sources for the destructive emotions.

Rachel leans in and presses a kiss of Miaya's lips, then runs her hands down from her nipples to her hips. She slowly outlines her hips with nails, then comes to her mound and rakes her nails down it lightly as Mistress ties her hands and legs to the post, being careful not to wake her up. When Mistress signals to Rachel that she is restrained properly Rachel brings her hand down hard on the top of Miaya's mound, causing the woman to wake up and yelp, then glare at Rachel. She looks around the room until she sees Mistress, then gives Her a questioning look.

"I tried to wake you earlier with a kiss. You did not get up. A lesson needs to be learned, as well as reinforced. You do as I say. I know that you know Me well enough to know that I prefer to say things without speaking. Now your going to get 10 licks on your cunt for not waking up 10 minutes ago."

Rachel marks the end of Her sentence with a particuarly painful smack on her clit after having used her other hand to spread the lips of her sex open. Miaya tries to close her legs when she sees Mistress gazing at her wet sex, and then struggles harder when Rachel brings down the third smack directly onto the mound. Rachel trails one red tipped fingernail up Miaya's stomach, then stops at the valley between her beasts. She palms one, then the other, before leaning in and taking one in her mouth to suck on. Mistress smiles and then takes the other into her mouth and sucks on it as well, rolling her tongue around it until it gets stiff, then releases it. Mistress feels her womanhood start to ache.

An audible pop sounds when Mistress and Rachel both let go of a nipple, but thats from the harsh blow Rachel lands once more on Miaya's clit. She whimpers and jerks her hips to the side, then bites her lip hard, stopping only when she feels it start to go numb. Mistress goes over to the dresser and picks up the ruby collar, listening as Rachel continues with the punishment. She turns around when she hears the moaning start.

Rachel is sitting on Miaya's chest with her smooth cunt pressed against Miaya's mouth, with the gi

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