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One last (?) fling.

ht hand reaches over to your right breast and cups it over your tshirt

You: i lick your neck

You: my right hand starts to gently and comfortingly massage your breast

Stranger: *puts my hand on your cheek and kisses you as you massage my breast*

You: i kiss back

You: my tongue searching out yours

You: my finger and thumb reaches your nipple

You: and starts to rub it

Stranger: *wraps my tongue around yours and moans very softly in our kiss*

You: my left hand reaches into your hair

You: and I brush it gently

You: still kssing you

You: and while i play with your nip, the rest of my fingers

You: run lightly over the underneath of your boob

You: almost ticklichly so

You: ticklishly so

Stranger: mmmmm

You: I go back to massaging your breast

You: cupping it and gently squuezing it

You: slowly my fingers come off your breast

You: and run gently across your chest to wards your other breast

You: i cup it and massage it too

Stranger: *I start to kiss you a little rougher running my fingers through your hair*

You: i love the way they feel in my hand

You: perfect amount of flesh and firmness

You: *i need to gasp for air from these mind numbing kisses*

You: but I keep kissing you back

You: my right hand leaves your left breast and travels upwards

You: trailing my fingers lightly on your skin

You: it moves across your chest

You: and up your neck

You: up your chin to your left cheek

You: my right hand covers your left check

You: my thumb teases the right left side of your mouth

You: i stop kissing you

You: and move my head down over your body slowly

You: blowing cool air until i getto your right breast

Stranger: Mmmm

You: i bite down on the flesh above the nipple

You: very lightly

You: sucking

You: very gently

You: my thumb is pushing into your mouth slowly

You: i run my left hand down your left side lightly

You: grazing the skin

Stranger: I start sucking on your thumb a little*

You: to make you all tingly

You: are you feeling tingly Sara?

Stranger: Yes

You: still biting and sucking on your breast

You: and playing with your mouth and tongue with my thumb

Stranger: Mmm that feels so good Sam...

You: I stop playing with your breast and climb over you to get to the other breast

You: I start sucking on the flesh right below the left nipple on the underboob

Stranger: Mmmm

You: my right thumb in your mouth

You: left hand massaging your right breast

You: i flick your right nipple a bit

Stranger: *keeps sucking on your thumb licking it too*

You: while i suck on your left nipple

You: I hope it feels good

You: your feeling good is getting me hard

You: can you feel me growing and pushing against your leg?

Stranger: Yes I can Sam

You: rate me so far Sara...

You: I need to know...

You: I can make you feel so good.

Stranger: You're doing great I love this

Stranger: I know you can Sam

You: well it's time i move down...

You: i breath over your skin right between your breasts

You: left hand still massaging the left breast

You: God I love your breasts so much

You: I put my tongue on you

You: and move straight down your torso

Stranger: Mmmmm you feel so good

You: to your belly button

You: the tongue goes in and makes it lightly moist

You: I blow cool air into it

You: very lightly

Stranger: *watches you and runs my fingers through your hair*

You: are you wearing pajama bottoms or pants or panties or a thong?

Stranger: I'm wearing pj bottoms no panties a tshirt and no bra

You: let's take your t shirt off

You: i sit you up

Stranger: Ok

You: and lift your shirt over you

Stranger: *kisses you *

You: you just have to lift your arms

You: i drop it off the side of the bed.

You: I lay you back down while kissing

You: you

Stranger: *lays down slowly*

You: I pull away and reach down to pull off your pajama bottoms

You: one hand on either side glides them off gently

You: fingers grazing your skin the whole way down the sides of your legs

You: so smooth

You: so soft

You: i take them off all they way and leave them aside

You: I stand up and take off my own tshirt and

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