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Suddenly survival was an issue.

Looking down at the latest chemical analysis she tried to get a fresh perspective on her work. Despite her best efforts her mind drifted back to her conversation with Chris. She could picture herself on all fours moaning as he penetrated her from behind.

She became slightly aroused and could feel her nipples stiffen underneath her bra. She attempted to regain focus a second time, but she was startled by a shuffling sound coming from the other side of the lab.

"Hello," she said inquisitively.

There was no response.

"Chris is that you?"

Again, no one responded.

Jenn got up from her seat and ventured past the protective glow of her computer monitor. The opposite end of the lab was dark. Only a dim light spilled into the room from a nearby street lamp. As she continued, she caught a unique scent lofting through the air. It was intoxicating at the very least. A warm energy penetrated her stomach and began to surge through her chest and vagina. She stopped for a moment letting the feeling pass, grabbing hold of a nearby chair. "What was that about?" she wondered. She put a hand to her forehead to see if she might have a fever. "A little warm, but nothing too bad," she thought. After a brief moment she composed herself and continued to the back of the lab.

She was taken back by what she saw.

The hybrid plant, the one she was studying, was moving its vine-like appendages in a strange, hypnotic pattern. It reminded Jenn of the way a cobra swayed back and forth, putting its victim into a trance. "Oh my god, this is amazing," she said out loud. Mesmerized by the motion, she watched it for a few minutes. The plant seemed to sense her presence and reacted. Its vines slowly crept toward her feet and wrapped themselves around her ankles. Unsure of whether to be afraid or not, Jenn remained still being careful not to provoke any unwanted response.

The fragrance that lingered in the air was causing her head to spin. She was approaching a state of euphoria that she had never experienced before. "Have I been drugged?" she wondered. She almost considered trying to run and call someone for help. Tingling sensations shot through her body as she could feel her clothes brushing against her skin. Despite her situation, she found herself becoming deeply aroused. "Why am I feeling this way?" she wondered. For a brief moment she entertained the possibility that it may have something to do with the plant. "That's silly."she thought. But as she became more aroused the plant grew increasingly restless. Thoughts came into her head of submitting to her seducer. "I can't possibly," she thought. "This is a plant." The more she tried to put the idea out of her head, the more powerful her urges became.

Finally, she submitted.

Jenn removed her white lab coat and tossed it aside. Her pink button-down blouse could barely contain her breasts which were heaving up and down in anticipation. Thoughts of uncertainty raced through her mind. She lay down on her back with her legs bent, and parted slightly. The vines that had wrapped themselves around her ankles were now making way up her legs to her waist. It didn't take them long to find her belt and unbuckle her. She began to put a hand down the front of her pants to masturbate, but was unable to. A vined mass bound her hands together and began to draw them above her head. As this was done, her blouse lifted slightly leaving her stomach exposed. A small vine quickly moved in and began to fondle her naval. The sudden stimulation caused a shiver to run through her loins. Looking down, she could see now that her pants zipper was being undone, exposing her low-cut white panties. Jenn lifted her bottom off the floor slightly as her pants were pulled away. Within seconds, two more vines crept up alongside her and began to wrap themselves around the elastic lining of her panties. They began to pull downward, exposing a neatly-trimmed vagina, which was now soaked with arousal.

Jenn was panting hard.

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