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The latest goings-on at Oliver House.

.. you just want me to use you and fuck you like the depraved slut you are... don't you, you worthless little whore?" I ask, without blinking or breaking my stare.

"Yes, sir."

"Tell me that's what you want. Let me hear you say it."

"Please sir, I want you to use me. I'm nothing but a worthless whore, and I need your cock inside me, please, sir..." A feeling of astonishment and excitement surges through you; you never thought you'd ever hear yourself talk like that or acquiesce the way you were to anyone, yet it was happening now, and you loved every minute of it.

"Good girl," I say again, walking over to the table and picking up the blindfold. Before you can say anything more, I place it over your eyes. You breathe a heavy sigh and touch yourself with even more vigor, building to a fever pitch. You can't take much more of this, and the sudden inability to see is driving you up the wall.

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum..." you start to exclaim. But I slap you again, and grab your throat.

"You don't ever cum, or do anything, unless I say you can. Understand?" As I speak last the word, I give you a shake.

"Yes, sir..." you reply, in a hoarse whisper. I loosen my grip, and you say, "Sir, may I cum? Please, sir, I need to cum, sir..."

Suddenly I remove the blindfold, and as you open your eyes you see that I've completely undressed, and am stroking my cock. Your eyes and mouth widen, and your eyebrows arch up again.

"Look at me, touching myself... you like this, don't you?" The sneering expression comes back over my face.

"Oh fuck, yes sir, I love watching you touch your cock... sir, please may I cum? I can't hold back any more. Please, sir!" Your entire body quivers as you struggle to stem the rising tide of ecstasy inside you, building to a head.

Finally, I assent. "Cum for me, baby. Cum hard for me."

Your quickening breath becomes loud moaning, and as it hits, you quake violently and nearly collapse, completely overcome with your release.

I catch you, keeping you from doubling over, and whisper "Good girl" in your ear, gently nipping your earlobe.

"Oh... thank you, sir... thank you so much for letting me cum, sir..." you manage to say at length, in between deep breaths.

I hold you, giving you a moment's respite and allowing you to compose yourself, before going back to the table to get something. You quickly find out what it is, as I grab your wrist, pull your hand behind your back and slap one of the handcuffs onto it, then cuff the other wrist.

When this is done I turn to stand in front of you, and speaking softly I say, "Are you ready for more? You'd better be; I'm not done with you yet. I've only just begun..."

You look up at me, with that endearing look of deference in your eyes, and with a slight grin you answer, "Yes, sir. Please use me any way you want."

I lean down and hold your chin between my thumb and forefinger. "Good girl," I say again, "that's just what I want to hear from you." I turn and pick up the blindfold, placing it back over your eyes and obscuring your vision again. Your breathing is deep, but calm. I can almost feel the anticipation for whatever will come next building up within you.

I stand before you again, and taking my cock in my hand, I run the head of it down your cheek. You exhale sharply, and you feel more base and perverted than ever; the feeling is incredible.

"Oh, thank you, sir..." you moan.

"Mmmm, you like how this feels, don't you?" I turn your face to one side, and begin to slap my cock against your cheek.

"Yes, sir... I love it..."

I turn your face towards me again and hold your jaw. "Open your mouth, and stick out your tongue." You do as I say without a word, and I let my cock run over your wet tongue.

This time it's my turn to heave a sigh... I only wish you could see how you look, handcuffed, blindfolded, kneeling helpless before me, licking my shaft like some wanton slut who lives only to please, and will do anything to that end.

Then, without warning I grab the back of your head with both hands and sho

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