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Neil seduces Heather.

All the bays were full. No sign of his Bakkie. A knot developed at the pit of his stomach. The vehicle was missing.

"Who the fuck...," Jack cursed aloud.

Flashes of all the warnings he had ever gotten of his habit of leaving his vehicle unlocked went through his mind. He despised locking his vehicle for practical reasons. For one, the temperature of a locked vehicle resembles an oven. He never used the air-conditioner and preferred the salty summer breeze on his face. And of course, it was his right to do so, he always argued. Never mind the mini crime sweeping the city.

Jack scanned the bustling street, left and right from where he was standing. The vehicle couldn't be very far, he thought. He wasn't long in the shop either. While the mother with the nagging children in front of him in the queue had been scratching in her bag, Jack dumped the exact coins in the hands of the exasperated cashier and was out of the shop within minutes.

"Stop that Bakkie!" Jack shouted as he spotted his Bakkie four vehicles down the road. The traffic was slow, almost bumper to bumper. Jack reacted instantly and started running down the side walk. Just then the traffic picked up speed and his Bakkie was now also moving quicker away from him.

"Stop that Bakkie!" Jack shouted repeatedly as he picked up pace. Nobody seemed to hear him and if they did, nobody responded.

Just then Jack noticed a white hatchback with the passenger door ajar. A woman was loading plastic carrier bags into the back of the vehicle.

"Lady I need your car!" Jack shouted at the lady who lifted her head out of the rear of the car.

"What?" She was confused by the sudden appearance from what appeared to be an unstable adult man.

Jack noticed she had a pretty face, about 26 years old.

"I need your car", Jack gasped out of breath not realizing that he was shouting.

"Are you crazy? The young woman raised her voice, now trying to attract people on the sidewalk.

"Get away from my car, you creep!" She began. She lifted what looked like a bag of groceries and swung at Jack. Jack ducked and took a step back. The vehicles' driver door was standing open. He noticed the keys in the ignition.

"I am sorry, but I have to borrow your car," Jack dived into the car and started the engine. It responded immediately.

"Help someone," the woman was now shouting desperately. Jack pulled the car effortlessly out of the parking bay and swung the vehicle in the traffic. A sedan with a granddad behind the wheel screeched to a halt to allow Jack into the lane, cursing and waving an ominous finger. Without thinking of the consequences, the owner of the hatchback leaped into the open hatch. She went crashing into boxes, parcels, carrier bags and Christmas presents.

"Stop! Stop! Stop," she shouted at Jack as the car took off down the road.

Anni got a better grip for herself onto the head rest of the rear passenger seat. She was furious that someone would steal her car in broad daylight. She had just completed last minute shopping and needed to get home to start preparations for Christmas lunch. Anni was 1.6 meters tall, with green eyes and dark brown hair that framed her face and forehead. She was medium built and had a fierce temper that belied her apparent sweet looks.

Jack was keeping his Bakkie in view. It was just three vehicles in front of the borrowed hatchback. The traffic was slow in the busy Main road.

"Help! Someone Help! I'm being hijacked!" Anni stuck her head out the rear window and yelled.

Jack couldn't believe the women just jumped onto a driving vehicle. Was she crazy?

"Are you okay back there?" Jack glanced in the rear view mirror. He could see the open hatch door bouncing up and down.

"The bastard' s going to spoil my Christmas and I' m going to be without a vehicle", Anni was furious.

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