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You come home late to an empty house.

..okay, Daddy." Silently, Dani berated herself. It wasn't because he need to drive. It was because she wasn't pretty enough. She started thinking the way she had always thought. No man could ever want her.

They entered the mall in silence. "Okay," said Allen, checking around. "I want you to practice being confident when you're in here."

"What do you mean, Daddy?"

"I mean," said Allen, "that you're a gorgeous girl, and it's time you acted like it. Flirt with the guys you go past, act like you're better than them. And make them jealous that you're with me, not them."

Dani nodded. "Okay, Daddy, let's go."

She set off down the hallway, holding her father's hand and looking around awkwardly. She was saw people looking at her from all over. Their eyes followed the hot schoolgirl-punk and her much-older boyfriend as she traveled through the mall. Then, Dani started doing things. Her stride became exaggerated, showing off her ass and her tits. She looked like a supermodel coming down a runway. She waved to a group of boys standing nearby, they waved back, unable to stop staring. She reached over to her father and made out with him passionately, and he responded. Now everyone was watching this beautiful woman and her man on their stroll, and Dani was loving the attention.

"Well...uh...great job," said Allen, still recovering from the flow of hormones that had come with his daughter's passionate kiss. He still wasn't able to get over how young she was. How young and innocent. But that was another thing that scared him. He didn't want her to confuse their new relationship with love. Sure, Allen loved his daughter, but he wasn't about to leave his wife for her. He hoped that she wouldn't become terribly attached to him.

"Do you really think so, Daddy? I tried my hardest."

"Dani, you did amazing. Everyone was watching us. Now let's go in and get you some new clothes."

The father and his daughter headed into a clothing store. They went around, picking out some of the most revealing and attractive clothing in the store.

"Do you think this is too revealing?" asked Dani, pointing to a yellow tank top with spaghetti straps. "I think it might be against the school's dress code."

"Baby, people are going to want to see as much of your body as they can," said Allen. "And you might as well give them a sneak peak."

Dani giggled a little. "How about this skirt?" she asked, pulling out a denim miniskirt. "The bottom'll be about three inches below my pussy."

"It sure will," Allen agreed, adding it to the pile.

Allen helped his daughter pick out a few more items of clothing, including a see-through white button-down shirt and a couple more skirts.

"Why don't you go try those on, baby," said Allen.

"You want to watch?" asked Dani.

"I'll have plenty of time to watch when you get done," said Allen, playfully smacking his daughter's ass as she left.

After ten minutes, Allen was tired of waiting. He grabbed a pair of pants and went up to the dressing room, asking to be let in. He was, and knocked on the only closed door in the small area.


The door flung open. Standing there was his daughter. She was wearing the tight white shirt that he had recommended for her. The top three buttons were undone, and he could easily see the outline of her dark bra beneath it. She was also wearing the tiny denim skirt that she had just picked out. They traveled about three inches below her pussy. Her girlish red hair and freckles contrasted with her very womanly body.

"How do I look, Daddy?" she asked.

"Stunning...just stunning," Allen whispered in awe. His mouth moved towards hers and they exchanged a brief kiss... then a longer one... then suddenly their bodies were pressed against each other, sharing a passionate French kiss like neither had experienced before. Allen's daughter's youthful body aroused him even more than before. She was truly stunning. He remembered what her mother had been like, nineteen years ago.

Dani felt her teenage hormones urging her onward.

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