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A tough 2 questions, life changing.

It gave George amusement to see my struggles. It occurred to me I had rarely seen her in her underwear, purple was unusual but seemed somehow right. George pressed the bra to her sides with her arms, forcing me to peel it off her shoulders and reveal her generous, beautifully-rounded breasts.

I had to step back and admire her. Her soft tummy, gently hanging breasts, smooth round shoulders were wonderful to see. Gracefully she reached behind, let out her ponytail (something else I rarely saw) and her hair fell softly over her shoulders, complementing her bare skin.

Her shoes were off and Jack was undoing her pants. He pulled them over her hips to reveal purple panties - of course. She stepped out of the pants and stood proudly in front of us. I reached for her panties and slowly stretched them over her hips and down.

So close to her, I could smell the mixture of her scents. Traces of perfume, the mild sweat of a day's activity, a barest touch of urine, mingled with the powerful odour of arousal as more of her pussy was exposed. I could make out through the curly hairs two fleshy outer labia holding in the wrinkled inner lips that were just peeping out. I sensed a change in all three of us as her scent reached our nostrils.

George stood back, completely naked, completely in charge of us. She stretched her arms out and pushed her shoulders back. She ran her hands through her hair, letting the strands slip between her fingers, sighing contentedly as she did it. She smiled at us.

"Undress each other. Slowly."

We half-expected this, but still it gave me a thrill to be undressed in front of someone. Jack's hands were as unsteady as mine as we each removed tops (no bra for me). I loosened his belt and pushed his jeans over his jutting erection. He took off my jeans for the second time that evening - more gently for this event. He slid my panties down and I caught the smell of his semen mixed with my juices. I glanced at George to see if she had noticed, but her gaze didn't change. I pulled his jocks down and his cock sprang out, hard and ready, bobbing slightly. This time George smiled.

Her two servants were now naked and awaiting her direction. She stopped the cherry liqueur bottle with a finger and tipped it over and back. Then she wiped the wet finger on one of my nipples, repeating the process for the other one. She turned to Jack.

"Lick her clean, please Jack."

I shuddered when his tongue touched my skin. His hands on my hips I was ready for, but his breath on my breasts, the brush of his nose, his tongue roaming over my tiny nipples, shocked and aroused me.

Then my turn. Jack was anointed and I leant in to lick his nipples, smaller than mine - but not much! There was a scent on him mixing with the sweet liqueur: on his skin and under his arms, the effort of our lovemaking earlier. I felt the nipples harden under my kisses, felt his breath shorten as he reacted. I felt George's hand on my head, stroking down my back.

Then George's turn. She dabbed her nipples, the crease under her arms, behind her ears, then nodded to us. Jack knelt in front of her, cupping and suckling each breast. I kissed near her armpits (a different smell but just as enticing) and licked her neck. We could feel her breath rising. Jack lifted one breast up and looked inquiringly up at George. She understood.

She smeared the sweet liqueur into the crease under each heavy breast. Jack and I each lifted the flesh and nuzzled into the warm, soft, damp skin. The smell of George's skin was stronger and mixed wonderfully with the alcohol's sweet taste. I brushed her nipple with my nose, my lips and my tongue. She sighed. I ran my hands up her back while suckling her nipple and she stretched up with pleasure.

I could sense something in Jack. He stood up, gently took the bottle from George and gently led her to the bed. She was flushed now, staring wildly at the two of us. When she sat on the edge of the bed Jack pushed her back.

Something came up in me.

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