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He goes to Istanbul, beds Russian defector.

I apologize to you guys... not my intention to every stand anyone up.

Ultimately I was able to connect with 7 over a 12 hour period, and was able to moderate but not fulfill my hunger for strange nameless cock.

After checking in, I went to the lobby for a Glenfiddich and soon was in conversation with a 63 year old business man... over-weight, not very attractive. As we chatted, I heard my husband's voice "sluts don't chose the attractive ones, they submit to anyone who wants them". Somehow that is such a turn on for me.

Within 15 minutes, we were in my room and I was giving him a sloppy bj... his Cock and balls dripping in spit... I deep throated his 6 inches and held him all the way as my tongue lapped under his balls... his cock pulsed in my throat. I was really aroused by it. I could tell from experience if I didn't edge him off he was going to cum... I encircle his cock at the base and clamped him off... ceasing all my movements. I held my pressure as he hung in the balance... but succeeded in denying him.

I whispered "I need to feel you in me" as a laid on my back and opened my legs.

He awkwardly mounted me and his cock slipped in easily. I fucked him with the same passion and lust as I would a 20'year lifeguard... our kisses were wet and i thrust back against his cock to maximize his penetration... I started to cum... the image of me taking this fat stranger bareback was strangely erotic... I was proving my slut reputation... I tightened around him and locked my Louboutin clad feet around his back... I quickened my thrust to match him... I felt his body tense up and his rhythm became sporadic... he moaned and fired his first string of semen into me... I encouraged him 'drain those balls in your whore"... he pumped several more spurts... and then lay quiet.

He withdrew and quickly dressed, thanked me and was gone... 24 minutes. I was his hole... he got off, left his cum inside and forgot my name. How perfectly beautiful .

Number 2 was young... uncomfortably young actually. While my lust cares little about ages, I am careful now... his id said 18 in August . He was nervous... but I made him feel secure... I peeled off his shirt to view a hairless athletic chest... his smooth black skin flawless... sliding off his shorts... he was beautifully and totally shaved, his balls smooth tight and attached to a thin cock but about 8 inches... the antithesis of number one... a perfect specimen... shy and unworldly but the most desirable of sex partners.

He was to be savored... his cock to be worshiped... I took him into my mouth, slowly,... Gentle... inching him down as he occupied more and more of my throat... soon he blocked my air, but I held until reflex forced him out leaving a think stringy discharge from my throat... all over his cock balls and torso... I, repeated again and again... each time my eyes welled with tears, my body gasped for air until I was faint... I sucked his full balls, and and continued lower to his ass...

Spreading his cheeks I tongue is ass... rimming and opening his hole with my tongue... I probed deeper... I jacked his cock as I tongued his ass and balls. Loving it... and eager to crawl deeper inside...

My used pussy naturally opened from an uncontrolled arousal... I was in a trance... senses heightened. There was no performance or gymnastics required... just intense desire.

I mounted him reverse cowgirl... and watched as his young black Dick disappeared into me... inch by inch until his balls were against my opening... my view was perfect... as my natural discharge flowed from me... down his shaft, covering his balls and wetting the bed. I massaged his balls... feeling them tighten as he pushed into me... my breath was short... mouth open, eyes closed.

In some weird way... we were innocents... focused on pleasure, naturally aroused... my pussy flowed, undeniable proof of my pleasure. Our motions were slow, deep, erotic.

He moaned.

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