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Michelle Marsh takes on the gang bang challenge.

With the hand buried in her hair, Henry lifted her face up from his sack back onto his cock and shoved until she had all of his buried in her throat. She was gagging, the thick spit coating his rod and she sucked and licked up and down his length. Suddenly he started peaking and his hands kept time, he was fucking her face harder as she moaned and squirmed on the floor between his legs.

Henry could see the crotch of her panties was wet -- so wet he could see the lips of her pussy defined by the white cotton. He watched as Alexis quickly tugged the sides of her panties aside and thrust two fingers deep inside her dripping cunt. As soon as she did, he felt the hot lurch in his gut that told him he was going to cum. Henry fucked Alexis' face furiously and he could hear her fingers slopping around in her juices as he thrust once, twice, three times deep into her throat. Alexis was gagging and moaning at the same time as she swallowed the entire load, still rubbing her swollen clit. As she finished cleaning him off, Henry grabbed Alexis' elbows and stood her up in front of him. She grinned wickedly, her lips still shiny and her cheeks flushed.

He looked her up and down, at the sexy little skirt, at her nipples poking proudly out of the tank top, the white socks up to her knees, and felt another surge of lust. Quickly Henry turned Alexis around bodily and pushed her towards the bed. He roughly shoved at her so that as she neared the side of the bed, she fell forward. Alexis began to right herself but Henry just pushed her back down, her face buried in the comforter, and he flicked her skirt up over her juicy ass. With no warning he brought his right hand up and smacked her squarely on the ass cheek.

Alexis flinched, her ass bouncing up in the air and her back arched. She released a low hiss and then with a moan she relaxed again, not attempting to get up.

"You're a bad little slut. You barely let me come in the door before you had to have my pants down and my cock out. Isn't that right, slut?" Alexis didn't move or resist as Henry reached down and grabbed both her wrists, effectively handcuffing her with his hand. "I asked you a question, Alexis. Aren't you a bad little SLUT?" As he said it, he finished with another hard smack to the ass. She was arching her back again but grinding her ass in the air with a low moan. Henry thought he might have seen something like a nod, but they both knew that wasn't a proper answer. Henry grabbed an ass cheek roughly, massaging it.

"Aren't you a bad little slut, Alexis? I think you want me to spank you. Look at those socks and your skirt... you look like a bratty little cocktease. Tell me you're a bad little slut and maybe I'll spank you again." Alexis was breathing hard, her ass squirming in the air. Henry reached between her ass cheeks, down to her pussy and yanked the white cotton aside again. Her cunt was gleaming at him, dripping, as he forcefully thrust two fingers deep inside, slowly twisting them around. He could feel her back onto his hand as she ground against his fingers and moaning again. Abruptly, he pulled his fingers away and flicked at her ass cheeks as he pulled her panties down over her butt, down her legs and off. It was enough to make her arch again but wasn't giving the punishment she was desperate for.

"Just say it, Alexis. You had my cock in your mouth before my coat was even off, didn't you? " he licked what was left of her juices off his fingers. "I can taste your sweet pussy all over my hand, you're so wet. And you can't tell me what a little slut you are?" Henry shoved the same two fingers inside her again roughly, and pulled them out. He brought them to Alexis' mouth, running them over her lips. Her tongue darted out and as she aimed for his fingers.

"I'm a bad little slut.

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