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"Well we do have a place, not far too from here, where we could join you and get that special thank you," Elysa replied.

"I'd like that... very much," I replied as I stood up.

Jacques stood up and waved his arm. A limousine pulled to the curb right next to us. We climbed in the back with Elysa and me sitting in the back seat and Jacques sitting alone in the rear facing seat. I didn't feel too sorry for him; he did get to see a wonderful encounter between Elysa and me.

Elysa made the first move, laying her hand on my knee. As she slowly slid her hand up my thigh, I leaned over and kissed her. It was a quick brush of the lips at first but she responded and kissed me back. Both of us reached out and embraced. She pulled me toward her as she fell back against her side of the limo. I fell on top of her and we kissed again. Elysa slipped her tongue into my mouth and soon we were locked in a deep, passionate tongue filled kiss. She reached behind me and ran her hands up the back of my thighs. It pushed my thin cotton sun dress up over my buttocks. She rubbed and massaged my ass cheeks. Her touch was electric, even more pleasurable than I had expected. I couldn't suppress a deep guttural moan as she fondled my butt.

I broke our kiss and pushed myself up. Elysa appear confused until I pulled my dress up and over my head and dropped it on the floor. Elysa and Jacques both commented on beautiful they found my body.

"We don't need these in the way, do we?" I asked as I began pulling Elysa's dress up too.

I was delighted that Elysa's dress was all she was wearing, I had her naked in seconds. She was pleased when I told her how beautiful her naked body was. Before I could move Elysa reached out and caressed my breasts. She rolled my sensitive nipples between her fingers, drawing a deep guttural moan from my lips. I leaned in and we kissed, deeply and passionately again. Elysa reached around me and pulled me down on top of her, smashing our breasts together. I slipped one of my legs between hers and we began grinding our bodies against each other, our thighs rubbing up against each other's pussies. Both of us were so excited that we were wet already. I could feel the heat and moisture radiating from between Elysa's legs on my thigh as I'm sure she could feel the same from mine. Our pace quickened as did our breathing. Elysa began to buck wildly and grind her pussy against my leg which caused her leg to wildly buck and grind against my pussy. Her head jerked back and she cried out as she started to cum. That set me off as I began to cum too. Both of our bodies began to tremble and shake as I collapsed on top of her. After a minute or so I pushed myself up to a kneeling position with one knee still wedged between her legs.

"Oh my god Peggy, you're amazing. I've never seen someone cum as often and as easily as you," Elysa said as she slid her hands back up to my breasts.

"I know but I can't help myself, I just love to cum... and once I start, I never want to stop," I replied before I looked over at Jacques, held out a hand and asked. "Do you want to come over and join us Jacques?"

"Of course, but since we are at the villa, maybe we should go inside where it's more comfortable," Jacques replied with a laugh.

Elysa and I laughed and shared another kiss before I moved completely off of her body. The driver opened the door and Jacques exited the limo. I guess the driver was used to Jacques's and Elysa's lifestyle because he wasn't surprised when Elysa and I stepped out of the limo, naked. Jacques told Elysa to go inside and show me around. He said he would be in after he picked up our dresses and shoes. Elysa took hold of my hand and led me into their villa.

We entered the main room of the villa. It was a large room with several sitting areas. Most faced a glass wall at the back of the house which opened up onto a patio and pool. The view of the beach was magnificent. I walked over to the glass wall looked outside.

"You have a very beautiful home Elysa. I love the view," I said.

Elysa walked up behind me.

"Thank you,

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