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A romance about love in the workplace and out.

"Ohohoh, Tati, oh..."

I shook my head back and forth as my curls danced along the insides of her thighs and the sensitive skin of her groin. She pulled in her legs, then began rubbing my sides with her feet. Oh, my God, that felt good. I moaned into her a little. I felt her squeeze me between her heels - she knew I liked it. I smiled against her skin. Then I returned to sucking in earnest, this time inserting one finger beneath my mouth and pressing gently downward again.

"Tati, more please."

I turned my hand palm up and slid my finger out a little, searching for the sensitive spot against Kris's front wall. I found it and placed my finger against it. The light, steady pressure elicited more satisfied noises from Kris.

I slid my other hand underneath her and pressed along the crevice between her legs downward, downward...until it rested just above the pucker between her butt cheeks.

I stopped there. Kris lifted her head to look at me. I met her eyes with a tender, loving gaze. My mouth was occupied, but I raised my eyebrows to ask her worldessly if she wanted me to do it.

"Tati! I'm embarrassed."

I closed my eyes and shook my head, attempting to reassure her. Then I paused my ministrations and just rested my lips against her groin, batting my eyelashes. She threw her head back onto the pillow.

"Ohhh, Tati..." She raised her head, shuffled her pillow under her neck to support herself, then held my gaze. I removed my lips from her skin to offer Kris a small smile. "No want?"

"Tati...I've never..." she trailed off. I returned my lips to her skin and placed three sincere kisses against her lower stomach. If she didn't want it, I wouldn't pressure her.

"Tati..." I looked up again. "Will it...I mean...will it hurt?"

I kissed her again before responding. "Some people don't care for it. Some people really like it. We don't have to do it, sweetie."

"Well now I...I kind of..."

I moved my lips downward again and ran my soft, warm tongue over the sensitive spot to the right of her clit. Rather than lap at it, I kept it covered, rubbing over it in both directions. I felt little tremors run through my girlfriend. "oooh, oooh-ooh..."

Kris breathed in deeply, then uttered my name again.

I felt something against my left hand, which now laid flat beneath her tailbone. A few slender fingers.

I looked up. Kris looked unusually pink, and she wouldn't meet my gaze directly. "What is it, babe?"

Kris's fingers placed downward pressure on my hand. " we..."

Oh, I see.

"You want to try it, sweetie?"

Kris turned her head to the side and did her best to bury her sheepish grin in the pillow.

"We can try it if you want to. I'll be super gentle. If you don't want to keep going, we'll stop right away."

"I'm scared it'll feel good."


"Because I would feel weird...wanting that."

I rose to hands and knees and crawled up so I could speak into Kris's neck. "Sweetheart, it's just me. You can ask."

"Are you sure?"


I kissed her on either side of her neck. Then I licked her chin.

Kris smiled at me. "No matter what, Tati, you always have to have something that I just receive and don't get to give."

"I didn't say that. Though I'll admit..." I kissed her neck, "Showing you nice things does make me feel pretty good about myself."

Kris pouted at me. I gently nipped her chin and spoke. "Give it a try?"

Kris nodded a little. "I wanna."

I kissed her lips, then worked my way down between her legs again to massage her rim with my unused hand. Kris began to relax. She made a soft noise. I whispered "Keep going?" and she nodded. I increased the pressure just a little.

Kris's green eyes had begun to water. I lowered the rest of my body down between her legs and, without ceasing my motion against her slowly yielding muscles, applied my other hand to the sensitive spot just inside her labia. Finally, I lowered my tongue and lips to her clit again.

Kris started to arch her back up in time with my motions, then she shut her e

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