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She goes down town for a close shave.

My pussy was tingling. He kissed a line down my belly. When he got to the panty, he made a line of kisses along the elastic and then moved straight to the crotch opening. He kissed the ridge that my pussy lips had already formed. "Oh, yes, Rick," I cooed. Encouraged, he separated the lips and ran his tongue in the empty space. Sometimes I like a lover to pay attention to the spaces between the outer folds, but this time I just wanted him deep, so I put my hands on the back of his head. He didn't disappoint. Not only did he have a wonderful technique with his tongue, he had just enough stubble on his beard to tickle my inner thighs, and his moustache occasionally grazed my clit. The way he pulled different parts of my flesh in and out of his mouth, it felt good in both directions. "Please, Rick, take your pants off," I managed to say before I came.

He knew that I meant underwear. "I thought you'd never ask," he said. He moved his hands toward his hips, but I couldn't even wait that long. The way he was making me writhe, I brought my knees up involuntarily, and when they came down, I accidentally hooked the big toe on my right foot into the waistband and pushed it down to where his knee was bent. Rick pulled his hips back, looked down at the panty, and centered himself. "Before I take the next step, I have to ask. Can I trust you again?"

"Yes," I assured him. "I'm not saying I'll stay on the Pill forever, but I'll always let you know one way or another. Losing your trust was the worst thing I ever felt." While we were stopped, I took the nightgown off.

"Good," Rick said, and he moved his hips forward. He had no problem slipping his cock through the crotch opening and directly into my pussy. He came down on top of me. He opened his mouth, and I touched my tongue to his.

I could feel his chest against my tits, and his cock was sliding lovingly in and out of my cunt. "Oh, God, Rick, I love you so much," I panted between his thrusts.

I felt his cockhead against my wall at the same moment that he replied, "I love you too, Marissa," and suddenly I knew what he meant by soulmates.

I also knew that I had spoken the truth when I said he was mine. "Make love to me!" I urged. He fucked me harder, and then he raised his hips. I felt the friction against my pubic bone and begged, "More! I love how you move around like that!"

He stopped for a moment to get his underwear all the way off, but then he was able to move side to side and reach even more new spots inside me. "I'm gonna come," he warned me. "Where do you want it?"

I pulled my knees up again and put them on his buttocks. "As deep inside me as you can go," I answered. I could feel his balls against my thighs, and I knew when they started pulling up. I had a split-second where I could have changed my mind, but I wanted what I got, a full load of my big brother's cum delivered straight into my pussy. "Oh, God, it's like we're one person," I moaned.

Rick put his arms around me while he was coming, and I did the same. He kissed both sides of my neck while we moaned each other's names. We lay like that for a couple minutes after we came, and then I pushed up. I could tell that the fringe around the crotch was stopping his cock from moving too far to either side. "Enough for one night?" he asked.

"Hardly," I said.

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