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Sexy teacher "conferences" with 2 horny dads.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" I asked, with a bit of concern that I might have bitten something sensitive.

"No. God, no. That was incredible. I haven't cum like that for a while. You hit all the right spots. No, you did just fine. I just hope no one heard me."

"I wouldn't worry about that. If anything, you might get a request to moan in a different key, but I don't think anyone's going to be offended."

She giggled in response, then turned serious again. "Well, ... there's something else." Tamara hesitated, then went on. "I haven't had the chance to renew my birth-control prescription yet, so I can't let you make love to me or cum inside me, even though I really, REALLY want you to. Please don't think I'm a tease. There are a couple other things we can do instead, but I wanted to be upfront with you."

Well, what do you say to that, when you've got a raging hard-on and a naked girl in front of you? I smiled back at her and said, "I really want to make love to you, but I understand your concern. We can do whatever you feel comfortable doing, and I'll be OK with that."

"I hoped you'd say something like that. Let me show you what I have in mind." With that, she reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it firmly from root to tip and back again. She then shimmied down to where she could take me in her mouth. She started by licking the head around and then tonguing the tip, collecting the pre-cum that had collected there. I laid back, and she moved between my legs, continuing to minister to my cock as I growled in pleasure.

After spending a few minutes giving my dick a good going-over, she moved up toward me, capturing my dick between her tits. Holding her boobs around my cock with her hands, she began to rock back and forth, my dick sliding between her tits with each motion. As the head popped out the top of her cleavage, she would bend her neck and capture the head in her mouth before letting it slip out and slide back down the slippery channel between her boobs.

She kept this up, varying the speed of the motion and the intensity of her sucking until I was right at the edge. "I'm really close, Tam. I'm gonna cum soon," I moaned.

"Do it, baby. Cum on my tits. Let it go on my boobs." My orgasm rushed through me, pulsing through my chest and erupting out my cock. I came in spurts, each blast painting the top of her fleshy tits with a coating of white liquid. When the geyser subsided, she bent and kissed my cock again and licked some of the semen from her tits. Suddenly, she stopped, looking to my left into the trees surrounding us. I followed her gaze and saw Krista standing there, one hand on her tit, squeezing the small nipple, and the other in the front of her shorts, obviously stroking her pussy.

She started when she noticed we saw her and began to move away. "Wait," Tamara said. "Don't go. Come join us. Come on, come over here." She patted the ground next to her, encouraging Krista to move forward.

Krista moved tentatively, slipping her hand from her shorts and letting her blouse fall back over her exposed breast. She walked forward, looking sheepish. "I'm sorry I watched. I saw you leave the deck and thought I would see where you went. I heard what you were doing, so I thought I would stay back and just watch. You guys looked really hot together. I especially liked watching you cum on Tam's chest, Vinny." By that time, she was kneeling next to us, her eyes fixed on Tam's boobs as they moved with her breathing, the cum still pooling on them.

Tam said she didn't mind if Krista was watching us, and I echoed her comments.

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