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"Could we get another pitcher and two more glasses?" She looks at the two young men. "You guys eating?" They nod. "You can look at the menu but if you trust me, get the carnitas special. That's what we're having."

"Sounds good, thanks," Liam replied. The young lady gives him a very big smile, nods and heads back to the bar.

"Well, she's in for a disappointment now, isn't she?" Kate chuckles. Liam looks at her, clearly baffled. Matt laughs.

"Liam, dude, she was totally batting her eyes at you," he says, punching his friend on the shoulder. "You are so clueless, sometimes," he continues. "Maybe I should give you a big ole smacker right on the lips when she comes back?"

It's hard to tell who looks more alarmed, Liam or Roy.

"JK, dudes, JK," Matt chuckles.

"'Just kidding', 'JK' is 'just kidding, honey," Kate says, patting the back of Roy's hand. "Lord, that would get some attention," she continues. "This town could use a little shaking up but maybe you should start off with holdin' hands or something a little less dramatic at first."

Lisa returns with the new pitcher and extra glasses. The others, even Roy, grin as Liam blushes at Lisa's efforts to flirt with him. Even embarrassed as he is, Liam is polite and kind, though he worries about giving the girl the wrong impression.

"Don't worry, Liam. I'll put a word in her ear. I need to hit the can anyway," Kate tells him as she slides off the bench and around the table. When she returns, Lisa is following with the food. It's Liam's turn to smile when he sees she's turned her attention to Matt. He catches Kate rolling her eyes when Lisa isn't looking.

"Good Lord, I guess I should have told her both y'all are gay. I thought she'd tumble to the fact but, nope."

After the first bite, conversation ceases. Liam feels guilty for even thinking it but he's afraid that the carnitas may be better than Rosalita's. When the last bit of refried beans has been wiped up with the last bit of tortilla and swallowed, the table lets out a collective sigh of satisfaction. Lisa collects the plates, they refresh their glasses and lean back.

"How's your friend, Kent. How are his hands?"

"They're looking better already, Roy," Liam replies. "Thanks for asking. My dad is getting ready to rent out the house. I don't know if he's planning to hang out with Kent, rent a cabin from Glenna, or what. It'll be another month before Kent goes back to work."

"Your dad's renting his place?" Kate asks. "Why?"

"He's quitting his job. I think he talked to Glenna and Leon about helping out with the resort. Or, maybe, he's going to drive around the country taking pictures or something. He's always been careful with money. He doesn't spend a lot. Anyway, he decided to rent instead of sell."

Kate looks at Roy, who shrugs and nods his head.

"You know what he's asking for rent?"

"Not really. Why? You mean for you? The two of you?"

Kate nods, smiling. Roy smiles, too. He can't help it; Kate looks so happy.

"Maybe, depending on the price," she admits.

"You guys are moving to Cleveland? Really? Right on!" Matt enthuses.

"Maybe, probably," Roy answers. "We're thinking hard about it."

"What would you do there? Paramedic?" Liam asks.

"At first," Roy replies. "If I can get a job doing that, Kate would have time for nursing school. It's something she's always dreamed of."

"Excellent," Matt chirps. "That's what Liam wants to do. Way cool."

"No kidding? I can see that," Roy says with a nod, looking at Liam. "While Kate does that, I'll pick up a few pre-reqs I'm short on then I'll apply, too."

"No shit, that's cool," Liam tells him. "Why Cleveland?"

"Big city, more options for jobs, schools, etc." Kate answers.

"And it's not here," Roy adds. "I feel like I need to get away from here for a while, get away from some of what I was. Folks here would laugh if I told them I wanted to go to nursing school."

"They would not," Kate insists.

"Bullshit and you know it." She doesn't argue with him.

"Who the fuck cares," Matt says, leaning across the table t

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