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Horny gals do Daddy and his old friends.

I hear him groan, then I hear the sound of spit and feel him searching and wedging himself into my bottom. I am unsure. My hands move to block him, but he does not listen. He is mad with lust, a slave to the pull of nature. He forces his way in and I cry out, my voice drowning in the undulating sea, swallowed up as though it never existed.

"Please," he pants into my ear.

I am helpless to his voice, so desperate, so honest, that I will my flesh to soften, to accept him. He feeds it to me, slowly, inch by inch. It fills me, stretches me, breathes me with pain and fills me with fire.

"Oh, fuck," he groans.

Powerful arms wrap around my body and hug me to him, while his teeth rake along my neck. He bruises me. He hurts me. But I am lost in it all. The music. The madness. The man inside me. He takes me as I want to be taken, as I need to be taken. My body arches, my eyes close. So deep he goes, until I am split in half and can no longer breathe. He stills for a moment, letting me adjust, while his lips breathe winded kisses along my temple. I am skewered on his flesh like a stuck pig, a sacrifice to the dominance of man. Then he moves, at first tentative, then building with strength, until he is unleashed. My poor little hole struggles to take him, and tears spring to my eyes while desperate whimpers leave my mouth.

The pain...Oh God, the pain.

Let it cleanse you.

Let it strengthen you.

The adrenaline seeps, the body warms, accepting, inviting. He drives into me as though no longer in control, as though instinct in all its primitive glory has taken over.

Fingertips dig into my flesh, needy, possessed. He is like the music, like the drums that pound, like the voices that shout, demented with rage, blind with passion. Inside me, the fullness consumes, like a monster frothing at the mouth, pain and pleasure molding together, until every cell is bursting and every nerve is screaming, louder and louder, until I cannot reason, until I cannot breath, and then I come, oh God, I come, blissfully, wildly. It feels like I am being tossed and torn apart by the tide, by the man inside me, by the world around me.

Then suddenly, I'm falling...falling to depths that will crush me.

I cannot stand.

He senses this and holds me up, by his hands and by his cock, which continues to thrust inside me. That voice, so beautiful, so desperate, groans deep into my ear as his body peaks and swells, a current of hot liquid spurting inside me, again and again, his hips lunging frantically to purge every last drop. His muscles jerk and his breathing stops, then his arms tighten around me as he presses my body to his so tightly I think perhaps he will never let me go. Then, as though a storm has passed, our bodies slack and lean into the other, panting, sweating, dazed in the aftermath.

For a moment, we stand still, merged as one being, one sexual entity. His hands caress me, his breath warms me, and I think perhaps I could stay here forever.

"Thank you," he murmurs into my ear.

His lips trail along my temple, leaving the languid kiss of a spent lover. He withdraws from me and I feel empty, but sated.


A woman erotic.

My trembling hands work to adjust my panties and my skirt, as he too puts himself back together. Around us, the pulsing beats come to a close as the animals wind down, depleted, like us.

I hear the call of his friends and I reach for his hand and wrap it around me quickly, then press my lips to his palm with closed eyes, stashing away his scent, his feel, his essence, burying them deep in my memory where they will live forever; the fantasy who became the man, the man who became the fantasy.

Then I let his flesh fall away, but as I step forward into the dwindling crowd, his fingers tighten around mine, leaving my arm stretched out behind me, as though he doesn't want to let go.

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