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Debbie does a follow up to her Christmas Gang Bang.

"Slut, you are going to serve my two friends for the rest of the evening, wholly, completely and at their request with no safe word. Do you understand?"

"Yes Lady Midnight," you respond weakly with a nod.

"I have their word that they will not harm you or go beyond you're capabilities since I will not be in the backroom. I am staying here to do fire play so trust them entirely like I do. I know you will make me proud pet."

I unhook your hands and ankles, reattach your leash, put you on your knees, remove the hood for a moment so you don't crash and hand you over to one of the Masters. Before being dragged off you glance up at me, showing the trust and love you have for me in your eyes. I swat your ass as you pass me, following the two men out of the dungeon, past the swinger's rooms to the outfitted and entirely soundproofed BDSM private rooms.


Closing and locking the door behind them, your leash is removed and your hood is put back on after getting a glimpse of two well built and well endowed men, Master A clad in leather, Master T in latex. Steeling your nerves, you sit up to your knees, hands behind your back and displaying them no fear for what they have in store for you. One comes up to you quickly, slipping his soft cock through your open-mouthed gag. The other slips on vamp gloves and drags the spikes roughly down your back. Just as you get Master A hard, you're pulled to your feet roughly under your arms and lead to a post. Your arms are stretched up and attached to the top of the post and a spreader bar between your legs; the weights still dangling from your balls and the clamps still painfully tight on your nipples, all this causing you to moan loudly.

You hear a whoosh, and feel the familiar thud of a heavy deerskin flogger come down on your back and then ass. Moaning with each hit your flesh is turning a beautiful red flush. Your hips are pulled back and you feel a cool cream being rubbed between your crack and over your boycunt. Neither Master could hold back, not able resisting your wonderful ass of yours.

You feel a finger pressing on your tight yet well trained hole, but still not penetrating. Instead you are removed from the pole and laid across a preacher's bench, hands and ankles attached to various points on the bench legs. Your face is pulled up and the gag is pulled out of your mouth, Master T not being able to fit his cock through the smallish opening. You know immediately to open wide and stick your tongue out to accept his monster rod into your mouth. Only semi-hard, he slides easily into your throat while you are silently thanking me in your thoughts for all the deep throat training from my strap on you have received over the months. As he slides down into your throat, you begin to work your tongue over his smooth shaft, feeling him grow immensely in your mouth.

All the while Master A is taking his paddle once again to your ass making you groan from deep within. Your moans vibrating along Master T's cock make him even harder in your throat, choking you. Finally you can feel Master A running his cock between your cheeks, spreading them apart to expose your boycunt to him. Master T tightly grabs your head and really starts fucking your perfectly slutty face while Master A presses hard against your rim, pushing his cock - larger than any of my strap-ons - past your muscles and sliding balls deep in a single push. Moaning loudly, the two huge cocks are skewering you perfectly, making you feeling like you're splitting in two and quickly bringing you toward subspace from the use.

Suddenly you feel sharp pricks into your already flushed ass, being spanked with the vamp gloves as Master A lays into your boycunt hard and deep.

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