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Phillip takes their relationship to the next level.

At that point, I just about had it with my search for love and romance. It seems that women can sense when a guy is looking for them, and they don't like that shit. They can smell eagerness in a man and it's a turn-off for them. The best way to find a woman is to not look for one. If you look at the movies and TV shows, the nonchalant and cool guy usually gets the girls while the ladies avoid the punk with the big heart who's constantly chasing them without any care for pride or dignity. That's just the nature of the game. So, I decided to put the ladies out of my mind. Fuck love and romance, I've got better fish to fry.

I began going to church again, not because I am super religious or anything but because it gives me something to do. I work as a security guard, looking after empty buildings on the overnight shift, five nights a week. Typically I walk a few rounds then find a quiet corner to sleep. Most security guards I know do the same thing. Staying in my empty apartment in Vanier appealed to me as much as staying in a casket, so church became my refuge. There I ran into an old acquaintance of mine, the lovely Esther Jacques Philemon.

You know that one chick at church who's always saying "praise the Lord" and typically acts holier than thou? At our church, Esther Jacques Philemon, the niece of Pastor Vincent Philemon, formerly of Cap-Haitien, Haiti, and presently of Ottawa, Ontario, is definitely that chick. A second-year student at Algonquin College, Esther is just under six feet tall, slender, brown-skinned, short-haired and beautiful. If only she could keep her mouth shut, that would be great. I mean, I'm a Christian but not the type to walk around making people feel guilty if they're insufficiently religious or something. Well, Esther is definitely that type of sister.

Even though she's gorgeous and smart, lots of brothers at church avoid Esther like the plague. And I'm sorry to say that I'm one of them. So, um, imagine my surprise when, one day after church, I went to the nearby public library to look at some porn and got caught by none other than Esther. What was I watching, you may ask? A female domination or fem-dom video featuring a chubby Black woman fucking a masked Black man with a strap-on dildo. Esther sat next to me without my noticing and touched me on the shoulder. I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw her, and frantically tried to close the web page. Sadly, it remained open.

So this is what you do at the public library, Esther said in a quietly sinister tone. I glared at her. Seriously, what's this chick's problem? We're not at church, we're in the damn library. If the library clerks don't mind my watching porn as long as I got the privacy screen on, why does she? Esther looked at the screen, then at me. Yes I watch porn, I quipped guiltily. Esther clucked her tongue, then her eyes roved up and down, appraising me. You reek of submission and weakness, she said, shaking her head. I stared at her, stunned. Of all the uppity...before I could tell her where to stuff her attitude, Esther told me to scoot over. And then she grabbed the mouse and started typing.

I watched as Esther logged onto the Fetlife website, and gaped as I beheld her profile. BlackQueen117 was her handle. In the profile picture stood Esther, clad in a red bra and matching panties. In her right hand she held a whip. Jutting out from between her thighs...a shiny red strap-on dildo. Wow, I said, stunned. Esther smiled and told me she'd been into BDSM for years. I smiled and typed my secret identity in the Fetlife website search engine. I am SteveSub1988, I added sheepishly. Esther smiled and sent me a friend request, which I used my cell phone to accept. Thus, Esther and I, two secretly kinky church-going Haitians became friends on the world's largest free kink website.

It was the beginning of better times for me.

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