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Because of Jacobs's connection to his father's oil business, he worked closely with the government. The man had been more than happy to substitute his usual security and guide teams with members of Daniel's team. Others watched from the distance and probably cursed the lucky bastards their simple luxuries like a camp fire, hot food and even their IPads.

Daniel finished his final checks around the perimeter, you could never be too careful. Samuel was frowning and nodding at something the man said. Curiosity drove him towards the fire. Doc stood up as he approached. "I better be heading to bed." Looking at Samuel he smiled, "Think about it at least."

Samuel nodded, "I will. I promise you that."

Daniel sat on a blanket across from his friend. The two of them stared into the fire in silence for a moment.

"Everything all right? Did you check in with Trav and the others?" asked Samuel.

He nodded, "Yeah, other than being mad as shit that we're here and they're out there everything is cool."

Samuel chuckled, "Damn straight. Seniority ought to have some perks."

Daniel stretched, "Do you ever feel you're getting too old for shit?"

Samuel's shoulders slumped, "Only every fucking day for the past five years."

He nodded. Five years. Five years since the incident that had taken his friend's life. Samuel's friend and Jill's husband. He sighed.

"I've been looking for a way to say this, man. And I guess since you mentioned it, this is as good as any." Samuel shifted on the blanket, poking nervously at the fire with a steel rod. "When we get back, I'm putting in my papers. I'm retiring."

Daniel's mouth dropped open. "What? You've decided to accept Dodd's fucked up offer?"

Samuel shook his head, "Naw, man. I'm tired and old, not stupid. Simone and I have been talking about this one for a while." Looking over at Doc as he spoke quietly with their Afar guide next to his tent, he continued, "But Dodd ain't the only one that recognizes our skills. Doc's offered me a job, running security at this place he's building in west Texas."

Daniel frowned, "You don't buy his shit, do you? I mean all this end of the world crap."

Samuel shrugged, "I don't know, Danny boy. The man is some kind of fucking genius from what our Intel said. His daddy is rich as shit too."

"I know but you of all people should know how that kind of shit can screw somebody up. I mean it all just seems too weird. Some kind of mad scientist shit if you ask me."

"He's not like Dodd or Rachel. His theory might be a bit out there, but everything I've learned about this guy is on the up and up. You know he put himself through his doctorate program without any help from his father. His dad had thought he'd use his geology degree to find more oil but the guy was more interested in his volcanoes."

Daniel shrugged, "Still, have you actually listened to his whole theory? A series of volcanic eruptions around the world that will plunge us into a new Ice Age. Come on, that's science fiction crap."

Samuel poked the fire again, "Maybe, man. But his ideas for sustainable living on this damned, I don't know, commune, I guess, are fucking amazing. Raise your own food, recycle everything, and everyone pull their own weight."

"Hippie fucking crap. Utopia. You know it never works like that."

"I don't know. Maybe it could." His friend met his gaze, "Man, like you said I'm getting too old for this shit. I'm forty-two. Forty fucking two. I should have been out of here long ago."

Daniel felt anger and betrayal knotting in his gut. "So why the fuck didn't you, old man?"

He slumped, "Simone and I agreed that as long as you needed us we'd stick around." He looked up and smiled, "But you don't need us no more, man. You got Jill and like I keep telling your sorry ass that woman is great. Second best one I know."

Daniel lay back on his side and watched the fire flicker, "I know."

"It still bothering you?"

"It probably always will," he whispered.

Samuel chuckled, "Tell you what, since you won't listen to me on this one

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