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A story about seduction and the fun of reconnecting.

We both noticed that a gentleman was sitting at the next table alone and after exchanging pleasantries we invited him to join us so that he would have company for dinner. This is not unusual for us as we live in a vacation community where thousands of travelers visit and we often extend hellos.

The gentleman, whose name turns out to be Jim, accepted our invitation and sat on the banquette next to Sophie and across from me. We each had a drink and began the process of getting to know one another. Jim was a nice looking man of 48, well maintained, had a full head of hair, a very casual demeanor and an easy laugh. It was all good and we were all enjoying the banter.

After a second drink my shy, demure, very sexually up-tight wife began to loosen up. She was laughing with the guys, adding comments of her own and the evening was really shaping up to be a very pleasant encounter. No sexual innuendo, no talk of sex at all; so, it was "safe" for Sophie.

The third drink arrived, at Jim's insistence, and I noticed that my wife was really beginning to have a good time. Jim noticed the same! I looked at Sophie and she whispered to me that Jim had his hand resting on her creamy white thigh and asked "what should I do?" I just shrugged and told her to do whatever she wanted to do. A few minutes later Sophie became not only became a bit quieter but also a little "squirmier" moving around on her seat.

I didn't pay too much attention to it until Sophie turned to me and said, "Jim's stroking my thigh and his hand's getting further and further up my dress" What should I do?" All this is going on with Jim still at the table!! I said what do you want to do and her response startled me-- in a very good way. Although to this day I still can't believe it, Sophie said "I want to open his fly and play with his penis". I was shocked!

Now here we are, 3 mature, well dressed, adults in a high end restaurant and my wife wants to put her hand under the tablecloth to reach for Jim's cock. What I didn't know at this point that Jim's hand had not only continued to move "north" but had moved Sophie's panties to the side and was playing with her pussy, I was getting the picture and was going crazy!

Sophie's always had an easy time having multiple orgasms and because of her lack of sex for many months this encounter awakened her. I could actually hear her pussy juices making noise from Jim's intrusion from across the table. Sophie reached down and over, unzipped Jim's pants, reached in a made a palpable sound. Jim was much bigger than I, thicker than I; and, had a hard on like stone. To put this in context Sophie has never seen, touched or encountered another man's penis-- EVER!

The under table action went on for only a few more minutes when Jim said, I have a room in the hotel, let's go upstairs. I'll put the dinner tab on my room. Sofie couldn't wait, nor could I! So, we all went to the 11th floor. When we got into the room, Jim asked if he asked Sophie to take off her clothes- I, of course, encouraged the question; and, so he did!

Just as Sophie had never been exposed to any other cock but mine, so also has never, ever disrobed in front of another man- let alone a stranger. But Jim asked and Sophie obliged. She unbuttoned her top and slipped the dress off her shoulders, then removed her bra exposing her great tits. She was embarrassed at first and cupped them but with a little encouragement she released them. Jim immediately went to them.

Sophie wasn't impressed with Jim's interest in her tits and began to move first her dress, then her panties. Jim took it all in. A beautiful mature woman, with milky skin, a great ass and a coiffed pussy. What could be bad? Now it was Sophie's chance to see Jim. He removed his shirt quickly, then his pants- Sophie wasn't disappointed. Jim's cock lived up the the expectations from her encounter in the dining room.

Jim embraced Sophie and they kissed briefly- she just want

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