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Dad teaches his daughter a new lesson.

Jo straddled his hips on the chair, her dress riding up ever so slightly, giving him a better view of the porcelain skin of her thighs. Tanner deepened the kiss, running his hands down her hips, to her thighs, and back up again, roaming under the sweater she wore. Tanner broke away from their kiss to whisper in her ear.

"Take it off for me. Slowly." Jo pulled back, gripping the hem of the sweater. Slowly, as requested, she brought the material over her head, depositing it ungraciously to the floor under the desk. Her lover took in her sleeveless dress, noting her hardened nipples. It would seem that his little dove did not like to wear a bra at times, or perhaps she had just forgotten today. "And now the dress."

Jo lifted up from his lap a little, bunching the material around her hips before removing it as well. The dress slid over her curves, hugging her pert breasts, before she threw that under the desk as well. All she was left in was her lacy undergarment. A soft blush spread over her face as the reality of being nude while he was still fully clothed finally took over her.

Tanner leaned forward, pulling his T-shirt from his chest. "Better? Or would you rather have me remove more layers?" Jo shook her head, roaming her fingers over his chest gently. Tanner gripped her hips gently, watching her every movement to see what she would do next.

Jo's mouth watered as she took in the sight of his perfectly crafted abs and the tattoo that neighboured it. Before she could think better of it, she began sliding herself off of his lap. Her lips kissed a trail from his neck, down his chest, stopping to lave one of his nipples, before making her way to his abs.

Her tongue licked a trail across the contours of his muscles, making its way to the tattoo on his side. Now that she was loser to it, Jo could make out that it was a forest scene. Shades of grey and blue melded together to create a bleak view of a shadowed woodland. Her tongue brushed a patch of golden colour. The wolf hidden among the trees of ink seemed to smile at her as she continued her exploration.

Jo lifted her eyes, watching as Tanner's face was cinched tightly together. His hands trembled at his sides, begging her to continue. She lifted her hands and brought them to the buckle of his belt. The man above her hissed as she undid the belt and his jeans, releasing his erection from its prison. Jo sucked in a deep breath of air before dipping her head towards the impressive appendage.

Tanner had to clench his hands into fists to keep from gripping her head and forcing himself into her mouth as she started her slow exploration of his member. With every lick she placed on his cock, he could feel his resolve slipping. And when she finally took him fully into her mouth, he almost came at that moment. He turned his gaze down, watching as the woman sucked on him like he was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. Her hands roamed up his covered thighs, sending his own set of chills off.

His cock twitched in her mouth as Jo's head dipped even lower, the tip of his cock brushing the back of her throat. " need to stop..." His voice was husky. Reluctantly, she obliged, crawling back into his lap and kissing him deeply. Tanner ripped her panties from her body, throwing the shredded material to the ground in animalistic need.

Her own wetness coated him more than her saliva had. Mid kiss, Tanner lifted her hips, centering her pussy over himself, and dropped her gently onto his length. They moaned in unison as he pressed his entire length into her, filling her completely. Her arms locked behind his neck in an effort to remain grounded as he finally began moving inside of her.

Lifting her up slightly, Tanner kept his hands on Jo's hips, guiding her movements until she became more comfortable.

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