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Young mother is kidnapped & shown a new world.

"He will take care of you."

"Here it is, lady," said the cabbie, swerving to the curb. Wow. An almost Medieval edifice of dark brick with chimneys, a porch, rows and rows of symmetrical windows, and a grand entrance. All set back among dark evergreens decorated only with snow. Generations of faithful Kappa-Kappa-Kappas had shelled out for this. Maybe they were really gentlemen?

I paid, leaped out, scooted up the long walk-shoveled, but now filling-in rapidly-scooted up three flights of brick steps, grabbed the big cast-iron knocker...and held it, hesitating. What the fuck was I doing here? I'm a high-school senior, barely 18. These are college guys. Where the hell are their co-eds? I was feeling sorry for myself. You know what? At our last meeting, Georgia had said, "Wear your diaphragm." Advice a little out of date, but I had made sure I took my pills every day that week.

Too cold out here. I gave the knocker a loud, demanding slam. My heart was ready to jump through my chest and go skittering over the snow like a scared hare.

"Hi, Ellen, welcome. Come on in. The party has started." And, as I stepped into the light, "Oh, you really are cute. So great you are here."

"Oh, thanks. You're Jason?" I managed a really warm smile.

"Yep, and you're Ellen? Where will you disrobe?"

"Disrobe?" the beginning of alarm.

"Get into the Santa's Elf get-up, you know?"

"Oh, sure..." I paused. "Just take my overcoat, that's it."

"Really? Weren't you freezing?"

I am handing him my overcoat, I am transformed into Santa's Elf. I try to smile warmly. He is staring down, speechless, at my bod. The bra seems to have slipped, a bit. One brown nipple is peeking above it in a little costume malfunction.

"Oops," I gasp, laughing, and jerked up the wretched thing.

"Meet the guys, Ellen"

Suddenly, they are clapping, all around a big, very impressive room, with a huge and radiantly lighted tree in one corner, a picturesque blaze in the fireplace, and high drifts of gifts under the tree... Lots of guys on couches, standing around, walking in and out of what looked like the kitchen. But all of them had stopped, now, and were scoping out every inch of my body, clad and unclad. I straightened, stuck myself out, smiled, and waited.

And then, I chirped, "Can I get anyone a drink?"

"I'll show you where," said one gorgeous hunk-sorry, what happened is a blur, all I know is the guy was attractive-and he slipped his arm around my shoulders, smiled into my eyes, and steered me toward the kitchen.

"You at the college?"

"Hope to be," I said, thinking that was the right thing. "Senior year in high school, now."

"Oh," he said, with an even wider smile, "very mature young lady."

"Oh, you," I said, managing a laugh.

All the booze bottles, ice, shakers, glasses, and snacks were laid out. At least I had some experience. I knew what everything was and how to make a few drinks. I said, "I didn't get any orders..."

"Oh," said my chaperone, "half of them drink beer, half of them drink bourbon-or both. Maybe a girl or two will want something special."

And then, as I stood at the counter, drawing the beers from the big metal keg, and pouring the Jack Daniels over the ice, I felt his hand, softly as a summer breeze, sliding over my mostly bare ass.

It felt so fucking good.

If this stuff was starting already, however, the gang bang was coming at about 8:00 p.m. I tried to be light. I looked up at him, giving all the smile I had, and said: "Not in my contract, sir. I'm an elf that follows the rules. And so must you."

That was one thing Lana suggested we might say.

"Sorry," he said. "Your ass is totally to die for, elfie."

I loaded a tray and headed for the main room. I corrected my posture, lifting my chest, and put a smile on my face. This was a lot of fun. I swept into the room and asked, "Who wants beer and who wants Jack?"

One of the few girls said, "And who wants her?"

I just smiled, the perfect lady. I asked graciously, "Do you want something else? I can make anything?"

"Especially hard-ons" she said.

I absolutely ignored her, s

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