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A sacrifice is made.

He swings so fast that he has it sheathed before he realizes it. Then he sees the tree he is standing next to start to fall in his direction. He moves out of the way, as it falls. His thirst is getting to be more than he can bear. He smells the werewolves getting closer. He removes the mask that he is wearing and goes to his prey. He sees them before they see him. He bares his teeth then attacks. He breaks one neck then the other. With out thinking he bites the neck of the one he just killed and feels his teeth puncture the skin with ease. Then the taste of blood fills his mouth. The taste is one that he is not used to, but he realizes that his thirst is going away. He has drained the one and feels even stronger than before. He stands and goes back to the others. He knows that they will be worried about him. Before he turns back he feels liquid running down the side of his mouth, he pulls the rapier out of its sheath again, looks into the blade, and sees blood covering his whole mouth. Dracude then goes in search of water so that he can clean up. He walks for a little while and finds a pond. He looks into the surface and notices that he has fangs. Then watched, as they grew shorter. Then he plunges his head in the pond and pulls it out again. He looks at his reflection on the water and sees that his face is clean and his teeth are back to normal. After that, he heads back to the others.
They saw Dracude walking back to where he left them. Jacque is the first to see that he is wet but then feels a hand on his shoulder warning him not to say anything. Therefore, Jacque asked what happened and Dracude said that he took care of the wolves. They all nodded and finished the trip to Nakita's town. Dracude suddenly realized that they did not know the name of the village they were heading toward. Therefore, Dracude asked Nakita and she told them that she was from La Terre de Mort Vivant. They looked at one another then back to her. She told them that they would rather not know. They just shrugged and continued to follow her. The sun was almost down when the gates to the city appeared. They were relieved to see them. Nakita was indifferent and went on ahead toward the Inn. She entered and went straight to the Innkeeper. She said that they needed three normal rooms. The man nodded and handed over the keys. They went to the rooms and took showers. After they showered, they went to get food. Nakita led them to a pub and got them all a table. She then proceeded to order for them. They all understood why, except for Dracude.

"Ok Nakita I have a few questions to ask you." Dracude stated.

"Let me guess. You want to know why I asked for three 'normal' rooms and why I am ordering for everyone. Am I right?" Nakita asked.

Dracude nodded.

"Well that is simple enough to explain. The name of this town means the land of the living dead. Do you understand why that is Dracude?"

"No I do not."

"That is because, with the exception of your team, we are all vampires. Just about, everything that we have here is made for our use. Is there anything that you want to know?"

"As a matter of fact there is. Why is it that I can smell and hear everything that others cannot? Why can I see better at night like the beasts that we hunt?" Dracude asked.

"That is because you are a half breed, Dracude. You are a half vampire. We were told not to say anything and to try and allow you to find out on your own." Meier answered.


"Well as you know we have been allies with vampires and half vampires for as long as any of us can remember. I am one of the few that knows this secret. I was the one of the few people that was present at the time of your birth. Your mother told us that she was raped. We knew that she was a true vampire because she helped us build our community. When it came time for you to be born she instructed us not to divulge this information."

"And I can't believe that my confidences were for not." a woman's voice from the bar behind them. "Dracude will you please come with me."

Dracude looked at the others

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