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Widower reawakens his passion thanks to four horny cruisers.

Desmond would be his wife in six months and I would be bartered off to the Lycans.

I felt his hands on my waist and he turned me to face him, but I refused to look at him and he dropped his hands, "I'm obligated in many ways Lilly. It would be nice to say that you have as equal a chance as the other three of being my wife and queen, but it would be a lie. At the end of the day you are still human."

I looked down at him feeling the pain as he said what I just knew all along, "You know, the three Lycans say that vampires are idiots. That there hasn't been a human born between two vampires in almost a thousand years, that's better than your century. And that if you really prized rare things, I wouldn't be competing for what should rightfully be mine."

He stood up and I turned and walked out of the bedroom grabbing my robe and putting it on, "Maybe Ill at least be valued there, with them."

I heard a loud crunch and turned to see a very dark, steel eyed, Vampire Prince stalking angrily towards me. I took a step back and in a breath he had me by the waist and was flinging me, hard, onto the bed.

He loomed over me, "Where are you going?"

"Its none of your business."

He's ground his teeth and knelt onto the bed, "Were you going to them?"

I hid my surprise by the leap he had made from simply leaving and going to my room, to jumping to the Lycans. But I was angry and hurting and I wanted to see him hurt, even a little bit.

"Again none of your business."

He grabbed my hands and yanked them over my head pinning them and leaning down over me our noses almost touching, "Would you go to them dressed like this?"

I gasped as held onto both my wrists with one hand and grabbed a hand full of the white satin in the other, "What do you care what I do?"

He hand tightened onto the fabric and I listened to the material rip and he slowly yanked it from me. He stopped and looked down at my body running his hands down my side and down the middle of my chest, stopping at the dark lace panties.

"Would you let them touch you?"

He grabbed one of my breast and began to massage it flicking and pinching the nipple until it became a pink pebble.

"You wouldn't care if they did." I gasped as he pinched my nipple, sending electricity directly to the center of my body.

"You will not go to them like this." I was writhing on the bed as his hand switched to my other nipple and began twisting and pinching it.

"What do you care?" He brought his mouth down to the nipple and sucked on it, nipping sharply at it.

I moaned and he whispered in my ear, "That's none of your concern."

I arched my back slightly as he sucked onto the other nipple, heat building inside of me, my slit drenching in response, "You have Desmond, you made that...very...clear."

He continued to suck on my nipple and I felt his free hand begin to rub on my lace covered mound. I was losing my train of thought and when I looked into his eyes, they were turning more silver than steel.

He released my nipple and hands and began to kiss down my body, "I'm glad you are clear, because I'm not so sure."

I laced my hands into his hair and writhed against his soft mouth as it kissed all along the line of my panties, "Why are you not sure?" I gasped out.

He pulled up leaving me feeling cold and I looked at him, seeing silver had completely replaced any other color in his eyes, "Because of this."

His hand slipped into my panties and gently ran his finger up my slit causing me to moan loudly.

"And this."

His lips locked onto mine, his passion making him ravenous as he devoured my mouth and I moaned into his mouth as his hands both grabbed my breast and massaged them again.

"Tell me to stop Lilly."

I looked into his eyes, his beautiful, silver, glowing eyes and shook my head, "Tell me to stop, because I wont. I will make you mine, even if I cant keep you."

I pulled his hair free and wrapped his silky black hair into my fingers and grabbed him to me, "No, don't stop."

He groaned and recaptured my mouth, his body pressing ag

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