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We arrive at the B&B; our first night.

He came for a long time whispering her name.

She watched as he recovered and thoroughly rinsed out the panties before cleaning his cum from the shower floor. She then saw him move softly as he gently scrubbed his balls before washing over his hard cock, flaccid, but already bigger than his father's.

"Did you like how that feels Danny?" Gemma whispered, "Imagining Mommy taking your hard fat cock inside her?"

He then washed his hands and Gemma quickly made her escape.

- -

As Danny tinkered with his inventions in his room, Gemma read the paper in the kitchen while drinking coffee. She enjoyed her personal time and Dan always respected it. Now all that was going through her mind was her son.

His body...

His chiseled chest...

His hard cock...

His abs...

His fat hard cock...

His caring heart...

Oh hell, his throbbing powerful cock...

Only 18 with a prick the length of a ripe cucumber, hard for her. Before she realized it, she had unbuttoned her jeans and was rubbing her pussy, moaning softly.

"Yes Dan," she whispered, "fuck Mommy..."

Gemma jumped as the doorbell rang and hastily composed herself. Sadie Elliot, her friend came in.

"Hello Gemma," Sadie said with a smile, "this isn't a bad time is it?"

"Oh no," Gemma hastily answered nervously, "this is perfect."

"Good," Sadie nodded, smiling as Dan walked in. Both of them knew he was infatuated with Sadie's E cups. Sadie gave him a tight hug letting him enjoy the warmth of her deep cleavage and she felt his boner grow against her cunt.

"Feels like he's steadily growing..." Sadie said after he had left from the room.

"Oh he definitely is." Gemma agreed and told her of Dan's shower that morning.

"Did you suck it?" Sadie asked after a tense silence.

"No!" Gemma instantly said in a whisper, but was turned on by the thought of it. She briefly imagined Dan's hard cock pumping into her mouth and maybe even other holes...

She shook her head and cleared her throat but Sadie still noticed, chuckling as she drank her coffee.

"You seem nervous," Sadie said as she held Gemma's hand.

"It's nothing really," Gemma said, "I convinced Bill to go out tomorrow night so I was just hoping that he is aroused."

"Oh sure honey," Sadie said, "I know you and Bill want some alone time."

Gemma rolled her eyes. "More like I do. Bill won't pay attention to me unless I hold up business reports or game footage. It feels so bad too when I walk by naked from head to toe and his weak cock doesn't move in the least."

"Well I know when you wear the dress you bought on Friday he'll tear his pants." Sadie said.

"I hope so..." Gemma said.

"And if he doesn't..." Sadie said mischievously, "you still have that tree upstairs..."

- -

The next night, Gemma admired herself in her sleek black dress in the mirror. It offered an ample view of her cleavage and perfectly cupped her round ass. Her high school figure was still intact, not having been marred by pregnancy.

Hopefully tonight would be different. Bill would be so taken over by lust they wouldn't make it to the restaurant. Nevertheless, she couldn't get her mind off of Dan, who she didn't have to dress up for. He loved her no matter what.

As she looked in the corner of the mirror, she could barely make out the small amount of movement of someone actively engaged in staring at her. Smiling to herself, she decided to give him a show.

She leaned over to give him full view of her ass and her legs. Gemma then slowly wiggled her hips and began to fondle her own breasts as her pussy got wetter and wetter.

Out of the blue, the phone rang and she jumped. She then heard Dan run down the hallway and laughed to herself.

"Hello?" Gemma said happily.

"Hi honey," Bill said excitedly over the phone, "I just closed this deal with Japan. They agreed to open a plant there as well."

"Uh..." Gemma replied, "that's great Bill."

"The fellas and I are going out for some beers to celebrate."

"But Bill!" Gemma practically shouted, "you and I were supposed to go out tonight."

"Well I.

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