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Gasm continues to wreak havoc.

One of her hands steadied herself on my hip as she pumped my cock in and out of her mouth, and her other hand began stroking my balls with her nails.

I felt my balls tighten, and managed to grunt out, "Mom, I'm gonna come."

My step-mom groaned and kept going, and I could feel my orgasm building. "Watch out, mom, there'll be a lot of come. I haven't come in over eight and a half hours."

Raquel moaned, and deep-throated my entire length as I started coming. I squirted come deep inside her throat, coating her oesphagus, and she started coming up for air. I kept coming as she slid me up into her mouth, and a few spurts puffed out her cheeks. My step-mom tried to swallow, and gagged as I kept orgasming, almost drowning in my semen as it dribbled out of her nostrils, flooding her mouth, nose and throat. I pulled out of her mouth with a pop, and she swallowed her mouthful, then opened her mouth for more as I kept coming.

Arcs of sperm shot from my cock into her open mouth, and she closed her mouth and swallowed, come trickling out the sides of her mouth. Wads of come landed all over her face, in her eyelashes, on her forehead, in her brown hair, on her cheeks, dribbling down her chin. I lowered my aim, and lashes and lashes of come criss-crossed her neck and breasts as I emptied the contents of my balls all over my step-mother's upper body.

When I had finished, my step-mom tried to open her eyes, the lashes gummed with white, sticky semen, and she had to wipe them with her fingers first. She opened her eyes to stare at me, a stunned expression on her face. "Fuck!" She stared at her breasts and come-covered hands. "So much come..."

I noticed her voice was a little husky, no doubt her vocal cords were feeling a little abused after deep-throating my entire length. She started cleaning herself up, scooping up handfuls of come into her mouth, licking and sucking her fingers clean. She cleaned her face first, then her neck, gobbling my streams of sticky semen down like treacle.

Next she moved onto her breasts, cupping them and licking the come off them with her agile tongue. Finally she was as clean as she could get, and she looked at me, remnants of my come glistening on her skin like suntan lotion. "Wow, honey, that was incredible..." She stopped as she saw my cock, still rock-hard and ready for action again. "Fuck. You're still hard." My step-mom looked up at me, slightly pensive.

"It's ok, mom, I'll go easy on you, I promise." I gripped her by the wrists and pulled her to her feet, standing myself. I smiled and pulled her to me, kissing her full on the lips, slipping my tongue inside her mouth as she had taught me, tasting my salty come on her. My throbbing 12-inch cock was pressed against her tummy, and she moaned deep in her throat as I kissed her passionately. Her knees buckled a little, and I broke our kiss, looking into her eyes as I turned around and sat her down on the bed. Pushing her onto her back, I gave her instructions. "Now, try to relax. Spread your legs, and grip your ankles. That's it."

I looked at her then, drinking in the sight of my step-mother lying on the bed, legs spread in the splits, her hands holding her ankles to keep her stockinged legs apart. My gaze slid down from her come-smeared face to the magnificent globes on her chest, pushed together by the position of her arms. I licked my lips, liking what I saw, and let my gaze wander down further, to her shaved vulva, the inner labia parted slightly by the wide position of her legs. Using my thumb and forefinger, I spread her labia the rest of the way, then inserted two fingers in her wetness, using her juices to lube up her labia till they glistened. Raquel smiled at me, her cunt muscles squeezing my fingers, though there was still a tinge of fear in her eyes.

I smiled back at her, trying to reassure her, and moved my hips closer, then rubbed the head and length of my c

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