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No rest for the wicked.

He wouldn't let her get away. He used his hand to push down on her so she had lay there. His thumb kept flipping back and forth over her clitoris, while the heel of his hand pressed against the bottom of her puss. .

She felt like she was going to go insane. It didn't feel good any more. It was hurting. No it didn't hurt, it was just too sensitive.

Steve climbed on top of her. He was fully erect. He slowly pressed his organ against her. He moved up and down letting the head of his penis slide along the cleft between her labia. She felt so good. He slid inside her. Deeper and deeper he went. Cathy was a small person. Her vagina was small, narrow inside. His penis wasn't overlarge, but he imagined like most men, that his was a little larger than the norm.

He pushed in as far as he could go. He'd reached the deep end of her uterine cavity. He started to slowly pump in and out. He started slow but began to pick up speed. In and out, in and out. Faster, and faster, Cathy was tight but wet. It was an exhilarating feeling to go all the way in and pull all the way out.

Cathy started to rock back and forth, up and down in time with his motions. She was so excited. His penis completely filled her. He went in so deep. His weight pressed down on her. Her vaginal walls were soaked. She felt like she was peeing. Oh God. She started to bounce up and down in spas-mic uneven waves of intense feeling. She hadn't felt this way since, since, well since the last time she had Steve inside her.

God she wanted to yell out, to scream! She couldn't. Her voice was caught in her throat. She hadn't felt this alive since, since, well Steve.

He hadn't been at it long but he realized he'd been away from it too long. He couldn't hold back another second. He pushed into her as hard and as far as he could. His man meat swooshed into her harder and harder. His juices started to cream out of him. He knew they were pouring into her with terrific force. He was ejaculating at full throttle. They weren't squirts; they were massive waves of semen, three, four, five tumultuous waves of fluid poured out of him.

She felt him get harder than she ever imagined. Then it came! She felt it with her entire body. He was pouring his life's essence into her. God! He was so awesomely powerful. He had so much stuff! It was so hot. It felt like she was being washed away. It rushed into her! She pressed back. She felt like she was ejaculating too. Her pussy was sopping wet. Loaded with his sperm and her fluids.

Cathy was awash in liquid, in sensation, and she knew it, she was awash in this overwhelming feeling of love, love for a man she'd planned on robbing. Sure her vagina and her clitoris were alive, but the sensations of warmth and excitement swept over her whole body. It was like burst of heat and electricity all over.

What a fool she was. He'd robbed her. He'd stolen her heart, He'd consumed her. He'd taken possession of her body. He owned her. He possessed her like a man took a dog, or any animal. She was his animal, his object, his property. She loved him for it. If she just had her hands free she could wrap her arms around him. She'd hold him so tight he'd never be able to get away.

She whispered in his ear, "Oh Steve, Steve! I love you so much!"

They collapsed together. He held her in his arms. She lay there, hands trapped at her sides wishing and praying he would release her so she could hold him, wrap her arms around him. Hug him, kiss him.

She started to cry, really cry. Like a massive adrenaline rush, she needed some emotional release, an escape from the terrifyingly terrific high she'd been on.

He lay on top of her. His manhood was slowly receding. He started to pull out.

She lunged up with her body, "No stay inside. It feels so good.

He pressed back down. He lay on top of her for another two or three moments until he knew he was completely done. He rolled off. Got out of bed. He looked down at her, "Stay there a while. I'll be back in just a moment.

She tried to move. She sat up, hand still trapped at her sides, "Steve!"

He l

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