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Serena gets roughly fucked against her will by a co-worker.

You flip me over onto my back and line your cock up with my mouth as you lean over me. My lips close over your cock as you slide it into my mouth with a loud groan. My hands reach up to massage your balls as you slide your cock partly out of my mouth. Once gain your cock changes direction and slides into my mouth. Your balls start twitching in my hands and you groan loudly as your cock starts jerking as it shots cum down my throat.

My mouth quickly fills up with cum despite my swallowing, a line leaks out the side of my mouth. When you pull your cock out of my mouth my hand wipes across the trail of cum that had leaked down my face. My tongue darted out to lick it off of my fingers. You are watching me as I get up off of the bed.

"Where are you going?" You ask.

"To brush my teeth, I definitely deserve a kiss." I replied as I walked into the bathroom.

"That's the way love goes."

When I came out of the bathroom, breath smelling minty fresh you are still laying on my bed, but as I approached you sit up putting your mouth on level with my breasts. You place a kiss in the valley between them above my bra as your hands undo the rest of the buttons on my sweater. Once undone you slide it off of my shoulders. Reaching behind my back, you unhooked the snaps of my bra, sliding it forward down my arms.

"Don't mind if I light candles." My breast starts tingling as your mouth closes over the nipple and starts sucking, gently at first and then harder. With your hands on my back you pull me closer as your mouth switches to my other breast. Your mouth alternates from one breast to the other as I hold onto your shoulders, moaning in pleasure. You know how much I like my nipples sucked so you twirl, tease, and turn them into hard sensitive points of pleasure. Your hands slide down my back to the waist of my pants. Under the guidance of your hands they start descending to the floor. You are surprised when your hands encounter bare skin since you know that I usually wear underwear to match my bra.

"I alike to watch us play and baby I got on what you like." When my pants lay in a puddle on the floor you pull me down to the bed on my stomach. Starting at the top you start massaging my skin relaxing me even more. Your lips follow the path that your hands create. You cover every part from head to toe. After finishing with my back you turn me over so that you can start on my front.

Your mouth closes over mine guaranteeing that all of my juices will be flowing. Your tongue darts in and out of my mouth teasing me. I can feel your hands massaging my breasts. From my mouth to my breasts your mouth teases my nipples. "I love your breast" you whisper as your hands squeeze their plumpness. My eyes drift half open as I watch your hand tease and please my breasts. One of your fingers tweaks causes me to moan in pleasure.

"Come closer baby, closer, reach out and feel my body." Your mouth and hands leave my breast to travel down my body. Your tongue stops momentarily to lick my gallbladder scar, but continues on as you have a definite destination in mind. While your hands and mouth had been playing your legs have manage to push mine apart. So when your hands and mouth reached the apex of my legs they are already parted in anticipation.

"I'm gonna give you all my love." You slowly trail a finger over the skin of my mound which is completely bare. The same finger trails down between the lips of my pussy feeling the moisture that has already formed there. Your hands push my thighs out until the lips part and you can see the pink nub that is my clit. You lightly run the tip of your finger over it causing me to moan. Liking that response you flick your finger back and forth across my clit.

"Oh sugar, don't you hurry." Down my slit your finger teases stopping at the entrance of my pussy. Teasingly you inserted the tip of your finger into my already wet pussy. When my hips lifted up to try to get you to go deeper you stopped.

"Don't stop," I moaned.

"Don't worry, I am just getting started.

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