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He goes in search of a person of title.

..on the security camera video I was totally naked. I was..."

"Gwendoline," she snapped at me, interrupting me in mid-sentence, "while you are in my house you will obey all orders without question. You had agreed to do anything to keep me from releasing that video. Are you already backing out of our arrangement?"

"No, I swear," I stammered, panicking that I might have just ruined everything, "Look, I'm doing exactly as you said! I'm taking off my clothes!"

I was too nervous to maintain eye contact with her and my fingers trembled as I attempted to unbutton my shirt. It was a long-sleeved button down shirt and it seemed to take an eternity to get all eight (or was it nine?) buttons undone. Eventually I got all of the buttons undone and I pulled my shirt free from my skirt. Still nervous and trembling I pulled my shoulders back, and shrugged out of the shirt. We were standing in her dining room, so I draped my shirt over a dining room chair.

With my shirt off, my racerback demi-bra was exposed and of course my uplifted breasts were spilling out of the demi-cups, exposed and perfectly visible to Christina's intense gaze.

The helpless feeling of surrendering my modesty and allowing Christina to strip me naked caused my pulse to race and my skin to heat up and become feverish. Her aloof, unsympathetic eyes on my exposed flesh gave me a feeling of vulnerability. Soon I would have my naked flesh exhibited to this demanding woman, much like my Cinderella fantasies of being exhibited naked in front of a cruel stepmother and her abusive daughters.

My shoes were next, followed slightly after by my skirt. My hands were still trembling; however I seemed to be able to work the zipper with less difficulty than the buttons on my shirt. I slid the skirt down my thighs and dropped it on the chair with my shirt.

With my bare thighs and high-cut bikini panties visible to Christina's gaze, she seemed to be burning holes into me with her eyes. She had a hungry look on her face, almost as if she wanted to eat me up.

I panted nervously, like a rabbit that's being stalked by a wolf however I couldn't deny that I felt a familiar warmth in between my legs. I just hoped that Christina failed to notice that I was becoming excited at the way she was humiliating and exposing me.

I was appalled that this woman might guess that I was as aroused as much as I was frightened and embarrassed, however I tried to push that to the back of my mind and continued to strip. I was almost naked at this point and since my bra fastened in the front I reached in between my breasts and felt for the clasps. My potent mixture of shame and arousal seemed to intensify as the clasp of my bra came loose and my breasts spilled out. Christina's cold, unpitying eyes seemed to be affecting me from across the room. It was almost like I could feel Christina's hands on my bare breasts. I placed the bra on top of my skirt and shoved my thumbs into the waistband of my panties. I pushed the bikini panties off my hips and down my thighs, eventually allowing my panties to fall to Christina's dining room floor.

Without thinking I placed a hand over my shaved vulva. My pubic lips had become swollen with arousal and I was embarrassed at the idea of Christina guessing that I getting turned on by the imperious way that she had just forced me to strip in front of her.

"Don't cover yourself," Christina snapped. "Put your hands behind the back of your neck. That's better. Elbows back."

My breasts rose and fell as my breathing became labored. This intimidating woman had left me feeling both humiliated and aroused. My heart was beating like a drum and I was overwhelmed by the powerful mix of emotions that Christina had forced me to experience.
Christina sauntered over to my nude body and I struggled to hold the humiliating and vulnerable position that she had ordered me to hold.

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