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Giving her feet the blissful attention they desire.

"Thank you guys so much for helping me to get here" I say. "You don't have to worry about me anymore though. I can handle things on my own from here."

Ben sits on the edge of the bed next to me and turns to look me in the eye. "What you said in the elevator, about being in a Ben and Shawn sandwich, is that something you're really interested in, or is it just the wine talking?" I blush furiously and stammer a bit, unsure of what to say.

Shawn kneels in front of me and takes my hands into his before saying "You don't need to be embarrassed. It's something we'd like to know." Ok, I think to myself, I've definitely had way too much to drink, or I've dived head-first into the Twilight Zone. Ben puts his hand on my shoulder and starts playing with my hair as they wait for an answer. I'm dumb-founded, turning to look from one to the other.

"Would..." my voice trails off, barely audible. I clear my throat and try again. "Are you guys asking what I think you are?" I'm finally able to say.

Ben replies in his oh-so-sexy accent "We're asking if you would really like a threesome with us." Leave it to him to get to the point, as always. I look at him and back at Shawn, who is rubbing his fingertips over my hands as if trying to calm me down. Actually, it's having the opposite effect. My heart rate is through the roof, blood pounding in my ears at the thought that this is actually happening, that I'm being invited by not just one, but two extremely attractive, handsome men at the same time.

"If you're not interested just tell us," says Shawn "and we'll all go on like this never happened."

I lower my gaze to catch my breath, bringing Ben's crotch into focus. Holy cow! My gaze flies up to look into his eyes, and he smiles ruefully at my reaction. "I can understand it's a bit much to take in, but we'd really, really like for you to say yes."

"A bit much? Talk about an understatement," I say under my breath.

Shawn chuckles at that and replies "We're still waiting for an answer. Not to pressure you or anything, but we'd kinda need to know."

"You're both ok with this?" I ask again, trying to wrap my head around the situation.

"Of course we are," says Ben, "otherwise we would never have asked."

"Ok, I get that," I say. By now, much of the alcohol induced fog as left my brain, and my libido has kicked into high gear. "If you two are sure you're ok with this, then yes, I most definitely want to be in a threesome with you two" I reply before my courage gives out.

"Thank you sweetheart" says Shawn as Ben turns my head to kiss me, his tongue tracing my lips before slipping between them to deepen the kiss. Shawn sits down on the bed next to me, kissing my neck, his hand slipping under my shirt to caress my breasts over my bra, molding and kneading with his palm. I reach down and place my hands over the bulges in their pants, stroking over both at the same time. My head is spinning, never having expected my wildest fantasy to have a chance of coming true.

Shawn puts his fingers on my chin and gently pulls me towards him for a kiss, our tongues twining together, so Ben starts massaging my other breast. He slowly starts to unbutton my blouse as he kisses my neck until its gaping open and the dark blue lace of my bra is completely visible. He bends down and suckles my breast through the bra and I moan into Shawn's mouth. Shawn takes off my shirt while Ben unbuckles my bra and removes it. Both of them kneel down in front of me and each one takes a nipple into their mouths. It's a weird feeling, having both nipples sucked on at the same time. I can feel the difference in pressure, in how they use their tongues to flick and lick my nipples until they're hard peaks and I'm squirming on the bed, my panties already damp and my clit throbbing. I moan softly as they continue to torment me in tandem, biting, licking, sucking on my hard and distended nipples, my hands in their hair, pulling each one as close as possible.

Ben stands up, takes off his shirt and unzips his pants, pushing them down to his feet before stepping

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