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That was the first moment I began to realize I was in trouble. I knocked the built up ice off my shelter roof first.

I managed to more or less thrash my way up to my truck, making several trips back and forth, carrying everything down to my camp. It wasn't easy, but my clothes were mostly waterproof, I just kept packing the snow down until I had a trail. I didn't help any that the snow kept coming. It was getting dark when I carried the last box of canned fruit and some tools back down.

I was sweating furiously, my clothes were soaked from the inside so I stripped and hung them to dry, putting on some spare clothing.

I stoked the small fire with some limbs, heated a can of pork and beans and ate some of the smoked fish. I looked out past the flap in my shelter, the snow kept coming.

I took stock of the situation.

I had my fishing gear, my .22 pistol and a few dozen shells. There was the axe and a hatchet, my machete and a folding shovel. I had several rolls of fine wire and a pair of wire cutters, my heavy hunting knife, and the little Leatherman tool I carried in a pouch on my hip. I also had two sets of spare dry clothes, and a large roll of plastic bags.

There was enough food, canned fruit and some chips, a six pack of soda, some crackers. That would last about a week. I seemed to be in pretty good shape.

Then I remembered my cell phone. I had bought it but never used it. I dug it out of one of the boxes and turned it on. No signal, which is pretty much what I expected.

I turned it off and put it away, those things were always worthless.

I was glad to see it had stopped snowing the next morning. I ate some more of the Salmon, and opened a can of peaches, eating just one of the halves.

I knew I might need the fruit for later, so I stored the can in the snow, folding the lid back down.

I used the shovel to clear snow away from in front, the back side of my shelter was fairly clear because it was under the big Fir trees.

The forest was thick, and offered protection, so I gathered as much wood as I could. I even reached up and snapped dead branches from the trees, knowing they would burn. My pile of wood grew quite a bit.

Several days went by, I ran out of the fish and started in on my canned goods. I was down to enough coffee for just a couple of pots, I made just a cup or two each day now.

I knew I needed food, the only real food close by was the river. The river was only a hundred yards away, with 6 feet of snow piled up it might as well have been 50 miles.

No choice, I grabbed the shovel and began to try to break a trail. I knew enough to not allow myself to break a sweat, it was still bitterly cold.

It took three days, I worked for the morning in short spurts, rested to cool down, then worked again. In the afternoons I went out into the forest and harvested wood, limbs, branches, anything that might burn. Some of it was damp but I piled it and covered it, knowing it would dry out.

I found a big seed tree, harvested some of the cones and opened them. I ate the seeds, used the cones to add to my fast reducing stock of wood.

They burned very fast, but hot.

I was out of tinder and then my last lighter gave out. I cut a green Fir limb, used my knife to shave off thin little curls, knowing they would burn nicely. I kept at it until I had two big garbage bags full. I spread some out in front of the fire to dry them even more.

That would make them easier to light.

I used the stout fishing line to make a friction fire starter, looping the line around a short piece of wood and attaching each end to a snug bow I made from a tree limb.

It worked fine, I worked the bow back and forth to spin the shaft, in a few minutes I had smoke, then flame. I nursed the flame and added the green shavings, soon I had a nice hot fire.

I melted some snow for a warm drink, then went back to work clearing a path to the river. Snow kept coming, but I gained steadily. Once I got to the riverbank I walked back and forth, packing down the remaining snow.

There was more snow the next morning but just a few inches, I to

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