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Chpt 10: An unusual threesome story

We were face to face, our bodies brushing against each other. Her perfume mixed with the salt of her skin, tightening those muscles again.

'You weren't so shy last night. How about we finish what we started?'

I stepped back. 'No. People can see.

Her hands pressed firmly on my hips, preventing escape. 'No one can see us. No one.'

My head fell, not knowing what to do in this situation, not wanting to take responsibility for it, but I found myself looking down the plunging neck of Karen's dress, at the white lace edges of her bra. Her lips found mine and the taste of Pimms melted into my mouth, Cucumber and strawberries. Her kiss was moist with lipstick and this more than the crushing of our breasts gave me the thrill of the forbidden.

Karen pulled her lips away slightly. 'Just imagine that they are looking though. From out of their windows at us, kissing. I tried to pull away in panic, but her arms wrapped around my waist. She pulled me close, moving her body against mine, sending minute vibrations through my breasts as the fabric of our dresses rubbed together. I could feel eyes watching our illicit kiss. Karen put her hand firmly into the nape of my neck and pulled me back to her. Her lips pressed hard onto mine and the tip of her tongue explored me.

I was too wrapped up in the kiss to notice when her hands left me. Before I could stop her, the kiss broke and she pulled her dress over her head.

'Not here?'

'Here or nowhere.' She said as her dress floated to the grass. She ran the back of her hand down my breast and made a cooing noise. 'Now or never.' She said softly.

When I did nothing, she reached behind me and slid the zip of my dress all the way down, easing it from my shoulders until it fell around my feet. I could not take my eyes off her. Karen smiled as she discarded her bra, putting her arms around me to turn my body towards the house. Her cheek brushed mine. 'Can you feel them all watching you?' The neighbour's windows were empty, but in my mind's eye I could see them. She undid the clasp on my bra, then moved her hands around to cup my breasts. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back against Karen's shoulder as the fabric left my breasts, then Karen's hands returned. I could feel my neighbours watching me. They could see everything. Jenny and Brian, looking out of their bedroom window. The students next door on the other side, the other neighbours as well, catching only glimpses perhaps, some shocked, but all watching me. Seeing Karen kissing my neck and massaging my breasts. Seeing my desire for these things.

'Lie down.' Karen said softly.

The grass was cool on my skin and Karen's touch burned as she straddled me. Our breasts touched, making me shiver, despite the heat.

She kissed me deep and hard, her hands urgently exploring. Her lips slid down to my breasts, taking each in turn, pressing her tongue hard into each nipple. Her breasts soft against my midriff. Moaning, I grabbed her head, pulling her into the soft flesh. then the kisses trailed downwards. I gasped as I felt her kiss just above the elastic of my briefs.

The last remaining piece of cotton slid down my thighs, slowly exposing me fully to her, kisses circled the edge of my sex. Her hair fell onto my stomach and thighs like a silk sheet, hiding us from each other.

She kissed my labia, pressing her mouth hard onto the flesh. I let my head fall back and stretched, writhing in the short grass as her tongue thrust deep into me, releasing tension that I wasn't even aware had built up. She lapped hard, flicking my clitoris at the end of each upward stroke. One of my more adventurous boyfriends had licked me before, but compared to Karen he'd just been fumbling around. She knew just the rhythm to build up, the gap between each stroke just long enough to make me fear that she would stop, but not so long my muscles could relax.

As she licked me her hands massaged inside my thighs.

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