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A surprising encounter with a Soprano after choir practice.

What an aim, I thought.

I swirled it around my mouth before swallowing it all with my eyes closed.

Having a girl spit in my mouth was one of my fantasies and this stranger was fulfilling all of them today..

"Now get back to business," She instructed.

With diligence, I gazed at that rod again.

Looking at her sensually, I laid my tongue flat and licked her dick from bottom to top before diving in.

I started slowly, enjoying the precum beads at her head and then started going steadily inch by inch, this time without any help. ;)

My hands started caressing her thighs and then her hips.

With 2-3 gags, I took it all in. To my delight, her glans had started tickling my throat. I gagged three to four times but stayed there, pushing her hips harder on my face.

After spending more than a minute down there, I pulled back again. Swallowed all the spit strings as per the protocol (something that I had become fond of). Wiped all the precum around my lips using my index finger and sucked that finger. I just couldn't waste her precum.

"Yeah, that's my boy," She said before guiding me to ingest her meat again. Quickly tasting the precum off her tip ( just couldn't miss that ), I dived in. She held my hair gently with both her hands and started moving her hips. In no time, My chin was touching her balls.

"Hand behind your back," She instructed.

I folded them behind my back, whirling my tongue on her cock in my mouth.

Movement of her hips had now turned into heavy thrusting. And continued.

God! The Herculean thrust! Where was she getting that strength from.

Every thrust was a hard blow to my face, sending tremors down my body.

Not to mention her cock pounding my throat, non-stop, her sack of balls thwacking my chin.

She wouldn't stop.

Gag. Breathe. Gag. Breathe. Tears.

Gag. Breathe. Gag. Breathe. Tears.

gluck.. gluck.. gluck.. gluck!!

It went on and on.

"That's it. hmmmm," She moaned, still a command in her voice.

Her moaning supplemented my arousal. Perhaps, it was the thought of giving pleasure to a stranger (rather a tormentor) on my expense, who was brutally savaging my face with no mercy.

Another though ran through my head, making this experience even more worthwhile:

'Full of zeal, I had left my home today to experience the solo trip, go into the woods, explore the outside world, meet some new people and try some authentic native cookery and here I was, In the middle of the woods, gobbling down a 7 inch she-cock, sitting on my knees with mouth full of precum and spit, and savouring every drop of it.'

This continued for more than 10 minutes. Still thrusting, she released my head. "Be right there. Don't move!" She said with authority. Thrusting turned back into very slow movements. She relaxed her hands and adjusted her hair. Running her hands through her hair, She looked at me. That was one hell of a sight.

She grabbed her hair at the top of her head, while still thrusting slowly inside my mouth.

The image of Sucking on a girl's boner while she ties her hair is imprinted in my brain forever.

Slowly moving her hips, she resorted to a circular motion which was a delight to my mouth. I could feel her in every part of my mouth now, slowly moving my face too in circular motion. I tilted my head to feel her head on my left cheek. My left cheek had an impression of her head and it felt amazing.

"hmm" She moaned with a smirk, slapping me on the left cheek a couple of times.

She grabbed my jaw with one hand and hair in another and guided me back to the depth.

Gagging had reduced this time.

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