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I turned back to the tool in front of me. Although I had spent many happy hours with Carlos' cock, I remained in awe of it's power and strength. I took a moment to take it in my hand and study it. The shaft was hot to the touch and the skin, especially along its sensitive underside, soft and lighter in color. I looked at, and then touched, the spot where the foreskin attached to his penis. This was the most sensitive place on his beautiful body and he gasped. I pressed my finger to and gently massaged this area while lightly running my fingertips along the length of his shaft.

After several minutes of this I pushed his tool back against his belly, exposing his testicles. His cock was big, but his testicles were supernaturally large, like two ripe oversized oranges. This, I thought, is where he manufactures the gallons of cum with which he had repeatedly filled my sex-hungry body. I leaned forward and kissed each ball. I imagined myself the high priestess in his fertility cult, leading the worship of his cock and balls.

I glanced at Nina and Fernando. She had not had my patience. The head of Fernando's cock was already in her mouth. Covering her teeth with her lips she moved her head in a circle letting the crown slide around her mouth. She was not used to anything this big; she was taking time to adjust. Fernando's head lay back on the chair. His eyes were closed, joy evident in his features.

I turned my attention back to Carlos. After I licked my fingers I ran my hand across his powerful pectorals and played with his nipples. I slid my tongue underneath a testicle and licked in an upward motion, stopping at the tip of his cock. He groaned and I, starting with the other testicle, repeated. After several trips up his dick I pulled back his foreskin and was rewarded when several drops of pre-cum spilled onto my tongue.

I cupped his balls in one hand and gently, using only my tongue, licked softly, but carefully, the underside of his erection, gauging his responses, identifying the areas that give him the greatest pleasure. I had spent hundreds of happy hours with his prick but, I thought, I'd never stop studying it, trying to learn all its secrets. It was a remarkable sexy instrument.

When my tongue reached the spot where his foreskin attached to the shaft a shudder ran the length of his body. I focused here, licking and tapping the spot with my tongue. I considered bringing him off, but decided to wait. I was afraid watching Carlos geyser a load of his thick cum into the air so quickly might intimidate Nina.

I again looked to the side. Nina was lovingly sliding her wet tongue over the head of Fernando's cock. After coating it with her saliva she locked her moist lips around his shaft and took about two inches into her mouth. She grabbed the shaft of his penis with her hand. The muscles of her arm noticeably tightened; she had a vise-like grip. Nina twisted her head from side to side, making sure her lips stay fixed on the coronal ridge while her hand moved up and down, frigging his shaft. Fernando stared at her, happily in awe of this gorgeous young woman who had become instantly devoted to his dick.
Watching Nina suck Fernando's dick was turning me on. I clamped my lips together and pushed my face onto Carlos' tool. I built up a fat load of saliva while twirling my lips around the coronal ridge. After several minutes I slid my head further down, taking in five inches before the head reached the back of my mouth. A few of his pubic hairs tickled my nose. I remembered the first time I had tried to tackle this monster, how I had struggled to get it inside my mouth. Its amazing what constant practice can do.

I began tracing a figure eight pattern with my mouth while moving up and down his magnificent meat. Carlos placed his hands on his thighs and leaned back, moaning in delight, content to let me serve his cock. I kept going until my lips and cheeks became numb and spittle began dripping from the corners of my mouth.

Finally, I pulled my face from his cock.

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