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At James's house.

"Since we're not getting anywhere with you yet, dear, I guess we have to move on to the next phase of your interview." He pulled each of Sooh Kee's swollen nipples into a clamp and tightened it mercilessly. "That will keep you thinking about Phase One," he chuckled. Sooh Kee grimaced a little from the pain, and her breathing quickened, but mostly she just glared at the two men and did not speak.

Rapp lifted the girl out of her chair and sat in it himself, putting her belly-down across his lap. Johnson had seen the swelling of a large erection in the older man's pants. He had to admit, he was growing an impressive boner himself. He watched intently as Rapp hiked up Sooh Kee's plaid skirt, exposing the pale, creamy globes of her perfect young ass, encased in pristine white cotton panties. Rapp grabbed the panties and yanked the fabric up tightly between her butt cheeks until it was firmly wedged in the crack of her ass.

"This is going to hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me, Suki Lee," Rapp chuckled as the girl squirmed on his lap. He then proceeded to whale on her ass with his wide, hard palm. Her silky ponytails swished and flapped in her face and her cruelly clipped tits bounced vigorously as he mercilessly pounded her sweet bottom. Johnson could hear her uttering little grunts of pain as she took a hundred hearty smacks to her pretty backside, but she still offered no information.

When her ass was bright red and Rapp was exhausted, he stopped beating her and demanded in a rasp, "Have anything to say yet, Miss Kim?" She was clearly breathing heavily, and her face was almost as red as her behind, but she kept her counsel. With a disgusted but extremely horny look (which is impossible to describe here), Rapp slid the recalcitrant spy off his lap and turned to Johnson. "Well, kid, you're up now."

Johnson shot Rapp a questioning look. What to do? It wasn't his interrogation. "Sit on the edge of the table, sonny, and get your pants down." As Johnson, more excited than he had ever been in his life, did as he was told, Rapp explained, "I chose you to second-chair this 'interview' for a reason, kid. Word is you've got the biggest dick in the whole department. I can feel this bitch's pussy drippin' right through her skivvies, and I think she needs to get drilled by a big, thick cock."

Johnson's huge erection throbbed in anticipation as Rapp jerked the schoolgirl spy's white panties off and scooped her up with his arms under her thighs, hoisting her and spreading her legs wide at the same time. Johnson momentarily feared for his exposed member as he thought of Sooh Kee's reputed martial arts skills, but she didn't seem to be struggling very effectively. Still, Rapp moved quickly as he positioned the girl's glistening pink pussy over Johnson's johnson and impaled her neatly on the thick rod.

She took the cock inside her tight, wet cunt with a sharp inhale. Eager to show Rapp his usefulness in an interrogation, Johnson grabbed Sooh Kee's pretty pink ass and started poling her good and hard, with long, powerful strokes. As his cock plunged into her over and over, bouncing her big titties and jingling the chain fastened tightly to her stiff nipples, she grunted and moaned, tossing her head, but never a word passed her lips.

Rapp was enjoying the show, but he figured Sooh Kee might also be enjoying things, too, and he decided it was time to apply more pressure. He had gotten his breather, and he was more than ready to apply said pressure.

"This little slut needs a better reason to talk," he growled, "Stop bucking for a minute and spread her ass for me."

Johnson halted his thrusting and grabbed Sooh Kee's ass cheeks hard, pulling them open to expose her tiny, puckered bud of an asshole.

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