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The former Master wakes up as a sissy in the Harem

Maybe the video had a private message to him to stop masturbating.

"Ha! Ha! You thought you found something sexy and sexually revealing of me," he imagined her saying to him on the video. "When it's just a video of me doing your laundry. Stay out of my underwear drawer Robert. Stop sniffing my panties and feeling my bras. Do not masturbate while sitting in my red, leather recliner," he imagined her saying on the video.
Now with him thinking that he didn't find anything that he'd want to see, without even seeing it yet, he was suddenly already disappointed. Then, for her to hide the DVD at the bottom of her lingerie drawer, private enough to hide, he hoped that it was a sexy video of his mother. Yet, with him routinely going through her underwear drawer and never seeing it hidden there before, he wondered if she had just purposely put it there for him to find now, but why?

Either she was tricking him or she was just as sexually attracted to him as he was to her. Maybe this was her way to show him her topless and/or naked body without coming off as a slut or an incestuous whore. Maybe she wanted him to see this DVD as much as he couldn't wait to watch this DVD.

He wondered if his mother wanted him to find this video of her and wanted him to watch it. Maybe with her showing her naked body to a bunch of strangers for Nude Day, she felt bad for him and wanted to show him her naked body too. Maybe in the way he's been trying to see her topless and/or naked, she's been wanting him to see her topless and/or naked. Maybe this was her way to finally do that. For sure, he wouldn't know what it was until he watched it. Now excited to watch it, he wondered what was on the video.

* * * * *

College educated albeit unemployed, at 22-years-old, one would think that he'd be out celebrating the weekend before Nude Day with his girlfriend or with his male friends. Only, sexually frustrating when pondering the lonesome thought before stroking his erect prick over pornographic videos, he doesn't have a steady girlfriend. Having a steady girlfriend is an expensive proposition and he doesn't have any extra money to spend on himself never mind to spend on a woman. He doesn't even have a car. Not able to afford a night on the town drinking, carousing, and cavorting, with him not socializing since he graduated from college, his price to pay to earn his degree, he no longer has any friends.

Paying his way through college took whatever extra money he had and more, now with the first payment on his college loans coming due next year, he needed a job. He needed to save money instead of spending money. Only, since the big banks, the insurance companies, Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac in conjunction with Wall Street crashed the financial markets, and with no one going to jail, there were no jobs and there hasn't been any jobs since 2007. Even though the government brags about the strong, growing economy and touts the low unemployment rate, the only jobs now are part-time, low paying, service jobs with no benefits and no future. With all of the good manufacturing jobs lost overseas and with state governments successful in breaking unions, the United States is quickly becoming a third world country.

For sure, instead of jerking off while sitting in his mother's red reclining chair while watching a video of her topless and/or naked, he needed to start planning for his future. Yet, now that he found her video, with this one DVD superseding everything, all else could wait. After unsuccessfully spying on his mother while trying to see her in all manners of undress, now he found something even better than seeing a brief glimpse of her topless or naked. He found her 40th birthday, drunken, pool party video. Hoping she was topless and/or naked on the video, he could watch her any time he wanted. He could watch her while masturbating over her night and day for the whole weekend.

Working to help defray his college expenses when away at school, different today than whe

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