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Returning to Iceland reveals a big discovery.

She nods positively as I return to my table and take a quick gulp of my wine.

Sitting there contemplating my next move I notice out of the corner of my eye that the woman's eyes now occasionally dart across the tables surrounding her, pausing for an unmistakably moment at my table, then moving on.

Soon the waiter brings my check, but as he does it slips from my hands and falls under my table. Stooping down to retrieve it a flash of white catches my eye and I look in its direction through the legs of the nearby tables.

Recognizing immediately that beige dress I note with some amusement the hot little slut that I've had my eyes on is dabbing at her dress rapidly, attempting to dry a wet spot that has stained its crotch, a wet spot, undoubtedly I reason, caused by an orgasm she has more than likely given herself while looking at the salacious pictures on her screen.

Having gotten my check I take care of business with the waiter as I notice that the woman has now packed up her computer and is moving inside the cafe, I suspect to make a visit to the ladies room, but as she disappears into the establishment's interior, she glances over her shoulder looking specifically in my direction, a look of blunt female hunger etching her face. I wait until she disappears then I immediately follow her into the darkened room.

As I make way through the near-empty cafe-bar I see her in the back hallway opening a door and entering. Deciding that I too will pay a visit myself to the restrooms I hurriedly make my way towards the back hallway, but as I look for and find the "Men's Room" I note with considerable amusement and great anticipation that the brazen little cunt I have been pursuing has chosen that same room to supposedly relieve herself.

Entering the room I immediately hear the click of its lock and turn to face the noise, my breath immediately taken away for standing in front of the door is my naked hot slut fondling her gorgeous tits with one hand as she uses the other to tease her already gleaming cunt. "You gonna fuck me, baby???" she throaty asks.

From the moment I first turned to see her standing by the door my cock immediately responded so when she salaciously invites me to fuck her I am already tearing off my pants and wordlessly I grab her full hips with both hands and with two quick thrusts I stuff this hot little whore with my hard throbbing fuck meat.

Grabbing my head she locks her mouth on my hot mouth, her tongue piercing my hungry mouth, her heavy full tits mashed against my hairy chest as she begins to gyrate on my thrusting cock, the loud slap of my heavy, hairy balls on her sex, as she whimpers "oh yes baby!!! fuck this little cock hungry whore . . . . . hard!!! ohhhhhh!!!!"

Our fuck is quick, frantic and sense shattering!!!! our hot cum co-mingling, soaking our thighs as we both gasp for breath. "Oh baby," she gasps, "I am so fucking horny after watching my computer, seeing all those hot cunts getting fucked by all those hard cocks." I immediately pull my face away, looking down at her face flushed with lust and whisper, "how would you like to be one of those cunts for 15 horny studs???"

Taking a deep breath she looks deep into my eyes and seeing that I am being sincere in my invitation she gasps "oh fuck!!!! yes, yes, yes!!!"

Knowing that the hour is late and that the gang is probably already anxiously awaiting my arrival in the large loft we have rented for the evening I rummage through my pants on the floor, grabbing my cell phone, I quickly dial Mike's number and with very few words let him know I am on my way and I am NOT coming empty handed. With a whoop from Mike on the other end I hang up.

Gathering up our clothes we are soon presentable again, but rather than make our way back through the cafe to the street we turn upon leaving the "Men's Room," following the hallway to the cafe's rear entrance and emerge into the dusk.

The drive to the loft is short, but I can't help notice as we make our way there our delicious fuck is breathing irregularly, her body literall

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