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The examination becomes more sensual.

I pull his cock all the way out, and grin up at him, and continue sucking. It hasn't been long before he tells me to stop, and to turn around.

Here, the tension really starts.

I turn on my knees, and drop to all fours, spreading my legs, arching my back.

I've always loved his hands, I think as he touches me the lazy, gentle way he does, as if he's just finding the curves and lines on my body. He traces my spine, my hip, my thigh.

His hand suddenly pulls away, and smacks my ass sharply. I gasp, and can feel my right cheek start to redden.

His hand returns, massaging the sore place, pulling my ass open.

His finger runs down over my virgin ass, and I know I tense. I tell myself to relax, but I don't need to. His finger runs over my soaked pussy, and I hear a quiet chuckle. "Maybe later," he says, and my excitement and nerves both swell.

I hear a click, and cold lube drips over my asshole. "You're going to play with that, and I'm going to watch, got it?"

I mutter a breathless "yessir" and move one hand back to my ass. I massage the lube over it, trying to get used to the cold. I know he's waiting, and I dip two fingers in.

It isn't terrible, and much easier with the lube. It doesn't feel especially wonderful, but I want to please my Master, so I moan as I slide my two fingers in, entirely out, and back in.

My right arm gets tired, so I switch hands, and add a finger. Now there are three in my ass, and I can't help but moan a little. Then I remember Master's cock is bigger than four of my fingers, and I have to tell myself to relax again.

Master slaps my ass again, harder, and I gasp. I know it's red, and it's burning. I hear the smile in his voice as he murmurs, "Hm, that's a little tender."

I say nothing as his hand dips to my pussy, soaking fucking wet, and slides a thumb in. I want to push my hips back, to take more of him, but I know that isn't what he wants of me right now.

Right now I'm his anal whore.

He pulls out of my pussy, running a finger over my clit. I'm stock still except for my hand- I want him to touch me there, my poor pussy needs his attention.

He slaps it. He slaps it again, and again, quick, sharp little smacks on my clit and wet pussy.

And I moan- I can't help it.

He laughs at me when I gasp when he takes his hand away- I'm expecting another slap, and I don't know if I want it or not.

I'm moaning in earnest now, and his hand gently pushes mine away. I'm back on all fours as his thumb puts light pressure over my ass.

More cold lube runs down my ass, and I hear him rub some on his cock.

I automatically tense, and almost automatically re-relax.

I feel the tip of him enter me, and hiss through my teeth.

That hiss turns quickly to a drawn out moan as his length fills me. His hips are touching my red handprinted ass, and I've never felt so full, and my body misses his cock as he pulls it back out.

He enters me again, doesn't go as deep, and starts fucking.

And I start moaning. This is so different from having my pussy fucked, so tight, so wonderfully on the line between painful and mind-blowingly pleasurable.

Suddenly, he stops.

"I'm gonna lay down and you're gonna do this yourself, got it?"

I nod, and watch as he lays on his back. "Do, do I face this way or that way?" I ask.

"Whatever you want."

Master, given the option, I will always choose seeing you.

I straddle his hips, and I carefully feel for his cock, worried I won't be able to get it back in.

But my asshole's wet and stretched out, and his cock slides in as easily as if it were going in my pussy. I moan again, as I drop my hips to take him as deep as I can.

I start fucking him, riding his cock, feeling his chest, enjoying being an anal slut. "WHY does this feel so fucking good?" I mutter as I close my eyes and bounce on him.

Suddenly, he sits up, and wraps his arms around me.

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