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Romance, adventure, accident, with a side of male domination.

I stop and rush to grab my towel but I can't get to it before the door opens. There stands my 6'3" older brother in a pair of gym shorts and nothing else. He said he was sorry to bother me but wanted to know if I could help him with something.

I'm still scrambling to get my towel around my body as I tell him yes. I asked what he needed help with and that's when it caught my eye. His huge cock swelling in his shorts. Its not something that is easy to hide in shorts like this.

I shouldn't be looking! He's my older brother! Its wrong! Its so big! It just keeps getting bigger! I can feel pussy juices begin to run down my thigh. Shit I hope he doesn't notice me looking! I can't take my eyes off of the hidden treasure's in his shorts! I want to see more! I want to taste it! But its wrong. He's my brother and what if mom and dad found out! They would surely kill the both of us!

I stammer over my own words when I ask him what he needs help with. He quickly drops his shorts to reveal the most beautiful hard cock I have ever seen! My jaw dropped to the floor and I dropped to my knees. He grabbed the back of my head, wrapped his fingers through my wet tangled hair and forced his cock down my throat. I gag and try to pull away but he keeps pushing my head closer and closer until the base of his cock is now in my mouth. I can feel the hair on his balls tickle my neck and chin. Im loving every second of this! Finally he stops, runs his finger under my chin and stands me up.

I am speechless and wish I knew what to say, but he does the talking for me. He tells me that he has noticed over the last few weeks how sexy and confident I have become to him. That every time I walk past him the scent that lingers leaves his cock swollen and painful. He tells me that he has been watching me through the camera for the last 5 days sleeping, getting dressed, talking on the phone, and my most intimate moments with myself and with my boyfriend. He tells me that beating off is no longer an option for him and he needs to fuck me. He needs to taste me, smell me, feel me. He knew his cover was blown tonight when I put on a little show for the camera.

Thats when he pushes me down on the bed and spreads my legs wide open and buries his face in my pussy licking me inside and out. He sucks on my clit and tugs on my pussy lips with his teeth. I can help myself and scream out "I NEED MY BROTHERS COCK IN MY MOUTH NOW!!!"

He flips himself around to a 69 while still eating my pussy. It feels amazing! I have never had my pussy licked like this before. My legs begin to twitch, my body trembles, I can feel an orgasm building. Suddenly my brother plunges 2 fingers deep inside my pussy. He is moving them faster and faster all while sucking on my clit! I can't get enough of his cock down my throat. I suck harder and faster. I want my brothers cum down my throat! He continues fingering me adding a third and fourth finger. My pussy is dripping, my body is hot. I am so close to cumming! He pulls his cock out of my mouth and flips back around to face my pussy. He pushes up harder with his fingers deep inside my pussy. I feel like I have to piss but I don't want my brother to stop. He looks me dead in the eye and says "How bad do you want your brothers cock in this tight little pussy?" That pushed me over the edge and I lost all control over myself. He fingered my pussy harder and faster as I begged him to make me cum. It built to the point of an explosion inside me. His face was buried once again in my pussy as I squirted the sweetest juices from my pussy. He licked me clean and started to caress my tits.

My brother whispered in my ear "What would mom and dad do if they caught us fucking?" I replied to him "We would just have to invite them to join us." He kissed me hard and put his hand around my throat applying a little pressure. I have never been choked before and the thrill that ran through my blood made me cum again!

My brother moved between my thighs and forced them apart.

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