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Was she the one who was watching?

Saunders actually liked these older men taking control, telling her what to do rather than asking and begging like some shy schoolboy. That part of her craved being their naughty little slut and indulging their whims and commands.

So it was only a matter of heartbeats before she was doing exactly that, drawing her dress up over her knees as she sunk down to the tile floor, one hand reaching out towards his fly as she looked up at Michael with her own eyes gleaming mischievously. Truth be told, Beth liked sucking dick; she liked the feeling of a man growing hard in her mouth, the way their body would react as she kissed or licked or teased them, the different intimacy it gave her. Even as a young woman Beth had realized the sensation of power it gave her; sure, a guy might hold her head, might pump his hips and fuck her throat - but at the end of the day, when you had a guy's cock in your mouth and his balls in your hand, you had his undivided attention. It was with an eager hand that she helped work his already-swelling member out of his slacks, slowly pumping her fist up and down as she grasped it softly, her blue eyes meeting his darker ones as he watched every move.

"Mmmm, is this for me, Michael? Is this what you want your little whore to suck on?" she asked in a husky voice, playfully kissing the tip and flicking her tongue on the base of head as he moaned.

"God, yes, Beth! Don't be a fucking tease!" Michael was able to mutter with his own grin, fighting the urge to grasp her hair and move her faster. "You know I want you."

Beth smiled wider as she leaned in, slowly wrapping her lips around the head and taking just the first couple of inches in as she lightly sucked. She could still taste the hint of his cum and her pussy from earlier, somehow becoming more excited. Michael only moaned louder as she did, his prick swelling as she bobbed her head just a bit, one hand on the base of his shaft feeling it thicken and warm with his desire. She swirled her tongue around the bit in her mouth at the same time she sucked a bit harder, before pulling away and stroking slowly as he looked at her in frustration and desire.

"I love sucking your cock, Michael, I love how hard it gets for me." Her petite hand sliding along his warm skin as she looked up in his eyes with her most wanton expression. "I'm going to give you head like a good little slut, and I'm going to swallow all the hot cum you have baby." With that, she took him in her mouth again, this time bobbing deeper as she moaned and reminded him how good she was. Michael's back stiffened as he gasped, and his hand rested lightly on the back of her hair, fingers grasping gently at the red locks while his hips pushed forward.

The discomfort of the tile on her knees, the cool air on her naked lower half, all were forgotten as Beth focused on the man inside her mouth.

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