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She invited me to dinner, where She wined and dined me..

Even the pheromones which come from a french lab and are FDA okayed are legal though expensive. But still affordable for my own use.

I have our list of suppliers too and all saved on a thumbdrive.

I go home only stopping at Kinkos to hardcopy print the stuff from my thumbdrive.

No I'm not worried about industrial espionage and getting found out.

Well I am this could be really misused so I want to keep it to myself.

It could seriously hurt people.

But in this boring job in this boring place nothing like that ever happens.

John, John's an asshole so I only feel moderately guilty about him getting dusty and sucking dick and getting laid.

I mean if I didn't know about it being dust I might have thought that I'd discovered a wanton sexual side of myself.

After I have my hard copy I head for home definitely jonesing to get dusted.

I don't.

I resist for the notes and the data and everything that might shed light on me and the dust and I don't use.

Again Steven hasn't called.

Which hurts.

And I'm trying to figure out why that hurts so I take off walking down to the closest bar like club that I could think of called The Paint House and get a few drinks and a booth.

It's a nice bar kind of this bohemian artsy crowd that goes here.

I like it for the art they have up.

We didn't really have art growing up that much not like you see in the city.

I have the drink of the week a manhattan and it's okay and I watch the people.

The boys with the girls, the girls with the boys both dressed usually nice.

I can't be one of those guys.

I don't have the ability to get people like that as me.

I have been the girl though.

I liked being the girl.

I want to be the girl.

I finish my drink and pay up and leave while my mind is pretty sure of what it just decided and I go home.

I should wait.

I should wait and get the week finished before dusting again.

I knew that I should even as I pour the capful of dust and I take my finger and trace the dust in it over my eyelids, lips, the rest in my palm up against the right side of my neck where the carotid artery sends blood into my brain.

I feel it absorbing into my finger, lips, lids, palm and the slow trickle of sissy happening until this gigantic rush sinks into my brain.

I am sure that I moaned as I fell to my knees and go hard as a rock in seconds shaking from the blood shifting around then I came squirting off white hot in my shorts and them dead soft and I had a sissy orgasm.

I woke on the carpet giggling as I felt the thoughts and all these needs and feelings burning through my brain cells.

I get one of my dildoes and shove it in my mouth from sheer want and suck on it like a baby soother.

The kink, the idea, the feeling of dick nestled between my lips is literally soothing to me and I keep sucking on that as I quickly get undressed of of boy Spencer's clothes and head to the bathroom grabbing my biggest dildo and the lube.

I keep sucking on it, sometimes stopping to close my eyes and moan as I face fuck myself as I run a bubble bath.

I stick the one I've been sucking to the wall and the big dildo to the base of the tub and lube myself up and blissfully sink into the hot soapy water and on that now really heated cock.

The rubber head pushes past my entry and the thick veiny shaft opens me up, pushes my sissy ass open and it's bliss.

I soap up my body to smell pretty while on my knees as I'm bouncing and humping myself to a sissygasm.

I pull the shower curtain closed to keep in the heat.

Then leaning on the sides of the tub with my hands I start hard riding that big dildo and sucking the wall mounted dildo.

I pause only to catch and eat my spurts and get cum high.

I only stop after several more sissygasms and I'm spent, satisfied and exhausted.

It's a chore to dry off but once I do I lotion my body up with baby lotion and then get my toys and wash them up and then find a butt-plug and sink that into my bum and then get dressed in a pair of cute girly panties and then it's thigh high socks and I go turn on some music and make

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