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Tina is surprised when she meets Talon's brother.

"That must be your safe call now." He said, smiling, remembering how she obeyed him. That pleased him deep within. Just as he spoke those words, Alexander appeared in the doorway, and cleared his throat.

"Ms. Kallista, you have a phone call waiting for you in the den. If you will follow me, I will escort you there now." As Kallista rose from her chair, Mitchell quickly rose from his place on the sofa and held his hand out to her to help her rise. She took it, and with a soft smile, said "Thank you, Mitchell." He gave a quick bow of the head as if to honor her, then smiled a most beautiful smile. She could almost see the desire dancing in his eyes, although she couldn't imagine why he would be desiring her.

As Kallista followed Alexander down the long hallway to the den, she took in all the sights of the house, and was still in awe of everything she saw, but she was also very much aroused. They reached the den, and Alexander pointed the phone out to her and with a quick bow, exited the room and closed the door. Kallista picked up the phone and spoke with her sister on the other end. She told her sister that she was fine and not to worry, that she was with a very nice man that seemed to be quite concerned with her feeling safe.

"Yes, I'll be home in about an hour or so, I'll call you from there and tell you how it all went... Ok, bye...I love you too."

When Alexander heard the phone conversation ending, he opened the door and bid Kallista to follow him. They did not go back to the main room. This time he took her down a different hallway to what looked like a garden type sun room. It was exquisitely lit with soft light on all the exotic flowers, and she heard a waterfall somewhere in the room. The room was lit enough to ensure a more intimate atmosphere, but she could still see the stars through the massive window ceiling, and walls. Alexander led her around a cobblestone path winding through all the foliage and beautiful flowers. They finally reached the sitting area where Mitchell was waiting for them. He held his hand out to her and bid her to have a seat on the heavily constructed oak sofa. It had extra soft cushions, so there was no feeling of being uncomfortable. On the table in front of her, she saw two champagne glasses filled with bubbling drink. He turned to Alexander and said "Alexander, please, no disturbances. In one hour, please have Ms. Kallista's car brought around to the front of the house, I don't want her to have to walk far after our time out here."

"Yes, Sir." He turned to Kallista, and asked her for her car keys. She reached in her pocked and gave him the keys there.

"Thank you, Alexander." With a quick bow, he left the garden.

Mitchell sat down beside her on the large oak sofa, and reached out to offer her a drink. She accepted the glass and took a sit. He loved the look of surprise on her face as she tasted Sparkling Apple Cider, which she loved. "I don't serve alcohol in my home, for reasons you will learn later." He said with a smile. She was actually glad, because she didn't like champagne, and wasn't looking forward to pretending that she did.

Mitchell sat back in a more relaxed manner and drank in the sight of her, as he drank his faux champagne. He was very pleased with her. He enjoyed how her nearly waist length red hair hung in waves down her back. He loved looking into her eyes that were simply the color of the ocean at high noon, a color which he has never seen before. He had many plans in mind for her 5 foot frame, and her very curvy body which he adored, but he could tell that she did not feel the same way. He cold feel the raw lust for this woman weld up inside him, and it was all he could do to control himself.

Kallista saw him staring at her, and she blushed a crimson color on her freckled cheeks; this made him want her even more.

"Come; let's take a stroll around the gardens.

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