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A shy frat boy is enslaved by a sorority.

He was big and thick--maybe bigger and thicker than Phil. I shuddered, and so did he. This time when he took my lips in his, I didn't turn, but I was as unresponsive as I could be. I felt so weak. I didn't for the life of me want to be doing this. But I couldn't stop doing it. I couldn't help myself. He could feel me relaxing, surrendering.

Once more his lips came down the side of my neck. He took my arms and raised them over my head and told me to leave them there. I did as he asked. He'd brought a bottle of the beer with him, and he popped the top and poured the cold liquid down my chest. His lips did another tour of my pecs and nipples and then up to both of my armpits, licking up the beer. His hands were on my sides and as his lips traveled slowly down my sternum and abs, his hands came down my sides as well. He tongued my navel and then traveled down my belly and into my pubic hair. He wrapped one hand around the base of my cock and cupped my balls with it, as the other hand went behind me and caressed my butt cheeks. Then he went down on me, tonguing the helmet first and then the rest of and my cock, swallowing and pumping, nibbling down one side and up another, flicking his tongue around the rim of the helmet and into my piss slit, and then going back to swallowing and pumping.

All the time I was moaning and sighing and admonishing him that this had to stop. I didn't even notice when his hand stopped caressing my butt cheeks and he had started fingering my asshole, but before I knew it, he had a finger past my sphincter and was rubbing my prostate and I jerked and lurched and came in three heavy spasms.

I collapsed against the wall. "That's enough, Chet. That's way more than enough. I've got to go. You've got to leave."

Another flash of lightning revealed the layout and contents of the shed. Chet took me by the hips and pulled me over to the side, where there was a compost drum we had recently bought but not put to use yet.

"On this; down on this with your chest," Chet directed with an urgency.

"Chet, no. Not . . ."

He pushed me down. "Spread those legs." I did as he asked and I felt his lips and teeth on my butt cheeks.

"God, you're beautiful," he said hoarsely. In short order, his lips were on my asshole, followed shortly by his tongue, and he was moistening me up real good.

"Oh, no. Never again," I croaked. But there he was. I could feel the head of his dick at my asshole. He tried pushing it right in, but I wasn't anywhere near ready yet. He took his dick and slapped it against my butt cheeks and inserted first one finger, and then two, and then three and then pushed them apart, opening me up. And then his fingers were replaced by the head of his dick again. I tried to rise up, but he pushed me down with a strong paw on the small of my back. He used his other hand to help gain purchase for his cock, and when he was a good three inches in, he rotated his cock with his hand inside me, opening me more. Another inch and my sphincter took the cock and drew it farther in. As the helmet of his cock dragged across my prostate, I flinched and moaned. He was sighing and moaning as well, clearly enjoying this. He pushed in farther, a good five inches now. He took me by the hips with his hands and rocked me back and forth, more than half in, fucking me in midstream.

"Oh, yes, God that's good. I've anticipated this for weeks. I could come right now." But he obviously decided not to, because he stopped the action and stood very still, holding my hips in place for maybe three or four minutes. And then he just glided right in, all the way, maybe almost eight inches, into me, up to the hilt. I could feel his curly pubic hairs tickling my ass. Memories of Phil flooded back. How could I have denied how this felt?

He pumped me for maybe five minutes, rhythmically, taking long strokes and then short strokes.

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