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The line between pain and pleasure blurred by velvet.

"It's right there in your jacket pocket!"

"Huh?" Brian looked down at his chest and saw the hanky sticking out of his breast pocket, "Oh, right."

Stacy took the hanky and dabbed at Miley's cheeks, "Pull it together Miley, you've got to get up there. You're the queen!"

"Stace, I can't... I have to find Charlie..." Miley looked around franticly, hoping to spot Charlie. After getting over the shock of seeing him with Darla, she knew Stacy was right. Miley recalled how Charlie was against the wall, and how Darla was pushing herself on him...

Stacy wiped the mascara off Miley's face. "Miley! Snap out of it girl. Now get up there, we'll find Charlie, okay? Everything will work out."
Miley nodded, relenting. "O-okay... okay."

"Let's split up and find him." Brian suggested to Stacy as Miley moved towards the stage.


"Millicent Andrews??" the principle called again, "Where is our queen...? There she is! Let's hear it for your king and queen!"

Charlie finally spotted Miley as she took the stage beside Adrian. Charlie was about to head that way when Stacy caught up to him.

"Charlie!" Stacy called, "Charlie what happened?"

"Stacy?" Charlie turned, "Stacy you've got to believe me! Darla trapped me, she threw herself at me, I didn't... I swear... Miley saw us and..."

Stacy nodded, "I know, don't worry, she'll realize the truth... I talked some sense into her."

"You did?" Charlie looked relieved. "Oh man, Stacy you're a life savor."

"Don't sweat it." Stacy said, rubbing a soothing hand on Charlie's arm. "Now we just have to figure out how to stop Miley from killing Darla..."

"GEEK LOVER." came a sudden call from the crowd as the principle was placing a crown on Miley's head.

Charlie recognized Brock's voice, and turned to see Brock's jock cronies all around him laughing.

"Oh my god, that jerk..." Stacy looked Brock's way.

Other catcalls followed, and Miley started looking upset as Brock and his friends continued to laugh at her and yell their taunts.

"Students, please..." the principle urged from stage.

"Charlie you have to do something." Stacy said.

"What can I do?" Charlie replied.

"I don't know!" Stacy exclaimed helplessly, "But Miley's upset enough already, and she looks like she's ready to start crying again..."

"Shit..." Charlie cursed, then hurried towards the stage.

"There's the geek now!" Brock called from the crowd as Charlie climbed up onto the stage, and several people laughed.

Adrian had his arm around Miley, trying to comfort her as she was visibly upset. They both saw Charlie get on stage and ask the principle for the microphone.

"Can I have that?" Charlie asked the hapless principle, reaching for the mic. "Thanks."

"Oh my god..." Stacy lifted a hand to her forehead, watching Charlie from the crowd. "What is he doing?"

Charlie lifted the microphone to his mouth and faced the crowd, "Uh, hi everybody... wow, a lot of people out there..."

Several people called out things like 'geek' and 'dork', most of the voices coming from nearby Brock.

"That's right." Charlie said to everyone nervously. "Um, that's me, the class geek. It used to bother me when people called me that, or 'nerd' or whatever, but that all changed a while back. Someone really special made me realize that it didn't matter what people called me."

The crowd of students fell mostly quiet as Charlie spoke.

"As long as one incredible girl like Miley believed in me and supported me, it made all the teasing and name-calling suddenly easy to swallow." Charlie gained confidence as he continued, turning to face Miley directly. "I never thought in a million years I'd ever get a girl like Miley to even notice me, much less be my girlfriend. But here I am, and I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world. She's the best thing that ever happened to me."

Stacy covered her mouth in amazement.

"She doesn't need that crown.

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