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Kara gets the contractor to give Dirk a good price.


I jumped in, "But I have got everything ready for tonight."

"Yes I know dear but this is important. Now I want you to do something for me. Mr Oldcastle will be coming to the house to pick up a report. Now it is on the computer under the name of Northwest England six. Print it out and give it to him. I'll warn you. I made him mad by not handing in this report and he needs it tomorrow. So whatever you do don't upset him. Right I'll have to go, hope to see you about eleven. Bye"

With that the phone went dead. Now as you can guess I was not happy and I could feel a sulk coming on, but I did as he asked. I printed the report and put it on the television in the front room. I then sat down and tried to think what I could do for the rest of the evening.

As I sat brooding I heard a car coming up the drive I looked through the window. It was Hubby's boss, Mr Oldcastle. Now I have only met Mr Oldcastle once at a company function. A mature man in his late sixties who came across as a no nonsense type, probably a military man at one time by his manner. I went to the door and opened it.

"Hello Mrs Goodfellow I'm sorry to intrude."

"It's Ok Mr Oldcastle he just phoned to tell me you were coming. I've got the report inside, please come in." He came in and I passed him the report.

"Do you mind if I just glance through this?" he said flapping the report in the air.

"Of course not, sit down and I'll make you a coffee."

He sat down and I toddled off to the kitchen. While filling the kettle I began to daydream. I wondered what it would be like to be spanked by a stranger? The humiliation of being ordered to undress in front of them, feeling an unfamiliar hand on my bare behind, their gaze never leaving my body. I shook my head and smiled better get back to the coffee.

With the coffee on the tray I made my way back into the living room I noticed half of the report was on the coffee table. An idea leapt through my head.

I sauntered towards him and pretended to trip on the rug. The tray fell from my hands spilling coffee all over the table and report. Mr Oldcastle jumped up in surprise and disbelief. "What have you done?"

I looked at him sheepishly, "Whoops! Sorry."

"My God! I need this report for my meeting in Preston tomorrow!" he shouted trying to save the soaking paper, "I knew not to leave this in your husband's hands! The trouble he's caused me today! I should get rid of him! I really should!"

"Don't blame my husband! It was my fault!" I could feel my legs shaking with the excitement I got myself together, stood straight, and boldly said, "If you have to punish somebody it should be me!"

"How can I punish you stupid girl!" was his tart reply as he sat back down.

It was now or never. I turned around so my back was towards him. Nervously I slowly began to lift my skirt. I looked into the mirror on the wall in front of me and saw Oldcastle looking at me aghast. I felt the material of the skirt slowly slide up my legs. I paused slightly my hands were trembling. "Come on girl you can do it." I thought to myself. Taking a deep breath I continued to move the skirt further up so my stocking tops and the bottom of my panties was just in view. He was now looking directly at the tops of my legs; hot and bothered he ran his fingers through the collar of his shirt. The skirt was moved up and my lacy covered behind was fully revealed, I swear I heard him gulp. I then bent over slightly, my bottom sticking out towards him; I could feel the black lace taut against my behind. Slowly I then stretched my arms out to support myself on the wall.

It seemed like an eternity before I heard movement behind me.

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