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Her best friend seduces her Dad.

She kissed him hard on the mouth and let his cum trickle into his mouth.

"Drink it darling, drink it down" she cooed.

He did as he was told for to disobey would have been futile.

"Nice" he smiled, licking his lips.

" I have more plans in store for you darling, but that will be later. Richard is out tonight so we can do what we want"

They showered and changed, and Julia watched Roger unpack his clothes. He was neat and meticulous and put his things away in a logical order. When he had finished they had lunch and talked the afternoon away. Having cleared away the dinner plates and washed up, they relaxed in each other's arms in front of the TV. They could have been any loving couple, but they were different. The moments like these were treasure troves of memories for both of them when they could act like any other couple the world over until Richard came in. But he was going to be late so they relaxed and kissed and touched. As night threw her blanket of darkness across the town, the curtains were closed and Roger sat at Julia's feet massaging them for her. He turned to face her as she sat on the sofa and pushed her skirt to her waist. She was naked underneath as she always was for him and she guided his head to her pussy.

"Oh my love" she said, "you always know what I want and how I want it"

Roger looked up at her and his eyes glowed as he lapped at her pudenda. He kissed its softness and licked gently down to her clitoris. He took it in his mouth and sucked it making Julia squirm in her seat. Following her example from earlier he licked from her anus to her clit in long strokes, dipping his tongue into her cunt along the way. He sucked her lips the way she liked it and taking his finger he rested it against her anus. He had adored being fingered and he wanted to do it to his lover. He took his finger and took some of Julia's cum onto it and returned to her anus. She raised her legs to give him better access. Her bottom hung off the edge of the sofa as he licked her tight hole. He drank her musky smell as he licked it and probed it with is tongue. He watched his finger disappear inside her arse and she took it in one probing. Julia moaned and pulled Roger's face to her cunt forcing him to lick her some more. His finger was buried inside her and he started to finger fuck her as she had him earlier in the day.

"Fuck I can't stand it any longer baby, I want your cock up my arse. I need it baby" she panted "I was going to save it for later but I need it, God I need it"

Roger loved when she was like this, in heat, demanding, knowing what she wanted!

He ran upstairs and grabbed the lubricant from where he had left it on his bedside cabinet. Julia was fingering her cunt, her face screwed up in passion and lust.

"Come on darling boy, spread the lube on your prick, all over it, yes that's it!

Roger pushed Julia's legs to her tits and she held them by her ankles revealing her arsehole and cunt. He placed his cock against her tight anal entrance and pressed carefully.

"Slowly love" Julia wanted to savour the pleasure and pain of being arse fucked. She had been using her vibrator on her arse in preparation for her lover. But nothing had prepared her for this majestic cock. She bore down against him and she felt her sphincter muscle relax. She exhaled loudly as he penetrated her and held her still. About 3 inches of his cock had disappeared and he felt her anal heat. He retracted slightly and pushed in some more, each time getting further up her arse. He took longer stroked each time and finally he was fucking her with precision. Julia's fingers were working on her clit and cunt as she was being buggered by her lover. Roger was sweating and managing to control his urge to ram her arse harder.

"Take the pressure on the back stroke" urged Julia.

He took her advice and made the back stroke powerful and strong feeling the rim of his cock catching on her tight ring. The feeling spurred him on and she let out a stifled yell.

"I am going to fuck your arse hard you horny fucking

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