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The typical routine of a mind controller.


"Hmm, your ass is so warm and tight," Rudolph said, and Carla moaned softly as her husband gripped her hips and slowly worked his dick into her asshole. Carla absolutely loved anal sex, ever since Rudolph convinced her to try it while the two of them were dating. Sure, it went against her Southern Methodist upbringing, but who gives a damn? Carla learned to let go, relax and enjoy. As Rudolph stuffed her asshole full of his dark dick, Carla screamed like a madwoman, loving every minute of it.

"That was fun, we should try other stuff, like we used to back in college," Carla said to Rudolph as they lay on the living room floor, spent. Rudolph looked at her and smiled. During their college days, Rudolph hooked up with a lot of women...and a few men. It took his beloved Carla a long time to accept his bisexuality, but once she did, things got a lot hotter between them. Rudolph hadn't been with anyone else, female or male, since he and Carla got married...

"If you're sure about it," Rudolph said, and Carla nodded firmly. They made love some more, and then went online. They accessed a website for bisexual men, bisexual women, and bisexual couples. While there, they browsed through the various profiles, and then were surprised to come across a familiar face. Evan Stiles, a red-haired, blue-eyed young white dude whom Rudolph was close friends with during their halcyon days at Clark Atlanta University. They sent Evan a friendly message, and that's how it all began...

"Pleasure to meet you guys again, wow, small world, eh?" Evan said, smiling at Rudolph and Carla as the three of them sat inside Maria's Tavern, a chic Caribbean restaurant located on the east end of Atlanta, Georgia. Evan looked good, clad in a blue silk shirt, black silk pants and black cowboy boots. Although no longer in his twenties, he still looked just as handsome as he did during his days as a rugby star at Clark Atlanta University.

"Indeed, you haven't changed a bit," Rudolph said, and he and Carla exchanged a knowing smile. They gave Evan the rundown, and informed him that they were entering the swinging scene to spice things up, after nearly a decade of marriage. Evan, who is out and proud as a bisexual man, was quite happy to hear that, especially since he was newly single and looking for fun...

"I just split from my favorite Trinidadian cutie, Alisha, she couldn't handle my being bi," Evan said, and Rudolph and Carla looked at his phone, which displayed a picture of him standing next to a tall, curvy and dark-skinned woman with an Afro. Alisha's loss is our incredible gain, Carla thought, and the southern blonde licked her lips as she looked Evan up and down...

"Evan, my dude, we'll help you forget all about Alisha," Carla said firmly, and Evan and Rudolph exchanged a smile, then nodded. Without further ado, Carla and Rudolph took their old buddy Evan for some fun, and what followed was truly a night for the ages. Interracial couples are coming into their own, fearlessly exploring the worlds of kink and swinging, and Rudolph and Carla are at the vanguard of this most deliciously sensual trend...

"Alright, Evan, I love my dear Rudolph but I miss white cock, and I've always wanted to try some reverse interracial cuckold, you know, the kind of scenario where the white wife of a black man cuckolds him with a white Bull, are you okay with that?" Carla asked Evan, as she stripped naked in the living room. Evan looked at the gorgeous, sinfully sexy Carla, then at his good buddy Rudolph, who grinned and nodded. With a nervous smile, Evan nodded his assent.

"Carla, if we're all on the same page, I'm down for whatever," Evan said, and the red-haired stud undressed, revealing his taunt, muscular body.

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