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A trip to Boston brings trouble.

I excuse myself for a while, rushing to the bar to get a stiff drink, the real reason so I can watch from distance, so to allow him to feel bolder, while still watching everything that might happen. I'm not disappointed, it doesn't take long for his hand on your knee to slowly start circling, tracing a slow path up your leg. You are both chatting with your faces very close now, quite obviously the talk is getting more personal, more intimate, as shown on your faces. I am torn between watching your face, waiting for the moment you will kiss, and trying to keep tabs on your legs, watching the progress of his fingers on you. Moving slightly to get a better look, I am in time to see you part your legs slightly, and I realise that he must have his hand on your inner thigh, getting so close to your pussy. I can just imagine how excited you must be, your pussy must be so wet now, the ache must be so strong, pussy needing that touch.
You lean forward, bringing your lips to his, and he responds, kissing you back hard, I can see your tongues sliding together, exploring each others mouths. His hand now finds your pussy, and he must realise you are wearing no knickers. This seems to spur him on, his kissing becoming more passionate, more intense. You spread your legs wantonly now, opening them up so anyone glancing in your direction can see plenty of thigh, and see that this man has his fingers now fucking you, his arm moving in and out.

I'm watching so intently that I fail to notice that his two friends have noticed his 'conquest', and have moved closer, watching the fun. They're standing close enough that they must be able to see your pussy, and the fingers working their magic on you. I wonder what will happen, hoping the audience doesn't upset you, or their friend.

Kevin must have a sixth sense, as he breaks away from the kiss to look up, smiling at his mates. I see you finally take notice, and you go to close your legs, but your new lover fails to move his hand, and you don't put up a fight, opening them wide again, face flushing red, with a little embarrassment, but mostly with a flush of sexual excitement, knowing your most private place is on display now to three men. Not only on display, but being slowly finger fucked by a stranger.

I move as close as I dare, luckily the lights in the pub have been dimmed even more now, as the dancing hots up and the drinks flow. I can see that Kevin is introducing his friends to you, without stopping his slow fingering. You grin back at them, through eyes half closed with pleasure. Kevin even hitches up you skirt even more, so your pussy is completely exposed, inviting his friends to come closer. They don't need asking twice, pulling chairs around you, watching intently. You can see their growing erections, and can't stop yourself licking your lips while staring, making them shift on their seats, imagining that tongue on their cocks.

Because of the music you all have to talk loudly, and luckily that means I can overhear, straining to hear the words.

"This is Lizzie guys, and as you can see, she's one hot bitch. I think she's up for some fun tonight, and I'm sure she won't mind everyone joining in, will you Lizzie?" Lizzie shakes her head, obviously a little scared, but mostly turned on as hell. This is beyond even our fantasies, a small gang bang at first attempt. I realise with some sadness that I won't get to see the action this time, but I will demand a touch by touch talk through from Lizzie. The chat goes on for a few minutes, too low for me to hear now. You all seem to be getting on well, laughing and sharing drinks. Kevin removes his hand, and it is soon replaced by another - a dark haired guy this time, much shorter and stockier. You are being passed round like a toy - a horny toy. The third man is by your side, his hand sliding up you top, obviously enjoying the feeling of your soft breast. You throw your head back, body surrendering by the two sets of hands rubbing your intimate places.

If anyone looked close

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