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Mindy gets bigger breasts and dominates her husband.

You feel one finger press into you and wonder how big a man this is to have fingers thick as a dick. You moan from both the pain and the pleasure of the beefy finger sawing in and out of your ass. Suddenly more lube is applied and he adds a second finger. This causes you to holler out. You are being stretched wide as he makes a "v" with his fingers when he pulls them out. He repeats the lube process and adds a third finger. You are screaming and crying. You are begging and pleading for him to stop as you realize what he is doing to you when he adds a fourth finger to you asshole. He is trying to get the whole thing inside you to give you a fisting. It hurts yet feels good too; your confusion has you in hysterics. Your cock betrays you becoming fully erect when the fist seats fully into your ass. You feel hands all over you as you are held still in order to allow your ass to relax around the invader.

You feel him pulse his fist in your ass. He pulses it open and closed very slightly to open you up further. You can feel him pulling out and you realize the fucking is about to begin. He pushes in and you can feel his index finger massaging your sphincter relax. You feel dizzy it hurts but it feels good too.

Suddenly you feel him ease completely out of your ass. He shifts under you and starts sucking your cock. You feel a slightly smaller hand, like a woman's, penetrate your ass. And this time you feel the hand move almost up to the middle of her forearm in your ass. The see-sawing of your ass and the suction on your cock is too much for you. You cum screaming and pass out.

Meanwhile at the oasis....

Eldiablo and Slkstk are resting comfortably on the large floor pillows. They have eaten well and dozed off feeling a safety that they should not have felt. A door in the far corner of the room slides open quietly and twelve Amazonian-like women enter the room. They sneak up on the unsuspecting sluts and pounce.

Eldiablo you wake with a start as you feel someone on your back and a bit and bridle are slipped over your head. The bit has a dildo attached and is shoved into your mouth as the rest of the straps about your head are secured. You gag slightly when it is pulled. There are straps fastened around your waist that are connected to the head gear. Your wrists are shackled to a bar and held three feet apart. There is a spreader bar secured to your knees to keep them apart as well.

You are facing five very beautiful women. They are all wearing harnesses with monstrously huge dildos. They look beautiful in the dim light of the room glistening with oil; their breast hanging full and heavy. Their nipples are all hard pebbles. Your eyes travel down the flat of their stomachs and over the swell of their hips. You are captivated by the cocks they have in their lube covered hands stroking and fisting them. Some of them have to use two hands to encircle the monstrous cocks and you know that they will all be going in your ass. Your cock begins to drool at the prospect of it all.

As if they read your mind your butt plug is removed by a woman you did not see behind you. She slides a nine inch cock that is three inches thick into your ass. There is no teasing of your ass with it she slams home and starts pound the fuck out of you. She is holding the reins in her hands and she pulls back on them riding you, literally, like a horse. The reins pull your ass back onto her cock as the bit fucks your mouth.

You can see Slkstk out of the corner of your eye. He is tied down the same as you are except you see them putting a double headed bit into his mouth. The woman behind him is fucking him in earnest too but there is a woman in front of him on all fours and she is slamming her pussy onto the cock protruding from his mouth and shoving her ass into his face. You can hear him gag every time she slams back.

At one point you and Slkstk think your cocks are about to get relief when one of the women slides underneath you both.

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