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Esa tells Geir the story of Aaron Firethief.

As the panties are pulled down I feel my dick as it is now free, the tip presses into the cold metal side of the desk. Harry takes down the panties fully, as they reach my ankles I step out of each leg of the panties.

I look back as best I can to see what is happening, before I can see Harry behind me stroking his cock with one hand making sure it is fully erect.

"Reach back and spread your cheeks for me sweety" he commands "I am going to make you a woman."

"I have never" I start to explain.

"I know" he says "Don't worry I will make this as painless as I can."

With my ass cheeks spread exposing my hole to him I can feel as he places one hand on my ass, then I hear him whisper something. I look back at him and he places the wadded up panties in my mouth.

"You might want these for this next step," he says.

With his hands on my hips he pulls me back and I can feel his cock as he positions it at my ass hole. I can feel the warmth of his cock head as he begins to push it into my ass, I can feel him struggle as my ass will not accept the size of his cock. He pulls me harder by the hips and pushes his cock into my hole, but it will not go. I can begin to feel my hole being stretched by the pressure of his cock against it, it starts to hurt.

"Relax honey" he says "this will be easier if you can relax."

Tears form in my eyes due to the pain I am feeling, he is trying to hammer his cock into me and each time it seems to stretch me wider and hurt a little more. I moan into the panties each time he tries to push into me, the panties muffle the sound of my moans. After what seems to have been forever my hole seems to have stretched to its maximum, the pain is intense and I try and relax but I can feel the tears that are streaming down my face and relaxing is not easy. All of a sudden his cock makes its way into my ass hole, as it does I let out a muffled screech. Harry lets out a big groan.

"There we go" I can hear him say.

With his cock now in my ass he continues thrusting back and forth, slowly allowing his cock to enter further into me until he seems to be fully inside me. I can feel his cock filling me, it is an odd and new sensation - different from anything I could have imagined. Once he reaches full penetration he begins pulling out and then re-entering me, back and forth slowly at first and then picking up the pace as I am able to relax my ass and allow his cock to move more freely.

He settles into a rhythm of thrusting in and pulling out and as he does my cock also settled into a rhythm bouncing back and forth, I can feel his balls swing up and slap into me when his cock reaches full penetration. This fucking goes on for quite a while, I can feel his cock sliding inside me causing feelings I have never had before. My mumbled moans mix with his grunting as he pounds my ass hole, suddenly his thrusts slow and I can hear his breathing change and suddenly he pulls his cock out of my ass and in his heavy breathing he asks "turn over for me."

Without thinking about what I am doing I stand up and and turn around, and Harry moves closer to me and begins to unbutton my blouse, when the buttons are undone he removes the blouse from my shoulders and then each arm, throwing the blouse on the ground next to the desk.

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