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A young man with a sick mind goes back to grandma's bedroom.

beat me..." a sharp intake of air, "beat me like your bitch Jenny."

"I will Sarah, I will. But not now, now is for long as you know what you want." And with that her hips begin to move again. Humping and grinding Sarah into the bed, her mouth moving from ear to lips, drowning out Sarah's cries in a deep kiss.

I close my eyes and concentrate on the sounds filling the room. No more words, only grunts and pants and moans. Sarah fucked and allowed to cum then fucked some more. Fucked until my, our, Mistress reaches her orgasm.

Afterwards, they laid together for a while resting until their breathing was back to normal and the sheen of sweat upon them faded. Sarah lain, with a look of satisfaction, flat on her back with our Mistress' leg over hers and her head resting on Sarah's shoulder. A satisfaction that turned her lips upward into a soft smile as a hand drifted up and ran fingers around the swell of a breast and around a nipple.

Six eyes watching the fingers as they teased the nipple, guiding round it, over it, a finger circling lightly upon the tip. The nipple responding and resuming its full height, becoming easy prey for the fingers that pinched it, pinched it hard and pulled it out. Stretching it and stretching it until the look of satisfaction changed and Sarah had to close her eyes and bite her lower lip to remain quiet. The nipple snapping back as it slipped out but, just a quickly reclaimed and tugged again, twisted as well as pulled this time until, several long seconds later, finally let go by design,

Slipping out of bed, our Mistress goes to her closet and finds her duffel bag. We both peer intently as she finds then steps into a strap on harness graced with a large black dildo, lifelike including a budging vein that snakes up the underside between a thick mushroom head and set of heavy balls. Returning with a giant tube of tube in hand, she kneels next to Sarah's head with the cock dangling.

Sarah goes up on one elbow and takes the cock into her mouth. Sucking at it, wetting it with her tongue, she begins to prepare it and I wonder if any of my residue remains on it. A slight aftertaste that Sarah might relish without understanding its source.

Hips moving forward to feed more of the cock to Sarah, "Come on, open up and suck my cock good. Show me if you can be trusted as a real cock sucking whore if needed."

Sarah's lips thin out as they surround the girth of the realistic man meat stuffed further inside her face. Hands on her head, hips slightly rocking, she is fed more of it and I can hear her hum and swallow at it. Pulled back until just the tip is inside her lips, Sarah's tongue is visible as she uses it along the glands and into the perfect piss hole at its apex.

"Hold still and open."

Sarah's eyes look upwards as the hands grip her head tighter. A slow and steady thrust forward of hips and the cock begins to disappear. I watch amazed as it descends ever deeper into Sarah's throat, her nose billowing to take air.

"She's done this before," the words directed to me as the entire shaft of the cock is hidden by Sarah's lips. Even though there is no more to be had, I see her hips continue to push forward with a little rotation that makes Sarah's head jiggle and twist.

Then, as slow as it entered, the cock makes its return. Glistening and wet, inch by inch it exits Sarah's mouth and throat. When again only the head remains engulfed, I see fingers tighten in her hair and the beast is pushed back in, faster this time, and buried once more.

"Oh my, she is good at this isn't she? Well, lets see how she handles a face fucking."

Sarah eventually gags as the cock is propelled in and out. The sound of which brings a wicked grin on our Mistress' face but no let up in her movements. Then with a snarl she reminds her that she better not gag any more as she grinds back down into her.

Spit is dripping from Sarah's chin as the cock is pulled back and out.

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