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Final: Vastie's made a terrible mistake.

It was getting difficult for Hannah to keep up the pretense, as I moved ever lower.

To draw Colin's attention away from this fact, I switched topics, requiring Hannah to only listen.

We hadn't been talking more than five minutes when Colin's phone rang.

Mouthing the words, "I have to take this", he turned his back to us and answered the call.

Seizing the moment, I ran my palm down Hannah's ass, letting my middle finger navigate the way; its tip coming to rest nestled in the hot folds her sex.

Feeling the heat radiating from Hannah, I realized just how excited I was myself; a blazing erection and my breathing heavy.

Ever wary of Colin's focus, I failed to notice that Hannah had lowered one arm and was now snaking her hand in to the waistband of my shorts.

Hannah's hand closed around my shaft as my finger split her lips, releasing her silky wetness. Her mouth opened and her hand squeezed tight as I sunk my finger in.

What began as a subtle, somewhat tender exchange had taken on a competitive edge.

Both Hannah and I had subtly stepped up the intensity. Hannah had abandoned her gentle tugging in favor of long, solid strokes, while I now drove two fingers deep in to her pussy.

Suddenly, Colin wheeled in his seat causing us both to jump. Thankfully, he was so immersed in his phone call he didn't even register our embarrassment or guilt.

A moment later, Colin did another about face allowing Hannah and I to exchange relieved grins.

'This'll have to wait. I have to go,' Colin announced abruptly.

'Everything okay?' I asked, as Hannah and I extricated ourselves from one another.

'Yeah, I just have to take care of something,' he said absently as he hurriedly packed up.

'In that case, Hannah, what are you going to do?' I asked innocently.

'Didn't you have something for me back at my office?' Hannah asked, raising an eyebrow.

Saying a very quick good-bye, Colin bolted for the door.

Before I could speak, Hannah whispered, 'Come on,' and led me in the direction of her office.

Reaching her door seconds later, I stood aside to let Hannah pass through, watching her butt as she went.

'Lock the door,' Hannah whispered anxiously over her shoulder.

Flipping the latch and hearing a satisfying click, I started towards Hannah.

'Close the blinds,' she instructed, nodding at the wall of blinds from behind her desk.

The blinds now secured, I turned to find Hannah rifling the contents of her handbag.

'I know there's one in here somewhere,' she muttered, sounding more than a little frustrated.

'Ah, found it!' Hannah chimed, triumphantly.

I watched as she produced from the bag, a small square of plastic that was unmistakably a condom.

'Do you know...what sort of day I've had?' Hannah asked rhetorically.

'What sort of day you've had?' I replied incredulously.

'I spent half the afternoon in the restroom thanks to you,' I said, in an accusatory tone.

'Oh, that explains why I couldn't find you,' she said wistfully.

'Probably a good thing,' Hannah sighed.

'I was only going to tease you a little more,' she said wickedly, leaning forward on her elbows, revealing her cleavage.

Looking at Hannah's breasts I said, 'You know, technically, you still owe me.'

'What do you mean?' she replied, looking slightly perplexed.

'Well, commando means no underwear and...I can clearly see a bra,' I answered, pointing to the white fabric cupping her breasts.

'Is that right?' she countered coyly.

Hannah stood as I walked around back of her.

'So I should probably take it off, huh?' Hannah said, turning her head ever so slightly.

'Or perhaps everything would be more appropriate. Don't you?' I replied, placing my hands on her waist.

Reaching both hands behind her, Hannah lifted my t-shirt just enough to slip her hands back in to my shorts.

'Only if you take your clothes off first,' she challenged playfully.

'Well, for anyone else...' I conceded, taking a step back, kicking off my shoes and beginning to pull my t-shirt over my head.

Hannah impatiently finished th

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