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I meet Kathy's Mom.

Julie groaned in frustration. She moaned and started to pull him back when she heard him say.

"Look at you, you really are a slut! You're practically begging your own brother to get you off. Who knew?"

Julie blushed and dropped her head. The humiliation of Kevin's words hit her hard. What was worse was that the words didn't stop her desires but only added to her frustrations. She watched as Kevin took Christy upstairs to fuck her brains out and Julie knew she couldn't go.

Julie turned and stepped into the living room. Her body on a razor's edge. Thinking that she might have a minute to get off, she headed for the couch, when the front door opened and in walked Marcus. Julie gasped as it wasn't her father standing in the hall but a cock. Not only that but she was ordered to seduce him and now was as good a time as ever.

Julie screamed, "DADDY!" As she rushed to him and gave him a big hug. She made sure she pushed her braless tits into his chest and nuzzled his neck. "I missed you Daddy!"

Marcus was confused, his daughter was practically attacking him. He could feel her large tits pressed tightly into his chest. When she nuzzled his neck, his thought went to Jesse. She loved to do that and it always got him going. Julie was just like her mother, but Marcus's mind was on his son. He gently pushed her away and tried to slide away.

Julie figured he would resist, but her body needed relief and she wanted to fuck. She struck a pose against the stair rail and pouted. "You aren't trying to leave me are you Daddy?" She made sure she stuck out her barely covered ass and gave him her little girl face that always got her way.

Marcus looked at his daughter and could see the lust in her eyes. He looked down her body and he knew that only weeks ago he would be very aroused and might even give in to her charms. But that all changed since Master X and Master John took over his life. His mind drifted off thinking if it was only Kevin that was offering.

Julie saw Marcus's hesitation and took immediate advantage. She grabbed him, spun him around and planted a passionate kiss on her surprised father. Not letting him recover, Julie pushed forward, trapping him against the stair and pushing her body against his. She moaned as her tongue slid past his lips and deep into his mouth. She kissed him for several long seconds before she pulled back a second and gasped. "Think of what that tongue could do to your cock Daddy?"

She pushed her lips to his and leaned further into his body, when the front door opened and in walked Jesse.

All three of them gasped, as Julie and Marcus almost fell down from the intrusion. Marcus took advantage to escape his daughter's grasp and rush out of the room. Julie couldn't move, her mind was frozen and her body was anchored in place. Jesse stared at her daughter but remembered her instructions and walked up and gave her shocked daughter a hug. "Welcome home honey. When did you get in?" Jesse said trying to maintain her composure. Her mind in total shock at what she saw.

Julie stood there like a statue looking at her mother standing in front of her almost naked. Her sweat soaked body and her semi-transparent running attire. Before Julie could say something Jason spoke in her ear.

"Wake up slut, I want you to take charge of your mother. Ask her why the fuck she's dressed like a whore? And say it like I said." He demanded.

Julie looked at her mother and cleared her throat, "Mother, why the fuck are you dressed like a whore?"

Jesse hadn't expected that and was having trouble thinking of an answer that would be believable. "I wear this every day when I exercise, it gives me motivation."

Jason again told Julie what to say.

"It looks like your advert

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