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As I reached the gate I turned. She was only a few steps behind, but far enough away for me to get another good look at her in the bright moonlight. She moved with a mixture of good posture and grace. Wisely, she had her breasts done and I could see that her nipples were large and hard. It was also clear that she shaved, creating a thin line of tight pubic hair that pulled the eye to her flat belly and hips. I felt myself getting heavy and decided to go with it. If she didn't like it she would say something. We weren't still finding our way in the world. No reason for false modesty here.

She caught up to me and set her cup beside mine on the great wooden gate and together we looked out onto the dark road beyond.

"It is nice here. You can feel the breeze." She said, leaning into me as she often did at the office, letting the closeness drive desire. I felt her arm press against mine and I leaned into that soft, supple skin.

"Yea, it is pretty nice out here." I said as I spread my legs just a little to feel the breeze. I bumped my leg against hers, our bare hips touched. "So, go nude much?" I asked.

"Not as much as you I bet, but yea, some."

"So, you're not missing all the fun."

She turned toward me.

For a moment we were drawn, faces inches apart, the potential for a kiss drawing us together, but down the road I saw the lights of a car high up in the trees. I waited, then I took her by the arm and warned, "car."

She turned to look as we both stepped away from the gate walking back down the lane that led to my house about ten yards before turning to let the car to pass. I was a few steps farther down the lane than she and as the car approached I signaled for her to step back a little farther, but no, not Linda. She stood there with her hands on her hips, shoulders square and feet apart as a large white four door pickup flew by headed toward town.

"Hm." She said.

She seemed honestly disappointed that the truck had not slowed. As I walked back toward her I could see her in the moonlight.

"Show off." I accused.

"Look at you." She crooked a finger at my half hard cock.

"Well It's been a while and..." I joked well knowing all the things that she might think. I didn't care.


"And the company is quite attractive."

She turned and walked back to the gate, this time with a little swing in her hips. I took up the place next to her, once again pressing my arm against hers, then my hip. She pressed back. Our faces turned toward each other and neither of us could help but laugh.

Our game was soon punctuated by a kiss. Not a long and passionate kiss, no, that was not what either of us felt; but a solid, confirming press of open lips with that hint of tongue that said we were both fearless, ready for anything. We pushed together at that gate, trying as best we could to gain contact, laughing at each other, kissing.

"What's changed most in your life since you quit partying?" She asked after we broke.

"I haven't quit partying, I just quit the booze. I party better this way."

To our next kiss we added the press of flesh, face to face, her nipples to mine, I cupped her ass and pressed my hard cock into her belly. I slid a hand down the outside of her thigh as far as I could reach then pulled the backs of my fingers along her side and up to the bottom of her breasts. She kissed me harder, more tongue so I softened my touch even more.

There was the matter of my hard cock between us. It was a rock now, strong and working on its own. Cupping her breasts I leaned forward to test one of her nipples with my lips, superb, hard, ready.

In the distance the sound of a car arose. From one direction headlights would illuminate the gate, from the other, they would miss it, but still I moved away whenever a car came from either direction. As I started to move Linda held my arm.

"We need to move." I argued.

"Why? What can they see through the gate? Look this board covered my tits. This other one covers the rest of us. Let's just stand here."

It was true what she had said about

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