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The Adventures of Steve and Jamie End.

The wine was poured and they soon were sipping the merlot with her reclining against him in the huge old tub.

Her kiss was so magical to him - so soft, so warm, so wet as their tongues touched. He craved her touch - not only the sex - but her touch. Her soft hands touched the back of his neck as they kissed. Running through his hair over his chest - lightly dragging her nails. Circling his nipples. The chill of excitement at her touch was palpable at the base of his neck and passed through his body like electricity - yet an altogether pleasant wave of electricity and excitement. The excitement of her touch extended him further. Stroking her hair and admiring her beauty as they alternately kissed and explored each other. 10 years his junior he could not believe her radiance. Her loving and accepting touch quickly evaporated fears of inadequacy. His new found self confidence emboldened him to explore further and his touch extended from a light touch on her breasts to a firmer grasp and light pull on her nipple. He circled his tongue around her nipple and enjoyed the hardness of it against is tongue. His work was rewarded with moans of pleasure.

They moved to the couch in front of the delightful glow of the fire where she sat him on the and encouraged him to recline. She placed herself between his legs on her knees then rose to kiss him again. Hot passionate kisses of a woman enjoying this moment. Tongues touched, hot breath was felt, light quivers in her touch told him that she giving way to him completely. She kissed down his neck to his ear and nibbled on his earlobe then nibbling her way down his broad chest. She held his cock in her delicate hand and appeared to be admiring it before she touched the head with the tip of her tongue. She traced the circumference of his cock head with her tongue then engulfed it in her mouth for a moment.
Stroking and touching she licked his shaft and gently fondled his balls. She folded his cock against his stomach and licked in long, slow motion from his balls to the tip of his cock. He was in heaven and closed his eyes to relax. She increased her motions and movements and he realized that his release was close. His pleas for her to slow down went unanswered and he knew that she meant to bring him off in this fashion. She quickened her pace bobbing her head up and down the length of his shaft until he could take no more. His muscles tensed and his back arched as his load erupted into her mouth. Her movements never slowed and she showed no signs of slowing as his cock emptied itself.

Fearing that after this release he may not be able to fully satisfy his lover, he determined to do his best to grant her a release from his oral attention.

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