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Priestess inspires love and initiates a virgin soldier.

She raised her eyebrows and smirked.

"Do I want to know?" she asked.

"Banana cream pie" I said.

"Oh? Where do we get the pie?" she said and giggled.

"Your pie is the best I have ever had. I'm just not sure where to put the banana?"

"You better not!" she said and then smashed her lips against mine.

Finally in her bedroom, I set her down on the bed. She put her legs out and ending up standing on top of the mattress. I took the opportunity to spin her around and so I could squeeze her ass and spread her cheeks. I dove in with my tongue again licking a little pussy and a little ass. I stopped at her rose and gave it a quick circular lick.

"Oh god I'm on fire." she squealed.

"Hold on! Let me grab a banana!" I said with urgency.

She whipped around looking at me with fear. I peeled a banana and took a big bite from it. I was hungry. I hadn't eaten since lunch. Besides pussy and whipped cream.

"You taste great, but there are no calories in your creamy filling."

"Can I have one?" she asked.

I finished mine quickly and peeled one for her. She put her left hand in my shoulder, her breasts right in my face.

"Can you hold my foot." She said as she raised he left leg using my hand as a step.

She sucked about three inches of the banana in her mouth. Then she spread her pussy lips with her left hand and slid the banana into her pussy about half way. She pulled it back out and waved it by my face. I can smell her on the banana. Fuck!

"Fuck!" I said.

She then took the tip of the banana and licked all around it and the bit the head off.

"Ouch!" I grimaced.

She giggled.

"The banana tastes really good." she said and cocked an eyebrow.

"I know." I said grinning.

She ate the half that was Tammy flavored. My cock surged with the thought of her enjoying the taste of her own pussy.

"That's enough. I want to save room for whipped cream." she said.

She tossed the banana toward a chair. I took my shirt off and slipped out of my shoes. She got down off the mattress and sat on the bed in front of me.

"I was going to join you in shower. I was out here fantasizing about washing your body while my cock was pressed against your ass." I whispered.

"I would have let you fuck me silly." she said as she caressed my chest.

I dropped my pants. My cock was pointing straight out, tenting my boxers.

"Unh uh, I'll do that." She said and slapped my hands away.

She pulled down my boxers just below my balls. She grabbed my balls with her left hand and grabbed the whipped cream. She shot the cream the length of my cock, but none on the head.

"Mmmmm..." she said and licked the pre-cum leaking from my head. Her mouth then engulfed my cock and she bobbed up and down. Then she slurped and licked my shaft till it was gleaming.

"Mmmmmmm. I love this big throbbing vein." She murmured and she traced her tongue up and down it.

She took both hands and grabbed my shaft like a bat handle. An inch and my mushroom head were still visible. She slowly stroked me while she licked more pre-cum up.

"I'm still hungry." she said looking up at me.

She took my head in her mouth and I could feel her warm tongue swirling all over it.

But she always came back to my cock slit to see if there was any more cum.

"Tammy. When I cum, you're in charge of where it goes." I said.

"I want you to cum in my mouth." she said with a hungry look.

She licked my head. Then she went primal and started throating my pole. She gagged with a couple of inches to go. She kept trying and trying to take it all, but backed off when she gagged. When she pulled off to catch her breath, strings of saliva attached to my cock stretched to her lips. She grinned and went right to sucking on my balls.

"Oh fuck. beautiful." I said.

She grabbed the base of my cock with her left hand pushing my balls back against me.

I couldn't help it. I lurched forward and the inches disappeared into her mouth. She started bobbing and stroking me at the same time. She wanted cum.


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