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City people didn't have drive-ins.

The fantastic Oral Sex wasn't the only reason we moved in together. Paul was having major rent problems, having yet to get a new job. Everyday i would go to work, and he would clean and cook tirelessly. He always asked me to come home from lunch, but i explained that i couldn't, due to the Lunch Rush on the bridge.

Fast Forward. 2 Months Later, and my Boss, Attorney Bill Walsch has me going to visit a plaintiff at home and take some notes. Well, I finish a little early, and decide, based on the location of this client, to skip home for lunch and surprise Paul. When I get there, the car is gone. I step inside to make and sandwich. Leaning in the fridge, i hear, from across the room,

"Back So Soon?." It was NOT a man's voice. I look up, and see a slim, blonde lady, naked except for patent leather high heels, black fishnets, and a black leather Bondage top.

"Who the fuck are you?" I yell, dropping the potato salad.

"What? Who are you? Where the big guy?"

"Get Out of My House!" I screamed, not fully comprehending yet the 'back so soon' remark.

"Not until i get paid!" She shot back.

A Hooker. My Paul had been seeing a hooker while I was away. I was so infuriated... But i couldn't do a damn thing about it right now, and that pissed me off.

"Hey, Skank!" I yelled. "Where's Paul?"

"He said he went to go get some Chocolate Sauce and Whip Cream."

What to do... how could i possibly get back at that Bastard. USING me for sex and lodging. My past was quite beneficial here. See, I had, in the past, used sex to my advantage. Educationally, Professionally, and... um... Domestically. This may in fact be the way to go. I had never been with another woman before, but she was obviously an attractive one, comparatively.

"You Clean? Diseases I Mean?" I asked coldly

"Of Course" she responded with disdain. She started to light a cigarette. I walked over and slapped her right across the face, forcing the cigarette out of her mouth.

"Get on the floor now, Skank." I barked.

"Excuse Me?" She said, shocked.

"You wanna get paid or not, you tramp. Get on the floor, and spread your legs! Do you own a strap on?" She grabbed the attachment for me, which i set down, and, seeing my opportunity, grabbed a set of handcuffs protruding from her bag and cuffed her to a table leg.

"Now spread em." I ordered, sliding off my own skirt, and shoving my pink, young Pussy into her face. "Lick me, bitch." And she did. And as she did, i stared to moan. She was so much better at this than Paul. Than ANY guy... it was like she could pinpoint and use every one of my cunt's hotspots. I licked her hard. I Jammed my tongue into her hot clit. Fingering her at the same time, jamming my thumb in her cunt, and fingering an already lubricated ass hole with my index finger. I kept lapping up her juices, swallowing and savoring her fluids. Jerking and moaning to the expert tongue that was now sliding in and out of my vaginal lips. As hard as it was, I got up, and strapped on the Dildo.

"I own you, do you understand?" I looked down on her, still wearing my button down work shirt, but little else.

"Yes." was her only response.

I knelt down first.

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