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"Okay, so what's so bad about that?"

"Are you insane, my love? Have you forgotten where we live? Have you forgotten I don't have a job anymore? How do I explain to them about the three of you? How do I explain to my father, who was going to freak about me dating a girl, a white girl at that, that I'm going to marry not only a white man, but two white women as well?"

"You could simply tell them we're your roommates, leave the hard discussion for another time. I'm sure all of us would gladly go along with that."

"No," Kelly said, raising her head and squaring her shoulders, "no, I'm not going to act like I'm ashamed of or embarrassed by the people I love, by my family. I'm proud of all of you. I'm proud that you've asked me to be a part of this. I'm blessed to be a member of something very special." She looked into Carol's eyes and Carol was surprised to see tears in her eyes. "I won't lie about us, not ever. I've made my choice, it's the right one for me, and they can damn well either accept it, or not accept me."

Carol went to her wife and held her, stroking her hair. "You are one of the bravest, most courageous, and possibly craziest people I've ever met. And you better damn well know, we'll be with you every step of the way, no matter what happens, no matter how it goes down."

"I know... I just... oh God... this is going to be tough."

* * * * *

"-and you, Mr. Grimes, must get better and be up and on your feet in time for the Samhain Fetish Ball," Madame Cornelius said, her hand absent-mindedly stroking Li Kuan's leg. "You and your little coterie are already being spoken of by some of us, I think that the group of you arriving en masse, so to speak, would certainly mark your 'coming out' as members of the scene."

"Madame Cornelius, remember that I want a quiet and peaceful life. Why would I want us to 'come out' at the Fetish Ball? And why on Earth are we already being talked about?"

"My dear Mr. Grimes, you want to 'come out' at the Ball as a way of showing off your beautiful family and giving them the chance to dress up in their fetish best for a night on the town where the only eyebrows they'll raise will be in admiration. With Carol on your leash, Kelly on your wife's leash, your large friend Mr. Janak with Tamara on his leash, your friends Ms. Pinard and Ms. Keller, and your sister, my goodness Mr. Grimes, you and your group of friends will be the envy of almost everyone at the Ball. You should be proud of your family and friends, especially after what you've been through together. You're 'coming out' to be seen and to see others. To go to a party where practically anything goes, among people who, to one degree or another, share interests in relationships like yours."

"Uh huh... and why are we being talked about?"

"Mr. Grimes, you really didn't think that stories like you beating Philip Philouma in a mud wrestling match at a strip club to win Tamara aren't going to be spread?" she replied, her eyes twinkling.

"Oh... my... God... look, that's not what happened at all-"

"Of course it isn't, Mr. Grimes. While I might believe Mr. Janak might be the type to get naked and wrestle a man described as 'a human whale' in a large tank of mud, I'd hardly believe it of you. But that's the story... while one of the late Mr. Philouma's men probably told his girl a reasonably straight version, by the time it got to our little community it, predictably, bore little resemblance to the truth.

"And then there's your drunken orgy in the Omni Bar that led to a fight with hotel security that ended with you all under arrest. You'll be happy to know that it was only with the spreading of much baksheesh that you weren't charged. You were allowed back into the hotel because you had your pets service the manager, or some such, one story says you gave him one of them for the duration of the stay. You kidnapped one of the bar's waitresses and were using her as a party favor. When her mother complained you got her fired. The girl ended up staying with your group by choice."

"I think I'm going to

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