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A teasing redhead drives her roommate crazy.

She smiled remembering that Christmas movie and the line. 'You'll shoot your eye out, kid.' She laughed and released him. "I'm not going to damage my property. Your balls are mine, that cock is mine, your body is mine. I will shave them, I will squeeze them. I will suck them. I will bind them, I may on occasion give them a light cropping, hell I might even tattoo the fat bastards, but I am not going to risk breaking them by kicking them, stepping on them, or crushing them in a vice! There are some things I won't do to you." She went back to stroking him noticing a different level of hardness. "Just like there are things you can't do for me. I know what you are, but we are not going as far in that direction, as you may want to go." He was a pain slut but she wouldn't risk it all on one roll of the die, or one kick to the crotch. She could find his pain without the risk of damage.

"Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress."

Crystal heard his sigh and knew there was more he wanted to ask."What else, slut?" She stopped stroking.

"Mistress, what were you going to tattoo on them?"

"Crystal's Meth." She grinned.

"Why? Mistress."

"Because your cum is so addictive."

"Mistress... what can't I do for you?"

"Sometimes I wish I could give up control and just get fucked by a lust crazed man. Or show the world what a great fellatrix I am with a line a cocks stretching out the door." She knew he didn't have that anywhere in him. "I know you wouldn't even get hard thinking about taking me, but sometimes a mindless fuck would be nice."

"Rape fantasy?"

"No, he sees me, he lusts for me, and I let him take me hard and deep." She lifted up and straddled his mouth, the silk of his blindfold brushed her thighs and finally settled between the cheeks of her ass. "Now hush and eat me out, slut!"

She impaled her cunt on his tongue. The tip of his nose brushed her asshole. She slid forward, "lick my ass you slut." She could feel the tongue swirl around her rosebud. She felt her pussy being humped by his chin. She gave herself a moment to let the sensation take her to another level. He breathing became shallow till she lifted her ass just beyond the reach of his tongue. She took a moment and could feel him straining. Lifting his head to reach her, only succeeding when she let him.

She reached for his shaven balls and rolled them between her fingers. She ran a hand down his strong bound thigh. She hefted the cock that had grown to his full glory.

She whispered to herself, "I love this."

It was time for a new trick. She reached for the thick rubber band about her wrist. From some childhood dance class an overly dramatic flair arose. She rolled the band down the wrist till it was stretched between her fingers. She moved her hand for no one's eyes but her own. A serpent mouth agape, a flame bursting to life, the embodiment of her passion hovered over his balls. She gripped the sac in one hand, the fat balls were too tempting a target and the snaked lunged, and engulfed them. She twisted the band under his balls and looped it back around his nuts. They were trapped in rubber and pushed away from his cock by sweet pressure. Two more bands quickly separated his balls. A moan from her slave served as applause. Act one of her one woman show was done time for intermission. She concentrated on his tongue and slid back to take it into her cunt.

"Tongue fuck me slave!"

Her eyes closed as she felt the dance. A tango as his tongue roughly bounced amid her pink flower. She began to hump the living flesh between her thighs. It was time for act two.

She looked at the sac it was already a dark purple, little bumps raised from the taut skin. The cock was a lighter shade but still hard as hard as it has ever been. She ran her fingers over the thin layer of flesh that separated her from his balls. Moans and gasps were deposited in cunt.

"Do your fucking job slave!"

She felt his tongue traveling deep into her hole.

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