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A man allows some young coeds stay at his cabin.

We hadn't been at the Top Hat five minutes when the girl giving Jimmy a lap dance hauled off and slapped him, got up and stormed off. A minute later a bouncer came to the table and politely reminded us all of the rules - you were not allowed to touch the girls with your hands. Ten minutes later the girl giving Carl a lap dance jumped up and called him a fucking asshole and thirty seconds later three bouncers politely escorted us out of the club.

"That ended way too soon," Danny said. "I got an idea. How about you do a strip and lap dances for us Chris?"

All of a sudden the guys all had money in their hands and they were waving it and chanting, "Do it Chris, do it, do it."

Carl said, "I've got four hundred her Chris and it's all yours."

"I've got two fifty" Jimmy chimed in and Ralph said he had three hundred."

Christina was saying, "I can't" and "Hubby wouldn't like it" and "Sorry, but that just isn't part of the service."

More money was flashed and the "I cant's" were gone and she was saying things like, "I wouldn't be any good at it" and "I really don't know how." The guys kept working on her and there was an instant there when I thought she was going to do it. It was like we were holding our breath waiting for her to start dancing and then suddenly it was gone. She gave a dismissive wave and sat down behind the wheel and asked where to next.

Harry started to tell her how to get to the next place on the list when Monte interrupted him.

"I've got an idea, let's raid Daphne's batchelorette party."

Everyone thought that would be fun so Monte gave Chris directions. Daphne was having her going away shindig at the home of her best friend Kate. We pulled up in front of the house and all piled out. Chris said she would wait and we told her no.

"You are part of our group sweetie and where we go, you go."

Monte tried the front door but it was locked so as quietly as we could manage the whole herd of us went around the side of the house and through the gate in the privacy fence. As we got closer to the back of the house we heard the sounds of partying. We heard:

"Do it, do it, do it," being chanted by a bunch of female voices and a "You go girl" and a "Way to go Daphne, way to go."

We came around the corner of the house to see a large covered patio. There were a dozen women sitting in chairs watching and cheering as a naked Daphne on her hands and knees sucked the cock of a man in front of her while another man was behind her sliding his cock back and forth in her pussy. Both men had the parts of police uniforms on and there was a large boom box on the table playing music. It looked like they were male strippers hired to do what Daphne wouldn't allow at Monte's party.

Almost at the same time Carl said, "Oh fuck!" Dave said, "Jesus Christ!" Jimmy said, "Worthless cunt!" and Harry said, "Fucking whore!"

The women all turned to face us and one of them said, "Oh my God." Monte just stood there and stared at his intended for several seconds and then he turned and headed back to the bus. Daphne either didn't hear what went on or she was so caught up in what she was doing that she didn't care. She was still sucking and getting fucked as we all turned and followed Monte back to the bus.

I was walking next to Chris and she said, "Was that her?"

I nodded a yes and she said, "Oh sweet Jesus, that poor guy."

It was a somber and sober group on the bus on the way back to Dave's house. Monte was sitting there and staring out the window and saying nothing as the guys said things like:

"Better you found out now buddy, instead of after you got married."

We were almost to Dave's when I had the thought and I leaned over and whispered to Christina:

"Would you like to help ease his pain and make a grand in doing it?"

"What do you mean? How?"

"Do a strip and give him a lap dance. Take his mind off of her."

She looked up into the rear view and looked at Monte and then she nodded and said, "Okay, but on one condition."

"Name it."

"You all have to promise that my husband never learns of it.

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