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The one night they spend together.

Glad to have an American to talk to, Isak did spend an inordinate amount of time with me as I had breakfast and made plans for my day. When I found out his shift would end about three pm, well before the normal time for turn-down service I asked if he could arrange to provide me with an early service. I told him that the jet lag would probably force me to take a short nap in the afternoon and the early turn-down would really make my day.

The weather was simply too damp and cold for much site seeing, so after breakfast I rode the elevator down to the lobby and wandered through a few of the shops there. As expected, everything was outrageously expensive, but it was fun to watch some of the guests there as they perused and purchased the pricy stuff without batting an eye. You know, even figuring I'm spending half of your money here Sonny, I just couldn't see fifteen hundred dollars (I'm guessing a bit at the price because of the exchange rates) for a purse. Besides, I had already decided I was investing my money in a lovely tip for Isak provided my plan worked out okay.

After spending most of the morning in the hotel lobby, I decided to skip lunch and go back to my room and prepare myself. I took a nice, steamy shower and then took my time drying my hair and putting on my makeup. I then slipped into the wonderfully soft robe the hotel provided and lounged on the bed while I waited for Isak to come in and turn down my bed.

While waiting I leaned back on my bed and imagined his hands on me, sliding up over my breasts, fondling them, running his palms over my nipples. As I imagined his hands on me, I opened my robe and ran my own palms over my nipples, feeling them harden. By the time he knocked on my door, my nipples were as big as I'd ever seen them and my pussy was soaking wet, aching for him.

I buttoned two buttons on my robe and then went to the door opening it for him. I don't know if it was just that I was so turned on or what, but he looked even that much more beautiful when he stepped into my room. Letting him walk past me to the bed, I watched the way his ass moved with each step and as he folded back the sheets and moved the extra pillows aside, I moved to the corner of the bed.

"Is there anything else you require Madam?" he asked me in a polite tone.

I looked at him, and Sonny, I know you'll love this, I said, "You turned down my bed, but can you turn this down?" Dropping my robe to the floor, I leaned over the bed, resting my elbows on the cool sheets while spreading my legs wide.

There was a moment of silence, a long pause where I wondered if perhaps he just might turn me down, before I felt his hand reach out and slide over my ass. He then kneeled and began kissing me all over my buttocks and down the back of my thighs while his hands moved up thigh. His finger easily slipped into me and then moved quickly to my clit.

He toyed with me for a few seconds and then stood and said, "Don't move."

I looked over my shoulder and watched him undress, carefully hanging his suit over the chair before turning to return to me. God he looked good. His dark hair lightly covered his chest and stomach before becoming a full, curly patch just above his cock. And oh his cock was stunning. Once again it wasn't circumcised and although it wasn't very long, it was thick, so thick I wondered how I could take him.

He moved behind me and I felt his fingers slip into me again, just for a moment before he gently spread my lips and then his glorious cock began filling me. I spread my legs wider and felt myself stretching inside as he slowly eased into me. By the time he worked himself all the way in I was trembling and breathing hard. Slowly he withdrew and then pushed into me again as I felt myself contract and then spread open again.

Sonny, he filled me like no man ever has before and as turned on as I was, it only took a few moments before I came, oozing my juices over him.

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