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Lauren learns the value of secrets.

I blinked and nodded, holding her gaze. This directness was thrilling.

After they sat again, Sassa pointed toward my knees and said simply, "wider." I obeyed. She repeated the order. I actually felt ashamed for three reasons: to be ordered so, to expose myself more, and because I had not obeyed 100% the first time. I acknowledged to myself the last of the three demonstrated that I was already becoming truly theirs.

"Yes Mistress," I found myself saying. "Sorry I was not wide enough the first time." I blushed at my apology, and for other reasons. I saw Helen enjoying my blush, and I was actually grateful to her for her sensitivity to my emotions.

To my surprise, Helen said, "You can do better, move them even wider apart, slave girl." She smiled as I looked at her suddenly. Then I looked down as I stretched my knees very wide indeed, somewhat straining. I particularly noticed my breasts this time, pushed out because my arms were locked behind me. My hard nipples helped to communicate my arousal.

"Good, slave girl," she nodded approvingly.

"Yes," added Sassa, "we want to see what is, after all, our property." I felt my blush deepening. I felt like never before. Before actually being in the situation, it's hard to imagine the reality of holding so taut a position, back arched from arms behind me, chest thrust out, loins so exposed. And, not least, my owners demonstrating they really owned me.

Helen then said, "you are beautiful, slave girl. This is just sooo lovely." She meant it, I could tell, and I knew her well enough to realize she was feeding my fantasy and encouraging me.

"Thank you, my owner," I breathed with emotion, fighting the urge to whimper.

"Now, the stool fantasy is real. We'll add the phallus tomorrow and do this some more then. Right now, I want to hear, and I want Sassa to hear, all about that wonderful chariot fantasy."

I smiled at Helen, but started to tremble a little. I was slightly cold, which contributed to the tremble (and my hard nipples), but mostly the tremble was due to having to tell them already about what might be my most ultimate fantasy. I had thought it might be better to build up to it.

"The chariot: I first got this idea from a lesbian slave novella. It was set in a fictional version of ancient Egypt. Mother and daughter slave girls were owned and trained by wealthy mother and daughter." At this I glanced up at them, as it struck me I was actually now a slave owned by sisters. I noticed that both of them were paying fascinated attention to my every word and staring with sensuous expressions at me. Sassa in a voice more husky than I ever heard before said "and here we have a slave girl owned by wealthy sisters." Helen added, "and she is also really owned as slave property, just as in the story." Helen and I smiled at each other, both of us knowing she was repeating my oft stated desire to be experience the reality of sensual slavery.

"The owners realized their slave girls needed additional humiliations well as exercise, so they came up with the idea to use them as they would horses, pulling their chariot, even in public, went they went shopping." I looked down and paused, to still my trembling voice. "I admit to you, when I read that, I became so hot and wet, I whimpered and moaned out loud, and was never so aroused. I think this must be the ultimate situation, to be so used and displayed and trained. It would be humiliating but beautiful and erotic, and I would feel so dominated and love the attention at the same time. I would feel the air all over my skin. You would be loving seeing sweat making my lean body glisten in the sun and watching my muscles exercising.

"You, my owners, would first train me to prance with naked knees rising just so perfectly high, chest out, back arched, as if I were a champion prancing pony.

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