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When the banalities of an insatiable affair aren't enough.

Elizabeth was elated, unable to show any outward sign of joy she just stood and followed her husband's directions.

"Elizabeth, I leave you here in hopes of fulfilling our wish to have healthy sons. You will try hard to become pregnant, won't you?"

"Yes, Ezra, I will do my duty as your wife and mother a child for you."

They parted and Elizabeth smiled a little sinister smile as she followed her brother in law into his house.


Ezekiel struggled with the situation now confronting him, as he made his way to the English's house. It wasn't that he needed to ask Tommy to try again with Elizabeth, it was his own predicament: He had not been with Hannah since they had lost their last child, and thinking of her was becoming an obsession for him. He knew he couldn't risk impregnating her.

Ezekiel arrived at Tommy's farm and found him at the house having lunch. Ezekiel waited and appeared troubled as Tommy approached him with the usual smile and hand shake.

"You look upset, Mr. Yoder, is something wrong?" Tommy inquired.

"Yes, I have sad news. Elizabeth has not taken, and needs to be serviced again." Ezekiel explained that she would stay at his house to facilitate his work.

"No problem, but is that what's bothering you?" Tommy asked.

"I have other troubles, but they do not concern you." He responded.

"Mr. Yoder, we have become friends and I think that as a friend it is my responsibility to be concerned."

Ezekiel agreed; they had become friends, but this was not something he could talk about -- with anyone. "Thank you for your concern, will you be available tonight?"

"Of course." Tommy realized he was not going to be any help.


Tommy arrived at the Yoder farm and went to the barn to find Ezekiel there instead of the women. He smiled and said "hello" and shook Ezekiel's hand.

Ezekiel was troubled and began to ask Tommy why he had such strong feelings about copulating when it was inadvisable to do so.

Tommy saw in his friend the frustration he had experienced not too long ago himself. He also realized that the religious taboo had a serious effect on the situation as well. Tommy was not sure he had the answer but tried to assuage his friend's frustration. "Mr. Yoder, I believe that there is a plan for each and every one of us to follow on this earth, and that you have a role to play as well." Tommy wasn't sure where he was going with this, but he knew he had to continue, "It was you that originally thought of this plan to save your family, and now I think it is time for you to reap what you sow." Tommy said without knowing where he was heading with the line of thought.

"What have I sown?" Ezekiel asked, confused.

Tommy continued, "You have delivered to your brothers the salvation they sought for their families, and what have you received in return?"

Ezekiel frowned, not knowing what it was the English was trying to say.

"It is your turn to benefit from the situation you yourself devised. You should be rewarded for your efforts."

"But how?" Ezekiel asked, perplexed.

"Tonight you will supervise Elizabeth, and I will explain further after we have finished."

Elizabeth readied herself for the English; she knew what to do now that she had been so proficiently instructed by Hannah during their last episode. She walked toward the barn with Hannah and waited as Ezekiel had instructed them. Ezekiel came out and spoke with Hannah, telling her to go to the house. Hannah was visibly upset, not knowing what had transpired within, she turned tentatively and walked back toward the house. Ezekiel and Elizabeth continued inside the barn.

Tommy readied himself on a blanket. Elizabeth was reluctant to expose herself to Ezekiel, but moved toward Tommy none the less. Tommy said, "It's OK, get undressed."

Elizabeth tentatively pulled her dress off and pulled her panties down, looking as she did to her brother in law. Tommy was ready and waiting so she straddled him and sat upon his belly, leaning as before on his shoulders.

Ezekiel started to intervene, but Tommy saw him begin and interjected, "Ezekiel, wa

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