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Sarah treats Chris' wounds and divulges details about Cat.

His slender frame looked like it could be broken in half by the linebacker build of his friend. Ben was young, perhaps twenty-six or twenty-eight. His black hair and fair skin had seen little of the sun Charles seemed to worship. He looked desperate to shed his tuxedo, like most men, but also appeared mature enough to stand in discomfort for hours, if it was socially expected of him.

"Would you like a tour of the house Hand?" Marsha asked as she gingerly grasped my fingers. I agreed and she proceeded to show me a varied collection of art they had accumulated through years of auctions. Their collection included many genres from photography and Realists to sculpture and Surrealists. Their home too was most impressive. After wandering through its many rooms and alcoves, she brought me to a set of double doors.

"This is where the party ends, for this is the south wing and home to our private rooms. We don't let the regular partygoers investigate where we spend most of our time." She led me through the double doors and down a long hall to the billiards room. She closed the doors behind us and turned on a dim overhead light. The walls held many bookcases filled with old editions. A large mirror occupied one wall while a mosaic filled the opposing wall. In the middle of the room rested the requisite pool table. She wandered over to the mirror to adjust her hair.

"Do you play pool?"

"No, not really. Charles sometimes entertains in here, but this room is more a repository for our book collection than an actively used game room. What do you think this is?" she asked as she looked closely at a spot on the mirror. I walked up and stood behind her, unavoidably drawing in her sweet scent. I couldn't see any smudge or flaw in the mirror.

"I don't see anything."

"Maybe this will help." She reached over to the edge of the mirror and turned off the light switch. It was a trick mirror. We could see through it to a bedroom. While my eyes adjusted to the lighting, Marsha unhooked the neck strap of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She wore no panties or bra, just a few token pieces of jewelry. She pressed her ass against me, urging my growing penis into her.

When I looked through the mirror, I once again saw Charles' backside, but this time in its natural state as his buttocks swung forward with each thrust into Wendy. He held Wendy's naked hips while he fucked her on all fours like an animal. Penelope laid next to them on her back with her legs slung around each of Ben's arms who pounded into her from above. Wendy and I had discussed her being with another man while I watched before, but now that I witnessed it, I didn't know what to do. Her almost angelic beauty still enraptured me. There were few things in life as wonderful as watching her cum.

"What...I...but, how?" I stammered.

"We saw you two before, at the museum and hatched a little plan. Do you like it?" Her hands rubbed my crotch as she slid up and down me slowly.

"I don't know what to think."

"Then don't. Just enjoy me."

Marsha guided me over to the pool table and hoisted herself onto it. She positioned herself so her head fell over the side of the table allowing her to see the action in the next room.

"Give me your hand." I reached out to her and she took my hand forcing it to her pussy. "Give me your hand, I said." I got up on the table and inserted a finger into her. Her warmth and wetness invited further exploration.

I looked up in time to see Ben cum while Penelope savored the pressure within her. He backed away from Penelope and began to remove the cum filled condom from his penis. She laid helplessly panting while exposing the blossom of her delectable pussy between her outstretched legs. Her breasts rose and fell above her flat muscular abdomen with each passing breath.

Wendy started to alternately arch and flex her back in the familiar movement of her whole body orgasms.

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