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Sophie lures dad, girls, & guys into an orgy.


Finally the cock was completely dry and Jack carefully rolled the condom onto it. When he was done he said, "Voila." He stood up, straightened his blouse, then sat back down in his chair.

"Good job, Jasmine." She clapped slowly a couple times and Todd and Chris joined in. "That's how you put on a condom. I hope you two were paying attention. All right, David." She looked at her watch. "Just like Tiffany said. You have ninety seconds to give us your specimen." David gave Todd a sour look and started stroking his cock. "Girls, why don't you get out of your seats and show off a little. Help the man out a little." Chris got up, walked a few steps, and then bent over as if to pick up something from the ground. "Excellent, Candy. That's really gotten him going." David was stroking his cock even faster. Todd walked up behind Chris and lifted his skirt. "Oh, Tiffany, you're so naughty." Finally Jack stood next to Chris and raised his head back up. He stood up on his tiptoes and gave Chris a passionate kiss. Chris hugged back and moved into Jack. "Oh, that's perfect, Jasmine. I think that's done it. Here goes." With a few more thrusts, David grunted loudly and ejaculated into the condom. He gave his cock a few more languid strokes and looked at Penelope. She said, "There you have it, girls." They all clapped. "We had a busy morning, didn't we? Oh, Jasmine, can you give me that?" She pointed towards David.

Jack walked over to David and gently rolled the condom up and off his penis, careful to keep the semen inside it. She held it at the end and handed it over to Penelope. Penelope regarded the condom and said, "Well, girls. What do you think?"

Todd, Jack, and Chris looked at each other and Todd said, "Well, as they say, what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

"Aptly put, Tiffany." She turned to David and held the condom up. "Well, mister man, open wide." David frowned, tilted his head back, and opened his mouth. Penelope turned over the condom and squeezed out the contents into David's mouth. "There you go, nummy num." She put her hand under his jaw and closed it. "Now swallow. There, that's a good boy."

Todd and Jack were chuckling and Chris nearly squealed with delight. Finally it was someone else on the receiving end.

"OK, girls, simmer down. You've had your fun. You can go now, David." David picked up his robe and put it on and left the room. "Class is over. You can get out of your uniforms now." Chris reached down and absent-mindedly itched under his socks. "We're going to go on a little field trip so pick out something nice to wear. Daytime sexy. But don't get dressed yet. Samantha's going to come in and show you something first." Penelope left the room.

Chris and Todd started unbuttoning their blouses and Jack yanked down his skirt. They were soon stripped down to their bras and underwear. Chris pulled off his panties and balled them up. Jack also stripped off his panties and threw them towards Chris and said, "Thanks."

Chris batted them back and said, "Hey, I don't want those back. And you better keep them anyway. Wash them out and set them somewhere to dry. We might need them tomorrow."

"Oh, right." Jack looked around in his pile of clothes and finally found what he was looking for: a pair of lacy black panties. Todd and Chris looked at him as he pulled them on. "What? It just doesn't feel right to be swinging in the breeze here. It makes me feel better to have on a nice pair of panties."

Todd said, "I know what you mean." He found his own pair and stepped into them.

Chris said, "Can you believe it? A big muscular guy like that? And he was slurping down his cum just like we had to do. I can't get over it." He slapped his knee. He thought for a moment and said, "Say, what did you guys do during the class break?"

Jack said, "Oh, we just went downstairs and hung out with the pledges."

Todd said, "Yeah, it was pretty cool."

"Sorry I missed it."

Jack said, "Hey, Candy, what were you up to while you were alone with that hunk?"

Chris swallowed and said, "What do you me

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